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Deviant Art - Post your username here!


Card Collector
My username is the same as here, xSweetSlayerx. (Won't let me post a link.)

I don't draw pokémon as often as I used to. I have quite a few characters, some coming from an old, discontinued comic of mine. I might start up again. Might.


The Original Shiny Pokemon
Not sure if I ever posted in this thread... But

I'm more of a general artist, and not just Pokemon. My Avatar was also drawn by me for reference. Been a fan of art since the Pokemon Abode was still around 2001, but didn't get a dA page till I got into being a Brony. I enjoy drawing things from all different games and cartoons over all though.

Lugi Oh

A New World
This looks dead...

But to whoever sees this, you found the Mezo Region!

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Hello! Here is the latest I´ve done and I have done Pokemon fan art for years and years lol. My name on Deviant Art is Ernesto Vladimir.



Yume Tsuki

New Member

Most of my work at the moment goes into a nuzlocke comic. Which by the rules on the board, I cannot post on here due to the PG-13 limit. >w>;;
Other than that I sometimes post pokémon art, and sporadically make pixelart.
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New Member
deviantart account = costemania.deviantart.com
deviant art link = deviantart.com/costemania
deviant description = ecchi anime waifus and more


Well-Known Member
DeviantArt account cartoonlovingfeline.deviantart.com

I have some Pokemon art, but, a lot of fanart featuring Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Foofur, Kissyfur, and plenty of fan characters.