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Devil Survivor: The Manhattan Lockdown

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by TheSequelReturns, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    One born of human flesh, Man is now a race of some power.

    You, son of man, must face the power you hold.

    And you must face your destiny as well...

    Though your days be peaceful, the fated time draws near.

    I am your judgment.

    I sundered the tongues of your fathers and shattered their arrogant power.

    So long as the Lord does not live in you, all living beings hold darkness in their hearts.

    If you truly wish to be yourself, then rise and fight the darkness within...

    The demon inside.

    If you have the will to challenge your destiny of battle, son of man, state your name...

    As He proclaimed, this world, created in seven days, shall be destroyed by the sounding of seven trumpets.

    You who have a will, fear the numbers your eyes shall see.

    Fear the time left...


    - Devil Survivor -

    Law and Chaos.

    The two forces that bring balance to the world.

    Long have the powers behind these two forces been at war. A war started before the age of mankind. A war mankind will soon find itself a part of.

    A trail will soon descend upon the unsuspecting people of Manhattan island. An ordeal lasting seven days, a test of mankind’s will and resolve. A harbinger of their final destiny.

    For seven days, the people of Manhattan will be locked in, unable to leave the island. They will face hardships and discomforts. They will face the iron fist of their government. They will face the demons that will be released into their realm. And they will face the monsters lurking within their own hearts.

    Many will perish, but the strong can survive. The strength needed to survive this ordeal is the courage to face demons; to tame them and make their power your own. The heart to face the darkness that lies in your neighbors and yourselves. And most importantly, the will to live.

    Do you have what it takes to change the destiny of mankind?


    - The Manhattan Lockdown -

    For the people of Manhattan, it started like any other day. Like the rest of New York City, the streets were packed with people going about their business, rushing to and fro, too busy to give much thought to the state their lives were in.

    War and rumors of war, economic troubles, political corruption, civil unrest, these were all simply headlines. Not so much signs of the times as worn out newsreels. And with a new multi-purpose device called a COMP making everyone’s lives easier and more digital than ever, the common man cared less and less for the world of fear and worry that reality had become and more and more of an imagined life of prosperity and peace in their own bubbles of internet fallacies and facades.

    All of this is about to suddenly and violently change when an explosion rocks Times Square and the entire island of Manhattan is put under lockdown. No one is allowed to enter or leave the island for any reason and anyone attempting to do so is either beat down or shot on sight. The lockdown is sudden and impassable, a wall of government and military personnel preventing travel across land, sea, air, and even underground. Nothing gets on of off the island, no exceptions.

    Unable to return to their daily lives, as the power and water systems start to fail, panic and fear set in. Rumors of inhuman things stalking back alleys and dark streets only add to the terror. For those who happen to have a COMP however, the mystery only grows. All thanks to a mysterious new app that appears on their systems, the “Demon Summoning Program.”

    They soon discover that they aren't alone, that these creatures, these “demons”, really are in the human realm. And that the COMP can let you summon one.

    These “Demon Tamers” soon realize the power that they wield, the power to control a demon, a creature of myth and legend, a monster that cannot be harmed by human weaponry and that follows your commands. This power makes them above the law, and it makes them feared. And some are all too eager to abuse it. But what are the reasons behind this sudden appearance of demons? Why is Manhattan locked down? And what will happen to mankind when the truth behind it all is finally revealed? Only those with the strength to survive the ordeal will find out.


    - Demons and COMPs -

    Demons are creatures from another dimension. They resemble creatures and figures from myths and legends from around the world, and are completely impervious to harm from man-made weaponry. Demons come in all shapes, sizes, intellects, and strengths and can only be summoned via a COMP or an extremely specialized ritual.

    Demons are sentient creatures, though their levels of intelligence vary wildly across their many different forms and types. There are all kinds, everything from demons that resemble wild animals and are incapable of human speech to demons that are smarter than any human and act as deities or gods.

    A COMP is a handheld device that is part smart phone, part tablet, and part gaming system. COMP stands for “Communication Player”. It is a one-in-all device, allowing e-mail access, business and banking, texting and video chat, gaming, apps, and more.

    During the lockdown, all new-model COMPs suddenly reboot and become loaded with an app called the “Demon Summoning Program”. Running this app causes the COMP to summon a demon, who then attempts to kill the human who summoned it. If the human defeats the demon, it will submit and become that human’s servant. If the demon kills the human, it becomes free of its shackles and can do as it pleases in the human realm. This submission is called a “Contract”, and only occurs the first time the Demon Summoning Program is activated. Any other demons defeated by the user or their personal demons are not obligated to form a Contract.

