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Dex Entry Trading thread

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Still need to see mew for my national Dex.


Treinador Áureo
I'm willing and able as of now!

Name: Loki092
Friend Code: 1979 8399 4260
Version: Black 2
Country: Portugal

Diglett, Mew.
Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Hoppip, Wooper, Kingdra, Phanphy.
Mudkip, Torchic, Shroomish, Makuhita, Meditite, Electrike, Rayquaza.
Turtwig, Bidoof, Stunky, Manaphy.

(includes evolutions)

Victini and Meloetta for finishing the Unova Dex entirely! Those would be lovely.

I will return all! Unless you give me of your free will things like Bidoof!

Thank you so much!!
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New Member
need to see the pokes in my sig to get the shiny charm. i can help you get almost any non legendary
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Less Than Zero

Disappear here.
If anyone could show me celebi that would be great, I have every pokemon up until dex #250 to show off as well as alot after that, pm if you are able to help. I will be around for about another hour tonight and through out the day tomorrow, thx.

Version: Black 2
Friend Code: 3139 7501 7847
Best Times for Trading: Any day after 7PM Pacific really but I am available during the day some other times.
Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: Celebi


Treinador Áureo

Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Hoppip, Wooper, Kingdra, Phanphy.
Mudkip, Torchic, Shroomish, Makuhita, Meditite, Rayquaza.
Turtwig, Bidoof, Stunky, Manaphy.
(includes evolutions)

Name: Loki092
Friend Code: 1979 8399 4260
Version: Black 2
Country: Portugal

Thank you so much for your help! :)
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Joey's Rattata

New Member
:yeah if someone could trade me a skuntank and glameow for some dwf's, that'd be great


Sera Kureseria

Hey all!

Username: Ryuu-anima
Friend Code: 1893-9035-0148
Best Times for Trading: weekdays 2-5 PM EST, weekends
Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: non-seen: Porygon-Z
seen but proving to be a pain over GTS: Smeargle, Chatot
Other: I have all legendaries registered, but I don't trust people QUITE enough to loan them out for dexes. Also don't want to risk internet cutting out and losing someone.

I would prefer to trade Pokémon hatched straight from eggs that I've bred-I don't have a full living dex yet, so I need to keep my final stage Pokémon for breeding over the next three months. Also, that way I can help you get additional stages without your needing to breed (or mine to raise them competitively, which would only add to time between trades.)

Available to trade:
All non-legendaries from Kanto (sans Tauros-I traded my last one away for a Miltank)
Non-legendary Johto sans Smeargle and Hitmontop (seen but not captured)
Non-legendary Hoenn sans Linoone, Cascoon, and Glalie (working on evolving)
Non-legendary Sinnoh sans Kricketune, Skuntank, Froslass, and of course Chatot and Porygon-z
Non legendary Unova sans Zorua line.
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Less Than Zero

Disappear here.
Here are the last pokemon I need to see for the national dex. a few of these I just havent had a chance to catch yet, IE Tornadus, but if anyone is willing to show them to me to mark them in my DEx that would be great. I have all the other starters to trade for Piplup etc, not sure how I messed up and didn't manage to get at least one of those in any of my other games. As for the legendaries if you want to trade I have every other legendary available to trade, except mew. I have multiple Lugia, Latios, all regis, rayquazza, groudon kyogre etc etc that I can trade for the legends. PM me if interested, I will be available tomorrow after 6pm pacific, and all day sunday basically. See my needed list below.

251 Celebi
393 piplup
394 prinplup
395 empoleon
489 phione
490 manaphy
491 darkrai
492 shaymin
493 arceus
641 tornadus
642 thundrus
643 reshiram
645 landorus

Version: Black 2
Friend Code: 3139 7501 7847


IV Breeder
looking for a cottonee or whimsicott for dex completion, any help would be great. cheers.


Friend Code:black 2=0262 1069 1933
Best Times for Trading:anytime between 1pm-10pm gmt (possibly later)
Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: i'm only needing help with the dex entries for the unova dex-so i can get the oval charm, so far i've seen 270 and caught 135
Other: i've tried doing it myself but i either: can't catch them or can't find them (i have poor luck). if anyone can help that'll be awesome and i'll try to repay somehow.....(yet to think of it)
just pm me if you can help

Edit: Finished the unova section of the pokedex with the gts instead of the forums
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The Eternal Aeon
Just need to see the following 3 pokes


I can give you something in return if you wish.


I'm heading to bed but if you still need them by tomorrow i could trade you all 3. Pm for more info

Grumpy Drizzle

Well-Known Member
Username: Drizzle
Friend Code: 4900 6844 2245
Best Times for Trading: None preferable in particular due to ever-changing shifts at work. PM for more info.
Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: Mew, Arceus, Shaymin
Other: In return I can help with Dex entry for every non-event Pokemon (including all legendaries) and few event Pokemon.


Purduuuu Says Amphy
Hi need the following Pokémon for Dex Completion:


I can give you DWFs in my Signature, or other Pokémon that you will need for your Pokedex too! :) Just pm me ;)


New Member
Username: Shahaf
Friend Code: 5287 1719 3894
Best Times for Trading: 9PM-1PM +2GMT (2PM-6PM EST)
Pokemon Needed for PokeDex: Legendary pokemon in my sig
Other: Kinda new to the game, and have no legendary pokemon at all, please help me out! thanks
Need help with filling up my Pokedex, will trade Pokemon back. Just wanting to get the Shiny Charm. Any help would be amazing, I have a Celebii, Viciti, and others. PM me if you would like some help and to help me out. :)


New Member
needs help

i need help finishing my pokedex i am missing mainly starters and few event legendaries and legendaries

other than that i can help anyone with the other 627 pokemon i got

pokemon needed:


my friends code is 1936 5303 0306

username: shade

best time to reach me: whenever im on lol

i am using pokemon black "version 1"

any and all help is appreciated

i am online now and will be for few hours
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New Member
username : Hyperio
FC : 185066429702
best time : Pm me if im active ill answer shortly
pokemons needed : too many to even name them, my dex has about 200-300 entries :/
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