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Dex Entry Trading Thread


New Member
Looking for Regigigas and Giratina for Dex, I can tradeback and offer some rare/legendary pokemon for your dex as well.


Shiny Collector
Looking for these pokemon:


just dex entries is fine... I can offer most legendaries in return or 5iv pokemon and other things. PM me if interested


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Seeking the following legends for dex entries and trade back:

Ho-oh, latios, groudon, dialga, thundurus, zekrom, and landorus.

All done!
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Shiny Hunter

I'm looking for someone that can help me fill my pokedex with some back-trading.
I'm mainly looking for the unobtainable mons like Zekrom, Latias, Latios, Giratina, Palkia, Dialga and so forth.

I will nickname a pokemon " Already got" so I can communciate with you while trading

As a token of appreciation I will give you a 6v shiny Litwick.

My goal is to get the Shiny charm as soon as possible, so when you have the time and mons
I hope you will consider helping me :)

Thanks !


Shiny Hunter
Got these dex fillers for trade :
Serious Mesprit
Sassy Cobalion
Calm Regirock
Brave Regirock
Sassy Virizion
Sassy Heatran
Gentle Azelf

PM me if you need one of these


~*~The Sky Tamer~*~
Hello! I need help with completing my dex :)
It'll be instant-tradeback...please let me know if you could help!

I'm trying to complete my national dex so I can get the charms :'D


Shiny Hunter
Shiny charm obtained. Thanks to those who helped out. ^^
Now I need Dex entries for these:
Darkrai, Shaymin and Deoxys.
As a thank you I can offer spare IV breed pokemons, spare Items or pokerus.
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LF manaphy. Then is my dex completed totally.


New Member
LF Raikou trade back as looking too complete national dex, any help would be appreciated :)


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LF: Articuno, Zapdos, Raikou, Lugia, Regigigas, Latias, Groudon and Yveltal for dex entry. I am an honest person and would be more than happy to trade anything if you need a certain dex entry and then do a trade back. I have all National Dex Pokemon excluding the ones listed above as well as Mew, Deoxys, Jirachi, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Meloetta and Genesect. I also have many 5-6IV Pokemon and the ability to breed for Egg Moves and Abilities. PM me if you're interested - thanks! :)


i actually need help to fil my dex

can anyone trade a melloeta or a jirachi...will trade back

also in return i can help with genesect entry

My FC is 5129-1074-7756


New Member
I need some help filling my Dex!
Still need:

FC: 0877-1208-7609

I appreciate it!


Pokerman Master
I'd like to know if there is anyone kind enough to help me fill my pokedex. So far I've obtained 252.. I've had the game for a week and wonder trade has helped some but it takes forever. Is anyone willing to help me? If so pm me, in return I have a couple of egg move pokemon with great IVs I've obtained from the wonder trade that seem to be legit. That or a ditto or two that are jap, I also have a couple of pokes with pkrs. I can explain more in pm of what I have on my pokedex so far or even give a list if that helps.

Thanks in advance! ;196;
Trying to complete my National Dex. I only need two Pokémon. Electivire and Victini. I don't need to keep them. They will be sent right back to you. If anybody can help, please send me a PM.


I need help with Cincinno, Aromatisse, Bellossom, Froslass. I may have what you are looking for except for legendaries because I "obtained" those through tradebacks. Of legendaries I have Zygarde, Uxie, Mesprit, Moltres that's it.

Please PM if you can help.

Edit: Managed to get Dawn and Shiny stones from SST and got Cincinno and Froslass. So now I only need Aromatisse and Bellossom.
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