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Dex Entry Trading Thread


Shiny Hunter
Looking for Cosmog & Kartana.

Got some event pokemons for trade. They are likely RNG'ed and cloned:
WIN2013 Keldeo
SPR2013 Meloetta
Plasma Genesect
Oblivia Deoxys.DEF
2012MAY Darkrai
Oblivia Shaymin
Dream World Arceus
Movie14 Victini
FAL2010 Mew
Paris Vivillon

I can also breed these 5IV pkmn for you:

requests ups the offer.
I am mainly looking for 5IV pokémon with HA and/or egg moves.

#374 Beldum: Clear Body
Adamant - xx/31/31/31/31/31

#374 Beldum: Clear Body
Adamant - 31/xx/31/31/31/31

#624 Pawniard: Inner Focus / Luxury Ball / Male / 31/31/xx/xx/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch, Mean Look

- #624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Female / xx/31/31/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Male / xx/31/31/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Female / 31/31/xx/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Female / 31/xx/31/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#624 Pawniard: Defiant / Luxury Ball / Male / 31/31/xx/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Mean Look

-#123 Scyther: Technician / Male / 31/31/xx/31/31/31
Adamant – EM: Reversal, Counter, Endure, Night Slash

#001 Bulbasaur: Overgrow / Chlorophyll
Modest – EM: Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, Petal Dance, Power Whip

#004 Charmander: Blaze / Solar Power
Jolly / Modest – EM: Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Outrage, Flare Blitz

#007 Squirtle: Torrent / Rain Dish
Modest – EM: Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Water Spout, Yawn

#023 Ekans: Intimidate / Shed Skin / Unnerve (Dream Ball)
Jolly – EM: Sucker Punch, Iron Tail, Switcheroo, Beat Up

#037 Vulpix: Flash Fire / Drought (Dusk Ball)
Timid - EM: Disable, Extrasensory, Heat Wave, Hypnosis

#041 Zubat: Inner Focus / Infiltrator (Luxury Ball)
Jolly – EM: Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Defog, Feint Attack

#043 Oddish: Chlorophyll / Run Away (Nest Ball)
Bold – EM: Charm, Tickle, Teeter Dance, Synthesis

#050 Diglett: Sand Veil / Arena Trap / Sand Force (Dream Ball)
Jolly – EM: Reversal, Endure, Memento, Pursuit

#056 Mankey: Vital Spirit / Anger Point / Defiant (Premier Ball)
Jolly – EM: Close Combat, Reversal, Night Slash, Encore

#058 Growlithe: Flash Fire / Intimidate
Jolly – EM: Roar, Morning Sun, Close Combat, Flare Blitz

#063 Abra: Synchronize / Inner Focus / Magic Guard
Timid - EM: Encore, Guard Swap, Barrier, Ally Switch

#066 Machop: Guts / No Guard / Steadfast
Adamant – EM: Knock Off, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Bullet Punch

#072 Tentacool: Liquid Ooze / Clear Body
Calm – EM: Rapid Spin, Haze, Aqua Ring, Mirror Coat

#077 Ponyta: Flash Fire / Run Away / Flame Body
Jolly - EM: Morning Sun, Low Kick, Horn Drill, Hypnosis

#079 Slowpoke: Oblivious / Own Tempo / Regenerator
Bold – EM: Block, Belly Drum, Future Sight, Zen Headbutt

#083 Farfetch’d: Keen Eye / Inner Focus / Defiant (Dream Ball)
Jolly – EM: Feather Dance, Leaf Blade, Revenge, Roost

#088 Grimer: Stench / Sticky Hold / Poison Touch (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Curse, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Stockpile

#092 Gastly: Levitate (Quick Ball)
Timid – EM: Clear Smog, Disable, Perish Song, Fire Punch

#095 Onix: Rock Head / Sturdy / Weak Armor (Dream Ball)
Impish – EM: Block, Rollout, Rock Blast, Heavy Slam

#109 Koffing: Levitate
Bold – EM: Toxic Spikes, Stockpile, Pain Split, Swallow

#111 Rhyhorn: Rock Head / Lightningrod
Adamant - EM: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Dragon Rush