    Normally, humans are no match for even the weakest demon, but all COMPs equipped with the “Demon Summoning Program” also perform a function known as “Harmonizing”. This allows any and all nearby humans to stand up to demons and even defeat them in battle. It can even allow the use of magic to those who already command a demon.

    In certain situations, a COMP can malfunction, causing the Demon Summoning Program to run haywire, opening a rift that allows demons to cross over freely without worry of a contract.


    - The Laplace Mail and the Death Clock -

    Once a User has formed a Contract with their first demon, the other features of the Demon Summoning Program become apparent.

    The first is the Laplace Mail, a strange e-mail that is delivered to each COMP that claims to predict the future. Choosing to heed its warning may be the difference between life and death.

    The second is the Death Clock. This feature of the modified COMP allows the user to see a floating number above every person’s head. This number will be between zero and seven, and tells how many days that person has left to live. If no number is displayed, that means that person has longer than seven days to live. As of the activation of the lockdown, no person within the lockdown on Manhattan Island has longer than seven days on their Death Clock.

    The number displayed by the Death Clock is very accurate, but it is not set in stone. It can be changed if the circumstances leading to that person’s death are changed. The same is also true of the Laplace Mail. If no action is taken, the events in the e-mail will come to pass, but if events are changed, then things can turn out differently than the Laplace Mail describes.


    - Demon Fusion and Contracts -

    A Contract is the means by which a demon submits to a human. It can be thought of as a pact, allowing the summoner to command the demon as they see fit. A contract is automatically formed by the first demon summoned from the COMP, should the human defeat it in battle, but that is not the only way to form a Contract.

    New Contracts can be formed via the COMP if high enough potential is detected in the summoner. Demons may also voluntarily form a contract with a human. There may be other ways as well...

    Lastly, two demons may be fused together using the Demon Summoning App to create a new, more powerful demon. The result is determined by the Demon Summoning App, and the user has no say in what the resulting demon will turn out to be. Though the new demon will be much stronger than the source demons, the source demons are permanently lost. Think it over carefully before attempting Fusion.

    Demon's themselves seem to be okay with the fusion process, and in some cases even express excitement at the prospect. Though it is not entirely understood, it is thought that the result demon inherits the memories of BOTH the source demons. Though this may be the case, total changes in demeanor, personality, speech, and intelligence are possible.


    - About This RP -

    You the player will be playing as a random person who, for whatever reason, was in Manhattan when the lockdown began. As someone with a new COMP, you will discover that you can now access the Demon Summoning Program, and must face a demon. Victory over your foe will see the demon under your command.

    Then, your role as a “Demon Tamer” begins. With your demons and your fellow Demon Tamers at your side, you must find your place in the lockdown and decide what path to follow. Do you try and protect others, or chose to look out for yourself? Do you seek stronger power, or shun the unnatural demons? Do you try to hold out and survive the lockdown, or attempt to break its borders and seek your freedom?

    These choices and the consequences are yours and yours alone. There will be death. There will be difficult decisions and sacrifices. But the determined can survive. And the choices you make will not only determine your fate and the fate of those in the lockdown, but the end result of a war between Law and Chaos, and a new destiny for all of mankind.

    As the RP progresses, I as the GM will update the players with Death Clock readings, events at various locations, the passage of time, and other important factors. But it will be up to the players where to go and what choices to make. There will be several NPCs to help guide players along, but in the end what path to take is up to you.

    Your demons can be literally anything from any world mythology. Though it would help if they had a page on the Megaten Wiki (located here if anyone needs help finding a demon), this is not necessary. Initial demons are to be lower in power, more along the lines of Pixie, Kobold, Ogre, Knocker, Poltergeist, etc. More powerful demons will become available to the players as the story progresses.

    Be aware that any attempt at Demon Fusion will result in an outcome determined by the GM. It is a potentially risky, but likely rewarding choice if you are seeking more power.

    Also be aware that player death is a very real possibility. Failure to heed the warnings of the Laplace Mail or Death Clock, or failure to alter the circumstances of one's foretold demise, will result in death. You have been warned.


    - Manhattan -

    (Disclaimer: Some areas have been simplified to facilitate the RP. This will not be a 100% accurate picture of real-world Manhattan.)

    Manhattan is a large island and a central district of New York City. It consists of several smaller areas, each with its own feel. These areas will make up the various “locations” that any given event will take place at during the RP. Players are encouraged to mark their current location at the top of each of their posts. These locations are:

    Hamilton Heights – In the northwest corner of the island, Hamilton Heights is the home of City College of New York (CCNY), Dance Theater of Harlem, The Harlem School of the Arts and Aaron Davis Hall. The neighborhood offers several parks, and there are spacious apartment buildings, brownstones and other row houses prominently lining the leafy eastern streets of Hamilton Heights.

