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Devil Survivor: The Manhattan Lockdown V2.0


Faithful Crusader
One born of human flesh, Man is now a race of some power.

You, son of man, must face the power you hold.

And you must face your destiny as well...

Though your days be peaceful, the fated time draws near.

I am your judgment.

I sundered the tongues of your fathers and shattered their arrogant power.

So long as the Lord does not live in you, all living beings hold darkness in their hearts.

If you truly wish to be yourself, then rise and fight the darkness within...

The demon inside.

If you have the will to challenge your destiny of battle, son of man, state your name...

As He proclaimed, this world, created in seven days, shall be destroyed by the sounding of seven trumpets.

You who have a will, fear the numbers your eyes shall see.

Fear the time left...


The Day Before
Times Square - 6:30 PM

As always, Times Square was bustling with activity. People of all kinds filled the streets: workers finally free from their labors, tourists from all around the world, students enjoying the start of their weekend, street performers hoping for tips, rich and poor alike mingling in one of the most recognizable locales in America.

Many people in the crowd weren't looking around though, they were looking down. Down at the devices in their hands, COMPs, smart phones, tablets, all were present. Perhaps because of their preoccupation, the sudden shock of the next event caused a wave of silent disbelief first and panic second.

An explosion rocked Times Square, seemingly originating from ground floor of the Times Building itself. The huge screens died, some collapsing as the first few floors of the tower erupted into flames and shrapnel. Windows shattered all across the square as the explosion spread. A split second later, several smaller blasts erupted seemingly at random, some in nearby buildings, others in cars or from somewhere beneath the street. The street was cracked and cratered, the square left in ruins.

The dust started to settle, and a calmer panic settled among the crowd. Dozens of people had been killed and many more injured by the blasts, but as the bystanders tried to call 911 for help they found that their cell phone signal had been completely cut out. COMPs and other forms of communication were offline as well.

A few minutes later a helicopter flew by overhead, black and unmarked. Then three more, flying in formation. A loud announcement followed, broadcast from loudspeakers around the city. "Attention citizens. An explosion of unknown origin has hit Times Square. This is suspected to be an organised attack. Until we can ascertain the situation and identify the perpetrators of this attack, Manhattan island will be put under a temporary lockdown."

Already discord was spreading among the crowds.

"We ask for your cooperation in this matter. I repeat..." The broadcast continued, repeating the same message several times.


The Day Before
Midtown - Subway Lines - 6:35 PM

When the explosions hit, all of the subway lines in Manhattan entered emergency shutdown. Even though the power and other utilities seemed to be functioning, every last train pulled into the next station and promptly shut down, disgorging groups of confused travelers.

But some trains remained stuck deep in the tunnels, thier passengers having to choose to wait it out or risk walking to the next station.

And as the night continued on, reports of missings persons and strange sounds in the underground started to spread.


The Day Before
Union Square - 6:45 PM

As they had for weeks now, a pair of demonstrators stood in the plaza at Union Square. Dressed entierly in black jumpsuits and with a purple eye tattooed on thier foreheads, the pair, a man and a woman of middle age, had been shouting at anyone who would listen, from sundown to sunrise, about the impending ruin.

Claiming that mankind would soon bring divine punishment down upon themselves, the pair preached a strange doctrine of submission to thier order, the Voice of Babylon, as the only way to escape the ordeal that was to come.

Some stopped. Many didn't. But a few listened.

The cult had been growing the past few weeks, as though something in the air made the pair's words seem more likely.

But as word started to come in about Times Square. As rumors started to fly of strange creatures appearing or people going missing. As the truth of the lockdown began to set in and panic started to spread, the pair's preaching only became more fervent.

"Join our order! Devote yourself to our master, and you will escape this horror!" They cried.

And people started to gather, unsure of what it all meant.


The Day Before
Upper East Side - 7:00 PM

A crowd had gathered at the Queensburo Bridge, trying to cross over out of Manhattan. However, the road was blocked off by what appeared to be military forces. They wore no badges, no signs of rank, just urban-camouflage fatigues and gear. As if to reinforce the armed men and the roadblock at the halfway point of the bridge, a pair of tanks sat on the opposite side, barrels pointed down the bridge.

