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Devil Survivor: The Manhattan Lockdown V2.0 (Sign-Ups)


Faithful Crusader
One born of human flesh, Man is now a race of some power.

You, son of man, must face the power you hold.

And you must face your destiny as well...

Though your days be peaceful, the fated time draws near.

I am your judgment.

I sundered the tongues of your fathers and shattered their arrogant power.

So long as the Lord does not live in you, all living beings hold darkness in their hearts.

If you truly wish to be yourself, then rise and fight the darkness within...

The demon inside.

If you have the will to challenge your destiny of battle, son of man, state your name...

As He proclaimed, this world, created in seven days, shall be destroyed by the sounding of seven trumpets.

You who have a will, fear the numbers your eyes shall see.

Fear the time left...


- Devil Survivor -

Law and Chaos.

The two forces that bring balance to the world.

Long have the powers behind these two forces been at war. A war started before the age of mankind. A war mankind will soon find itself a part of.

A trial will soon descend upon the unsuspecting people of Manhattan island. An ordeal lasting seven days, a test of mankind’s will and resolve. A harbinger of their final destiny.

For seven days, the people of Manhattan will be locked in, unable to leave the island. They will face hardships and discomforts. They will face the iron fist of their government. They will face the demons that will be released into their realm. And they will face the monsters lurking within their own hearts.

Many will perish, but the strong can survive. The strength needed to survive this ordeal is the courage to face demons; to tame them and make their power your own. The heart to face the darkness that lies in your neighbors and yourselves. And most importantly, the will to live.

Do you have what it takes to change the destiny of mankind?


- The Manhattan Lockdown -

For the people of Manhattan, it started like any other day. Like the rest of New York City, the streets were packed with people going about their business, rushing to and fro, too busy to give much thought to the state their lives were in.

War and rumors of war, economic troubles, political corruption, civil unrest, these were all simply headlines. Not so much signs of the times as worn out newsreels. And with a new multi-purpose device called a COMP making everyone’s lives easier and more digital than ever, the common man cared less and less for the world of fear and worry that reality had become and more and more of an imagined life of prosperity and peace in their own bubbles of internet fallacies and facades.

All of this is about to suddenly and violently change when an explosion rocks Times Square and the entire island of Manhattan is put under lockdown. No one is allowed to enter or leave the island for any reason and anyone attempting to do so is either beat down or shot on sight. The lockdown is sudden and impassable, a wall of government and military personnel preventing travel across land, sea, air, and even underground. Nothing gets on or off the island, no exceptions.

Unable to return to their daily lives, as the power and water systems start to fail, panic and fear set in. Rumors of inhuman things stalking back alleys and dark streets only add to the terror. For those who happen to have a COMP however, the mystery only grows. All thanks to a mysterious new app that appears on their systems, the “Demon Summoning Program.”

They soon discover that they aren't alone, that these creatures, these “demons”, really are in the human realm. And that the COMP can let you summon one.

These “Demon Tamers” soon realize the power that they wield, the power to control a demon, a creature of myth and legend, a monster that cannot be harmed by human weaponry and that follows your commands. This power makes them above the law, and it makes them feared. And some are all too eager to abuse it. But what are the reasons behind this sudden appearance of demons? Why is Manhattan locked down? And what will happen to mankind when the truth behind it all is finally revealed? Only those with the strength to survive the ordeal will find out.


- Demons and COMPs -

Demons are creatures from another dimension. They resemble creatures and figures from myths and legends from around the world, and are completely impervious to harm from man-made weaponry. Demons come in all shapes, sizes, intellects, and strengths and can only be summoned via a COMP or an extremely specialized ritual.

Demons are sentient creatures, though their levels of intelligence vary wildly across their many different forms and types. There are all kinds, everything from demons that resemble wild animals and are incapable of human speech to demons that are smarter than any human and act as deities or gods.

A COMP is a handheld device that is part smart phone, part tablet, and part gaming system. COMP stands for “Communication Player”. It is a one-in-all device, allowing e-mail, internet access, business and banking, texting and video chat, gaming, apps, data computing, and more. They put all the power of a high-end computer in your pocket. The battery life of the average COMP is approximately 48 hours in standby, or 12 hours if running at full power.

During the lockdown, all new-model COMPs suddenly reboot and become loaded with an app called the “Demon Summoning Program”. Running this app causes the COMP to summon a demon, who then attempts to kill the human who summoned it. If the human defeats the demon, it will submit and become that human’s servant. If the demon kills the human, it becomes free of its shackles and can do as it pleases in the human realm. This submission is called a “Contract”, and only occurs the first time the Demon Summoning Program is activated. Any other demons defeated by the user or their personal demons are not obligated to form a Contract.

Normally, humans are no match for even the weakest demon, but all COMPs equipped with the “Demon Summoning Program” also perform a function known as “Harmonizing”. This allows any and all nearby humans to stand up to demons and even defeat them in battle. It can even allow the use of magic to those who already command a demon. This process is completely tied to the COMP, specifically COMPs with the app, and only works within a set radius. Even a human with a contracted demon will be vulnerable and powerless if seperated from thier COMP.

In certain situations, a COMP can malfunction, causing the Demon Summoning Program to run haywire, opening a rift that allows demons to cross over freely without worry of a contract.


- The Laplace Mail and the Death Clock -

Once a User has formed a Contract with their first demon, the other features of the Demon Summoning Program become apparent.

The first is the Laplace Mail, a strange e-mail that is delivered to each COMP that claims to predict the future. Choosing to heed its warning may be the difference between life and death, and the mail should not be taken lightly. Only registered demon tamers will recieve the Laplace Mail, no one else. The Laplace Mail will be sent out at sunrise each day of the lockdown.

The second is the Death Clock. This feature of the modified COMP allows the user to see a floating number above every person’s head. This number will be between zero and seven, and tells how many days that person has left to live. If no number is displayed, that means that person has longer than seven days to live. As of the activation of the lockdown, no person within the lockdown on Manhattan Island has longer than seven days on their Death Clock. However most, but not all, of the soldiers enforcing the lockdown do not have a number.

The number displayed by the Death Clock is very accurate, but it is not set in stone. It can be changed if the circumstances leading to that person’s death are changed. The same is also true of the Laplace Mail. If no action is taken, the events in the e-mail will come to pass, but if events are changed, then things can turn out differently than the Laplace Mail describes. These two facts will be absolutely vital to keep in find for any who find themselves in the lockdown. The Death Clock and Laplace Mail will be the tools that enable you to survive. Use them wisely.


- Demon Fusion and Contracts -

A Contract is the means by which a demon submits to a human. It can be thought of as a pact, allowing the summoner to command the demon as they see fit. A contract is automatically formed by the first demon summoned from the COMP, should the human defeat it in battle, but that is not the only way to form a Contract.

New Contracts can be formed via the COMP if high enough potential is detected in the summoner. This is primarily achieved via fusion or by a special message from the app informing you of your new potiential. Demons may also voluntarily form a contract with a human. There may be other ways as well...

Lastly, two demons may be fused together using the Demon Summoning App to create a new, more powerful demon. The result is determined by the Demon Summoning App, and the user has no say in what the resulting demon will turn out to be. Though the new demon will be much stronger than the source demons, the source demons are permanently lost. Think it over carefully before attempting Fusion.

Demon's themselves seem to be okay with the fusion process, and in some cases even express excitement at the prospect. Though it is not entirely understood, it is thought that the result demon inherits the memories of BOTH the source demons. Though this may be the case, total changes in demeanor, personality, speech, and intelligence are possible.


- About This RP -

You the player will be playing as a random person who, for whatever reason, was in Manhattan when the lockdown began. As someone with a new COMP, you will discover that you can now access the Demon Summoning Program, and must face a demon. Victory over your foe will see the demon under your command.

Then, your role as a “Demon Tamer” begins. With your demons and your fellow Demon Tamers at your side, you must find your place in the lockdown and decide what path to follow. Do you try and protect others, or chose to look out for yourself? Do you seek stronger power, or shun the unnatural demons? Do you try to hold out and survive the lockdown, or attempt to break its borders and seek your freedom? Who do you trust? What answers do you seek? How will you try to survive?

These choices and the consequences are yours and yours alone. There will be death. There will be difficult decisions and sacrifices. But the determined can survive. And the choices you make will not only determine your fate and the fate of those in the lockdown, but the end result of a war between Law and Chaos, and a new destiny for all of mankind.

As the RP progresses, I as the GM will update the players with Death Clock readings, events at various locations, the passage of time, and other important factors. But it will be up to the players to decide where to go and what choices to make. There will be several NPCs, as well as Death Clock and Laplace Mail updates, to help guide players along, but in the end what path to take is up to you.

Your demons can be literally anything from any world mythology, clasical legend, cryptozoology, urban legend, or other such source. Though it would help if they had a page on the Megaten Wiki (located here if anyone needs help finding a demon), this is not necessary. Initial demons are to be lower in power, more along the lines of Pixie, Kobold, Ogre, Inugami, Poltergeist, etc. More powerful demons will become available to the players as the story progresses.