    Harlem - A large neighborhood within the north east section of Manhattan, Harlem has been known as a major African-American residential, cultural and business center. Though it has a higher crime rate than other areas, it is home to many prominent landmarks including the Apollo Theater and the Museum of New York City.

    Morningside Heights - South of Hamilton Heights and East of Harlem, this area is known as a home of institutions. Because of the number of educational intuitions in the neighborhood, its nickname is the Academic Acropolis.

    Upper West Side - An area that lies between Central Park and the Hudson River, the “UWS” is an upscale, primarily residential area with many of its residents working in more commercial areas in Midtown and Lower Manhattan. It has the reputation of being home to New York City's cultural, intellectual hub (with Columbia University located at the north end of the neighborhood), and artistic workers.

    Central Park - A public park at the center of Manhattan and one of the most famous sightseeing spots in New York. It is a huge park, consisting of over 800 acres of forested areas, meandering footpaths, several lakes, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Upper East Side - A neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan between Central Park and the East River. Once known as the Silk Stocking District, it is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in New York City. The area is host to some of the most famous museums in the world. The string of museums along Fifth Avenue fronting Central Park has been dubbed "Museum Mile."

    Lincoln Square – A square and its surrounding area located near the bottom of the Upper West Side. It is an open and high-class area with several concert halls and churches.

    Midtown – Midtown Manhattan, located just south of Central Park, is home to some of the city's most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the United Nations Headquarters. It contains world-famous commercial zones such as Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square.

    Times Square - Iconified as "The Crossroads of the World", Times Square is the brightly illuminated hub of the Broadway Theater District, one of the world's busiest pedestrian intersections, and a major center of the world's entertainment industry.

    Hell’s Kitchen - also known as Clinton and Midtown West, Hell's Kitchen has a gritty reputation. Given the lower costs in the past and its proximity to Broadway theaters, the neighborhood is a haven for aspiring actors. The area provides transportation, hospital and warehouse infrastructure support to the Midtown Manhattan business district. Hell's Kitchen's side streets are mostly lined with trees.

    Turtle Bay - on the east side of Midtown Manhattan, It is the site of the United Nations Headquarters and the Chrysler Building.

    Tenderloin - an entertainment and red-light district in the heart of Manhattan, south of Midtown. It is a very high crime area with a seedy reputation.

    Chelsea – located south of Hell’s Kitchen, Chelsea is primarily residential, with a mix of tenements, apartment blocks, city housing projects, townhouses and renovated rowhouses, and its many retail businesses reflect the ethnic and social diversity of the population. The western part of Chelsea has become a center of the New York art world, with many art galleries located in both new buildings and rehabilitated warehouses.

    Union Square – a historic and important intersection in lower Manhattan, It is a wide open area dominated by a large square.

    Alphabet City – Located in the lower east side of Manhattan, it is a very densely populated area with a high rate of violent crime and illegal activity, though recently seeing development and renovation.

    SoHo - a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, notable for being the location of many artists' lofts and art galleries, and also, more recently, for the wide variety of stores and shops ranging from trendy boutiques to outlets of upscale national and international chain stores.

    Chinatown – A large, highly populated area of primarily Chinese residents. It has a strong Chinese influence in its shops, and most of its signage is in full Chinese.

    Financial District - A neighborhood on the southeastern side of Manhattan which comprises the offices and headquarters of many of the city's major financial institutions, including the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The World Trade Center existed in the neighborhood until the September 11 attacks and is currently being rebuilt as the Freedom Tower.

    Battery Park – An open area on the south edge of Manhattan with several docks, piers, and parks. Primarily a residential area, it has a lot of greenery, retail shops, and commercial property.


    - Sign-Ups -

    Name: Your name, first and last.

    Age: Your age.

    Gender: M or F.

    Appearance: Your physical appearance. Detail is appreciated.

    Personality: Your character’s quirks, traits, way of thinking, and outlook on life. Once again, detail is appreciated.

    History: A brief backstory on your character and how they came to be in Manhattan.

    - Demon -

    Race: Your initial demon’s race. Examples include Jack Frost, Nekomata, Kobold, Ogre, etc. (For assistance, go here. You can also create your own so long as it is an actual mythological figure or creature.) Nothing too powerful for an initial demon, and I reserve the right to approve or reject a demon based on its relative strength. You are allowed to choose a 2nd initial demon, though it will not be summoned as a part of the Demon Summoning Program's activation battle.

