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Devil Survivor: The Manhattan Lockdown V2.0 (DT)


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This is the place to discuss anything pertaining to the Devil Survivor: The Manhattan Lockdown V2.0 RP.

This thread will be used for players to update their roster of demons as the RP allows, as well as for any questions, comments, or other info.

Sign-Ups can be found here.

The main thread is here.

And for future reference, the SMT wiki can be found here.

- List of Players -

Selena Diana Artemis & Harpy (Monster Guy)
Julia Wilczyński & Amaroq (*Jean Grey*)
Elka Shang & Cait Sith (Hydrangea)
Dante "Frost" Diaz & Sigbin (TheCharredDragon)
Solaris Hernandez & Wyvern (TheCharredDragon)
Eric Rodgers & Basilisk (Liltwick)
Micheal Flynt & Changeling (Omegagoldfish)

- Manhattan -

(Disclaimer: Some areas have been simplified to facilitate the RP. This will not be a 100% accurate picture of real-world Manhattan.)

Manhattan is a large island and a central district of New York City. It consists of several smaller areas, each with its own feel. These areas will make up the various “locations” that any given event will take place at during the RP. Players are encouraged to mark their current location at the top of each of their posts. This list generally goes from north to south. These locations are:

Hamilton Heights – In the northwest corner of the island, Hamilton Heights is the home of City College of New York (CCNY), Dance Theater of Harlem, The Harlem School of the Arts and Aaron Davis Hall. The neighborhood offers several parks, and there are spacious apartment buildings, brownstones and other row houses prominently lining the leafy eastern streets of Hamilton Heights.

Harlem - A large neighborhood within the north east section of Manhattan, Harlem has been known as a major African-American residential, cultural and business center. Though it has a higher crime rate than other areas, it is home to many prominent landmarks including the Apollo Theater and the Museum of New York City.

Morningside Heights - South of Hamilton Heights and East of Harlem, this area is known as a home of institutions. Because of the number of educational intuitions in the neighborhood, its nickname is the Academic Acropolis.

Upper West Side - An area that lies between Central Park and the Hudson River, the “UWS” is an upscale, primarily residential area with many of its residents working in more commercial areas in Midtown and Lower Manhattan. It has the reputation of being home to New York City's cultural, intellectual hub (with Columbia University located at the north end of the neighborhood), and artistic workers.

Central Park - A public park at the center of Manhattan and one of the most famous sightseeing spots in New York. It is a huge park, consisting of over 800 acres of forested areas, meandering footpaths, several lakes, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Upper East Side - A neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan between Central Park and the East River. Once known as the Silk Stocking District, it is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in New York City. The area is host to some of the most famous museums in the world. The string of museums along Fifth Avenue fronting Central Park has been dubbed "Museum Mile."

Lincoln Square – A square and its surrounding area located near the bottom of the Upper West Side. It is an open and high-class area with several concert halls and churches.

Midtown – Midtown Manhattan, located just south of Central Park, is home to some of the city's most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the United Nations Headquarters. It contains world-famous commercial zones such as Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square.

Times Square - Iconified as "The Crossroads of the World", Times Square is the brightly illuminated hub of the Broadway Theater District, one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections, and a major center of the world's entertainment industry.

Hell’s Kitchen - also known as Clinton and Midtown West, Hell's Kitchen has a gritty reputation. Given the lower costs in the past and its proximity to Broadway theaters, the neighborhood is a haven for aspiring actors. The area provides transportation, hospital and warehouse infrastructure support to the Midtown Manhattan business district. Hell's Kitchen's side streets are mostly lined with trees.

Turtle Bay - on the east side of Midtown Manhattan, It is the site of the United Nations Headquarters and the Chrysler Building.

Tenderloin - an entertainment and red-light district in the heart of Manhattan, south of Midtown. It is a very high crime area with a seedy reputation.

Chelsea – located south of Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea is primarily residential, with a mix of tenements, apartment blocks, city housing projects, townhouses and renovated rowhouses, and its many retail businesses reflect the ethnic and social diversity of the population. The western part of Chelsea has become a center of the New York art world, with many art galleries located in both new buildings and rehabilitated warehouses.

Union Square – a historic and important intersection in lower Manhattan, It is a wide open area dominated by a large square.

Alphabet City – Located in the lower east side of Manhattan, it is a very densely populated area with a high rate of violent crime and illegal activity, though recently seeing development and renovation.

SoHo - a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, notable for being the location of many artists' lofts and art galleries, and also, more recently, for the wide variety of stores and shops ranging from trendy boutiques to outlets of upscale national and international chain stores.

Chinatown – A large, highly populated area of primarily Chinese residents. It has a strong Chinese influence in its shops, and most of its signage is in full Chinese.

Financial District - A neighborhood on the southeastern side of Manhattan which comprises the offices and headquarters of many of the city's major financial institutions, including the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The World Trade Center existed in the neighborhood until the September 11 attacks and is currently being rebuilt as the Freedom Tower.

Battery Park – An open area on the south edge of Manhattan with several docks, piers, and parks. Primarily a residential area, it has a lot of greenery, retail shops, and commercial property.

- Demons and COMPs -

Demons are creatures from another dimension. They resemble creatures and figures from myths and legends from around the world, and are completely impervious to harm from man-made weaponry. Demons come in all shapes, sizes, intellects, and strengths and can only be summoned via a COMP or an extremely specialized ritual.

Demons are sentient creatures, though their levels of intelligence vary wildly across their many different forms and types. There are all kinds, everything from demons that resemble wild animals and are incapable of human speech to demons that are smarter than any human and act as deities or gods.