Also note that any demon with the form of a unique deity or figure of high caliber (i.e. Thor, Zeus, Cu Culainn, Amaterasu, Gabriel, Vishnu, etc.) are treated as individuals in this RP. There can be only one of each, and if you encounter an NPC demon of this name then it too is the sole one. I'll let you know when you encounter one via a COMP message. This only applies to powerful, important figures. Lesser dieties or beings with unique names but of low power are exempt to this rule.

Be aware that any attempt at Demon Fusion will result in an outcome determined by the GM. (I will use official fusion charts and methods when possible) It is a potentially risky, but likely rewarding choice if you are seeking more power.

Also be aware that player death is a very real possibility. Failure to heed the warnings of the Laplace Mail or Death Clock, or failure to alter the circumstances of one's foretold demise, will result in death. You have been warned. In the event that your played character suffers a fatal ending, you will be permitted to create a new character with demons of equivilent power level if you so wish to continue, but I will take activity and post quality into account as well when offering second chances. If you totally disreguard the tools and warnings avaliable to you as part of the RP, and the rules thereof, don't expect a second chance.

There will be a DT thread to help keep track of all the details as well as to allow you the players to plan and plot out things or to ask any question you may have once the RP gets started. I'll keep a roster of each player character as well as thier skills and demons there as well as reposting the wordmap of manhattan and any other info you request.

Important: As the GM, I'll be assigning your skills and magic to complement your contracted demons, determining the result of fusions, sending out Laplace Mail and Death Clock updates, and generally throwing curve balls your way on your mission to survive this ordeal. This is more or less to keep your characters guessing as to what is coming next. To give you, the players, a real sense of random chance and making due with the tools you are given. Hopefully that's okay with everyone. I will take your considerations into account when I can.


- Manhattan -

(Disclaimer: Some areas have been simplified to facilitate the RP. This will not be a 100% accurate picture of real-world Manhattan.)

Manhattan is a large island and a central district of New York City. It consists of several smaller areas, each with its own feel. These areas will make up the various “locations” that any given event will take place at during the RP. Players are encouraged to mark their current location at the top of each of their posts. These locations are:

Hamilton Heights – In the northwest corner of the island, Hamilton Heights is the home of City College of New York (CCNY), Dance Theater of Harlem, The Harlem School of the Arts and Aaron Davis Hall. The neighborhood offers several parks, and there are spacious apartment buildings, brownstones and other row houses prominently lining the leafy eastern streets of Hamilton Heights.

Harlem - A large neighborhood within the north east section of Manhattan, Harlem has been known as a major African-American residential, cultural and business center. Though it has a higher crime rate than other areas, it is home to many prominent landmarks including the Apollo Theater and the Museum of New York City.

Morningside Heights - South of Hamilton Heights and East of Harlem, this area is known as a home of institutions. Because of the number of educational intuitions in the neighborhood, its nickname is the Academic Acropolis.

Upper West Side - An area that lies between Central Park and the Hudson River, the “UWS” is an upscale, primarily residential area with many of its residents working in more commercial areas in Midtown and Lower Manhattan. It has the reputation of being home to New York City's cultural, intellectual hub (with Columbia University located at the north end of the neighborhood), and artistic workers.

Central Park - A public park at the center of Manhattan and one of the most famous sightseeing spots in New York. It is a huge park, consisting of over 800 acres of forested areas, meandering footpaths, several lakes, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Upper East Side - A neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan between Central Park and the East River. Once known as the Silk Stocking District, it is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in New York City. The area is host to some of the most famous museums in the world. The string of museums along Fifth Avenue fronting Central Park has been dubbed "Museum Mile."

Lincoln Square – A square and its surrounding area located near the bottom of the Upper West Side. It is an open and high-class area with several concert halls and churches.

Midtown – Midtown Manhattan, located just south of Central Park, is home to some of the city's most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the United Nations Headquarters. It contains world-famous commercial zones such as Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square.

Times Square - Iconified as "The Crossroads of the World", Times Square is the brightly illuminated hub of the Broadway Theater District, one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections, and a major center of the world's entertainment industry.

Hell’s Kitchen - also known as Clinton and Midtown West, Hell's Kitchen has a gritty reputation. Given the lower costs in the past and its proximity to Broadway theaters, the neighborhood is a haven for aspiring actors. The area provides transportation, hospital and warehouse infrastructure support to the Midtown Manhattan business district. Hell's Kitchen's side streets are mostly lined with trees.

Turtle Bay - A subsection of Midtown, on the east side of Midtown Manhattan, It is the site of the United Nations Headquarters and the Chrysler Building.

Tenderloin - an entertainment and red-light district in the heart of Manhattan, south of Midtown. It is a very high crime area with a seedy reputation.

Chelsea – located south of Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea is primarily residential, with a mix of tenements, apartment blocks, city housing projects, townhouses and renovated rowhouses, and its many retail businesses reflect the ethnic and social diversity of the population. The western part of Chelsea has become a center of the New York art world, with many art galleries located in both new buildings and rehabilitated warehouses.

Union Square – a historic and important intersection in lower Manhattan, It is a wide open area dominated by a large square.

Alphabet City – Located in the lower east side of Manhattan, it is a very densely populated area with a high rate of violent crime and illegal activity, though recently seeing development and renovation.

SoHo - a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, notable for being the location of many artists' lofts and art galleries, and also, more recently, for the wide variety of stores and shops ranging from trendy boutiques to outlets of upscale national and international chain stores.

Chinatown – A large, highly populated area of primarily Chinese residents. It has a strong Chinese influence in its shops, and most of its signage is in full Chinese.

Financial District - A neighborhood on the southeastern side of Manhattan which comprises the offices and headquarters of many of the city's major financial institutions, including the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The World Trade Center existed in the neighborhood until the September 11 attacks and is currently being rebuilt as the Freedom Tower.

Battery Park – An open area on the south edge of Manhattan with several docks, piers, and parks. Primarily a residential area, it has a lot of greenery, retail shops, and commercial property.


- Sign-Ups -

Name: Your name, first and last.

Age: Your age.

Gender: M or F.

Appearance: Your physical appearance. Detail is appreciated.

Personality: Your character’s quirks, traits, way of thinking, and outlook on life. Once again, detail is appreciated.

History: A brief backstory on your character and how they came to be in Manhattan.

- Demon -

Race: Your initial demon’s race. Examples include Jack Frost, Nekomata, Kobold, Ogre, etc. (For assistance, go here. You can also create your own so long as it is an actual mythological figure or creature, see the full rules in the "About this RP" section above) Nothing too powerful for an initial demon, and I reserve the right to approve or reject a demon based on its relative strength. You are allowed to choose a 2nd initial demon, though it will not be summoned as a part of the Demon Summoning Program's activation battle. This demon will be avliable to you at the start of the first day. If you do not pick a second demon, I'll offer you a selection at the same time.

Nickname: (Optional) Something to call your demon besides its race name.

Appearance: A brief description of its appearance.

Abilities: A brief description of its abilities. These should fit the demon’s race.


- Accepted Players -

Selena Diana Artemis & Harpy (Monster Guy)
Julia Wilczyński & Amaroq (*Jean Grey*)
Elka Shang & Cait Sith (Hydrangea)
Dante "Frost" Diaz & Sigbin (TheCharredDragon)
Solaris Hernandez & Wyvern (TheCharredDragon)
Eric Rodgers & Basilisk (Liltwick)
Micheal Flynt & Changeling (Omegagoldfish)
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
How funny. I'm on my way home from New York right now. :p

I remember this! Shame the last version didn't get far.

Reserve me a spot please. :3 Not sure if I should use my character from the last one or someone else entirely.


wanderlust ~❀
Staff member
Name: Elka Shang
Age: Eighteen
Gender: Female


She is slightly small for her age, standing only at a mere 4'9" and weighing only around 110 pounds. She's rather disappointed in her height, especially considering her father was of average height and her mother is slightly above average. However, this could also be due to her constantly being hunched over while limping around on her crutches. Despite being half-Chinese on her father's side, her skin is pale, probably due to her never really going outside and getting some sunlight. Her eyes are bright green, stunning, and easy to spot in a group. These would probably be her most striking feature, if they weren't hidden behind thick rimmed glasses at all times. They're pink in colour and needed in order for the young girl to see far away, as she has near-sightedness. Her hair, although naturally black, has been bleached and dyed numerous times, until she landed on her current sea-blue colour. It is long, slightly messy, and in a ponytail, and is usually tucked into a black and pink baseball cap. She usually wears an angered expression among her child-like face, she hates when people approach her and likes to hold herself in an intimidating position so strangers don't approach her. (It doesn't usually work well, due to her height and crutches.).

For clothing, Elka usually wears a short sleeve, white, button-up blouse. Although the collar is usually hidden by a pink choker around her neck with a small black star hanging from it. She wears pink, high rise shorts that rest just under her breasts. Along with these, she wears a pair of knee-high white socks with two pink stripes at the top, as well as pink high-top sneakers.

