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Devil's Canyon (AAML, ratings pg-13 to R)

Okay, okay, I know it's been a long time since the last chapter, but I've been VERY busy. Internet problems and personal sicknesses have hindered me even further.

Nevertheless, I will give you a small update about Chapter 7 and the fic.

- Chapter 7 will sort of be the end of "the first part of the fic."
Chapter 8 and beyond will have more battle scenes, cliffhangers, and MAJOR twists.

- Expect other familiar Pokemon characters to make appearances ; some will play an important role, and others just pop up for a while.

- Chapter 7 will be, as I said, one of the most important chapters of the fic, as it will include :
> How the canyon came to be
> New characters (Real anime ones, and made up ones)

Please wait for Chapter 7! Thanks for being so patient!
Hey'all, sorry for the loong wait.
Chapter 7 "History of the Canyon" Rating: G (slight language)

Ash and Misty ran quickly but carefully along the rocky path, determined to get away from the sight of the Canyon Patrol building. When they were at a safe distance, they stopped to catch their breath.

“Hi, I’m Ash. My father is in a branch of the patrol.” Ash said in a mocking voice.

“I’m Misty. My dad works with his.” Misty said, imitating him.

The two laughed, enjoying their first moment together in days.

“How do you think we’ll get outta here?” Misty said, this time in a serious tone.

Ash paused for a moment.

“I reckon we just follow this path until we see someone who doesn’t look like he wants to kill us.” Ash said matter-of-factly.

Misty’s silence told him her reply.

The two walked for a while, secretly enjoying the other’s company, and Pikachu’s humming.

Ash broke the silence with “So, are you okay?”

Misty said “Haha, funny you should be the one asking me that, Ash.” She smiled, amused.

“What do you mean by that??” Ash asked, apparently offended.

“ Nothing, nothing..” Misty said, but she was laughing at how dense Ash was in her mind.


The old woman, whom both our heroes had encountered for a fair amount of times early through their journey in the canyon, stood on her home on a crag, looking at the sunset.

One would be quite surprised to see a woman such as her to be able to live on such a rugged place, so high above the ground.

Only the wise would be able to see why she never moved from her perching house, and that was because of an incident many, many years ago, when the old woman, was, well, not quite an old woman yet. When she was called by name.

“Rita, get over here.” A man’s voice called out.
“Yes papa.” A young girl’s voice called out.

“Well isn’t it beautiful? I’m surprised they opened this place to the public. Rumor has it that there is a beautiful jewel hidden here inside devil’s Canyon.”

Rita was enchanted by what she heard. The mention of a beautiful jewel compelled her to go exploring, no matter how long it would take her, but the canyon’s name alone was enough reason for a 14 year-old girl like her to stay and wait at the entrance. The only thing that pushed her to go inside was her desire to please her father.

Ever since Rita’s mother passed away, all she wanted to do was to make her father happy.

“Well, are you coming?”

Rita snapped back into reality as she took her father’s hand and started down the steep hill into Devil’s Canyon

The canyon was amazing to Rita. She had seen some of the pokemon there before, but most she had only heard of by name.

Rita was brought back to her home by a squawking of a pokemon.

“Sigh , It’s been a long time, since we were here, ay Peregrin?”

“Squawk..” the old but magnificent bird replied, and seemed to sigh as well.


Ash and Misty sat down for a picnic lunch.

“Ahh, feels good to be eating something other than apples, what do you say, Pikachu?” Ash said in relief.

“Pi-kaaa..” the mouse said, contented

Misty chuckled, then stopped.

“Wait, you two also encountered apple trees” Misty asked.

“Yup. AND the old lady.” Ash said, still enjoying his meal, then sat up, serious this time.

The two were sharing a moment of equal experiences, when the silence was rudely disrupted by the sound of pokeballs being released.

Ash and Misty stood up, shocked at the fact that they were suddenly being faced by 2 Golem.

Behind the megaton pokemon stood two mysterious figures in black ninja-style outfits.

Misty expected Ash to say something like “Who the hell are YOU?!”, but for too long was Ash itching for a pokemon battle.

“Go Sceptile and Donphan!” Ash said, hastily.

“Uhh, Ash.” Misty tapped him on the shoulder.

It took Ash a while to realize Misty wanted to battle too.

“Ohh… Donphan, return.” Ash said sheepishly.

Misty sent out Staryu.

The two Golem were tough, and very well trained. They blocked a lot of hits, but their typing in comparison to Ash and Misty’s pokemon’s was in the Golem’s disadvantage, and fell.

The ninjas escaped before being questioned, but Misty was able to see the initials C.J on the back of their black outfits.

“Weird..” Ash said, being serious for a moment, then rushed back to noisily gobbling his lunch.

Misty remained standing, analyzing the CJ that she saw.

“C’mon Misty, eat before Pikachu and me take it all!” Ash interrupted her thoughts.

Misty shrugged it off and sat down to eat.

Their peace wasn’t given 2 minutes to settle when a loud rumble filled the area.

Ash, Misty and Pikachu were horrified to see an ARMY of pokemon rushing towards them. The two ninjas laughed, and jeered the helpless heroes.

Ash was about to send out Sceptile, Donphan, Swellow and Corphish, but Misty grabbed his arm and pulled him away, Pikachu close behing.

“They are too many, we don’t stand a chance!” Misty shouted to Ash while running away from the horde of pokemon, mostly rock and ground types.

“Rhydon, dig!” A ninja shouted to four of the Rhydon in the pack.