    Nickname: (Optional) Something to call your demon besides its race name.

    Appearance: A brief description of its appearance.

    Abilities: A brief description of its abilities. These should fit the demon’s race.


    - Accepted Players -

    Adam Hayes and Hua po (Pyra) + Goblin - [Monster Guy]
    Julia Wilczyński and Hati (Cien) + Skoll - [Jean Grey]
    Lucia Lindstorm and Ratatosk (Feng) + Slime - [Blivsey]
    Alex Ganston and Basilisk (Bask) - [AJ2000]
    Judith Erhardt and Harpy (kryo) - [Pir8Heart]
    Salem Jeremic and Heqet + Satet - [rotrum]
    Vincent Troy and Angel + Makara - [thesilverwolf]
    Isaac Kreutzev and Incubus (Chrona) - [kanima]
    Cole Culain and Raiju (Chifumi) - [Firebrand]
    Drew Aurum and Nemhain + Chagrin - [CuriousHeartless]
    Jacky di Senna and Ronin + Lilim - [Niihyl]
    Sofiya Metcalfe and Jack Frost (Puny Pixie) - [Princess Raspberyl]
    James "Jack" Kane and Ogun + Garm - [Zero Nexus]
    Suzy Carmichael and Slime - [Zincspider]
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2013
    ChintzySnail and Monster Guy like this.
  2. Zincspider

    Zincspider My Bloody

    You know I want to do this with you. Sign me up. I'll have a sheet up soon (tm).
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    I think I have a character that could fit here. I'll take a reserve too. :3
  4. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    This looks very interesting. May I reserve?
  5. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    There's no slot limit or anything, so no need to formally reserve, but your interest is appreciated everyone.

    I'll make sure everyone who posts here gets time to turn in their sign-up before we start.

    Also, feel free to ask any questions as needed.
  6. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Name: Adam Hayes
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Adam is tall and lean, standing at about 5'10". His face is round, and a bit boyish, with a small nose, and large, expressive almond shaped eyes, which are a light shade of green. He keeps his short red hair spiky using a good amount of hair gel. He was born with lightly tanned skin. Not pale, but not bronzed either. He is an athletic boy, and is in good shape. He has a toned physique, that he got from years of training and being active, which he is quite proud of and likes to show off. Apart from on top of his head and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body or face.

    Adam has simple tastes when it comes to clothes. He wears what is comfortable, and prefers things that are easy to move around in. His favorite color is red, and is often covered in that color from head to toe. His usual outfit consists of a red form-fitting tank top that shows off his physique. The top is designed with a black sun in the chest, and the rays going outward. On the bottom he wears a pair of red cargo shorts, which are held up by a red belt. On his feet, he wears a pair of red sandals. He has a red headband around his forehead. He thinks it looks cool, and it also absorbs sweat so it keeps him cool on hot days.

    Personality: Adam is a rash, hotheaded young man who has trouble sitting still. He's the type of guy that likes to shoot first, ask questions later. Often immature and mischievous, he disregards rules, and can often be a troublemaker. He can also be very blunt, and isn't one to sugarcoat things, When it comes to voicing his opinions, he's not exactly the most polite person, often speaking his mind and never hesitating to shoot down anyone for any number of reasons. At times, he is lazy, and he often procrastinates to get work done. Despite this, he is very stubborn, and once he's set his mind on something, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He is very confident in himself. He thinks he is awesome, and he likes to show off his strength. So much so, that he often comes across as arrogant, and he tends to underestimate others and overestimate himself. It is not difficult to get him mad, and he will not hesitate to hurt people verbally and/or physically if he is provoked enough.

    Despite his lean appearance, Adam has a big appetite, and he likes to eat a lot. He's not picky, about the foods he eats, and is willing to try anything once. He is lucky enough to have a high metabolism so that he doesn't get chubby easily, plus he excercises a lot anyway. He's very competitive, and hates to lose. He is not afraid to resort to dirty tactics if it means a victory. He is a big flirt, and he often hits on girls he finds attractive, often with poor results. It hasn't stopped him from trying, though. He also likes playing games, and he can often be found at the game arcades and casinos spending a lot of money to play. Besides playing in the casinos, his favorite pastimes are playing any kind of sport that lets him show off, and winning. He is a nicknamer, and he often gives nicknames to new people he meets. Despite all the chaos that's going on, Adam still tries to keep an optimistic attitude. After all, being angsty all the time isn't going to accomplish anything. All in all, though hotblooded, Adam is a kind hearted, cheerful boy, and he's a loyal friend to those willing to put up with his antics.

