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Dex Entry Trading thread

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Edit: Trade complete
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New Member
Username: Cnr

Friend Code: 2572-8712-1902

Best Times for Trading: Anytime

Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: mew, ho-oh, kyogre, arceus, darkrai, palkia, dialga, shaymin, meloetta, genesect.

Other: Can offer some other legendarys in return (trying to get all legends for dex) PM me if you can help :)
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Breeder/Event Trader
loking for these pokemon to fill my dex:

diglett, primeape, poliwrath or a water stone, machop, voltorb or electrode, shieldon, whismur, hariyama, minun, huntail, kricketune, cacturne and ursaring

friend code is in my sig, pm with what you want, prefer to trade other pokemon for dex fillers, let em knwo what you need


Fire Trainer
looking for a trade and trade back to just get the dex entry to complete my unova dex i need meoletta and keleodo i have many pokemon so mabye i can help you with a dex entry as you help me pm me if interested any help would be greatly appreciated thanks


Abra Master
all done.entry check


Pokemon Breeder
LF some help filling my National Dex mainly looking for pokemon from the Hoenn region if you are interested in DWF I can trade you one of mine for the data
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El Psy Congroo
EDIT: No longer required :)
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Looking for dex fillers in the form of Landurous and Raikou. In return, I have a few version-exclusives, as well as some legendaries if you want to save the ones in game for SRing or something. These would be for filling the dex only, of course. I also have some Pokemon which have evolved by stones if you want to save yours.

Hey guys, I am new here and only just got WIFI on my DS.

I have Landurous and Raikou, do you have any event Pokemon apart from Genesect and Keldeo that we could do a tempoary trade for.

Where we trade our Pokemon and back again.


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edit: completed.
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Shadow Fox22

New Member
offering all of these:

water/ice: delibird cubchoo walimer regice poliwag panpour vaporeon vannilish phione floatzel lotad tirtouga corsola alomomola clamperl whiscash pelipper seel octtillery smoochum piplup lapras swinub vannilite shellder mantine glaceon palpitoad suincune poliwrath mantyke weavile articuno kingler black kyurem bascluin x2 jellicent golduck frillish azumarill finneon kingdra horsea omanyte mamoswine luvdisc x2 chinchou lapras rotom starmie milotic psyduck slowking

fire: cyndaquil growlithe x4 rapidash charizard vulpix ninetales charmander x2 pansear houndour magby flareon chimchar ponyta tepig x2 larvesta numel

grass: virizion bellsprout exeggscute cottonee oddish nuzleaf turtwig bulbasaur shiftry deerling

normal: snubbull clefairy x2 cleffa x3 patrat x4 happiny meowth unfezant porygon lilipup rattata x2 lickitung x2 farfetch'd skitty delcatty wigglytuff igglybuff tauros miltank buneary x2 lopunny x2 kecleon audino eevee glameow smeargle female nidoran togepi zangoose minccino x2 cinccino raticate snorlax dunsparce

electric: elekid mareep joltik plusle minun pichu emogla pachirisu eletrik

trash: purrloin x3 liepard x2 munna musharna axew gligar x2 natu x2 espeon sandile toxicroak riolu palkia siglyph x2 tangrowth golett heracross roserade swablu dratini drillbur deino caterpie diglett marowak pinsir foongus onix shuckle skarmory amoongus terrakion wynaut meinfoo gothita drowzee yanmega druddigon dragonair male nidoran vespiqueen psyduck x2 zoroark x2 cresselia aron ledyba grimer driftloon phanpy stunky mewtwo tornadus thundurus mr mime coblion ghastly kakuna illumise volbeat hydreigon trapinch meloetta unhatched eggs x5

and im looking for stuff not on the list that i haven't discovered yet


New Member
I'm looking for dex entry legendaries for trade back of possibly keeps if we want. I have plenty to offer for collateral with nearly 600 pokemon. I'm looking for the following: The Legendary golems, Latios, Jirachi, Groudon and Kyogre, Deoxys, Giratina , Manaphy, Shaymin, Arceus, Zapdos, Ariticuno.

I have the other legendaries that I'd love to help out in filling in your pokedex.

I also have a shiny Seel and Magnezone if you are interested. Please PM me if you would like to help.



New Member
Looking for dex entries of Meloetta, I can offer any other pokemon's dex entry.
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Need the dex entry of meloetta or keldeo. I can lend genesect, any other pokemon or the following shinies: Darkrai, Lugia, Latios, Latias, Kyurem
Or willing to trade one of them for a shiny Palkia (lvl. 22) or for my untouched 2012MAY Darkrai


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Just need Kyogre, Latias, Registeel, Regice, Regigigas and Meloetta to complete the dex! (I saved over Emerald -.-) If anyone is willing to do trade backs, I have every other pokemon :)

EDIT: All done.
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Electricity Trainer
I need a shaymin for Dex entry on my Pokemon Black game. Will trade right Back.

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Reiji Kurosaky

Well-Known Member
If I can borrow a Nidoking and a Samurott for my BW2 Pokédex, that would be superb.

I can help you. If you are online right now, I ca trade them right now to you.

Hey all, Im trying to finish of my Unova Dex data so I can get the shiny Haxorus. All I am missing is a Tynamo, and a Corsola. PM me if you can help. Thanks.

Black 2 FC: Jani 4127 2817 8883

I can help you. If you are online right now, I ca trade them right now to you.


New Member
Just need a spoink for dex fill to complete my unova dex. Any help would be very appreciated :)


The Silver Brumby
Could I please borrow someone's Registeel to capture Regigigas? It'll only take around 30 min at max. If you're not willing to wait that long then could I please borrow a Registeel and Regigigas to fill out my dex?

EDIT: done!
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Dex Entries (Tradebacks)

I just need the following to complete my national dex:

Mew (151)
Unown (201)
Deoxys (386)
Darkrai (491)
Meloetta (648)

If you have one or more of these, lets do some tradebacks. I have everything else.

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