"What do you mean we can't leave?" someone in the crowd shouted.

"I'm sorry," the soldier responded, "We have our orders. No one is allowed to pass. For any reason."

"You have to let me go, my family is in Queens!"

"My children are on the other side! I can't leave them alone!"

"Please, let us cross!"

The soldier spoke over the rising voices. "This is serious. I can't let anyone cross. No exceptions. We have orders to shoot anyone who attempts to leave Manhattan."

"We have rights! You can't lock us in here like this. You can't shoot us like animals!" another man shouted. The crowd started to rally behind him.

A short burst of gunfire rang out as the soldier fired into the air to silence the crowd. "That's final. No one crosses. The next shot won't be a warning."

The crowd continued to protest, but many in the crowd became wary. No one pushed the blockade. All around the city, at every bridge, tunnel, and roadway out of the island, the scene repeated. Even the waterways were patrolled and impossible to swim across unseen.

Armed guards, machinery, fences, sandbags, barricades, it was as if they all appeared at once, a simultaneous and perfectly orchestrated movement to seal off the entire island.

The lockdown of Manhattan had officially begun.


COMP Service

1 new Notification.

A new App has been delivered!

The Demon Summoning App has been successfully installed.

Have a nice day!


OOC: To start off, just post your character's whereabouts and reactions as such and have them activate the Summoning App. For ease of reference, I'd like each of you to include your general location and a timestamp at the top of your posts.


Mwa ha ha! You scared?
Solaris Hernandez and Dante "Frost" Diaz
"The Day Before"; The Start of the Lockdown
Times Square, 6:30 PM

It's been such a long time since she even set foot in her birthplace, about twelve years. It was so odd. She had considered the nice countryside setting of the Philippines and the friendly people of the islands her home, yet there was something almost nostalgic about being here. Most of the memories hadn't been nice, except the blurry first few years with her biological parents, but still, it felt nice being here with all the lights and bustle. Though that might be partially because she had a fiancé who loved her and she was showing him around...sort of. She didn't remember all the little details but she still remembered her way to Times Square, pretty much the most famous place in Manhattan.

It had been a mostly uneventful trip here. They had booked into a motel after finally convincing their relatives, and Frost's parents, that they should look around by themselves. As much as she loved their company, with the usual Filipino friendliness, she had wanted some alone time with Frost. After they had put their stuff in their room, she immediately suggested they see Times Square at night. He objected at first, he was always an early sleeper, and so was she. But it wasn't everyday they were going to visit so he relented. Plus, he wouldn't have to worry about the sunlight, but he still wore the shades and cap anyway. Though he didn't mind being an albino, it was annoying sometimes with people staring at him, for both of them.

Her arm still hooked in Frost's, she looked at him with a smile. "So what you think?"

"Okay, I admit it, you're right, it's amazing at night," he said, his eyes not noticeably wide but it was to her.

Her smile got a little bit wider than that before she followed her fiancé's gaze and looked at the various lights and screens around them. It might not have been much to the residents of this place, and maybe even herself, but the only time she ever saw this square like this was one day on New Year's Eve. The orphanage had a strict curfew. So it was a sight worth remembering for her, especially now that she was sharing it with someone she cared about deeply, and was going to spend the rest of her life with.

Then it happened. An explosion rocked the bottom of the Times Building. Thankfully they were far enough only to have to shield there eyes from the blast. But the one second afterwards almost felt like an eternity. She felt everyone around them stare in disbelief at the occurrence. And then the second passed. Panic settled in as more explosions burst around them. Solaris snapped her head to her left when she saw one go off at a street nearby them. She didn't need to be told.

Both she and Frost ran as another blast hit a car. They did their best to avoid the explosions but with the combination off all the people panicking and the cars veering off the streets, they didn't get far and even they got hurt. Solaris gasped and tensed as shrapnel managed to slice at her arm, making a large cut. She heard Frost let out a shout and saw he had been hit at the right leg, a long one just like hers. Thankfully by then, the dust had settled.