Personality: With a case of social anxiety bordering on agoraphobia, Elka is strongly discomfited by going outside, she tends to prefer hiding behind a computer where no one has to be see how pathetic she feels she is. She loves playing videogames, as these help her escape her reality. She hates being pitied, and will grow angry if you try and help her do a mundane task that you feel she can't do because of her disability. Speaking of her disability, despite being slightly ashamed of how pathetic she feels she looks in other people's eyes; she is willing to answer any questions you may have about it, and actually enjoys when people tend to be interested in her rather than just stare at her and gawk at her crutches.

She's been making great leaps in an attempt to overcome her agoraphobia, however she has no social skills to speak of. Due to remaining inside and being homeschooled for most of her life, she has little knowledge about how to interact with people and often misses key social cues or blurts out exactly what she's thinking without thinking about the consequences. She prefers to avoid people if she can, often giving angry eyes and scowls to deter people from approaching her and trying to speak to her (note, these intimidation tactics really do not work considering she's 4'9" but appears shorter due to being hunched over at all times. ). She's shy, disliking talking about herself unless she is prompted by someone else. However, under her shy exterior lies someone who has a heart of gold, and would do anything to help others. She feels like she is useless due to her disability, but she tries her best to do everything herself and doesn't want anyone to pity her or feel sorry for her.

She keeps her feelings to herself, never wanting to show emotion and trying to remain as robotic as she can. However, she wears her heart on her sleeve and her facial expressions are a dead giveaway about how she is feeling at any given point during the day. She's intelligent to boot, if she had pursued a further education, she probably would have been very successful in any field she attempted. She doesn't really have any street smarts though, and tends to not understand sarcasm.

History: Elka's family is actually from Lanzhou, China. Her mother however, was born and raised in Manhattan; and as such, they moved there after their daughter was diagnosed with her disability at age 8. Her mother and father met on business, her mother was a kind business woman who fell in love with a young Chinese accountant while on a trip to China. The two married soon after, and she transferred to a small firm in Lanzhou to remain with her husband. They had a child a few years later, and everything seemed absolutely perfect; until of course, Elka began having problems using her legs. They went to a doctor and learned that their daughter would lose her ability to walk by the age of thirteen. They were mortified, confused as to what to do in order to help their daughter. They were recommended to return to Manhattan in order to pursue a specialist, which they did without hesitation.

From here, Elka's life slowly spiralled out of control. her disability took hold of her fast, taking most of her ability to walk away from her and causing her to be stuck on crutches. Luckily after hitting her so fast, it seemed to just stop, if it had gotten any worse, she would probably be confined to a wheelchair or to a bed for the rest of her life. She was teased profusely in school, forcing her parents to pull her out of school and homeschool her. She became withdrawn, depressed, and started to absolutely hate to go outside. She used videogames in order to escape how terrible she felt her life was, and avoided people at all costs.

Elka however, was forced into therapy by her father. She began to progressively get better, her social anxiety became far less severe than it once was. She was willing to leave the house more, attempt to socialise and even go to stores by herself. She matured quickly following her therapy, and seemed to cope with her disability much better than she once was. Her parents were extremely impressed by how far she came, she was actually acting her age for once and trying new things.

Elka was heading out of her house in order to get a nice cold drink when the lockdown occurred, she was rocked to her core and was forcibly moved somewhere "safer" by an officer. Now, she's stuck somewhere in Manhattan and for once, she feels far more helpless than she ever has.

Other: She has strong arms, and is able to lift herself onto her crutches and attack with her legs if absolutely needed. This is how she will be fighting her demon. She can also swing and hit things with her crutches.

- Demon -


Race: Cait Sith

Nickname: KC (Kitty Cait)

Appearance: Similar to her master, KC is rather small and childish in appearance. She has a bratty nature, preferring to pull pranks and play jokes on people close to her. KC is a black cat, standing upon two legs. However, KC has a white muzzle, as well as a white stripe above her nose; her paws are also white, as well as the tip of her tail. KC is usually seen wearing red boots, as well as a red hat with a long white feather peeking out of it. She also brandishes a large sabre in her dominant left paw.

Abilities: Being a cat, KC tends to take advantage of her agile nature. She uses moves that can boost the evasion of her allies, as well as make their accuracy far better. She fights with her claws, delivering punching and claw attacks; as well as slashing at more formidable foes with her sabre. She knows minor healing for helping the party, and can be suited for support for her teams.

  • Sukukaja
  • Feral Claw
  • Media
  • Straight Slash
  • Cat Agility (Sneaking/Spying)
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Steel-Clad Wonder
May i reserve a spot as well?


Mwa ha ha! You scared?
Well this is interesting. Before I start coming up with anything...are we only allowed one character or can we have two? I don't mind either way.

And just to be sure...would a dragon be too powerful unless it's nerfed? As well as the bakunawa? Lastly, more out of curiosity than to help with deciding my SU, would the bakunawa be counted as a unique individual?


Faithful Crusader
There is no character limit, but you will have a lot of info to keep up with per character, namely different skill sets, demons, and death clock readings.

That depends on the Dragon. Something small like Basilisk, Toubyou, Ouroboros, or even something like a Wyvern would be ok. A proper western dragon, a chinese dragon (Seiryu) etc would be too strong.

Bakunawa would be too strong for a starter. You have to fight your first demon in a fistfight and win, keep that in mind. (It can certainly be avaliable later in though). But it wouldnt be a unique demon either. Those are primarily reserved for the "main pantheons", the really big names.


Steel-Clad Wonder
Would it be okay to have a Lich as a digimon dmonic partner? Y'know. The undead mage kind?


Steel-Clad Wonder
Posting my WIP now then.

Name: Isaac Heyes
Age: 21.
Gender: Male.

Appearance: Isaac is a character that doesn't really stand out too much in a crowd. He is a bit above average tall, and has a slender yet fit body due to his healthy eating habits and occasional workout. His skin is fair and sensitive, rather giving him unfair sunburns over the hot Miami Beach Tan whenever he spends too much time outside in the sun. His hair is dark brown, and usually well maintained at a medium length. He wears a pair of square shaped glasses over his deep green eyes. His eyes mostly have a rather timid or concerned look to them, making it look like he is constantly worrying about something. He is considered by others overall to be a fairly attractive person, although he is very insecure, and doesn't embrace it because of it.

When it comes to clothing, Isaac normally dress very low key, although not shabby. He doesn't want to be sticking out in a crowd, yet he wants to look presentable. His clothing are mostly of good quality or from expensive brands, and consist of everyday outfits as seen in the magazines. His normal attire consists of a deep red, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of comfortble dark grey jeans. He also wear some practical sneakers for easy mobility. He doesn't wear many accessories, but inder his left sleeve, he wears a silver watch presented to him from his parents. He doesn't really care too much about how he dresses, although he prefer good quality clothing.

Personality: Calm and quiet. Rather timid. Backgroundsmaterial. Surprisingly brave when backed against a corner. Down to earth, concerned. Good guy. Kind, helpful etc etc.

History: Student or something? Probably. Will work more on this later

- Demon -

Race: Wrath Demon
Nickname: Amon

Appearance: Amon is a big and burly demon. His entire body is scaly, and deep red in color He has two large horns on his head, and glowing red eyes. He also have a reptilian tail with a burning flame at the tip. He has long claws that he use for close combat, and sharp teeth. His body is also adorned by large, black spikes on his shoulders, arms and down his back.

Abilities: Amon is a very strong physical attacker, being a lot stronger than the average being. He is very cunning, and takes advantage of Isaacs insecurity and weak will in order to corrupt his soul and prompt him to give in to his wrathull instincts.
Amon also has an immunity towards Fire.
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Name: Selena Diana Artemis
Gender: Female
Age: 22


Appearance: Standing at exactly 6'0", Selena towers over many other girls. She has a fair complexion, forcing her to use sunscreen with a high SPF when she's outdoors. She has a slim and lean figure, with decently sized breasts (Big enough to have cleavage when wearing a low cut outfit, but not so big that they get in the way.) She has silky black hair that reaches to her mid back. She has a heart shaped face, and her features are soft and feminine, but still very striking. Her eyes are almond shaped, and are a light shade of blue, with long eyelashes attached to them that are enhanced by mascara when necessary. She often wears make-up such as dark eyeshadow, dark pink lipstick, rosy pink blush on her cheeks, as well as either pink or black nail polish on her perfectly manicured fingernails. She puts a lot of effort into maintaining her appearance, and she makes sure to keep her face clear of any blemishes, and to maintain a good weight. She considers herself a classic beauty, and has no problems bragging about it.

Selena likes fashion, and likes to dress well. She often wears fancy clothes made by famous designers. She also likes paring cheerful pink with edgy black, appreciating the contrast between them. Her current outfit consists of a dark pink lolita inspired dress that is decorated with black bows, and a black hem. A pair of black tights cover her legs, and on her feet she wears a pair of black and pink wedge heels that make her appear taller. She wears a black choker around her neck that has a dark pink jewel in the center. She wears a silver cuff bracelet around her right wrist, as well as a diamond ring with a silver band on her right ring finger. On top of her head, sits a simple pink headband, as well as a silver hairpin shaped like a crescent moon. Her ears are pierced with silver stud earrings shaped like crescent moons. She carries her things in a fancy pink purse.