#115 Kangaskhan: Early Bird / Scrappy/ Inner Focus (Dream Ball)
Jolly - EM: Disable, Counter, Hammer Arm, Double-Edge

#116 Horsea: Swift Swim / Sniper (Dive Ball) / Damp (Poké Ball)
Modest – EM: Outrage, Signal Beam, Muddy Water, Clear Smog

#123 Scyther: Technician / Swarm
Adamant – EM: Reversal, Endure, Night Slash, Defog

#123 Scyther: Technician / Swarm (Safari Ball)
Jolly – EM: Reversal, Quick Guard, Night Slash, Baton Pass

#127 Pinsir: Hyper Cutter / Mold Breaker / Moxie (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Bug Bite, Feint, Close Combat, Quick Attack

#129 Magikarp: Swift Swim / Rattled (Luxury Ball)

#137 Porygon: Trace / Download / Analytic
Modest – EM: Conversion, Conversion2, Tackle, Sharpen

#138 Omanyte: Shell Armor / Swift Swim
Bold – EM: Reflect Type, Toxic spikes, Bubble Beam, Spikes

#142 Aerodactyl: Rock Head / Pressure / Unnerve
Jolly – EM: Wide Guard, Tailwind, Pursuit, Assurance

#147 Dratini: Shed Skin / Marvel Scale (Ultra Ball)
Adamant – EM: Iron Tail, Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet, Extreme Speed

#155 Cyndaquil: Blaze
Timid – EM: Extrasensory, Flare Blitz, Crush Claw, Flame Burst

#158 Totodile: Torrent
Adamant – EM: Crunch, Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance

#161 Sentret: Run Away / Keen Eye / Frisk
Jolly – EM: Iron Tail, Covet, Slash, Last Resort

#165 Ledyba: Swarm / Early Bird (Love Ball)
Jolly – EM: Knock Off, Bug Bite, Encore, Tailwind

#173 Cleffa: Magic Guard / Cute Charm (Moon Ball)
Modest – EM: Stored Power, Wish, Aromatherapy, Metronome

#175 Togepi: Serene Grace / Hustle
Modest – EM: Charm, Morning Sun, Extrasensory, Nasty Plot

#179 Mareep: Static (Quick Ball)
Modest – EM: Sand attack, Charge, Agility, Flatter

#183 Marill: Huge Power / Thick Fat (Ultra Ball)
Adamant - EM: Body Slam, Belly Drum, Water Sport, Aqua Jet

#194 Wooper: Damp / Water Absorb / Unaware
Relaxed – EM: Counter, Recover, Curse, Encore

#200 Misdreavus: Levitate
Timid – EM: Psywave, Curse, Memento, Nasty Plot

#204 Pineco: Sturdy (Heavy Ball)
Brave (0 Speed) – EM: Counter, Power Trick, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes

#207 Gligar: Hyper Cutter / Sand Veil / Immunity
Impish – EM: Baton Pass, Double Edge, Sand Tomb, Rock Tomb

#214 Heracross: Swarm / Guts / Moxie
Adamant / Jolly – EM: Double-Edge, Rock Blast, Megahorn, Harden

#215 Sneasel: Inner Focus / Keen Eye / Pickpocket (Dive Ball)
Jolly – EM: Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Fake Out, Ice Punch

#220 Swinub: Snow Cloak / Oblivious / Thick Fat (Repeat Ball)
Adamant – EM: Take Down, Freeze-Dry, Stealth Rock, Icicle Crash

#227 Skarmory: Keen Eye / Sturdy / Weak Armor
Impish – EM: Brave Bird, Stealth Rock, Whirlwind, Drill Peck

#228 Houndour: Flash Fire / Early Bird / Unnerve (Dream Ball)
Timid – EM: Counter, Destiny Bond, Nasty Plot, Sucker Punch

#231 Phanpy: Pickup
Adamant – EM: Defense Curl, Play Rough, Ice Shard, Head Smash

#235 Smeargle: Own Tempo / Technician / Moody (Dream Ball)
Timid – EM: Sketch

#239 Elekid: Static
Jolly – EM: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Hammer Arm, Cross Chop

