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Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

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Not too keen on the Electric Pokemon, the triangle on its head looks awkward, and so does the line that connects that black hat to his head.

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What attack is Yayakoma using in the image next to Froakie's head???


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Yayakomori can learn Flame Charge, so there is the possibility that it will evolve into Fire/Flying.

Also The Electric /Normal pokemon's name is Erikiteru.

Flame charge?


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The new lizard has a gecko like look to it but not sure what it is suppose to tie in to for a real world equivalent. I mean.... The ear flaps if upright kinda look like a plug but I'm sure thats not it.


So what type is the yellow lizard/Dog now that we can see?
What if the Electric/Normal is our regional rodent?

Did serebii not say it was a lizard? But i hope it is available in early game as it looks quite awesome. But i could see the panda become a really strong pokemon for some reason. Also gogoat is starting to seem like an on land lapras, but i like that. Edit:Early electric type seems probable
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I reckon we're gonna get a fire/flying robin.
Imagine if it evolves from a robin to a phoenix :D


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Funny u said that coz this is what bulbapeda tweeted:
The boxart confirms the games will be using Nintendo Network.

sorry if I sound stupid. but what is Nintendo network? for the sake of not wanting to look it up, I'd like to learn about it on the topic of XY


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Could somebody just post all the pictures in one post, it gets confusing to know where to look for what scans, like where is the Xerneas scan?
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