Personality: Selena's personality can be summed up in two parts, the part that the public sees, and how she is when there aren't cameras around. The part the public sees is as sweet as can be, and often has a smile on her face. She is kind to everyone, and is practically the epitome of goodness, always putting the needs of others ahead of her own. As far as the public knows, Selena doesn't have a mean bone in her body, and wouldn't hurt a fly. She has very feminine tastes, and always acts always prim and proper like a real lady at all times.

Most of that is an act she puts on because that's what people want to see. The real Selena is vain and arrogant. She often overestimates herself and underestimates others. She will not admit to making a mistake if she makes one, and will blame something or someone else when things don't go her way. These traits also makes her a sore loser. Selena is not shy in the least, and she often finds fault with others, and is quite willing to point them out in a blunt manner. (Though, she can't stand when someone does the same to her, and will get upset and ignore their criticism.) Selena values beauty, appearances mean everything to her. She can often be seen studying her reflection in any reflective surface available. She is also quick to judge others, and she looks down on those she believes to be beneath her. (And that's a lot of people.)

Selena is quite a diva, and believes her fame and success are entitled to her. She absolutely loves being in the spotlight. She despises dirt and ugliness with a passion. She hates sports, physical labor, camping, or anything that could possibly get her dirty and ruin her image. If forced to do them, she will complain. Something else she can't stand, bugs and spiders. She likes butterflies, but the creepy crawly things disgust her.

Selena's public image isn't completely fake though. She is extroverted, and likes people, as long as they aren't disgusting. When her gaurd is down, she is generous, and can be a pleasant person to be around. It's just hard to tell when it's an act and when she's being sincere most of the time.

History: Selena was born in New York City, and has lived there her whole life. Her mother was a former model, who is now an editor of a major fashion magazine (And also happens to be named Selena.) Her father is not in the picture, and Selena's mother doesn't like to talk about him. From the time she could walk and talk, Selena's mother pushed her daughter to follow in her footsteps, and become a model herself. Using her connections within the industry, she was able to get Selena a contract with one of the biggest agencies in the state, and her career began.

She started off modeling children's clothes for local store catalogues. With time, and coaching from her mother, she was able to book high profile jobs, and was praised by designers and photographers she worked for. When she was a teenager, she was asked to go to Paris, where all the fashion designers were, to walk in their fashion shows. Selena loved all the attention and praise she got, which started to go to her head. She traveled back and forth between New York, Paris, and other fashion capitals for her work, as well as attendeding school. Most of the other kids she went to school with didn't care for her condescending attitude, and the other models she had to work with didn't think she deserved to be as successful as she was, saying that she only got there because of her mother. They treated Selena with indifference, and she had few friends as a result. Selena didn't care what they thought, believing that they were just jealous of her good fortune, and that she was better than them anyway. Her goal in life was to be a star, and no one was going to get in the way.

Her star was rising, but she still wasn't satisfied. Everything was going well, but she felt like there was still something missing in her life. She's tried all kinds of things to relieve these feelings, but they keep coming back. She doesn't know why. She had everything a girl could want. It wasn't like she did anything wrong.

Selena recently returned home to New York to walk in some fashion shows, and possibly do some shopping. She was in Manhattan when the lockdown happened.

- Demon -

Race: Harpy

Nickname: Celaeno

Appearance: A Harpy is a half woman, half bird creature. Celaeno's upper half is that of a beautiful, busty, woman. She has long red hair, and pointed ears on either side of her head. She has the eyes of a hawk that are an ice blue color. She wears nothing save for a few convenientally placed feathers on her breasts. She has large bird wings growing from her arms. Her lower half is that of a bird, complete with feathers covering her from the waist to the knees, complete with tail feathers on her back. Her legs from the knee down are yellow, and end in sharp talons. All her feathers are a silvery-blue color. She also has long, sharp, fingernails.

Abilities: She fights either by slashing at her foes with her claws/talons, or using basic wind magic.
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I want to join this again!

Name: Julia Wilczyński

Age: 23 (December 16)

Gender: F


Julia is beautiful, but in a seductive and sensual way, rather than being a classic beauty. She's tall and lean-muscled, standing at 6'1" in height, with a pale skin tone. Her hair is one of her most prominent features, being a light shade of auburn, slightly wavy and its length reaching past her hips..."sex hair" as some people would call it. While she leaves it down a lot, she also braids it or puts it up in a ponytail whenever she feels like it...or does dirty business, especially when said dirty business involves blood or concentration...though not the other kind of dirty business...no, no, she leaves her hair down for that. Her eyes are an emerald-green color that is further emphasized by the lightness of her skin, as well as the dark circles under them. Said eyes are surrounded by long lashes often coated with dark mascara. As her make-up is cheap and not exactly of good quality, it tends to smudge, and when it gets wet, runs quickly...not that she cares much, especially as it's bound to smudge during some particular types of rough encounters anyway. Her face is heart-shaped, though a bit gaunt in the cheeks, and her nose is pointed. Her body is slender and lean-muscled, with long legs. It is not rare to see her limbs bruised, either, considering that she's not at all averse to fighting or getting busy in particularly rough ways. Her other most prominent features are her very large, ample breasts, only further emphasized by her less-than-proper attitude and personality, as well as a manner of dress that highlights them one way or another. Around her left bicep is a black tattoo in the form of a band made of barbed wire. Her right nostril is pierced, with a silver hoop through it, and as are her ears, with three each, decorated with black cross studs.

It's easy to see that Julia's clothes are unconventional, yet still manage to look good on her. She favors the color black both for practicality reasons, as it doesn't easily show things such as blood and dirt as well as allowing her to blend in when on the run among other things, and taste-related ones, being that she dislikes most other colors, especially pinks, earth tones and pastels, deeming them unattractive and unsexy. She likes clothing that emphasize her best parts, knowing that they sometimes help her get what she wants. She however, refuses to wear extremely restrictive clothing like long dresses, as well as high-heeled pumps and sandals. Her shirt is black with long, belted sleeves, open shoulders, a low neckline that emphasizes her cleavage and a standing, buckled collar. Two black belt closures fasten it in an asymmetrical style. Under this, she wears short black denim minishorts with zip pockets, a chain hanging from its left belt loop. On her feet are heavy, black combat boots that close with a combination of buckles and shoelaces. On her hands are black fingerless gloves, and her nails are painted with black nail polish. A simple black choker encircles her neck, and on her head is a black newsboy cap with a skull print.

Personality: Julia is a street-smart and headstrong young woman who knows her way around things and never backs down from a challenge when presented with one. Having grown up moving around, and then later on joining a small gang because of poverty and a lack of credentials, she learned that life is never easy and she had to tough it out the best way she could, propriety be damned (unlike most girls who'd balk at the thought of hurting anyone physically or sleeping with strangers), not run away from her problems. Thus, she developed a straightforward, impulsive and brash way of dealing with and getting about things, and is one to reject prissy and girly manners; she's very much a tomboy in her mannerisms and actions. She isn't one who would have reservations about doing certain, less-than-savory things...she follows her impulses and goes forward if it must be done. If she has to hurt someone, or even feels like it, she will hurt that person without hesitation. Not one for thinking too deeply or planning too long, she often acts instead of pausing, knowing that many opportunities could be fleeting. This often got her into trouble as a new gang member, but as she was a quick learner, she also knows what exactly not to do in such tight situations. This girl has courage and a confidence about her that allows her to do things most people would shy away from, and not to panic in difficult spots, whether against a rival gang or when trying to handle particular targets using different methods. She is not averse to brawling or using violence either...in fact, physical violence is her preferred method for dealing with difficult people, even towards grown men, being a very good fighter as a result of her developing into her gang's hitman, among other unofficial designations. Julia is one who absolutely dislikes being bored, wanting to get things done in the fastest, most gratifying and smoothest way possible instead of the fairest, most honorable and cleanest, one of the many reasons why she took the path she did, rather than go for something safer, but ultimately less exciting. She also has a bit of a temper, which manifests itself when her easily-worn patience grows thin, loses something she's good at or her ego gets the better of her. Julia also despises feminine ideals, a lot, as they condemn the person she is and prefers to be. Pure, sweet, innocent, soft-spoken, submissive and virginal? Nah. She prefers her own lusty, dominant, tough and gritty self, thank you very much.

Julia is far from being a cultured, refined individual. Aside from her aforementioned violence, this young woman swears a lot, uses a lot of sexual innuendo in her manner of speaking, touches people shamelessly, drinks and smokes regularly and has flirtatious tendencies towards both genders whenever she feels like it...she isn't an unattractive girl after all. Commitment is a different story, however. While she's one who enjoys sex, she's very reluctant to actually commit to anyone, due to her mother's bad experiences, as well as the fact that she prefers not to fall in love with anyone that she inevitably knows she has to "take care of" later on. Having one of the more physically difficult, as well as mentally difficult, jobs in her gang gave her this pride over not being "just another pussy", and thus, turned her into someone who does not accept pity whenever she finds something difficult. Very passionate, she gives her all in everything she enjoys doing, which can be either good or scary (mostly scary though), depending on what exactly it is and the situation. She is far from unsociable however, not hesitating to talk to people most of the time, though the way she seems and acts could possibly turn others off at first impression...if not outright intimidating them. There are some types of people that she doesn't like however (such as "righteous" types), and it takes her a lot of time to get used to them. These are also the types of people whom she may bear a grudge on a lot more easily, especially if they get on her bad side in some way. You see, while Julia is not entirely cold-hearted, she holds grudges almost as easily as she forgives, boiling down to the person who got on her bad side, and when she hates, it's difficult for her to get over things like that, and it takes a lot to try and reason out with her. She could be open and friendly to someone, and openly hostile to another. Thus, it could be said that she swings hot and cold.