    History: Adam Hayes was born and raised in Miami Florida. During his childhood, he led an average life. He wasn't born into wealth, but his parents were able to provide a comfortable life for their son. As a child, Adam was a bit troublesome. Aside from sports, academics were not his forte. He didn't get good grades, he often got into trouble with his teachers for speaking his mind more than he should, and his parents got a lot of complaints about his behavior which caused them quite a bit of concern. While he may have gotten into trouble a lot, he found it easy to make friends due to his outgoing personality. He quickly became popular on campus, though that didn't help him win over any girls. Adam led a relatively simple life, but for the most part he was happy.

    Shortly after Adam turned fifteen, his father was offered a promotion in his job that would bring in more money, but would require the family to move to Manhattan New York. He jumped at the chance, and the Hayes family soon moved to a new house in the Upper East side. The parents thought the change of environment would be good for their son. This disapointed Adam greatly. He had friends in Miami that he had to leave behind too. Plus, he missed having the beach in close proximity. For the past few months, not much has changed, and Adam was rather bored of the routine. With the money they had made, his parents were able to enroll him in an elite Private School that was much more strict. He didn't get along well with the other students in this new school. They thought he was a low class jerk who didn't belong there, and Adam couldn't stand their snobbish attitudes. He was essentially forced to study. He started doing better in his classes, but his behavior still hadn't changed. He still got into trouble on occasion. Despite everything, he barely managed to graduate from high school, and now had to find something to do. He didn't really care to go to college, but finding a job proved difficult. Then the lockdown happened.

    - Demon -

    Race: Hua Po

    Nickname: Pyra

    Appearance: Pyra is not what Adam would've chosen if he had control over the demon he could summon. Pyra takes the form of a small pink fairy. She is about the size of a butterfly, and can sit comfortable on Adam's shoulder. Her skin is hot pink, and her long flowing hair is bright red and tied up into a pony tail. Her face is heart shaped, and looks like that of a young girl. Complete with large eyes long eyelashes attached to them, and dark red irises. She wears a long flowing pink strapless dress with orange flame patterns. She has large butterfly wings growing out of her back that matches her dress. She is often surrounded with an orange firey aura when she uses her abilities.

    Abilities: Her main ability is control over fire. She can summon a stream of flame from her hands that can damage one foe. Or she can produce a much bigger fire that spreads out and can deal damage to multiple foes at once but is less powerful. She is also immune to fire herself, and when hit by it she simply absorbs it and is healed.

    Next Demon: Goblin

    Last edited: Aug 31, 2013
  7. Manaphy Mare

    Manaphy Mare 1000 Words

    I live!!! And I'd like to sign up if you don't mind. I have some ideas for demons, but I'm not sure if the idea I have for an initial would be too powerful or not (she's a nod to a certain guest demon theat was of the fiend race).
  8. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    @Monster Guy: That was fast.

    Pyra is very similar to Hua Po both in appearance and abilities, so that's what I'm going to use as a reference for her power level. Fire draining might be a bit strong for an initial demon, but her lack of any skills besides offensive fire skills helps balance it, so I'm going to allow it.


    @Manaphy Mare: Hey, haven't seen you in a while. I hope you're not talking about Black Frost or Alice, lol. They're much too strong for an initial. I used the race category here for the species name, since I figured trying to include the races like Fiend, and Jirae and such would be a bit too complicated for newcomers to the series.
  9. CuriousHeartless

    CuriousHeartless You are so dead.

    Wow, I'm lucky I decided to randomly check the RPG SU's today. I absolutely love Devil Survivor, and am glad to see an RP of it. No reserves, so just a heads-up that I'm interested and will probably have a SU soon.
  10. Sketchie

    Sketchie Rockruffian

    I'm interested too, so I'd like a reserve as well. I'll try to get an SU up soon.
  11. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    @cmats4020: There's no rush to get sign-ups in, so no need to post an incomplete sign-up.

    History aside, there's two issues. The first is length. I'm going to need to see a bit more detail throughout your sign-up, especially the personality section. Look at Monster Guy's sign-up above for a good example of the detail I'm looking for.