A COMP is a handheld device that is part smart phone, part tablet, and part gaming system. COMP stands for “Communication Player”. It is a one-in-all device, allowing e-mail access, business and banking, texting and video chat, gaming, apps, and more.

During the lockdown, all new-model COMPs suddenly reboot and become loaded with an app called the “Demon Summoning Program”. Running this app causes the COMP to summon a demon, who then attempts to kill the human who summoned it. If the human defeats the demon, it will submit and become that human’s servant. If the demon kills the human, it becomes free of its shackles and can do as it pleases in the human realm. This submission is called a “Contract”, and only occurs the first time the Demon Summoning Program is activated. Any other demons defeated by the user or their personal demons are not obligated to form a Contract.

Normally, humans are no match for even the weakest demon, but all COMPs equipped with the “Demon Summoning Program” also perform a function known as “Harmonizing”. This allows any and all nearby humans to stand up to demons and even defeat them in battle. It can even allow the use of magic to those who already command a demon.

In certain situations, a COMP can malfunction, causing the Demon Summoning Program to run haywire, opening a rift that allows demons to cross over freely without worry of a contract.


- The Laplace Mail and the Death Clock -

Once a User has formed a Contract with their first demon, the other features of the Demon Summoning Program become apparent.

The first is the Laplace Mail, a strange e-mail that is delivered to each COMP that claims to predict the future. Choosing to heed its warning may be the difference between life and death.

The second is the Death Clock. This feature of the modified COMP allows the user to see a floating number above every person’s head. This number will be between zero and seven, and tells how many days that person has left to live. If no number is displayed, that means that person has longer than seven days to live. As of the activation of the lockdown, no person within the lockdown on Manhattan Island has longer than seven days on their Death Clock.

The number displayed by the Death Clock is very accurate, but it is not set in stone. It can be changed if the circumstances leading to that person’s death are changed. The same is also true of the Laplace Mail. If no action is taken, the events in the e-mail will come to pass, but if events are changed, then things can turn out differently than the Laplace Mail describes.


- Demon Fusion and Contracts -

A Contract is the means by which a demon submits to a human. It can be thought of as a pact, allowing the summoner to command the demon as they see fit. A contract is automatically formed by the first demon summoned from the COMP, should the human defeat it in battle, but that is not the only way to form a Contract.

New Contracts can be formed via the COMP if high enough potential is detected in the summoner. Demons may also voluntarily form a contract with a human. There may be other ways as well...

Lastly, two demons may be fused together using the Demon Summoning App to create a new, more powerful demon. The result is determined by the Demon Summoning App, and the user has no say in what the resulting demon will turn out to be. Though the new demon will be much stronger than the source demons, the source demons are permanently lost. Think it over carefully before attempting Fusion.

Demon's themselves seem to be okay with the fusion process, and in some cases even express excitement at the prospect. Though it is not entirely understood, it is thought that the result demon inherits the memories of BOTH the source demons. Though this may be the case, total changes in demeanor, personality, speech, and intelligence are possible.
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Monster Guy

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Oh cool, you got a discussion thread up!

Sorry I haven't posted yet. I'm still trying to figure out how Selena's intro post will go... What's everyone else's excuse?

All of Manhattan, and only six people have demons. Shame! :p


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If anyone needs any help with their initial posts, feel free to ask. I don't mind helping out at all. I might be merciless to your characters (*insert evil laughter here*) but never to my players.

I'll give everyone another week to get thier intro posts up, and I'll have another GM post up either once everyone posts or by next friday at the latest. My goal is to update this at least once a week, but I willdo my best to accomidate all of the players as best I can.

Here's a few tips to help you along if anyone is having trouble:

1. Notes on the setting: Its late spring/early summer climate wise. Not too hot. Not too cold. School is out for the year. Tourist season is just starting to get rolling.

2. Don't fret over the fine details too much. I'm not going to strictly enforce inventories or travel times as long as they aren't nonsensical. (I don't care if your travel time from Harlem to Central Park is too long or too short as long as you don't get from Upper West Side to Battery Park in two seconds.) Times and locations are mostly to help me keep everything in order when I'm planning events.

3. As long as you don't contradict something I've posted personally or another player has posted there's no worries about how you add details to your surroundings.

4. If you want ideas for where to start your character off, let me know or feel free to ask. I'll help anyway I can. You can start in one of the area's I've set things in motion in (Times Square, the border of the lockdown, Union Square, or the Subways under Midtown.) or you can react to events posted by another player. Or you can start fresh somewhere else. I'll ensure that players meet up before too long to get interaction going, don't worry.

5. Have fun. Seriously, have fun with it.
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And posted! Officially back in business :D

Anyways how is everyone planning on fighting their demon if they haven't already have their character awaken it? I'm still unsure myself xd.

Monster Guy

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You know, I didn't consider that when I chose the initial demon. xD Selena can maybe whack the Harpy with her purse or something. :p lol.

I'll get back to you on that when I actually finish this post. I've only typed a sentence so far. xD

EDIT: Woo! It's done.
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Mwa ha ha! You scared?
Woo hoo! Finally we're at the part where we get our demons! If we beat it, that is. Anyways! I'll try getting a post soon but I'm heading for the doctor tomorrow so my progress might not be all great. One question though, can we wrap it up in one post, more than one and if so how many, or are you, Sequel, going to decide the outcome of the fight?


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Feel free to wrap it up in one post. This is still the intro phase, and will be until we hit Day 1. So no worries, you're all clear to win the fight however you see fit.