#240 Magby: Flame Body / Vital Spirit
Modest – EM: Cross Chop, Belch, Flare Blitz, Mega Punch

#246 Larvitar: Guts
Adamant – EM: Iron Head, Pursuit, Outrage, Stealth Rock

#252 Treecko: Overgrow / Unburden
Timid - EM: Synthesis, Razor Wind, Dragon Breath, Leaf Storm

#255 Torchic: Blaze / Speed Boost
Jolly – EM: Baton Pass, Smelling Salts, Night Slash, Feather Dance

#258 Mudkip: Torrent
Careful – EM: Protect, Yawn, Avalanche, Curse

#276 Taillow: Guts (Premier Ball)
Adamant – EM: Brave Bird, Defog, Whirlwind, Boomburst

#280 Ralts: Trace / Synchronize
Timid – EM: Shadow Sneak, Confuse Ray, Disable, Destiny Bond

#285 Shroomish: Effect Spore / Poison Heal / Quick Feet
Jolly – EM: Seed Bomb, Focus Punch, Bullet Seed, Drain Punch

#303 Mawile: Intimidate / Hyper Cutter / Sheer Force
Adamant – EM: Taunt, Fairy Wind, Astonish, Growl

#309 Electrike: Static / Lightningrod (Quick Ball)
Timid – EM: Discharge, Flame Burst, Eerie Impulse, Switcheroo

#311 Plusle: Plus / Lightningrod
Timid – EM: Play Nice, Wish, Sweet Kiss, Growl

#315 Roselia: Natural Cure / Poison Point (Safari Ball)
Timid – EM: Giga Drain, Spikes, Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder

#318 Carvanha: Rough Skin / Speed Boost (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Ancient Power, Destiny Bond, Double-Edge, Hydro Pump

#322 Numel: Simple / Oblivious
Modest – EM: Tackle, Stockpile, Iron Head, Ancient Power

#324 Torkoal: White Smoke / Shell Armor
Bold – EM: Superpower, Clear Smog, Eruption, Yawn

#335 Zangoose: Immunity / Toxic Boost
Jolly – EM: Disable, Quick Guard, Night Slash, Iron Tail

#339 Barboach: Oblivious / Anticipation / Hydration (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Dragon Dance, Thrash, Hydro Pump, Earth Power

#341 Corphish: Hyper Cutter / Shell Armor / Adaptability (Dive Ball)
Adamant – EM: Aqua Jet, Superpower, Knock Off, Dragon Dance

#347 Anorith: Battle Armor / Swift Swim
Adamant – EM: Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Cross Poison, Aqua Jet

#349 Feebas: Oblivious / Swift Swim / Adaptability (Dream Ball)
Bold – EM: Mirror Coat, Hypnosis, Dragon Pulse, Haze

#359 Absol: Super Luck / Pressure
Naïve – EM: Feint Attack, Sucker Punch, Play Rough, Megahorn

#361 Snorunt: Ice Body / Inner Focus / Moody (Dive Ball)
Timid – EM: Disable, Switcheroo, Spikes, Avalanche

#363 Spheal: Ice Body / Thick Fat (Dive Ball) / Oblivious (Poké Ball)
Bold – EM: Signal Beam, Aqua Ring, Curse, Fissure

#371 Bagon: Rock Head / Sheer Force
Naive – EM: Rage, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse

#374 Beldum: Clear Body

#387 Turtwig: Overgrow / Shell Armor
Adamant – EM: Tackle, Superpower, Amnesia, Seed Bomb

#390 Chimchar: Blaze / Iron Fist
Jolly – EM: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Fake Out

#393 Piplup Torrent / Defiant
Modest – EM: Feather Dance, Aqua Ring, Bide, Hydro Pump

#403 Shinx: Intimidate / Rivalry (Lure Ball)
Adamant – EM: Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Howl

#417 Pachirisu: Run Away / Pickup / Volt absorb (Dream Ball)
Impish – EM: Covet, Charge, Follow Me, Ion Deluge

