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Dex Entry Trading Thread


New Member
This'll be real quick, my sister is looking for some help finshing her Pokedex in Pokemon X, and she made a video on YouTube for the list of things and I believe her friend code for the 3DS is on there as well? O: She's been waiting a long while to get some help so anyone who could would be greatly appreciated!!

Video 1 for what she's asking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3ERuP9IcKg
Video 2 for the list of PokeMon she needs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9SVcCkk6M0

Thanks so much for reading! :D


Crimson Dragon
i have a few legendaries i need to register on my pokedex.
edit thank you very muchHannahRAWRR. i got the legendary data now.
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Active Member
EDIT: Trade complete! :) Thanks HannahRAWRR!

Needed a Jirachi for the Dex. Got its data now.
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Well-Known Member
I'm down to needing 33 more pokes for my dex I'll gladly do tradebacks :) PM me if you think you can help or kick me mxprincess241 Thanks in advance :)
Which ones do you need?
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I'm completing the national dex region wise and I need the following pokes to complete KantoDex:
Kadabra-> Alakazam
Mr. Mime
if anyone can help me out pls PM me. Thanx

I Pink Elephant

Shiny Hunter
The deed is done! :)
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Trying to finally complete my PokeDex. I'm looking for the following Pokemon:

-Nidoran (male)

-Porygon 2


-Mime Jr.



I'm not looking to keep any of these, I just need their Dex data. Any that aren't traded back will likely be Wonder Traded or released unless they happen to meet the criteria in this post. In exchange for these, I'm willing to trade Pokemon from the spreadsheet in my signature (within reason- not trading something fancy for a Raticate).


Active Member
Whilst I would like a Manaphy to own for now I'll be happy with just it's entry in my dex so I can get the shiny charm... Any one able to help?
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Well-Known Member
Looking for event only legendary pokemon from 4th gen onwards. I need them just for dex entry so I will trade them back. I completed dex(apart from event only pokemon) so I can offer any pokemon with 5 ivs. Also have enigma berry and can get any battle item of your choice. I also have soul dew but will only trade it for events pokemon for keeps.


New Member
ok im pretty this might not be what this thread is intended for but i need a timid pokemon with the synchronize ability i dont care about its IVs or its lvl (though if its arround 30 it'd be a plus)
please if someone can help pm me


Steel Gym Leader
Looking for someone with Diancie to fill my Dex as is the only legend I do not hav, can trade back and and if you need anything for your dex can supply. Plz pm me if you can help.


Pokemon Nerd
I'm available to help with Dex trades :) I have a complete living dex so I can help with any pokemon. I'm willing to help with large numbers of tradebacks but please note that it will take awhile so it might need to be split up into separate times. I would also prefer some sort of collateral if you're needing event legendaries.

Shoot me a pm if you're interested. I'd appreciate if you'd include the pokemon that you need, your IGN, your FC, and available times to trade :)
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New Member
Looking for all legnedary for dex entry! Have Rayquaza and Latios but need all others. Strictly tradeback! unless you don't want them, in which case I'll gladly keep them.

ign RageMonkey
Fc 4141- I forget, -0999 pm for rest.


Active Member
I'm looking for Aegislash, Aromatisse and Aurorus for dex entry. I'm looking to do a tradeback. I can give you 5 iv prankster Sableye with egg moves.
Looking for Aegislash & Porygon Z for dex entry. Looking for tradebacks. All I'm needing is the info
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Fire PkMn Trainer
I need Farferch'D for my dex!

I can also help people working on their own dex, it would be a pleasure, just send a PM.
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