The four immediately dove into the ground, then immediately popped up in front of Ash and Misty. They were cornered.
Before Ash released his pokemon for a do-or-die suicidal battle attempt, a piercing scream was heard by all.

A large Staraptor flew into the scene. It was the first time Ash had seen a Staraptor – he had seen a picture, but this one was a lot bigger than Ash thought. It’s size was apparently no obstacle for it to display majesty and agility in flying. It quickly dove at the teenagers, and swept up in the air like a dart, with them at its back.

It took Misty quite a while to realize that she was on the back of a bird pokemon, as it all happened so fast.

Still, it wasn’t the end of the story for the ninjas and their enormous team of pokemon. Within seconds, 2 Gliscor came racing after them.

They aimed their piercers at Staraptor, trying to ground it, but Staraptor was loads faster. It dodged one Gliscor, who then slammed into the other, paralyzing it. They escaped.

The Staraptor gently landed Ash, Misty, and Pikachu on a house cleverly built on a high crag.

“Good job, Peregrin.” Said a soft, but familiar voice.

Rita entered the room where they were.

“Hey, its you!” Ash said, pointing.

“Yes lad, it is me. My name is Rita.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Misty, and this is Ash.”

Rita smiled, and went to another room for a short time, then appeared with a tray of cookies and 3 glasses of water.

“So, do you live here Rita” Misty asked, sitting herself down on the couch.

“Yes, I’ve lived here since before you were born.” Rita replied. Misty smiled.

“That’s an amazing Staraptor you have.” Ash commented, looking at the bird stretch its wings just outside.

“His name is Peregrin. I met him the day I… well, the day…I…moved here.” Rita replied.

“He is an amazing companion. My only companion, as a matter of fact.”

Their was a short silence. Even Ash was not talking, until Rita said:

“So, what brings you two here to Devil’s Canyon.” Rita asked Ash.

“Well, we’re here to rescue an incredibly precious and incredibly rare and beautiful and valuable jewel called the Salvation Gem, but we also have to watch our asses from a supposedly dangerous group called the Cruel Jewels which we haven’t seen a trace of and..”

A light bulb went off in Misty’s head when she heard Ash mention the Cruel Jewels.

Rita sighed for a moment, then sat down beside Ash and told him a story.

“Here Rita, take a guide.”

Rita reluctantly took a tourist’s guide of the canyon, and continued walking.
There was no doubt that the canyon was beautiful – many species of pokemon, and surprisingly, there was so much green. Apple trees, bushes, and patches of grass were everywhere.

All this, but Rita was tired. She and her father had been exploring all day, and it was beginning to get dark.

“Dad, can’t we go home yet?” Rita asked.

“Soon, Rita.” Her father replied.

“Why exactly are we still here again?”

“Because, err.. umm.. they say that.. the canyon is, more, err, exciting at night.! Yeah!

Rita sighed, and they went on.

It was time for dinner, so they picked a nice spot, and layed their things down. Before they started, Rita’s father whispered to her not to leave the spot.

Rita obeyed, but wondered why her father was acting strangely.

He left for a while, and said he would “check out the surrounding area”

Minutes later, Rita heard sounds of a struggle. About to check out where the sounds were coming from, but she remembered her father’s instructions to stay where she was. She heard only phrases of what two nearby men were talking about, like

“Cruel Jewels” , “Salvation Gem”, “eternal life”, and “domination” were what she heard.

Suddenly, the two men appeared out of a corner, and cornered Rita.

It all happened so fast to Rita. She was soaring through the air on a Staraptor’s back- she escaped the men.
She was dropped on a quaint house on a high crag. She looked around, and judging from the pictures, it was her parents’ house.

There were letters and documents about Devil’s Canyon being a forest before, and there being a treasure called the Salvation Gem being guarded deep inside the canyon.

A document explained that the guardian of the Salvation Gem is able to create massive fatal sandstorms which destroys trees and nature.

There was this one old, wrinkled letter that read:

June 31

The Cruel Jewels have fought the guardian. Enormous sandstorms are flooding the forest, destroying great amounts of trees.

The forest won’t survive for long. We have to get out of here.

The rest was too faded to read.

“Wow.” Ash said dumbfounded.

“So, let me get this straight. This place was a forest before, but became a canyon when the trees were destroyed by a battle between the Cruel Jewels and the guardian of the Salvation Gem?” Ash asked.

“That’s right. Now, very few trees remain, and most residents fled Desolado Island.” Rita replied.

“And your father and mother, along with some other people, were killed by the Cruel Jewels?” Ash asked.

“Yes lad, they were.”

“And, Peregrin rescued you when you were only 14 years old, and you’ve been living here ever since?” Misty asked.

“No, haha he would be too old by now if so. Peregrin’s mother was the one who brought me here, also a majestic bird.”

They chuckled for a while, then Rita said:

“Listen. The canyon is more dangerous then ever, and your journey to the gem will be dangerous, now that the Cruel Jewels have found it.

“They found it already?!”

“Yes, but they do not know how to use it. They are using the guardian to send out sandstorms to keep other people out of the way. They do not even know I am still alive, but I cannot look for the Gem and them without Peregrin, who will probably be greatly outnumbered by them.”

“So, we will help you. I don’t know who the hell they are really, but they’re bad people, and I’m not gonna let them take the Gem!” Ash said, now standing.

“That’s brave of you lad, but I still suggest you forget your quest, and go home.

“No, I won’t.” Ash said, determined.

“I’m finishing this job, and I’m finishing them.”

“Are you with me?”

He looked at Misty, who was clearly biased by Rita’s judgement.

She looked out the window at the canyon, then back at Ash.

“I’m ready.”
Chapter End