#420 Cherubi: Chlorophyll
Timid – EM: Aromatherapy, Flower Shield, Heal Pulse, Weather Ball

#442 Spiritomb: Pressure
Bold – EM: Spite, Shadow Sneak, Pain Split, Foul Play

#443 Gible: Sand Veil / Rough Skin
Jolly – EM: Sand Tomb, Iron Head, Outrage, Rock Climb

#447 Riolu: Inner Focus / Steadfast
Jolly – EM: Crunch, Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick, Blaze Kick

#449 Hippopotas: Sand Stream (Dream Ball)
Impish – EM: Body Slam, Curse, Slack Off, Whirlwind

#453 Croagunk: Dry Skin / Anticipation / Poison Touch (Dream Ball)
Adamant – EM: Bullet Punch, Drain Punch, Fake Out, Meditate

#455 Carnivine: Levitate (Nest Ball)
Adamant – EM: Slam, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed

#479 Rotom: Levitate
Modest / Timid – EM: Astonish, Thunder Wave, Thunder Shock, Confuse Ray

#495 Snivy: Overgrow
Jolly – EM: Pursuit, Mirror Coat, Iron Tail, Glare

#498 Tepig: Blaze
Adamant- EM: Superpower, Curse, Body Slam, Sucker Punch

#501 Oshawott: Torrent
Modest - EM: Brine, Detect, Air Slash, Night Slash

#529 Drilbur: Sand Rush / Sand Force / Mold Breaker (Luxury Ball)
Adamant – EM: Crush Claw, Earth Power, Iron Defense, Rapid Spin

#543 Venipede: Poison Point / Swarm / Speed Boost (Dream Ball)
Jolly – EM: Rollout, Rock Climb, Toxic Spikes, Spikes

#546 Cottonee: Prankster / Infiltrator (Nest Ball)
Impish – EM: Encore, Natural Gift, Memento, Switcheroo

#554 Darumaka: Hustle / Inner Focus
Adamant / Jolly – EM: Hammer Arm, Encore, Take Down, Focus Punch

#559 Scraggy: Shed Skin / Moxie / Intimidate
Jolly – EM: Dragon Dance, Fake Out, Drain Punch, Ice Punch

#561 Sigilyph: Magic Guard / Wonder Skin / Tinted Lens
Modest / Timid - EM: Miracle Eye, Roost, Psycho Shift, Stored Power

#562 Yamask: Mummy
Quiet – EM: Nasty Plot, Heal Block, Toxic Spikes, Memento

#564 Tirtouga: Solid Rock / Sturdy / Swift Swim
Adamant – EM: Water Pulse, Knock Off, Body Slam, Iron Defense

#588 Karrablast: Swarm / Shed Skin
Adamant – EM: Megahorn, Drill Run, Knock Off, Pursuit

#570 Zorua: Illusion
Timid – EM: Leer, Sucker Punch, Dark Pulse, Extrasensory

#592 Frillish: Cursed Body / Water Absorb
Calm – EM: Water Sport, Recover, Confuse Ray, Bubble

#594 Alomomola: Healer / Hydration / Regenerator
Bold – EM: Mist, Pain Split, Mirror Coat, Refresh

#597 Ferroseed: Iron Barbs
Sassy – EM: Worry Seed, Leech Seed, Spikes, Stealth Rock

#607 Litwick: Flash Fire / Flame Body (Luxury Ball)
Timid – EM: Clear Smog, Haze, Heat Wave, Acid Armor

#610 Axew: Mold Breaker / Rivalry
Jolly – EM: Scratch, Razor Wind, Iron Tail, Dragon Pulse

#624 Pawniard: Inner Focus / Defiant / Pressure (Luxury Ball)
Adamant – EM: Stealth Rock, Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch, Mean Look

#629 Vullaby: Overcoat / Big Pecks
Carefull – EM: Gust, Leer, Knock Off, Roost

#633 Deino: Hustle
Timid – EM: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Dark Pulse, Earth Power

#636 Larvesta: Flame Body (Quick Ball)
Modest – EM: Ember, String Shot, Morning Sun