    The second is your demon. I'm going to need to you to find an actual race name for it. There's several spider demons out there, the Jorogumo for example, that would work well here. Also clarify the webbing ability just a bit, is Widow able to control it via telekinesis?
  12. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Hey, Monster is doing fire. That was my plan too. lol
  13. thesilverwolf

    thesilverwolf Well-Known Member

    This looks really interesting. I plan on having a sign up in later on.
  14. Manaphy Mare

    Manaphy Mare 1000 Words

    No, I'm not going with Alice. I was referring to Dante as the guest demon. I'm thinking of using Bayonetta as his initial, if she wouldn't be too powerful, and give him a penchant for getting Femme and Megami demons to form contracts (much to his confusion).
  15. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Ah, see I havn't played Nocturne yet. Can't find a copy. :/

    I think that's quite a bit over the initial demon power limit. Start small. Also, I'm going to have to say no to the cameos this time. Stick with actual mythology.

    I don't want to see anything stronger than Jack Frost, Hua Po, Ghoul, Lillim, or the like as an initial.
  16. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    This sounds like fun! Count me in as a reserve! XD

    Name: Julia Wilczyński

    Age: 22 (December 16)

    Gender: F

    Appearance: Julia is a tall and lean-muscled Eastern European beauty, standing at 6'1" in height, with a pale skin tone. Her hair is one of her most prominent features, being a light shade of auburn, slightly wavy and its length reaching past her hips. While she leaves it down a lot, she also braids it or puts it up in a ponytail whenever she feels like it...or does dirty business, especially when said dirty business involves blood or concentration. Her eyes are an emerald-green color that is further emphasized by the lightness of her skin, as well as the dark circles under them. Said eyes are surrounded by long lashes often coated with dark mascara. As her make-up is cheap and not exactly of good quality, it tends to smudge, and when it gets wet, runs quickly. Her face is heart-shaped, though a bit gaunt in the cheeks, and her nose is pointed. Her body is slender and lean, with long legs. It is not rare to see her limbs bruised, either. Her other most prominent features are her very large, ample breasts, only further emphasized by her less-than-proper attitude and personality, as well as manner of dress. Around her left bicep is a black tattoo in the form of a band made of barbed wire. Her right nostril is pierced, with a silver hoop through it, and as are her ears, with three each, decorated with black cross studs.

    It's easy to see that Julia's clothes are unconventional, yet still manage to look good on her. She favors the color black both for practicality reasons, as it doesn't easily show things such as blood and dirt as well as allowing her to blend in when on the run among other things, and taste-related ones, being that she dislikes most other colors, especially pinks, earth tones and pastels. She likes clothing that emphasize her best parts, knowing that it sometimes helps her get what she wants. She however, refuses to wear extremely restrictive clothing like long skirts and gowns, as well as high-heeled pumps and sandals. Her shirt is black with long, belted sleeves, open shoulders, a low neckline that emphasizes her assets and a standing, buckled collar. Two black belt closures fasten it in an asymmetrical style. Under this, she wears short black denim minishorts with zip pockets, a chain hanging from its left belt loop. On her feet are heavy, black combat boots that close with a combination of buckles and shoelaces. On her hands are black fingerless gloves, and her nails are painted with black nail polish. A simple black choker encircles her neck, and on her head is a black newsboy cap with a silver, cross-shaped pin.

    Personality: Julia is a street-smart and headstrong young woman who knows her way around and never backs down from a challenge when presented with one. Having grown up moving around, and then later on joining a small gang because of poverty and a lack of credentials, she learned that life is never easy and she had to tough it out the best way she could, propriety be damned, not run away from her problems. Thus, she developed a straightforward, impulsive and brash way of dealing with and getting about things. If she has to hurt someone, or even feels like it, she will hurt that person without hesitation. Not one for thinking too deeply or too long, she often acts instead of pausing, knowing that many opportunities could be fleeting. This often got her into trouble as a new gangster, but as she was a quick learner, she also knows what exactly not to do in such tight situations. This girl has courage and a confidence about her that allows her not to panic in difficult spots, whether against a rival gang or with the danger of the authorities being dangerously close. She is not averse to brawling or using violence either, even towards grown men, being a very good fighter as a result of her developing into her gang's hitman. Julia is one who absolutely dislikes being bored, and could be rather impatient, wanting to get things done in the fastest and smoothest way possible instead of the fairest and cleanest, one of the many reasons why she chose to take on the path she did. She also has quite a temper, which manifests itself when her easily-worn patience grows thin, loses something she's good at or her pride gets the better of her. Julia also despises self-righteous, rule-conscious people, and often shows her nastier, more biting side around them, as she hates being restricted by a system that never helped her in her life anyway.