Julia still has a kind heart under her less-than-ideal exterior, however. Though she has no qualms about hurting people, getting herself into dangerous situations, breaking laws and even her own questionable sexual practices, she also knows how to look out for those she considers close to her, despite potentially being a bad influence (with her tendencies and attitude). Behind the roughness and sadistic tendencies is an individual with a courageous, brave soul who loves life and lives it daringly and boldly, yet also tries to better things for anyone whom she holds close. She might not be the softest girl, nor the first person whom one would choose to trust, but if you're close to her, she will protect you and help you, no doubt about it. She does take care of people in her own way, despite not showing it in conventional ways.

Julia enjoys things such as pool, drinking games, strip poker and different card games. She also has a soft spot for canines, vastly preferring them over cats and felines, as she finds them annoying, among other things.

History: Born in the seaside city of Gdańsk, Julia was the product of an accidental pregnancy. She never really knew her father, who left after he found out about what he had done. Roksana, her mother and a college freshman with a promising future as a theater actress, was disowned by her parents when she had told them, thinking that they would at least understand her. This forced Roksana to drop out of university at the age of eighteen due to the fact that she could no longer afford the fees to pay for another semester with the little money she made as a bartender in a small, run-down pub. Soon, Julia was born and as she grew, the first thing she learned was that life was hard, from how tired her mother looked whenever she arrived home at their cramped tenement, to the cuts and wounds her mother sometimes had whenever she was forced to step in between bar fights. Roksana however tried to take care of Julia the best she could, send her to school and made sure she didn't have to worry too much. Luck was not on their side however, and when Julia was five, her mother lost her job as the bar closed down. Because Roksana could no longer pay for the rent, they moved to another part of the city, and Julia had to adapt to a new environment.

This cycle of inconsistent employment, moving and transferring schools happened over a span of four years until Julia was eight. Roksana, who at that time was still in her twenties and beautiful, with her strawberry-blonde hair and bright green eyes, was forced to turn to prostitution after getting fired from a waitressing job two years later in order to allow them to keep their apartment, which they shared with an American roommate. This brought in more money, but it also came with shame as rumors spread. There wasn't anything they could do however, it was that or wander on the streets. Julia learned to watch over herself from an early age because of this, despite the cheerful American man who watched over her and started to teach her English in the evenings for reasons unknown to her, picking up skills such as haggling and gaining a more forceful, less passive personality in order to cope with the difficulties of life. This however, came with a negative consequence. Julia got into trouble in school more often, mostly because she started getting into fights a lot more, even initiating some with the people she despised for openly insulting and humiliating her or making her school life less than bearable. While she was once a more quietly accepting and non-confrontational girl who let things be, she grew up to become feisty, impulsive and proud. The fighting and trouble she got into did not help her grades, and she frankly felt that school wasn't worth it any longer. In the end, she dropped out after her sophomore year in high school ended in order to work full-time to help out her mother and help her get out of her job.

Roksana assured Julia that it would only be a matter of time before she would quit, but revealed nothing of her plans, telling Julia that she would know when the time was right. Meanwhile, the teenager started to work as a bartender at a small place in the crowded part of town. Though she was only sixteen, her height and developed body made her look older than she really was, and her English was already very good at that point, which pleased the owner, allowing her to take up the job and earn a little money, though she did get her share of troubles. Another year passed, and this was when Julia's life took a sharp turn and when Roksana's fears were confirmed. Ever since Roksana became a prostitute, she knew that her employer had a special eye for teenagers, and dreaded the day that he would ask to see her daughter. Seventeen-year-old Julia was kept in the dark about it until her mother told her that they were going to leave very soon. Roksana revealed that she had been saving up money over the years so that they could go to America and perhaps, start a better life, already saving up just enough. Their roommate was teaching them for a reason, in order for them to survive when the time came. The next two months were a rush, from obtaining the documents they needed to booking their flight. In August of that year, Roksana and Julia left Poland for good.

Settling down in a cheap housing project in the seedy Lower East Side, they began their new life. Roksana at first tried to make Julia complete her last two years of high school, but the teenager refused to, at least not until they were fully adjusted. Though life was still hard, they were somehow less burdened by it, making friends with the people in their building and both of them finding work fairly easily, Roksana managing to get a job as a cook in one of her friends' eatery. This life continued for a year, until Julia's life changed once again. The eatery her mother worked at was attacked and set afire by a group who called themselves "Black Shamrock", one of the most well-known local gangs, killing everyone inside, Roksana included. This tore Julia apart, and she became even more difficult as a result. She was laid off her job, and soon was kicked out of the apartment and onto the streets. She was angry and wanted to kill whoever that gang was, no matter what it took. For another two months, she lived on the streets. Life looked bleak for the bitter, angry young woman, until she was approached by a couple of young men. After talking to them for a short time, Julia realized where they were from, from what she had heard back when she still lived in the apartment. Ombra, an Italian-American gang and one of the rival gangs of Black Shamrock. She decided to accept their offer to allow her in, knowing that perhaps, she could get back up once again and this time, never look back or regret her decision. So started her life as a gangster. While she was at first assigned to less important tasks at first, she was a fast learner and showed a particular aptitude for fighting and shooting, her forceful nature and nerve only adding to it. A year passed and from neophyte, she became a very adept fighter and six months later, she was Ombra's hitman. She continues to work with Ombra and live with them, fearless and daring in the face of danger, a loose, unrestrained young woman, but not without a heart.

Though she has been carrying out gang business outside of Manhattan, and even as far as upstate New York, for the past two weeks, she was recently informed about a particular target, a particularly persistent thorn in Ombra's side, who was back in Manhattan. Thus, she returned, and perhaps with the worst timing ever.

- Demon -

Race: Amaroq

Nickname: Rollo

Appearance: True to his species, Rollo takes the form of a large, muscular wolf. His fur is thick and black, as is his bushy tail. While at first impression, the fur looks rough in outward texture, it's actually silky when stroked down. His eyes are a pale blue-silver, reminiscent of the northern lands where his legend comes from, and at times in battle they become darker...much darker. Being a night hunter, shadows often cling to Rollo, and it isn't uncommon to see a few wisps of dark shadows around him.

Abilities: Rollo is very strong physically and leans towards direct attacks in order to injure foes. He has absolutely no healing capabilities, and relies instead on mostly direct offense as his style of battle. His physical attacks involve charging, biting and crunching foes, and intensifies in strength as his eyes glow more intensely. At peak, his physical attacks have a very small chance of flinching a foe. A hunter of the night and of the cold, he also has a natural affinity for Dark magic, allowing him to attack by expelling black shadows from his body, allowing him to attack one foe with them. Again, the shadows intensify the more his eyes darken, and at its strongest, can attack a foe twice instead of once, but is still only restricted to one target. It should be noted that this channeling of power drains him of his energy faster than using his attacks regularly. While Rollo resists darkness (Dark) and the cold (Ice) considering his natural affinities, he is extremely vulnerable to holy spells (Light), as well as heat (Fire).
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Give me a reserve, please.


Name: Micheal Flynt
Age: 40
Appearance: Micheal is a tall, thin man with a crooked nose, bald head and brown eyes. He generally wears what could be called "business casual" attire, (a black button down shirt, black pants, and dark brown street shoes). His skin is pale to the point of almost being translucent and he has large, dark bags under his eyes. His back is stooped and he scowls constantly. He speaks in gasps and grunts.

Personality: Spiteful and bitter, Micheal lives as what he calls a "cubicle rat", or as a marketer in a rather large corporation. Surrounded by rivals, he savors nothing more than to tear down what others have made, because they interfered with his ambitions. He holds grudges and has a pathological need to be revered. He is prone to violent fits of rage when insulted, and enjoys setting up elaborate traps for his enemies. He has an excessive ego and a god complex, but does understand when he's outmatched or unable to manage his situation. He can ask for help, but does so rarely.
(I generally keep my SU's short so my character can develop more in the story proper).
History: Born and raised in New York, Micheal had a rather standard childhood attended a rather average school, got rather average grades and got a rather average job working in sales at a somewhat large company. He had hopes of rising up through the ranks of the company, but, like everyone else, got stuck in a cubicle. Twenty years later, and literally nothing happened to him other than the dawn of a midlife crisis. He's always been single, never got into any fights, just woke up, went to work, went home, went to bed and repeated the process for twenty years. Then, it all changed when his COMP got a new feature: Daemon Summon. Thinking it a joke, Micheal ran the program...

