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Deviant Art - Post your username here!


Card Collector
My username is the same as here, xSweetSlayerx. (Won't let me post a link.)

I don't draw pokémon as often as I used to. I have quite a few characters, some coming from an old, discontinued comic of mine. I might start up again. Might.


Legendary Charizard born way back in 1999
Not sure if I ever posted in this thread... But

I'm more of a general artist, and not just Pokemon. My Avatar was also drawn by me for reference. Been a fan of art since the Pokemon Abode was still around 2001, but didn't get a dA page till I got into being a Brony. I enjoy drawing things from all different games and cartoons over all though.

Lugi Oh

A New World
This looks dead...

But to whoever sees this, you found the Mezo Region!

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