    Julia is far from being a cultured individual. She swears a lot, drinks and smokes regularly and has flirtatious tendencies towards both genders whenever she feels like it (Yes, she knows that she's not unattractive after all.). She is also a proud individual who hates being wrong, being talked down or underestimated. Having one of the more physically difficult jobs in her gang gave her this pride over not being "just another pussy", and thus, turned her into someone who does not accept pity nor outwardly shows it whenever she finds something difficult. Very hot-blooded and passionate, she gives her all in everything she enjoys doing...which can be either good or scary, depending on what exactly it is and the situation. She is far from unsociable however, not hesitating to talk to people most of the time, though the way she seems and acts could possibly turn others off at first impression. There are some types of people that she doesn't like however (such as said "righteous" ones), and it takes her a lot of time to get used to them. These are also the types of people whom she may bear a grudge on a lot more easily, especially if they get on her bad side in some way. You see, while Julia is not entirely cold-hearted, she holds grudges almost as easily as she forgives, boiling down to the person who got on her bad side, and when she hates, it's difficult for her to get over things like that, and it takes a lot to try and reason out with her. She could be open and friendly to someone, and openly hostile to another. Thus, it could be seen that she swings hot and cold.

    Julia still has a kind heart under her less-than-ideal exterior, however. Though she has no qualms about hurting people or carrying out killings when she sees fit, she also knows how to look out for those she considers close to her, despite potentially being a bad influence (with her tendencies and attitude). Behind the gun and violence is not only a hitman but also an individual who loves life and wants to feel accepted and at home at the same time, without being judged so often. She might not be the softest person, nor the first person one would choose to trust, but if you're close to her, she will protect you, no doubt about it. She does take care of people in her own way, despite not showing it in conventional ways.

    Julia enjoys things such as pool, drinking games and different card games. She also has a soft spot for canines, vastly preferring them over cats and felines, as she finds them annoying, among other things.

    History: Born in the seaside city of Gdańsk, Julia was the product of an accidental pregnancy. She never really knew her father, who left after he found out about what he had done. Roksana, her mother and a college freshman with a promising future as a theater actress, was disowned by her parents when she had told them, thinking that they would at least understand her. This forced Roksana to drop out of university at the age of eighteen due to the fact that she could no longer afford the fees to pay for another semester with the little money she made as a bartender in a small, run-down pub. Soon, Julia was born and as she grew, the first thing she learned was that life was hard, from how tired her mother looked whenever she arrived home at their cramped tenement, to the cuts and wounds her mother sometimes had whenever she was forced to step in between bar fights. Roksana however tried to take care of Julia the best she could, send her to school and made sure she didn't have to worry too much. Luck was not on their side however, and when Julia was five, her mother lost her job as the bar closed down. Because Roksana could no longer pay for the rent, they moved to another part of the city, and Julia had to adapt to a new environment.

    This cycle of inconsistent employment, moving and transferring schools happened over a span of four years until Julia was eight. Roksana, who at that time was still in her twenties and beautiful, with her strawberry-blonde hair and bright green eyes, was forced to turn to prostitution after getting fired from a waitressing job two years later in order to allow them to keep their apartment, which they shared with an American roommate. This brought in more money, but it also came with shame as rumors spread. There wasn't anything they could do however, it was that or wander on the streets. Julia learned to watch over herself from an early age because of this, despite the cheerful American man who watched over her and started to teach her English in the evenings for reasons unknown to her, picking up skills such as haggling and gaining a more forceful, less passive personality in order to cope with the difficulties of life. This however, came with a negative consequence. Julia got into trouble in school more often, mostly because she started getting into fights a lot more, even initiating some with the people she despised for openly insulting and humiliating her or making her school life less than bearable. While she was once a more quietly accepting and non-confrontational girl who let things be, she grew up to become feisty, impulsive and proud. The fighting and trouble she got into did not help her grades, and she frankly felt that school wasn't worth it any longer. In the end, she dropped out after her sophomore year in high school ended in order to work full-time to help out her mother and help her get out of her job.

    Roksana assured Julia that it would only be a matter of time before she would quit, but revealed nothing of her plans, telling Julia that she would know when the time was right. Meanwhile, the teenager started to work as a bartender at a small place in the crowded part of town. Though she was only sixteen, her height and developed body made her look older than she really was, and her English was already very good at that point, which pleased the owner, allowing her to take up the job and earn a little money, though she did get her share of troubles. Another year passed, and this was when Julia's life took a sharp turn and when Roksana's fears were confirmed. Ever since Roksana became a prostitute, she knew that her employer had a special eye for teenagers, and dreaded the day that he would ask to see her daughter. Seventeen-year-old Julia was kept in the dark about it until her mother told her that they were going to leave very soon. Roksana revealed that she had been saving up money over the years so that they could go to America and perhaps, start a better life, already saving up just enough. Their roommate was teaching them for a reason, in order for them to survive when the time came. The next two months were a rush, from obtaining the documents they needed to booking their flight. In August of that year, Roksana and Julia left Poland for good.