Name: Emrakul, the Formless
Race: Changeling
Appearance: Appearing as a normal, if malnourished man, Emrakul has the capacity to alter its physical appearance and mind, to form into other people, demons, or objects. While unassuming, it is horrifically strong, and savagely intelligent.
Abilities: Shapeshifting, superhuman strength, speed, dark magic.
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@Hydrangea: Accepted. I'll add you to the list.

Once we get a few more players into Accepted status, I'll put things in motion to get the RP and the DT thread up and running.


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Tossing in a reserve (I totally wasnt nudged into this nooo /s).

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When you said detail is appreciated...I think I ended up getting a little carried away. But then again, I've been using the first of these two quite a lot. Hopefully these two are okay. Ahem, anyways, I'd like to mention I was tempted to make the wyvern the size of a horse so my character could ride it but then you said they had to fight it so...yeah, made the wyvern a bit smaller.

I introduce to you...my favorite Red Oni, Blue Oni pair!

Name: Solaris Hernandez

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Solaris, physically, is stretching the limits of the human body as her personality often does and it surprises many just how tall she is, standing at a whopping 6'10''. Then there's her build, which is lean, some muscle showing, especially on her arms, from the combination of martial arts training, rough and tumble fights, and work. She's not some prim and proper girl, having been through and gotten out of danger before, the various scars here and there on her body proof of that, the biggest would be over her left eye, which is slightly glazed over. For many, she's a beauty thanks to her blonde hair, which has a healthy and shiny sheen to it. Before, her hair reached the small of her back but she now keeps it up to her shoulders, not wanting to spend too much time on taking care of it, and also not worrying about its length causing it to get snagged on something. Her eyes are a bright sky blue, which stand out in contrast to her slightly tanned skin, along with her white teeth, often shown thanks to her smiling. Other than that though, she looks rather plain, from head to toe, though her nose and chin are somewhat pointed.

But however feminine she looks physically, Solaris's attire is usually anything but that. Instead of pink or similar shades, the color that she prefers that's even close to it is red, the other colors being orange, yellow, green and blue, though the latter two are more often seen as lower body clothes. Her clothes are almost always practical with an emphasis on comfort, as Solaris finds skirts and such too restricting and...not quite suited for her usual activities. She often wears one set of clothes almost all the time, finding it her favorite. Her shirt is black with long sleeves that is rather snug on her body with a loose red down vest over it, which is usually left unzipped. Her blue jogging pants are often paired up with brown leather boots, modified by a friend of her father to close with straps instead of laces. She wears black fingerless gloves over her hands and has orange goggles with her as well, hanging around her neck when not in use. She always wears a pink bracelet on her right wrist, given to her by her adoptive mother. Not her color of choice, but she couldn't bare to change it. The other accessory on the always wears list is the engagement ring on her left hand, a simple yellow one with a small orange gem on it.

Personality: If there's one thing that many people know in just the first few seconds of meeting Solaris is that she certainly fits her name in more than one way. The girl is a bundle of sunshine, a smile often on her face in many of the things she does, whether it be work, play or even just hanging out with friends. If there's one person you can be sure would be in a good mood more often than not, it's her. Friendly to a fault, she's unaffected by rough demeanors, cold shoulders and shy attitudes, being incredibly patient with all of them, particularly with the last one since her adoptive brother had his fair share of problems with that.

Like the sun, she has a lot of energy, as in a lot. The girl never seems It's almost like she's running on nuclear fusion or fission. Of course that's not true, she has exhausted herself before, often from helping too many people, but with the way she acts, it's hard to tell until she collapses. Unless she finds a good reason not to help, like commiting a crime or hurting someone's feelings and even that might not be enough depending on the circumstances, she's always willing to help other, no matter how dangerous or ridiculous it is. She cares a lot about other people, being a compassionate and empathetic girl, often times coming off surprisingly motherly in her care despite the roughness of her usual rambunctiousness. Because of this, and maybe a little bit of insanity, she disregards her own safety and that has led to some of the scars seen on her, especially the one on her left eye.

But another thing about the sun is that it's hot, and that means it can burn, and Solaris's temper is no better. When she's angry, as in truly, seething, raging, angry, she almost seems to go berserk, screwing niceness and coutesy. She'll often ending up using physical violence on said person who has incurred her wrath, and with her strength, she's certainly a threat not to take lightly when ticked off. But whenever Solaris does let her temper loose, it's usually when pushed to the brink of her patience or a very good reason, at least in her mind. But despite her attitude and all of that, she's actually surprisingly mature and not easily tricked, willing to forgive people as long as it's clear that they regret whatever they did. She's also much smarter than most people give her credit for, piecing together information rather well and having knowledge on quite a number of things. It's just that her reckless behavior doesn't let this be seen a lot.

She has a passion for sports and martial arts, her physique kept in shape from doing one of these activities every other day. And thanks to Frost, now music. She loves the thought of a challenge, and if there's a competition, she'll likely join just for the thrill of competing and going off against others who're good too, rarely thinking of the prize. The prize is just a bonus for her, especially if it involves her favorite sports, running, swimming and fights, though the last one is more on those involving martial arts and anyone who is willing to fight back, otherwise she won't seek out any fight. Because of this, and her maturity, whenever she wins, she's humble about it, and if she loses, she accepts that it happened...but it'll make her all the more determined to be better for next time.

Though if there's one thing that could define her personality, that would be her unbelievable determination. Once she's set her mind on something, it's very hard to make her change her mind, especially when it comes to helping others. No matter how hard it is, no matter how annoying it is, no matter how long it takes, she will see through to anything she does all the way to the end. She can be reasoned with, thank goodness, but it takes a while, even with people whose opinions she trusts, like her loved ones. And her hamminess. Thanks to her personality, she has come off as over the top, maybe from watching one too many anime as she grew up. But despite ths "fake-ness" of her reactions, it's all genuinely what she feels about the situation, even if it is a bit overdramatic more often than not. She also has a tendency to nickname others and make jokes because of this.

And yet, many of her traits are multiplied when applied to her fiancé, Dante Diaz, or how she prefers to call him, Frost. She cares a lot about him, willing to give up her own life for his, and the one she trusts with all of her being. The other sure fire way to make her angry would is to cause harm on Frost in any way, or even insult him. Frost is the one person who can easily snap her out of her rage and hold her back from being reckless, knowing full well that Frost is well aware of her capabilites, doing it only when he genuinely thinks she could get hurt...unless he comes along. They get along well and she's very close to him, to the point that she can easily tell what's on his mind fairly accurately.

Oh, and don't make fun of her bracelet. Even Frost can't hold her back.

History: Solaris, named after the color of her hair, was born with the family name Wright, her parents being part of a gang in Manhattan, working as the hitmen. Her mother died not too long after she gave birth to her, said to have been killed by a member from a rival gang, so her father was the one to raise her. Of course it was a rather difficult thing to do considering his role in the gang but despite being in a gang and all that, he truly cared a lot for her and did his best to take good care of her. Solaris still has fond memories of him, the smiles they had together, even if they're fleeting.

Then when she was five, the base of their gang was attacked. The police managed to come by, considering the place got set on fire during the fight. It was only thanks to her father that she made it out...but escaping the battle between the two gangs left him injured and by the time the medics came around, it was too late for him and he passed away that afternoon. After some time, when no living relatives were found, Solaris was sent to the orphanage.

Life in the orphanage wasn't very nice for her, the fact that she was the child of a criminal made many of the staff rather nervous about having her in the orphanage and plenty of the kids though that since her parents were bad people, she's one too and was pretending to be a nice person, though admittedly that was mostly because of the caretakers not wanting her to be with the kids. Combined with the whatever chores they could make her do at her age, she was rather lonely. And yet despite that, she still did it anyway, watching a lot of the anime blocks and sports shows, especially skateboarding, on television keeping her hopeful and inspired to do the right thing, always helping others even when they would blame her for bad things that happened. It didn't help that there were a few times she did actually broke stuff by accident when she tried to make a makeshift skateboard.

Once again her life changed, this time when she was nine. She was on her way back to the orphanage from public school when she passed by a boy in a wheelchair looking for his likely expensive and important medicines. Concerned, she helped the boy and they eventually found them, the boy thanking her for it and they introduced themselves, the boy saying his name was Homer. Of course she got berated when she got back for being late, but she didn't care, she was glad someone she helped was happy that she did and thanked her for once. The next week, the orphanage was visted by a Philippine couple...as well as Homer, who was their son. She was surprised to see him but they nonetheless spent the whole day together having fun and Solaris keeping an eye on Homer with, unknown to her, his parents watching. By the end of the day, she was ready to say good-bye when they told her they had adopted her.

The height of her jump out of happiness is still something many people don't believe is actually true.

Soon Solaris found herself in the Philippines in one of its many islands, living in the home of the Hernandez's. She learned a lot of things, like swimming, fishing and even more anime. She even got her own bike when she was ten years old and she had started using it to get to school and back and more. She had everything she could dream of. Sure, she had some trouble in school because she hardly understood Filipino, and maybe caused some trouble by accident whenever she tried saving people from danger...but she had a family that loved her and a home she could come back to...all that was left really was having a best friend, but of course she wouldn't force that on anyone. She wouldn't be much of a friend if she did.

