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Dex Entry Trading thread

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Username: noru
Friend Code: 3955 7023 2855
Best Times for Trading: i'm available for most of the day but usually most active at around 7-10 pm atlantic time
Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: mewtwo, articuno, entei, raikou, kyorgre, groudon, rayquaza, latios, regice, regigigas, mudkip, ekans
Other: willing to trade back, contact me on here c:
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Lookking for these pokemons:


Treinador Áureo
In need of Spearow, Nidoran(female), Nidoran (male), Oddish, Venonat, Diglett, Tentacool and Mew for the completing the first generation. Chickorita and Cyndaquil.
All of their evolutions, if possible. If not, I'll make an egg and send you the original, promise! :)

I have many, many pokémon. 526 obtained as of now.

Name: Loki092
Friend Code: 1979 8399 4260
Version: Black 2

I have an Arceus for someone who wishes to see its dex data among other legendaries.

Thank you for your time and consideration. PM me!


New Member
im in need of about 32 pokemon :p mainly starters and some legendary i cant get unless traded by someone i just need to borrow them for dex entry in black 1 then u can have them back

ive seen 617 pokemon

and caught 616 pokemon

the starter pokemon i need are:

Squirtle, warturtle, blastriods, chikorita, bayleaf, meganium, totodile, crockanaw, feraligator, treeko, grovyle, skeptile, piplup, prinplup, empoleon, turtwig, grotle, tortera

The normal pokemon i need are:

Proygon2, blissy,

and last but lovely not least legendary/event pokemon i need:

Mew, dialga, palkia, manaphy, pheonie, landrous, celebi, deoyx, genesect, shayman, kyogre, meloetta

thanks to anyone who can help me you can private message me if u like

black 1 friend code: 1936 5303 0306

thanks again for anyone who can help me <3


New Member
Looking for a scyther for a dex entry please pm me if you can help me out, if you need a pokemon i can do my best to get it for your dex entry aswell. please pm me


Username: Lyrebirdgirl
Friend Code: (In my signature!)
Best Times for Trading: Weekdays, before 5 pm or after 7 pm (EST)
Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: I need ALL Pokemon momentarily to complete the national dex and get the shining charm.
Other: I know this is asking a lot, but I really want this charm. Also, I'm mildly active, but PMing me would be the best way to reach me. I cannot offer much, as I only have White and (a still unfinished) Black 2. However, I can put in an excellent word for any of your future trades. C: I would need to wait a week or so before trading in order to complete the game.


Active Member
i have a full dex and for the next few days i will be helpin anyone who mite need , free of charge :)
im on a gmt timezone but will be online all day till 2am fore the next few days just drop me a pm and i will drag myselth away from monster hunter as soon as i can :D


I have pokerus. I actually caught it on my game.
Can trade on 4th or 5th gen, I prefer 5th gen trade.
Shinys - dialga (sassy) palkia (jolly) event Pikachu (volt tackle lv. 61 jolly) raichu (lonely) gengar (quiet) seaking (docile) crobat (timid) staraptor (brave) gyarados (lv100 relaxed / lv41 impish / lv30 modest) pelipper (calm) gastrodon (timid) pidgeot (serious) kricketune (jolly) golem (relaxed) tentacruel (lax) geodude (lv12 hasty) – I caught all these shinys myself on games except palkia and dialga (gts)
I also have all the legendary pokemon.
I also have all the starters.
I’ve completed my pokedex.
I have 2 manaphys. I jap and 1 english. (brave and careful) both ranger I’d assume.
Unfortunately I missed the events but I didn’t cheat. I got these event pokemon off of the gts. They’re not legit. Lv1 mew, lv100 mew, lv30 shaymin, lv41 shaymin, lv100 darkrai, lv100 shiny deoxys, lv100 shiny arcues, lv 100 celebi, lv 1 deoxys, lv100 jirachi, lv1 jirachi, and lv2 celebi – GREAT FOR DEX ENTRY
Just name what you want and it’s yours.
I am looking for shiny pokemon, and any legit event pokemon (legendaries or regular pokemon), or fake 5th gen events are okay as well just to complete the pokedex.
I don’t care if they are Japanese or English. I need to see 5th gen events.

Violent Red

Well-Known Member
Need a Vesipiquen please for my Pokedex!!

I am at my freaking wit's end trying to find one in game. Combee only has 12.5% change to be female with a 20% encounter chance, and Vespi is a 5% encounter in shaking grass. I've been at it for hours with no luck!!!

Please somebody trade me a Vespiquen or a Female Combee.

Can offer DWF's or EV trained Pokemon, thanks!


Well-Known Member
If anyone can help me with getting Unown and Porygon, it would be much appreciated. I can offer anything in my sig in return for the help.
My Diamond game broke, so now i wont be able to tranfer some of the legends i'm missing to my black 2, looking for mewtwo, mew, celebi, palkia,


I really need any of the following pokemon:

Pm me for exchanges and offers please!


New Member
Just need a few dex entries now;


and.... a Spinda!

can offer most other legenderies, including all three birds, dogs, all four regis, kyogre, groudon, ho and rayquazza -oh & lugia 2x TRU Shaymin, TRU arceus,

pm for offers. cheers, AJ


Blk FC: 064780364013
Lookking for these pokemons:

Is this for B/W or B/W 2?

If it's for B/W I can get you Ledyba, Stantler, Plusle, and Murkrow C:


Anyone trade me a Regiice, Groundon, Zapdos, Articuno, Lugia, Suicune, Latias and Ryquenza. Will trade all straight back!

Available 1am-4am GTM tonight.
My 4th gen game broke, so now i'm looking for some of the legends i didnt get to transfer over to my black 2, looking for mew, mewtwo, celebi, kyogre, shaymin, palkia, arceus,
i have a couple of legends up for offer, shiny rayquaza( for either 2 legends or a perfect spa. attack mewtwo), regigigas, creselia, latios, regi ice and steel,


New Member
looking for the pokes in my sig trying to get the shiny charm msg me asap only need to borrow them.i might have a poke you need for a dex entry let me know so we can work something out

Less Than Zero

Disappear here.
Got what I needed, big shout out to Ben6239 for the trade, thx!

I'm new so hi! Anyway I am just looking to see one Pokemon, and that is mew. I can show you basically any legendary from Red/Green, Ruby/Sapphire, Diamond/Pearl and Silver/Gold. In fact if you show me Mew I have a shiny lv 28 Zigzagoon with pickup that you can have for free. Trying to complete the pokedex and I think that mew is the only one I can't really get myself unless I buy pokemon ranch which I dont really want to do. PM me to lmk if you are interested.
Version: Black 2
Friend Code: 3139 7501 7847
Best Times for Trading: Any day after 7PM Pacific really but I am available during the day some other times.
Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: Mew
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