    Settling down in a cheap housing project in the seedy Lower East Side, they began their new life. Roksana at first tried to make Julia complete her last two years of high school, but the teenager refused to, at least not until they were fully adjusted. Though life was still hard, they were somehow less burdened by it, making friends with the people in their building and both of them finding work fairly easily, Roksana managing to get a job as a cook in one of her friends' eatery. This life continued for a year, until Julia's life changed once again. The eatery her mother worked at was attacked and set afire by a group who called themselves "Black Shamrock", one of the most well-known local gangs, killing everyone inside, Roksana included. This tore Julia apart, and she became even more difficult as a result. She was laid off her job, and soon was kicked out of the apartment and onto the streets. She was angry and wanted to kill whoever that gang was, no matter what it took. For another two months, she lived on the streets. Life looked bleak for the bitter, angry young woman, until she was approached by a couple of young men. After talking to them for a short time, Julia realized where they were from, from what she had heard back when she still lived in the apartment. Ombra, an Italian-American gang and one of the rival gangs of Black Shamrock. She decided to accept their offer to allow her in, knowing that perhaps, she could get back up once again and this time, never look back or regret her decision. So started her life as a gangster. While she was at first assigned to less important tasks at first, she was a fast learner and showed a particular aptitude for fighting and shooting, her forceful nature and nerve only adding to it. A year passed and from neophyte, she became a very adept fighter and six months later, she was Ombra's hitman. She continues to work with Ombra and live with them, fearless and daring in the face of danger, a loose, unrestrained young woman, but not without a heart.

    - Demon -

    Race: Hati

    Nickname: Cień

    Appearance: Cień, in contrast to Julia, is small, and quite adorable to boot. He takes the form of an adolescent wolf. However, while his features point to him being adolescent, his size is rather below-average, being only slightly above that of a typical wolf pup. He is thus, rather easy to pick up and hold. While he is small, he does not however look helpless. Rather, he has a strong body with a few of its features pointing to it being on the agile side. His fur is thick and black, as is his bushy tail. While at first impression, the fur looks rough in outward texture, it's actually silky when stroked down. His eyes are a pale blue-silver, reminiscent of the moon, and at times in battle they glow a more intense silver. Cień is surrounded by a few black, shadowy wisps and leaves what looks like a trail of black shadows behind him whenever he walks.

    Abilities: Cień is physically strong for his small size, and leans towards direct attacks, as well as his inherent Dark magic (being of the Moon and all), in order to attack foes. He has absolutely no healing capabilities, and relies instead on mostly direct offense as his style of battle. His physical attacks involve charging, biting and crunching foes, and intensifies in strength as his eyes glow a stronger silver. At peak, his physical attacks have a very small chance of flinching a foe. His Dark affinity on the other hand, allows him to attack by expelling black shadows from his body, allowing him to attack one foe with them. Again, the shadows intensify the more his eyes glow silver, and at its strongest, can attack a foe twice instead of once, but is still only restricted to one target. It should be noted that this channeling of power drains him of his energy faster than using his attacks regularly. While Cień resists darkness (Dark) and the cold (Ice), he is extremely vulnerable to holy spells (Light), as well as heat (Fire).

    Next Demon: Sköll

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  17. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Incubus controlling fire and causing nightmares? Is that possible?
  18. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    @Kanima: Yes, yes it is.

    I hope everyone is keeping in mind that you WILL get access to stronger and stronger demons as the RP progresses. Your initial demon should be on the weaker end of the spectrum, not something you plan to keep for the entire RP.
  19. Monster Guy

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    I saw Hua Po on the SMT wiki, but I figured Hua Po sounded more like a name of an individual rather than an entire race. So I just used a generic Fire Fairy instead.
  20. TheSequelReturns

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    @Monster Guy: Ah, I think there's some confusion there.

    The way it works is that each type of demon, such as Hua Po, or Jack Frost, or what have you, is actually just what that type is called. There are countless individuals of that type. That's what the nickname category is for, to give you a chance to name your demon something besides its race.

    If you want to go with Hua Po, feel free. You can even still call it Pyra. Its just that Pyra would be its name, while Hua Po would be what it is. Think of it like nicknaming a pokemon.

    The only exceptions are the powerful deity-like demons, such as Odin, Amaterasu, Pluto, etc. The major gods and goddesses if you will.

    But there can even be multiple of the minor gods such as Oimoikane, Heimdal, or Sarasvati.
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