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Deviant Art - Post your username here!

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by musicscifigirl, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. DynDasE

    DynDasE Member

  2. Pepon

    Pepon Member

  3. Jaybacca

    Jaybacca New Member

    Last edited: May 29, 2013
  4. ace_45

    ace_45 why?

  5. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder Bump

  6. BitPlz

    BitPlz New Member

  7. SnazzySwampert

    SnazzySwampert Well-Known Member

    Here's mine- http://transdonald.deviantart.com/ Currently working on a FakeDex. You can post what you want to see in it under one of my fakemon sprites. I also so do fusions, trainers, recolors, trainer cards, and gjinkas.
  8. kuzronk

    kuzronk 1 Reputation Comment

    My last account was deleted so here is my newest one.
  9. Jdrawer

    Jdrawer ...


    Er... that'd be jdrawer01.deviantart.com

    Most of my stuff is Pokemon fan "art". There's some sprite work, I guess. I host two groups, PokemonINYOURFACE and MarioMonsters, and am starting another RP group known as RandomPokemonBattles. See you there!

    Oh, if you Watch me, note me so I can watch back
  10. xerxes

    xerxes ようこそ!ワタシの音楽工場へへへへへ

    xhilla @ deviantART. i mostly do digital paintings of pokémon, occasionally my ocs and other fanart.
  11. Koridojo_Blaziken

    Koridojo_Blaziken The Snarkmeister

    Someday, I will change my DA name to something relevant. Someday, when I can afford to splurge on the points... until then, enter at ye risk, fool mortals.

    I mostly do a mishmash of pencil and ink oddball antics comics and singles, with hopes of someday upgrading to a tablet and Photoshop/Illustrator. Kind of a mix of subjects and game realms, but it mostly tends to be Pokémon stuff.
  12. Wolfheart

    Wolfheart Well-Known Member

  13. Spritzee

    Spritzee Electric Sky!

    Mine: http://fairynya.deviantart.com/

    I literally made it today though and it has one drawing only so far (of Bulbasaur) but i am aiming to try and do all Pokemon even though im not all that good yet. xD
  14. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    Anything against posting someone else's deviant page? (I didn't see anything in the OP about it NOT being allowed...)
    While I don't have a deviant account, my friend is a deviant who not only draws stuff for me at times, but also will send messages to other deviants on my behalf is I so desire.
    I sort of feel I should do similar acts in the places I hang out :p

    Her page: http://taeryne.deviantart.com/
    Her pokemon folder: http://taeryne.deviantart.com/gallery/10553354
  15. PokemonXY

    PokemonXY #PokemonXY

  16. Calvin Cool

    Calvin Cool Banned

    Deviant art username is ProPokemon.
  17. Zultiner

    Zultiner Karp?

    My DA account name is Kirby--Master.
  18. 1Zekrom

    1Zekrom #1 fan & collector


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