For a while, Solaris just panted. Then she looked up as helicopters passed overhead...and said that the island was in lockdown.


Ruined Times Square, 7:30 PM

It had been a long hour. After that announcement, Solaris and Frost did first-aid to each other, making sure their injuries won't get infected, before deciding to see if they could help with other survivors who were wounded. Of course, they weren't much help and they should've probably gotten medical attention. But it wasn't the first time Solaris got a cut like that and compared to the ones they found, they were much better off. Thankfully, there were some actual doctors in the streets helping, some of them paramedics and soon they had their wounds checked and properly bandaged.

But Solaris didn't feel like going back yet.

So here she and Frost were, just sitting on one of the few unscathed streets, their backs against a building and their bodies leaning on each other as they watched as Manhattan citizens tried to handle what had just happened. She wasn't sure what to make of it either. She knew about terrorist attacks, in fact she had survived through one, her left eye was proof of that, but this was on a whole other scale. It was almost like in the movies. It was so coordinated, detonating at exactly six thirty in the evening. The lockdown even more so, everywhere that could be used as an exit was being patrolled, even the sewers if she heard the words that were now flying about correctly.

She sighed. "How are you holding up?" she said as she leaned closer.

"I'll live," he said. "It isn't bad compared to what happened to your eye."

Solaris chuckled in agreement but her smile remained small, the only reason it was even there was because she still had Frost with her.

"What about you?"

Solaris didn't say anything and gripped his hand. She didn't need to. He already knew from that alone. He let out a sigh before she felt him shift. He was likely checking his COMP. A few moments of quiet passed as she continued to watch what was left of Times Square. It was sad. Many people's homes must have been wrecked from this. And who knew how many people had died already today?

Then she heard, "What the...?"

She blinked and stopped leaning on Frost to look at him properly.

"Something wrong?"

"Look at this."

And she did and once again she blinked. Apparently a new app has installed itself onto Frost's phone, something called...Devil Summoning App. Now that was odd, not even counting the incredibly simple name. Even without the fact that an app usually doesn't install itself unless the owner of the COMP or whatever chooses so, as far as she knew, there was no wi-fi here and communications were cut off anyway. She knew Frost came to the same conclusions as well. Still, she couldn't help but say it.

"Okay, that's weird. How's that possible? And why...demon summoning of all things..."

"What about your COMP?"


She snatched hers from her pocket and surprised to find it was also installed into her COMP.

"Okay, that's even weirder."

A moment passed and she narrowed her eyes as her curiosity nagged her. She looked to Frost.

"Shall we open it?"

He sighed, though it was more amused, especially with that small smile of his, than exasperated or tired.

"All right. I'm guess we do it together?"

Solaris just gave him a smirk.

Both looked at their COMPs, holding them side-by-side. They readied their fingers.

"Three..." she said.

"Two..." he said.

"One," they said.

Then they pressed the app on the screen and turned it on.
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*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
Julia Wilczyński
Lower East Side
6:30 PM

Julia climbed up the stairs and tugged the collar her borrowed trenchcoat tightly around her neck in an attempt to avoid being recognized, her heavy footsteps resonating in the dilapidated housing project building. She held a .45 caliber pistol in her left hand and a cigarette nearly to its butt wedged between her lips. She held no address, she knew the person whom she after all too well. Six postponements, no money except for his beer (or so he claimed), a disorganised apartment filled with boxes...and flaming red hair that made her jealous. It all described Ombra's next victim, Armitage O'Brien. Giovanni had threatened him to pay up his debts, yet the money did not turn up. A gun for protection, money for his gambling habit and drinks, they provided them for him, only because he was their informant on Black Shamrock's going-abouts. This time however, there were no second chances, and Julia was out for blood, cash or both. She reached the top of the stairs and started walking down the hall, discarding her cigarette as she neared his door. A little more, and then she stopped in front of the door she knew was his. She raised her right hand and pounded her fist at the door.

