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Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Ver-mont

    Ver-mont Well-Known Member

    Of course, we saw that when Dialga, Palkia, Reshiram and Zekrom got brand new types after a long time of hiding.
  2. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    What? Just because Mewtwo is weak to Genesect type wise doesn't mean he is going to change type just to gain an advantage over a legendary. Besides the movies could care less on type Matchups with legendaries.
  3. BBtheASH

    BBtheASH A Fairy Specialized Trainer

    Thats not true entirely.
    Xerneas and Yvetals types havent been revealed.
    Though I still think that the possibilities that sylveon is a new type is a high possibility.
  4. Ungoliath

    Ungoliath Not a GenWunner

    Well, not going with the Mewtwo topic.
    I was thinking, if Parting Remark is a dark type move I JUST HOPE that Sableye learns it. The perfect fourth slot for his Prankster set.

    More if Fairy type ends being effective against Dark, which means that Sableye loses his particular enchant (As Spiritomb, but I hate that thing) to not have weakness.
  5. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    This is for Mewtwo's forme, right?

    Man they've "hidden" everything about it. We don't even have an actual forme name for it. Or the silly statistical information like the changed height & weight
  6. Gergenator

    Gergenator Veteran Trainer

    well true.....
    BUT What about Sylveon? its a Non Legendary and they are hidings its type.... no reason too
    Last edited: May 14, 2013
  7. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    because, it's a gimmick. Eeveelutions are always gimmicks. Not saying they haven't hidden it in the past, but for all we know, this thing could easily just be a steel or poison type. Doesn't mean it absolutely needs to be a new type. They are still keeping the final evos types of the starters does that mean their types are going to be new types too? No. Not saying they can't be, but they aren't going to make all three of them new types.
  8. Ungoliath

    Ungoliath Not a GenWunner

    It's kinda different though. Starters and legendaries final typing was always hidden, the rest were always announced with their type. ALWAYS.
  9. Gergenator

    Gergenator Veteran Trainer

    ok first of all its already proven he's not poison since he's weak to it and so he's not steel as he would be immune to poison

    and they havent even shown the evolutions of the starters yet.... so we can only guess what they are
  10. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    for all we know, they just did a rematching on the type chart. They have done that before. I wouldn't be surprised if they did it again.
  11. tripleairvine

    tripleairvine Member

    Hey, new to posting on the site but have been lurking here for a long while.
    Here is my take on the new pokemon:
    Gogoat-looks like a gimmicky standalone(not that its a bad thing)
    The panda or pounda as I heard it being called-looks like it'll evolve into a fighting/dark type potentially with grass type moves
    The robin-looks like it has potential to become a fire/flying type in its final stage
    The lizard-I can easily see it losing its normal typing for steel or dragon
  12. Buechs44

    Buechs44 Aipom Master

    I think the panda will be Fighting/Grass
  13. Machomacho

    Machomacho Well-Known Member

    So I guess e dex will be pretty large, hoping for pre evos, and evos, and a lot of them. Wishful thinking though.
  14. IrieFuse

    IrieFuse Unify To Thrive

    I saw some people speculating about eeveelutions always coming in pairs so they think dragon type would be a good counterpart to sylveon and would go with the pattern set by umbreon/espeon and leafeon/glaceon. I agree with that part but I wouldn't want a dragon type eeveelution simply for the fact that it would be outclassed by so many other dragon types that it would become useless to an extent. not that all eeveelutions are useful but for the most part, they can be (bar the infamous flareon).
  15. Ungoliath

    Ungoliath Not a GenWunner

    If the rumors are tru and Chespin ends being Grass/Fighting I see difficult that GF repeats the type of an early pokemon.
  16. BunniBear4

    BunniBear4 Pokémon Trainer

    Honestly, at this point I don't know what the type is, but I think there's going to be a new one and that could be the thing announced Saturday on Smash. I mean, it could be fairy, especially considering that the pokebeach rumor thing is the most legitimate sounding one thus far (and probably will be even if proven false by the time it's released because it doesn't go too far whatsoever) and I'm willing to slightly believe it. It also could be Love as I heard elsewhere (strong against ice because love warms the heart and weak to poison to represent things damaging to a relationship like rumors an whatnot) plus the American reveal specifically on Valentine's Day. Heck, it could even be light type, and at this point I don't really care as long as we're told this month or the next at the absolute latest!

    Also for the new 'mons I think the lizard (trying to avoid saying Japanese names in order to not get used to them) will probably become electric/dragon by its final form and have access to fire moves as well, the panda will become fighting/grass (and possibly have bamboo nunchucks) with access to dark type moves, and the regional bird will either become fire/flying or stay normal/flying but be like Staraptor but have access to fire moves instead of fighting moves.
  17. Machomacho

    Machomacho Well-Known Member

    If there was a second eeveelion to come, wouldn't thy have advertised it in the short film. I find it extremely odd that they are doing one Eeveelution and only advertising that one.
  18. tripleairvine

    tripleairvine Member

    I was kinda hoping sylveon was a flying type. Maybe theyll have another eeveelution (fingers crossed for dusteon)
  19. IrieFuse

    IrieFuse Unify To Thrive

    I agree, it's weird that they're only advertising one because that makes me think there's only one new one this gen and I'd rather have it that way TBH
  20. Wadeledge

    Wadeledge Till all are One

    C'mon now, they wouldn't make Steel WEAK to Poison!
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