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Deviant Art - Post your username here!


:D My DA should be obvious. It's the username I use everywhere, that's right: MJCatgal. <3


Mew, mew... mew?
My link is in my signature, just click ;) I do plently of pokemon fan art and I am currently working on a short comic. Do stay tune. CYA.

well, for those who are too lazy to scroll down a bit for the signature, here's the link....


Bitter Twist
Furry artist here, my DA and FA galleries are in my sig. And for the sake of my 666th post, there are tits. Lots of em.

To add I'm gearing up to do commissions. Check back for more details, but in the mean time, I charge $7.50 for sketches a piece and $15 for cleaned up drawings a piece. And no, I don't do adult material, nor do I ever wish to.



Freckles and Scarves
I just stumbled onto this thread, I'm glad there is something like this for dA artists to find each other.


I do Pokemon artwork, mostly fan work pertaining to my Pokemon fanmade series, but I've also begun posting my original cartooning works as well.