"O'Brien! Open up, you fucking shitbag!" She shouted, her heavy Eastern European accent lacing her words, not letting go of the gun and not caring if anyone heard her. No reply. Julia growled as she banged once again, cursing and threatening that she was going to bust the door open herself if he didn't do it within one minute. In an amount of time shorter than she expected, the door clicked and swung open, revealing a paunchy, middle-aged man dressed in a white wifebeater and khaki shorts. The room smelled strongly of a mixture of different odors. The man, O'Brien himself, smiled a toothy grin.

"Ah, Julia. What brings you and your gun here today?" He greeted in a voice with a slight slur to it, his beer breath apparent. Julia did not flinch, she merely stood her ground and glared, as she kept her gun on him.

"No more damn games, Armie. This is your last warning. Where is it? Chcesz umrzeć?!" She threatened, grabbing him by the front of his shirt with her right hand and holding the gun to the side of the Irishman's head. O'Brien only laughed boorishly.

"Could you even do that to me, Julia? You know what my answer is going to be...I don't have it." He replied, grinning as if to taunt the young woman. This only made Julia push the pistol harder into his head. She let go of his shirt and punched his left cheek.

"Answer for yourself, boy...why all the drinks? Where'd you get all these shiny new things?" She snarled, gesturing towards the boxes, before she pulled the trigger and shot him. Blood gushed out of the side of his head in a spray, yet Julia fired once more for good measure. The dead man fell to the ground, unbreathing. Julia stomped on the corpse one more time before heading to his bathroom to wash her face. She then left the apartment and back down the stairs, passing two floors until she hit ground. Even as she left, she walked steadily. Only the guilty ran after all. The streets were a lot more crowded than usual, and Julia kept moving until she found a safe, deserted alley. There, she discarded the outfit that covered her everyday clothes. An oversized black trenchcoat, loose-fitting black trousers, sunglasses and a hat which she tucked her hair under. She shook out her long hair and put on her usual newsboy cap before looking around and casually walking out of the alley from the other end.

There seemed to be a commotion, and Julia heard the word "lockdown" more than once. Was the city really on lockdown? She jostled her way among the people, hearing more mention of the so-called lockdown. No, it had to be a joke. Julia refused to believe it.

What kind of conspiracy is this? What the hell is going on?

As she walked, the more she heard about it, how there was an explosion in Central Park and how nobody was allowed to leave Manhattan. She had to get to Ombra's turf, to tell the others, and fast. She felt something vibrate from her pocket, and she reached for it. It was her COMP device, an illegally-obtained one from Giovanni's contacts, jailbroken and hacked by his right-hand, Marcello. An alert sat in the middle of the screen.


My will be done
Upper West Side
Micheal Flynt
6:30 PM
"Fuck!"Micheal shouted, looking at the news: Manhattan was locked down. "Sonofa, DAMNIT!" An explosion in Central Park, and now those pussies in the government locked down the damn city. He ran a hand over his head, and punched the wall in anger. He needed to get out of this city. Forty years! FORTY YEARS! It drove him insane. His boss, damn that overweight bastard, beckoned him over. Stomping towards the stain on his vision, Micheal snarled, "What now?"

The boss sighed, and simply said "go home, Micheal. You need to calm down."


Micheal walked through the grey streets of the city, elbowing aside several throngs of people on his way. Getting to the tiny apartment he called home, Micheal sat down and picked up his phone to order takeout. His COMP beeped, and Micheal opened it.

Daemon summon. What the fuck kind of joke was this? Fuming, Micheal hit "Accept".