And then when she started high school, one day during lunch break she was met with a strange sight, a boy almost completely white, an albino. The boy was quiet, stoic, but most of all...he seemed lonely to her. Nobody seemed to care about him. True, he didn't seem to mind that, if at all, but he didn't strike her as the loner type. But she could've been wrong, so for two weeks straight, she just followed him around whenever she could, each time rather short but happening often. It was on one such day that she heard him play violin, further cemeting her belief that he wasn't a lone wolf. Then one day he finally spoke to her and said something in Cebuano. She could make out there was the word "why" in the sentence but that was pretty much it. So she tilted her head, smiled sheepishly and said,

"Eh heh, sorry. I uh...don't really understand Cebuano too well..."

That was when she truly met school outcast and violinist, Dante Diaz. Or how she would forever call him, Frost. The two soon became close friends, having their fair share of misadventures throughout high school, almost always because of something she did. Things got better for both of them since then, both of them making some new friends along the way. She would often visit Frost's house and he at hers. The two always seemed to get along and worked well together whenever they were paired in teams across different class rooms. In fact, without realizing it, they were really close, so close that one day when she was hanging out with one of her female friends, she had asked her if Frost was a good kisser.

Solaris was probably as red as, well, a red sun. She got that teenage girls would be curious about that stuff, she had on occasion, but of all the people in school, she didn't understand why she had ask her. She answered honestly as usual, only to get teased of her blushing and told she was denying it because of that...and how they acted around each other. As embarrassing as it was, it did make her think. She wondered if she felt that way all this time without realizing it. To her surprise, she quickly said yes to herself.

The next day, a Sunday, she went out with Frost and told about the little incident. To her surprise, he said the same thing happened to him, just with a different, and more embarrassing, question last week...including the blushing. After that, and a few awkward but much needed discussions and decisions, the previous rumors and gossip ended up becoming real and Solaris had to admit, he was in fact a pretty good kisser. And she had never felt happier in her in finding a partner in life. Yeah, sure, there were people who thought it wouldn't last, but you know what? Screw them. She knew Frost felt the same.

Things went normally for a while. They graduated from high school and were starting to go into college when another thorn struck her. They were visiting some relatives in Mindanao when they got caught up seperatists ended up attacking. They made it out alive, but not unscathed. During the fight, one of them nearly killed Frost. It was only thanks to Solaris's Eskrima training, a Philippine martial arts, did she manage to save him...but her eye got slashed by his dagger during the scuffle. She couldn't see through that eye so well anymore.

She wouldn't have minded too much actually...if it weren't for the fact that because of that, her depth perception was off so she couldn't bike or skateboard without seriously risking her safety. The fact that she couldn't do her passions hit her hard. But thanks to Frost both comforting her and finding a solution, she was back and this time putting in a lot of energy to swimming, running...and music. That one she liked the most now because that meant she could play with her newly acquired guitar with her boyfriend...which changed, a few years later, to fiancé when he proposed a few months ago to her.

Just when they were about to get married, they were invited by some relatives of Frost, along with Frost's parents, to visit New York in celebration for their engagement. After some preperations, they arrived in New York a few weeks later, staying at the relative's house, who invited other relations from across the states. Then she and Frost decided to finally look around the famous Manhattan...only to get stuck in the middle of a lockdown. She only has one thing to say...

"What the heck is going on?!"

- Demon -

Race: Wyvern

Nickname: Lapis Lazuli

Appearance: As befitting of her name, Lapis is mainly colored blue, with her skin being a dark shade, her inner wings being a pale shade, and her eyes a sky blue. She has your typical wyvern body shape, her forearms being bat-like wings, a long barbed tail and her posture like a theropod dinosaur or a water bird. Her neck is long a serpentine and she has a single claw finger on her wings. Her head is your usual fare, reptilian shape with teeth, but that's where the similarities to most wyverns ends. Her body does have scales but they're covered by feathers and where there would be horns is a plumage shaped similarly to the plumage of a Philippine eagle. And she's about as big as a pitbull and twice as long thanks to her tail. Her wingspan is about two and half times wider than her overall length.

Abilities: Lapis is able to fly, whether that's thanks to her wings, magic or both is up to debate. Undsrstandably, she's rather strong and durable, at least compared to a human. Her speed on the ground is comparble to human but in the air, she's pretty fast, like a bird. Like any relative of a dragon, she has an affinity with Fire and is thus resistant to it. She can spew out flames from her maw, but more as a fireball than a flamethrower. As a flying creature, she is vulnerable to lightning and water.


Name: Dante "Frost" Diaz

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: The first and foremost thing that anyone would notice about Frost, even at a fair distance, is his appearance is likely to have inspired his nickname as much as his personality. Frost is an albino, meaning pretty much everything is pale and white, from his hair to his skin to his eyes, even though they seem to look brown. Other than that though, there's not much else to note about him. His height is pretty average, topping at 5'11'', his build is fit but not noticeably muscled. His hair is short and straight, reaching only to the top of his neck. His face is somewhat boxy and his fingers thin, but they're calloused from both work and playing instruments, mainly the violin.

His attire, however, isn't quite as rare as his physical appearance, though because of it, he often wears lighter colors. His favorite colors are blue and white, finding them calming and comforting as well as the latter helping to protect him from the sun, though now there is the occasional orange, yellow or red accessory, now also associating happiness with those colors thanks to his fiancé's liking of them. The kinds of clothes he wears are simple, just shirts, shorts and pants of different kinds, only wearing expensive clothing for formal occasions. His most common attire is a long sleeved white shirt with a blue hooded jacket at almost all times, while his blue pants are slightly longer, covering a bit of his white running shoes. Because his eyes are much more sensitive to light, he wears shades and a light blue cap and has a bottle of sunscreen in his pocket just in case. On his right hand is a yellow ring on his ring finger with a pale white gem on it, his engagement ring as Solaris's insisted they both have one. He doesn't mind, he likes it.

Personality: Frost is as much befitting of his name in different ways as his fiancée's fits hers. Once people get past the fact that he's albino, or not, both has happened before, they'll find that is incredibly calm, to the point of coming off as stoic, or even emotionless. His expression seem to rarely change from its neutral and almost blank look. Of course, this isn't true, not entirely at least. The reason it doesn't change often is because he is calm more often than not, feeling emotions just like any other person.

Like snow, past his coldness is a soft nature. He cares about others as well as his own well being. Maybe not to the point of Solaris's recklessness, but like her, he's more than willing to help someone, especially someone he cares for. In fact he's a gentleman, treating others with genuine respect and courtesy, even if they might be a flirtatious, rambunctious or shy. Though he will quickly say he isn't interested and already committed to Solaris in the case of the first one with slight annoyance. That isn't to say he is a wimp or he'll suck up to others. Anyone he feels doesn't deserve respect and courtesy he treats with a cold shoulder, his stare equally cold and uncaring. He will speak out if he finds something he doesn't agree with or dislike, now even more so after years being around his passionate fiancée. His temper is even worse, like a snowstorm, not making much sound but just as dangerous and fierce.

Thankfully, he's an intelligent person. Add in his calmness and he's more often the voice of reason among a group or other people, especially Solaris. He can easily tell the risks and quickly analyze a situation. His memory is quite good too, thanks to years of practice from memorizing music pieces, both into his muscles and into his brain. That isn't to say he doesn't know to have fun or is cautious. He knows not taking risks is worse than taking some, otherwise no one would ever move forward, and all work is unproductive, though his preferred past time is playing music, whether through an instrument or a music player, he has tried other stuff that would seem unfitting for someone as quiet as him, again, thanks to Solaris.

Frost cares deeply for his fiancée, Solaris, the first person who wasn't family to be nice to him. He's rather close to her, having grown to be fond of the nickname she had given him, and they get along pretty well, more often amused by her antics than exasperated. His trust in her is absolute and nothing will shake him from believing otherwise as well as his loyalty to her. She's the one person that seems to make him more lively, her energy infecting him. He's still pretty much his reserved self, but is certainly more expressive, enough to surprise most people used to seeing his stoic face. If she ever gets hurt by someone else, especially emotionally, his temper will come full force times ten. Anyone questioning his faithfulness to her also gets him noticeably ticked off but he has better control over that than if Solaris got hurt.

History: It wasn't easy being an albino in the Philippines. Not only did he stick out in a crowd and look weird to other children, he had to contend with parents who, though cared a lot for him, weren't quite that knowledgable on how to take care of a rare condition and other ailments along with it. It didn't help that he was their only child. Because of all of this, they often kept him inside, worried about his health and they would often be nearby to the point of coddling him. He was lonely because of this, and he didn't really like his parents being so overprotective, never allowing him to go outside to play with other kids. Though they did often make fun of his looks, some even scared of him, so that was the one thing he didn't mind too much.

So he turned to music, listening to what's current on the radio as well as the old tapes his parents had, playing them on their walkmen. Then when he was seven, his cousin came along with her violin. To say the least, he was fascinated and for the rest of her stay taught him how to play it. After she left, since they felt guilty, his parents gave him his own violin when he turned eight and soon it didn't matter to him that he didn't have any friends. He didn't need any. None of them really cared about him anyway. He had oftem heard them talking badly of him when they thought he couldn't.

