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Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. General Nonsense

    General Nonsense Star Glider

    This would be amazing. I really want a poison/dragon!
  2. Hadeel

    Hadeel Member

    Is it only me or did they make Noivern with big speakers on its head ?

    I really didn't like the new Pokemon design, the only one that got into my mind is Talonflame.
  3. storm12

    storm12 Weather Bearer

    Hmm, that would be very interesting- though Kingdra didn't have to lose a type- so this one losing a type would be a bit weird- but not too weird- right Onix?? [ONIIIXXX]
  4. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    It's nice to finally have a high-quality image of the crab/lobster Pokemon. I still think Clauncher looks slightly reductive, but I guess I should be glad that it's not orange like the Krabby line or the Corphish line. I have no comment to make about Skrelp since I've pretty much made my point about it looking like a Kingdra/Octillery hybrid clear, but Talonflame looks worse than I thought. And the name itself makes me cringe really bad. It's so unoriginal. Out of the five Pokemon revealed today, Talonflame is definitely my least favorite.
  5. GoldCyndaquil

    GoldCyndaquil Shiny Hunter

    So far my team: Chespin, Pancham, Helioptile, Talonflame, Noivern...yeah I may need to change some things around eventually.
  6. mew 2000

    mew 2000 Shiny Celebi

    so far mine chespin slyveon and fletchling
  7. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    And yet we don't know how it's pronounced yet (Pokemon.com isn't working for me atm so I'm not sure if they showed it). I remember some being surprised on Verizion's pronouncing being Ver-I-zee-on.

    And the pun doesn't have to match the design.
  8. IrieFuse

    IrieFuse Unify To Thrive

    omg pikachu's reactions in pokemon-amie are adorable! i hope it's not just a useless feature. although having it affect a battle as much as raising evasion and crit-hit ratio is a bit wierd IMO.
  9. I'll agree on the name Talonflame. haha, kinda dumb. Design looks great, though.

    And I'm sorry, but Skrelp does a great job of differentiating itself from the Horsea line, in both typing and overall coloring/design.
  10. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    Anyone catch this on the PokeBeach feed?

    "6:43: Backtracking, but there was apparently a new Fire-type shown that looks like a small dog."

    ^Think there's anything to this, or a misconception?


    I'm still holding out hope that CoroCoro or Smash! will give us info on Xerneas and Yveltal's types. The mystery is beginning to sicken me lol.
  11. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    Staraptor now has some competition for the big daddy of the regional birds lol
  12. HafuTrance

    HafuTrance Max Toxicity

    If that turns out to be the case I found one partner for my 6th gen team.
  13. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    I wish they'd just spill the beans on the Fairy type's matchups.

    As much as I'd love for it to not be super effective against Dark types, it probably will be, which will likely kill the competitive viability of my favorite Pokemon (Whose lack of a double weakness was one of its saving graces in comparison to other dragons). Incidentally, said Pokemon also happens to be the one getting picked on by Sylveon in a new piece of art that was posted on the website...
  14. storm12

    storm12 Weather Bearer

    I love the facial feature thing! It is like they've rolled a primitive hey there Pikachu! or whatever it is called, into the game- pretty cute idea- especially Sylveon jigging about after =3

    Though the increased battle abilities seems a little gamebreaking- depends on how much, especially when combined with items and abilities like Super Luck- I suppose it is to give a bit more ingame, like getting to the elite four- you're pokemon will be really bonded with you and have a easier time landing criticals- I reckon the ingame difficulty will be stepped up A LOT because of this- but I wouldn't mind the challenge :)

    I reckon that feature will be disabled online anyway, too much fanrage!

    I guess pikachu must be featured in the regional dex, it has cropped up so many times- but it is Pikachu so bah :p
  15. Bolt the Cat

    Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder

    OMG, finally a regional bird that isn't Normal/Flying. Thank you Game Freak!

    Other Pokemon look neat, too.
  16. Eeveemaster

    Eeveemaster Amemoth Fan :D

    Was thinking of it too! Poison/Dragon.. Well technically Seadra didn't lose its water typing it gained Dragon type. Skrelp might be Surskit which became Bug/Flying instead of retaining its water type when it evolves to Masquerain..

    Yupo. Indeed.

    So now I only have one more slot to fill!

    Even with Fennekin and Talonflame might end up having the same fire type they have secondary typing anyways so its all cool for an in-game..

    As I mentioned this might be the hardest team choosing GEN so far for me. As its only 1/4 of the overall new pokes introduced and yet I almost have filled the 6 pokemon party! Its rare for me.. Last gen I'd only had Serperior, Galvantula, Mienshao and Archeops..
  17. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    Gardevoir didn't manage to OHKO Hydreigon in the gameplay video, it had a "super effective" hit and got over half way, so I'm assuming that's just from its Fairy-typing doing damage to its Dragon-typing. I think that's a sign that Dark types are safe from the Fairies. Maybe Dark types will end up being super effective against Fairies?

    Who knows, but I think it's safe to say Fairy won't be super effective against Dark ^_^
  18. Reshiram44

    Reshiram44 Ice Specialist

    Do any of you think the DNA splicers will be obtainable in the game? Or we might be able to trade of the Kyurem form, but the game gives you the option to do so and it tells you that once you trade it over you can't change its form again. I really hope I can have my White kyurem. If I can't... oh well.
  19. cyberworrier94

    cyberworrier94 Story Writer

    Yo, a Lion cub Pokemon was seen there too! According to Pokebeach! I love this day.
  20. Jorge565

    Jorge565 Magikarp

    Will talonflame be fletching's evo they have a strong resemblance
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