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod
Eric Rodgers
Washington Square Park
"The Day Before"
7:00 PM

It was a nice day for the most part for Eric. He has still a bit miffed that he wasn't on the nice beaches of sunny Santa Cruz, but at the same time he enjoyed the small amount of freedom he had. He had spent the day doing make-up work, and then he biked out here. It was simple, but none the less it was enjoyable. To taste freedom, to not have to worry about his parents looming over him like hawks. Yeah sure he got suspended for a week and then got left here in boring old Manhattan, but he was at least able to self-explore without worry during this week. At least, until the explosion happened an hour before. A lot of people lived in just Manhattan alone, so information spread like wildfire. Not like he didn't hear it, it was pretty loud. Another reason why info spread so quickly, the island was tiny. He didn't want to know what it looked like up north. He was sort of glad he decided to bike down to Greenwich for the day. Maybe it was just luck? Something good came out of everything.

The park was eerily empty, and most likely for a good reason. Ever since the September 11th attacks years ago, people have always been on edge about another attack happening. On the contrary, people seemed to be attracted to disaster. A smirk crossed the blond's face. This wasn't directly his problem, so he had no need to worry. Besides, Washington Square Park was always a tranquil place for him to hang out. People here didn't judge him... It was a nice change of pace. His so called friends were probably laughing by now, or something. His signal has been dead since 6, so he wouldn't really know. Why was all forms of communication cut off? There wasn't a power outage, so at least he was able to play video games. Well, he didn't have to tell his parents, so that was a plus!

Feeling a bit hungry, Erik put on his bike helmet again and started to ride through the park. Spare change started to rattle in his pockets, and he did his best to make sure they didn't fall out. Normally he had to be slow due to the amount of pedestrians here, but since everyone just seemed to have went home; he was able to go as fast as he wanted to. Though, he soon had to grind to a halt as he hit the edge of the park. Looking to his left he saw his destination, NYU. It was a place filled with hipsters and that kind of crowd. While his parents warned him to stay away from those types of people, saying "it was against God's wishes", he always found them interesting. He hit the button to cross the street, and after waiting like a good citizen he crossed. He then parked his bike in front of the Starbucks, and locked it to one of the tables. Making sure he had everything, the blond boy walked into the coffee shop.

As usual, the place was a bit packed. However, those here didn't seem phased from the event that just recently occurred. He heard grumblings of "This is just another government conspiracy." and "I have finals to worry about, I could honestly care less on what happened." The words were cold... Almost more mechanical than human. Would he be like this when he was older? Eric hoped he wouldn't be. Waiting in line, he scanned the menu until the cashier called for him to order.

"Hello sir, what would you like to order?" she asked him in a very friendly voice. He could see in her eyes that she worried about him, despite not knowing him.

"Can I have a Venti Green Tea Frappe with Java Chips, a cheese croissant, and two Cookie Dough Cakepops please?" He asked her politely, before fishing out the credit card his parents gave him. It never hurt to splurge, right?

"Oh sure! You're such an adorable child! Where are your parents though?"

"DON'T CALL ME A CHILD!" Eric yelled almost instantly, causing everyone to briefly look at him before returning to their own devices. He started to blush, and continued on. "S-Sorry... I need to stop yelling... I'm a grown-up now! My family are in California now. Don't worry, I'll be fine. I'm use to being left behind..."

"Oh I'm sorry, I know puberty can be rough. Anyways here is your card back. Oh! I forgot a name for your order," she smiled at him, seeming to sympathize with him.

"Eric!" he happily chimed, and waited at a small, comfy table until his food was ready. When he grabbed the food and drink, he opened up his COMP to see if signal was back. It wasn't, but, he saw a strange new app. Taking a sip of his drink, he pressed the application to open it.

"Demon Summoning App... Huh. Well, I must've gotten it for a reason! Maybe things are finally looking up for me!" He happily muttered to himself, his eyes glued to the screen as he awaits the application to load.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Selena Diana Artemis
Upper East Side (Fifth Avenue specially)
6:30 PM

Selena stepped out of the Lord and Taylor department store, carrying several shopping bags, and handed them all off to her driver. "You can take these back to the car." She told him.

"Right away Miss Artemis." The man replied as he carried off the bags to Selena's awaiting limousine.