And then when he was starting high school, he had met a strange girl. She didn't look too strange really, but she certainly acted odd, compared to the other girls. She was outgoing, reckless, maybe even a little stupid, but most of all...she hadn't made fun of him at all and would constantly follow him around. He appreciated the former but the latter slowly got more annoying after two weeks passed as she still didn't stop. At that point, he asked why was she trailing him like a vulture to a corpse. She tilted her head, smiled sheepishly, and simply said,

"Eh heh, sorry. I uh...don't really understand Cebuano too well..."

That was when he truly met Solaris Hernandez, school daredevil and adopted foreigner, in other words, another oddball, just like him. Or how she would forever call him, Frost. The two soon became close friends, having their fair share of misadventures throughout high school, almost always because of something she did. Things got better for both of them since then, both of them making some new friends along the way, particularly the school band in his case. He would often visit Solaris's house and she at his. The two always seemed to get along and worked well together whenever they were paired in teams across different class rooms. In fact, without realizing it, they were really close, so close that one day when he was working with his band memebers for another violin performance, they had asked him if he had already slept with her.

To say the least, it was probably the first time in his life, and anyone who knew him, to see his skin in another color other than white. Of course they would ask, it seemed that many male teenagers would wonder about those things, with him being the exception but he hadn't expected them to ask him of all people. Reasonably, he answered honestly but they all ended up teasing him, mostly because of the fact that he blushed like mad and how he acted around his supposed "not-girlfriend". But after that, it did make him wonder if he really felt that way with his best friend. The next week, on a Sunday, he went out with Solaris as usual, staying at their favorite beach nearby, when Solaris told about something that happened yesterday.

Her friend had asked her a similar question to his band members, thankfully one a lot less embarrassing and perverted, getting similar results, right down to the blushing. He soon told her about what had happened to him a week earlier. After that, and a few awkward but much needed discussions and decisions, the previous rumors and gossip ended up becoming real, minus the naughty bits, of course. To say the least, he felt elated. Admittedly, he never thought he would ever find a partner in life. Yeah, sure, there were people who thought it wouldn't last, but you know what? Screw them. He knew Solaris felt the same.

Things went normally for a while. They graduated from high school and were starting to go into college when another thorn struck her. They were visiting some relatives in Mindanao when they got caught up seperatists ended up attacking. They made it out alive, but not unscathed. During the fight, one of them nearly killed him. It was only thanks to Solaris's Eskrima training, a Philippine martial arts, did she manage to save him...but her eye got slashed by his attacker's dagger during the scuffle. She couldn't see through that eye so well anymore.

Solaris took it hard, much more than even her family thought would take. But he could understand. If she couldn't see well, it would be too dangerous for her to bike or skate, and that's not even considering her already reckless nature. If something happened to him that stopped him from pursuing music, he would've felt the same. So he found something else she could follow, swimming and running. Surprisingly, she also took to music as well, wanting to play with him. Soon, his girlfriend was back from her slump, all thanks to him...which soon changed to fiancée when he proposed to her a few months ago, after asking permission from her parents.

Just when they were about to get married, they were invited by some relatives of his, along with his parents, to visit New York in celebration for their engagement. After some preperations, they arrived in New York a few weeks later, staying at the relative's house, who invited other relations from across the states. Then he and Solaris decided to finally look around the famous Manhattan...only to get stuck in the middle of a lockdown. He didn't really have much to say to that. Solaris on the other hand...

"What the heck is going on?!"

- Demon -

Race: Sigbin

Nickname: Obsidian

Appearance: The typical appearance of a sigbin varies greatly among the legends. Obsidian though seems to be an amalgamation of the traits...as well as some added ones. For the most part, his overall body shape is similar to that of a wallaby or a kangaroo, except noticeably more slim and muscled, his feet more similar to the paws of a wolf. Obsidian stands about two feet tall and five feet long with his tail making up three feet of the five. His head is like wolf's with his fangs showing, except that his ears are very tall and shaped like rabbit ears. The head sticking out the base of his spine out his back is also the same. His whole body looks as if he was made of shadows, his eyes on both heads glowing golden.

Abilities: As expected of his kind, Obsidian is able to hide in the shadows, especially of his new owner, Frost, but he can be dispelled from them with magic spells, especially holy ones. He can move backwards as easily as he moved forwards. With his bite, from either head, he's able to drain the energy of his opponent and add to his own, but it's in small dosages and is only massive over an extended period of time. His tail is prehensile, able to wrap around things and is rather strong, acting like a whip. But besides his bite and tail, he's not very strong physically, mainly relying on hiding in shadows to avoid hits as he gets close to his enemy. Because of this, he is resistant to darkness (Dark) but weak to holy spells (Light). He also has a rather good sense of smell.
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@TheCharredDragon: Both characters are Accepted, but with one point:

In Frost's sign-up for his partner demon, you keep using the name "Sinjin", and i feel like that's a typo. Fix that error, and you're good to go. I'll go ahead and add you to the list.
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Ahh here is my small child

Name: Eric Rodgers

Age: 13

Gender: M


Eric stands at around roughly 4 ft 7, not really hitting puberty as of yet. As such, his white skin is still baby smooth and other puberty magic still hasn't happened. His voice is still high pitched, much to his chagrin, causing him to sound like a girl in some situations. He has round eyes that seem to always light up, and his irises are a light shade of sky blue. His face is covered in freckles, giving him even more of a boyish appearance. His nose is small and triangular in shape, and he also has a small mouth that's a pale shade of pink.

He is more lanky in build, with his arms and legs long for his height. His shoulders are a bit narrow, and his hips aren't as narrow, but only by a little bit. He has a slouch in his neck, and his posture is quite horrid. His hair is a caramel blonde, and is as spiky as a hedgehog.

For clothing he's wearing a green graphic-tee with a lot of scribbles on the front of it. It's a bit long on him, extending just past the waist. He then is wearing cargo shorts, black in color and extending to just past his knees. Going lower he has black, sports-grade knee socks. His shoes are pale blue high tops with aesthetic wings on the sides of each. He wears a dark blue scarf around his neck, with a mysterious eye on the end that's hanging out. He wears ladder gloves, with the binding latter strings being green while the rest is black. He wears a satchel as well.

Personality: Eric is a happy-go-lucky child, putting it bluntly. He's pretty naive and is a bit gullible as well. He tends to be able to strike up a conversation with most people with ease, despite the possible dangers that could be associated with it. He does have a stutter in his voice, which adds to his apparent cuteness factor. Despite looking like a child, Eric does hate it. He overreacts when people call him childish or cute, often to the point where he looks even more like a child.

He tends to be a more of an optimist, and tries to look at the positives of situations. He believes that since everything happens for a reason, there must be an eventual good outcome to outweigh the bad. As such, he tries to abuse his own luck so that he could potentially have a better outcome
for something that he has to deal with in the future. The past is what has already happened, he could at least try and challenge his fate.

Eric also likes to run, and is a low-key adrenaline junky. He has a lot of innate energy and can be seen as hyperactive to some people, and antsy to others. Patience isn't necessarily a strength of his, and he has the child-like ideal of "I want this and I want this now". He also loves candy and other sweets, which causes him to become even more of a hyperactive child.

While he is insecure about his appearance, he tries to smile as much as he can. He doesn't want to burden others with his own problems, so he just grins and bears it. He wants to be seen as a grown-up, and as such is rash in decision making in a way to attempt maturity. Yet his actions just make him seem more immature than anything else. Due to this, he has a problem of actually saying what he truly feels, as deep down he fears everyone only sees him as a little kid and not someone heading towards adulthood.

History: Eric himself has lived a pretty normal life. Being a New York native, he has lived in Manhattan his entire life. He has two siblings, both younger than him, and his parents are happily married. Being the oldest, he is seen as the one to have the most responsibly despite his child-like demeanor.

He has been known as a troublemaker in school, just due to his limitless energy. He often gets in trouble in the forms of collateral damage, often helping his friends out with a joke or a prank but taking the fall. Even if he tries to defend himself, his false reputation as a trickster has lead to both academic punishment as well as punishment at home. His family is currently visiting relatives in California during the lock down, and Eric had to stay behind due to being punished for something he did the week prior. In specifics, He supposedly let the science class's experiments out of the cages. The entore wing of the building was teeming with the likes of snakes, lizards, and geckos. The school had to close doen for the day, and due to Eric being the last one seen entering the room on the cameras. Due to logical conclusions, everyone drcided he was to blame and got a week suspension. Though, in reality, he was unjustly blamed for what happened and was punished regardless. As such, he's home alone when the lockdown happens.

Demon -

Race: Basilisk

Nickname: Lemon

Lemon looks like the standard Basilisk. He's a bipedal lizard-dragon like creature that's primarily yellow and has purple stripes across his body. His mouth is beak-like, and he has a small rainbow plumage at the back of his head. he also has a medium sized tail.

Lemon is true to his nature as a Basilisk, and often relies on his ability to turn enemies into stone. Unlike most other Basilisks, Lemon is able to use minor fire magic,

Petra Eyes- Small Chance to Petrify the foe
Agi- Weak Fire Magic
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