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Deviant Art - Post your username here!


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I can't post links yet, but my username is jmonkey2105. I'll edit with the link once I can!

I primarily do traditional artwork, but I'll probably try and post some digital work too. Most of it isn't pokemon-related. Tell me you're from Serebii if you favorite anything or watch me. :)

Edit: Here it is.
It's also in my sig.
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I do lp videos and do colored manga panels for them. I don't have a deviant art account just cause I don't really make art but enhance ones that exists.
This panel I like to call Hoenn Leaders.


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I just made my account a month or so ago and I'll add more past drawings when I'm home to scan them, but here we go.

... or not. Apparently I can't post links yet. Hang on.

(the usual beginning with the h-t-t-p and two backslashes)skytheabsol.deviantart(dot)com


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Here is mine

I draw a lot of random stuff, mostly pokemons and fanatsy stuff.


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This is my twin brothers deviant art page. He doesn't use serebii and so requested I shared his work for him.


Any questions or requests let me know I'll pass them on to him :)


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I occasionally create Pokemon fanart. My dA screen name is Yggdrassal.

Ace Kenshader

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Awesome!! I'm so glad I found this. I'm just dying to show some of my stuff and look at other's pages as well. If you browse my gallery, you'll see a bunch of categorized folders on the side. There's even some pokemon fanart in there too! The journals are eh-worthy, don't even worry about 'em.


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Here's mine:


I've joined just today, so I still don't have anything to show, but soon I'm going to submit something, so look forward to it.

P.S: Never mind, solved the problem.
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