With a smirk on her face, the model casually strolled over to the next store. Selena was supposed to be in Manhattan for work related purposes. However, the fashion show she was scheduled to appear in was for tomorrow night. There was plenty of time to take advantage of the great shopping down fifth avenue.

As she made her way there, Selena couldn't help smiling at the large billboard with her picture on it. Wearing an expensive evening gown, and dripping in diamonds. The ad was for a jewelry company, and it was one of her favorite ads to pose for. Mainly because she got to keep all the jewelry she wore in the picture. She liked seeing her face plastered on every billboard around the city. While Selena enjoyed the glamorous life of a supermodel, she couldn't help feeling like something was missing. She found herself being depressed for no reason. From her experience though, retail therapy always worked for these sorts of things. At least temporarily.

Before Selena even had a chance to get to the next store, things suddenly took a turn for the strange. She and everyone else on the street felt a strong tremor. The young woman let out a scream as she tried to keep her balance. She leaned against a wall for support, to keep herself from falling over and hitting her face. Her face was her fortune after all. "What on earth...?" As the tremor was happening, the lights inside all the stores and buildings went out. People were starting to get nervous. Helicopters flew overhead announcing Manhattan was being placed under lockdown due to an explosion in Times Square. Suddenly, the other people on the streets started running around screaming in a panic. Some people even decided to take advantage of the opportunity, and began looting the stores since the security systems no longer worked with the power being out.

Selena rubbed her temples and shook her head in disgust."This is ridiculous!" She exclaimed. The scene unfolding in front of her looked like something out of a cheap disaster movie. All of a sudden, people turned into savages whenever there was a crisis. Certainly, the professionals had this entire situation under control, right?

Selena reached into her purse to pull out her COMP. Hers was pink, held in a jewel encrusted case, and custom made just for her. Being a world renowned supermodel did have it's benefits. She had wanted to send a message to her driver to get her home immediately. Problem was she wasn't getting any signal. Meaning she had no way to contact her driver, or anyone for that matter. Which was just as well. The traffic at the moment was even worse than what New York city traffic normally is right now. People were driving around like lunatics trying to get wherever as quickly as possible. The fact that the traffic lights weren't working only made it worse. Selena realized that if she was going to get anywhere, she was going to need to walk home in this disaster. Much to her disappointment.

However, although she saw that her COMP wasn't getting a signal, there was also something else strange that she noticed on the screen, A new app had somehow downloaded itself onto the device. The Demon Summoning App certainly wouldn't be an app she would download for herself. She figured it must have been a free demo for a game. The notification of it's download even told her to "have a nice day" which she couldn't help scoffing at, considering all the chaos going on around her. "What a waste of time... There are more important things to do than playing some stupid game." She rolled her eyes, and pressed on the icon, hoping to get a prompt that will allow her to remove the application from her COMP. Instead, she got a loading screen...
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Faithful Crusader
- The Day Before -
- Across the City -

For each person who received the summoning app, the reactions were the same. Shock, surprise, curiosity. Most couldn't resist the temptation of opening it. Of clicking that little black and red icon that would change their destiny forever.

It shouldn't have been possible, there was no signal inside the lockdown. No internet, no cell service, no 4G, nothing. And yet, the app downloaded and installed anyway, as if to spite the circumstances. Perhaps it was that simple fact that caused so many to give it a shot. Or it could have been the odd fascination it held. A promise of some unknown distraction to avoid the unpleasant reality.

A simple click or tap of the icon was all it took. Once activated, the Summoning App took over the entire COMP, permanently altering its operating system. The screens turned black and walls of archaic text, programming language, numbers, and strange symbols shot across the screen faster than could possibly be read. Waves of it without end or slowing down, a cascade of incomprehensibly complex coding. The access lights flashed wildly. Then, with a soft click, it all went black as the COMP calmed down. Finally, the screen froze on two single lines of white text, shining dimly on the black screen.

Peaceful days died.

Let's Survive.

The screens whitewashed, and burst of light appeared nearby, bringing a demon with it.


