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Dex Entry Trading Thread


EDIT: traded, thanks!
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I just need Zygarde to complete my dex and I'll trade it back right away. I have all Moon exclusives, Ultra Beasts (except Buzzwole), and most hard-to-get pokemon like Weavile/Electivire/Politoed/Slowking etc. I don't have them ALL but I might have something you need!

Just unite the zygarde cells and you have your own zygarde


Magus lover
Hi I just need two more dex entries, Necrozma and Cosmoem. (I was silly and traded my cosmog c.c) I would really love to get them as I will get my shiny charm~ For collateral I can offer -

Shiny oranguru if you are going for shiny dex

I can offer all except the shiny for permanent trades too.


New Member
Hello. Looking for the following 5 Pokemon for dex purposes. I'll trade them back immediately.


Thank you!


Encrenca em dobro~
Finished, thank you!
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Looking for data on Weavile and Scizor. I can you get the data Sun exclusives, Sun UBs, generally rare ones like Dhelmise, Relicanth, Lapras, etc. and trade evos


Reputable Trader
Need dex for buzzwole, tirtouga, guzzlord, corsola, relicanth, crobat, sudowoodo

Offering Beast ball calm freeze dry lapras, luxury ball ha pichu, galvanize geodude, dive ball ha (moonblast, freeze dry, extrasensory, encore) vulpix and Regenerator mareanie
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1 more day ^^
I need to dex delmise. I tried to find it but wasn't having any luck. Just bring super frustrated >.> if anyone could help that would be great.

Magical Pokemon

I love Care Bears!
I have Solgaleo, need Lunala. (Pokemon Sun)

12/30 Edit: Please trade with me. I only need about 70 more Pokemon to fill the Alolan DEx. Will offer anything for trade excep UBs/legendaries/one-of-a-kind Pokemon and shinies and party members.
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Normal: The abnormal
I would really like to touch trade Kartana and Pollosand.
In return, i can touch trade other UBs and a porygon2.


Galactic Prince
I need Buzzwole, Kartana, and Solgaleo, even if they are possible trade backs.
I have Pheromosa, Celesteela, and any other Moon version Exclusives.

Edit:Got what i needed.
Will help others though.
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Magical Pokemon

I love Care Bears!
I have Solgaleo, need Lunala. (Pokemon Sun) Alternatively, is there a way to "see" Lunala in my game so I can GTS trade for it?

Please trade with me. I only need about 50 more Pokemon to fill the Alolan Dex. Will offer anything for trade excep UBs/legendaries/one-of-a-kind Pokemon and shinies and party members.

My friend code is in my signature. Please add me first.

P.S. If anyone has a completed dex, please contact me.

Edit: I need Lunala, Crobat, Sivally, Mandibuzz, Tentacruel, Finneon, Salamance, Goldeen, Seaking, Milotic, Marowak, Shiinotic, Paras, Parasect, Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff, Starmie, Rampardos, Lanturn, Probopass, Palosand, Sandyghast, Garbador, Metagross, Porygon, Porygon 2, Porygon Z, Pangoro, Krokorok, Krookodile, Weavile, Snubbull, Relicanth, Sharpedo, Wailord, Scizor, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o, Murkrow, Honchkrow, Riolu, and Lucario.
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Fire PkMn Trainer
Looking for :

To trade back for dex entry.
I can help out with your dex in return!

PM me!


Crimson Dragon
im looking for a few pkmn to complete my dex: celesteele and phermosa
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New Member
I'm looking for Buzzwole, Kartana, Solgaleo, Porygon2, and Porygon-Z for dex entries. I'll trade them back afterwards.

Any help is much appreciated!


Ghost Master
Need Pheromosa, Celesteela and Lunala entries.
Will of course trade back!

I can give entries for all other ultra beasts, Solgaleo, and just about any other Pokémon.
Or a shiny dratini for your time.

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have sun UBs and solgaleo...looking for moon entries. also looking for cosmog dex entry. PM me. trade and trade back.