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Dex Entry Trading Thread


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I only need Landorus, Meloetta, and Genesect to finish my dex, please PM me if you could help. :)

EDIT: Apparently I only need Landorus to finish my dex, but it would be cool to dex Meloetta and Genesect too just for posterity, if anyone has them.
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Pokeman Man

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Need Articuno and Zapdos for the Dex entry. I only really have my Moltres to exchange for the entry (but we'll be trading back anyways)


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Looking for Dex entries for the following Pokemon please: Manaphy, Darkrai and Shaymin. I can offer to give Dex entries for all other legendaries so if you need any legendary dex entries, don't hesitate to ask.

Only need those 3 to complete the National Dex so if you can help, please do! :)

EDIT: Officially completed the Dex. Thanks to everyone who helped!
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I really need a freaking unown. I remember they were very common during the gold days. Idk if things have changed but I can only assume that they were also common in soul silver/gold. someone has to have one.


Okay so i'm trying to fill my pokédex to obtain the shiny charm but i have 1 problem .... all the legendary's exept yvetal, xerneas, zygarde, celebi & mewtwo are hacked ones so i can't get the shiny char, so you can hear me coming .... does someone have all the other legends that are from origin pokemon x or y? if you do please send me an PM maybe i can help you out with something else .... thanks in advance!

Trade done
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simply bored
I need the 3 regi's to complete my dex. I have everything else if anyone else needs any other hard to get legendaries. Pm me if you can help :)
edit: only need regice now :)
edit 2: done!
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Claimed Golduck!
Just finished my pokedex, but I'm still missing some event pokemon. The pokemon I need for a tradeback are Mew, Jirachi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Arceus, Manaphy, Keldeo, and Meloetta. In turn, I can offer an extensive pool of legendary dex entries, such as the Eon duo, Regice + Regirock, Shaymin, and others. PM if interested for tradebacks!

EDIT: Thank you Monkeyman192 for all the dex entries! Now I'm completely done with the pokedex :)
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Do u still need help? If so, We can help each other


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Hey, can anybody help me with my dex?? I need unown, mew, milotic, regirock, darkrai, shaymin, rattata, kabuto and others! Please pm me if ya wanna help!!!


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Looking for a Kalos Articuno I can offer a Kalos Moltress for your dex


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I can offer you some legends for your dex. I need some kalos caught to complete my kalos dex with a crown. I need tentacruel, wingull, staryu, stunky, skuntank, chimecho, duosion, wynaut, ampharos, slowbro, clamperl, remoraid, corsola, lanturn, articuno, moltres. For coastal. Garchomp, stunfisk, whiscash, patrat, murkrow, trubbish, vanillite, vanillish, timburr, gurdurr, gliscor, altaria, dragonite. I need them all kalos caught/born. You get them back if you want.


Hi remind me to change this
national pokédex completed!
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Hello everyone, I just need help with one more pokemon to complete my dex!
Can anyone get me a Groudon entry? I would really appreciate it :3
Edit - now obtained with thanks to jzny.
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Registered Jirachi's entry thanks to sagittar. :D
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Pretteh Kitteh Khat
I need the legendary dogs (Entei, Raikou, and Suicune) for dex entries. I can offer entries for some legends and event pokemon, also transfer-exclusive stuff. I do tradebacks, PM me if you can help, thank you!