- Upper East Side - Fifth Avenue Storefront -

A figure appeared out of thin air next to Selena. From the waist up, it could have easily passed for a beautiful woman. A shapely figure, scantily clad in what appeared to be feathers. But even more feathers hung from her arms, forming into wings. And from the waist down, it was very evident that the creature was more bird than woman. Her sharp talons scraped the sidewalk as the Harpy sleepily rose to her full height, turning to taken in Selena and the COMP in her hand.

And she smiled a wicked smile.


- Coffee Shop near Washington Square Park -

Eric had the unfortunate luck of activating the app in crowded store. Near his table, a small lizard like creature appeared out of nowhere. It was small and vaguely draconian in appearance and mannerisms. The bright yellow creature even had a few brightly colored feathers sticking out from the top of its head. The Basilisk looked around, confused to suddenly find itself in a human coffee shop as opposed to wherever it had been previously.

It spotted Eric seated at his table and gave a cough that promptly ignited the napkin dispenser into a small blaze. All together, the customers in the shop turned to look, first seeing the flaming napkin holder, then Eric, and finally the Basilisk. Someone screamed. The fire alarm went off and the sprinklers came on. And all hell broke lose in the coffee shop.


- Upper West Side - Michael's Residence -

At first, nothing seemed to happen when Michael hit the button. The COMP went crazy, the light flashed bright, and then, silence. But the silence that hung over the place now felt oppressive. Another presence could be felt in the small room now. Still, Michael could see nothing.

Then, a figure literally crawled out of Michael's shadow, pulling itself out of the immaterial darkness the way one might leave a swimming pool. At first, Michael thought it looked a bit like himself, but even as he watched the creatures form seemed to shift. Its features twisted and moved, and its body was so malnourished that it looked startlingly like a corpse. Even that seemed indistinct, as if the creature couldn't decide what it was supposed to look like yet.

The strange being's lip twitched into a cruel mirror of a smirk as it spotted Michael.


- Lower East Side - City Streets -

The creature walking out of the alleyway behind Julia could almost have been mistaken for a large dog at first glance, if only because no one expected to see a large black wolf walking the streets of Manhattan. The beast seemed wickedly intelligent for a wolf, moving after Julia with a purpose not unlike a hunter stalking its prey. The wolf seemed to flinch a bit at the dying sunlight, its eyes adjusting from its preferred darkness.

It was quiet, a skilled hunter. Unfortunately for the Amaroq, the citizens of Manhattan were not. As the people on the sidewalk realized that, yes, that was an unnaturally large black wolf stalking menacingly down the sidewalk, they started to panic. Screams and chaos as shopping bags were dropped and people ran in terror of the beast and the noise was perhaps all that saved Julia from an untimely demise.

The Amaroq growled, low and threateningly as it locked eyes with Julia.


- Times Square - Blast Zone

Solaris and Frost activated their apps at the same time, doubling the trouble they were about to experience. The first creature to appear before them was a blue dragon. A Wyvern, to be precise. Small for a dragon, and with its wings and arms connected unlike a proper dragon. But its scales glittered in the orange sunset light and its tail was tipped with sharp barbes that looked like they belonged on some medieval torture device. The Wyvern took a moment to look over Solaris, then Frost, then back to Solaris, as though confused.

Before the creature could make its mind up, the second demon appeared to Frost's left. While the Wyvern at least had a recognizable form, this one was unlike anything the two of them had ever seen in person. The dark colored creature looked like the unholy offspring of a kangaroo, a wolf, and a wombat. Dark fur of various lengths coursed over its body and its ears stuck up like the world's biggest and ugliest rabbit. And then it flicked its tail and revealed that a second head protruded from its backside.

The pair of beasts both snarled and/or roared and cautiously approached, each trying to figure out which of the two humans it needed to kill.


COMP Service

1 New Message!

The Harmonizer is now active.

This feature makes it possible to effectively attack demons and lessens the effects of their attacks on humans. The Harmonizer works in a small, limited range from the COMP, and affects all humans and demons in range, so don't lose it!

Have a nice day!
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