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Dex Entry Trading Thread

Inferno Vulpix

Despicably Average
I would like the dex entries for Zygarde and Mewtwo, and I have a Xerneas for those who require its dex entry.
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Completed request.
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Italian Blood
Need DuskNoir, Politoed and Mewtwo entry.
I'll give them back with a 5V Italian poke as bonus
SOLVED thanx
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Pokemon Collector
Obtained! Thank you llr!
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Johto's Hero
Me and My friend need to trade our Moltres for Zapdos and Articuno entries. My friend code is in my sig, pm me your friend codes if interested.


New Member
I am looking for an articuno to round out the dex entries for the birds I have moltres or Yveltal for tradeback FC is 0189-9185-4831 please PM me ^^


Blue Goo.
I have Haxorus and Politoed Dex entry

Looking for Weavile, legendary birds, Zygarde, Dusknoir, Blissey, Rhyperior for them. Trade backs of course.


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Seems like many are looking for the entries of the legendary birds. Maybe it's worth to mention that you don't need the birds to complete the kalos dex. You don't need them to get the game freak rewards for the kalos dex and you don't need them to get the oval charm. Just catch the bird in your own game and you are fine.


New Member
I'm looking for Articuno and Moltres to finish my dex, can trade and then trade back Yveltal, Rhyperior or Politoed if needed. PM me please and any help is much appreciated!
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Done. yippee
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Looking for Yveltal, zapdos and articuno entries, I have Xerneas and in few time i´ll have a moltres (i´m geting bravery to soft reset until I got a 5 max Iv (except attack), timid or modest moltres, wish luck for me...), at this time, if you need a xerneas entry, PM and we trade it and after trade back. PM if you´re interested.


Dedicated Writer
Thanks to feelingdand, I have all the legendary I were needing! And He asked nothing back, I just don´t now how to thank!


Wanting to trade back and forth for Articuno and Zapdos entries, PM me if willing to help! Also looking for Slowking, Kingdra, Gorebyss and Huntail.
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Arukate Énigme
Hey guys i need sone help. I wanna start a new game on pkmn y. I want to trade 30 pkmn a full box. Note this pkmn will be erased deleted not given back. I have Zygarde Untouched and an Yveltal for reward (32 trades) Need anytging specific let me know. Pm please.


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I am in need of a Zapdos, Weavile & Gliscor for their Dex entry. I am not sure but is it just a trade and then right back? You don't actually have to leave the trade screen right? I am sorry I have never had to do a trade just for a Dex entry before, always had everything I need in the old Gens haha.


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Edit: Now have the dex entry for Xerneas - thanks feelingdand.
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