#650 Chespin: Overgrow / Bulletproof
Impish – EM: Spikes, Curse, Synthesis, Quick Guard

#653 Fennekin: Blaze / Magician (Luxury Ball)
Modest – EM: Magic Coat, Hypnosis, Wish, Heat Wave

#656 Froakie: Torrent / Protean
Timid – EM: Mind Reader, Toxic Spikes, Mud Sport, Water Sport

#661 Fletchling: Big Pecks / Gale Wings (Luxury Ball)
Adamant – EM: Snatch, Growl, Quick Guard, Tailwind

#667 Litleo: Rivalry / Unnerve / Moxie (Premier Ball)
Timid – EM: Entrainment, Snatch, Fire Spin, Yawn

#674 Pancham: Iron Fist / Mold Breaker / Scrappy
Adamant – EM: Storm Throw, Me First, Quick Guard, Foul Play

#679 Honedge: No Guard (Luxury Ball)
Brave (0 Speed) – EM: Wide Guard, Metal Sound, Destiny Bond, Shadow Sneak

#682 Spritzee: Healer
Bold – EM: Sweet Scent, Fairy Wind

#690 Skrelp: Poison Point / Poison Touch / Adaptability
Modest – EM: Acid Armor, Toxic Spikes, Venom Drench, Haze

#696 Tyrunt: Strong Jaw
Jolly – EM: Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Dragon Dance

#703 Carbink: Clear Body

#704 Goomy: Hydration / Sap Sipper / Gooey
Modest / Calm – EM: Acid Armor, Iron Tail, Curse, Counter

#707 Klefki: Prankster
Bold – EM: Fairy Lock, Tackle, Switcheroo

#714 Noibat: Frisk / Infiltrator / Telepathy (Premier Ball)
Timid – EM: Outrage, Snatch, Switcheroo, Tailwind

PM me when interested


Legends Arceus
EDIT: Completed!
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Crimson Dragon
would anyone happen to have a Korean origin trapinch in gen6/gen7? im looking for that last Korean one to complete my sun dex on that evolutionary line. the stats are not important, i just want to evolve that KOR trapinch into a Flygon in gen7.


Electric Enthusiast
Looking to fill in my dex entry for Solgaleo. I anyone needs an entry for Lunala, I'm open for trades.
I'm looking for Celesteela, either to keep or for a trade back. It's all I need to complete the dex. I can give kartana in exchange and/or can help with dex entries for nearly any Pokémon.


Well-Known Member
Hey, i need touch trade necrozma and guzzlord. I promise, i will trade back, offering 4IV pokemon.

PM if you can help me.
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New Member
Hi there. Just need a Solgaleo and Silvally for dex entry. Needing the Shiny charm. I promise I'll trade it back :)

I can try to help you out too :)


Well-Known Member
Looking for Buzzwole and Kartana for my Dex, touch trade preferably. Can trade Pheromosa and Celesteela, maybe a different Beast if you're interested. PM me!
Looking for a Megearna untouched, willing to trade two shiny starters from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh.

Mega Typhlosion

Well-Known Member
Need entry for Necrozma and Silvally. Touch trade only. Can touch trade any sun exclusives.

EDIT: Done.
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New Member
I am kind of hoping that people still visit this lol. I need a few more pokemon for my dex entries.

I have been trying to trade my F alolan vulpix for a F alolan sandshrew for about a week and going now. Would very much like help there. And I cant seem to fish for a relicanth. They wont show up for me.

Shyo Dead

Golden Star
I dont do trade backs for dex entry but if you need any breedable pokemon or otherwise maybe I can help

Shyo Dead

Golden Star
anyone need any pokes? :)


New Member

I need help completing my dex. Currently missing the following pokes:
Porygon Z

Any help will be much, much appreciated. Thanks!


ポケモン トレーナー
I only need one more pokemon for my dex, Pheromosa. I only need its dex data so I can give data for almost any other Pokemon in exchange (and trade them back of course.) If however you want to trade for keeps I am willing to offer a 6iv female beast ball Jangmo-o. Thanks :)

Edit: I got a Pheromosa yay!
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