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dex category face-off!!!


i feel his pain
Growlithe cos i love its evolution and its a dog and i named my dog Growlithe :p


Coal Trainer
I vote for Growlithe.

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
Elektrike for me...

3-1 Elektrike leading...


LeedsUnited Forever
Electrike cos electric>grass.

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
4-1 Elektrike leading...

Edit: BTW Happy B-Day IDK2...


Back I guess??
Volteon: What´s that?
2: I don´t know. It´s red.
Volteon: I don´t know 2, wait... Now I can see something... it´s there TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY.
2: Oh, today´s your birthday Volteon!
Volteon: No! That´s what I can read writing in red.
2: AND...
Volteon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY IDK2AKAQL! Today´s your special day!

Oh yes, and I vote electrike!