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Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    I really feel like Game Freak had the opportunity to add Sound-type, they would have in Gen III with the obviously-sound based Whismur line and the fact that they just added new types in the last Generation with Steel and Dark. New types are completely unnecessary at this point.
  2. stevencloser

    stevencloser Well-Known Member

    IF they introduce a new type, I don't think they could do it without
    a) changing the types of some previous pokemon
    b) having 50% of the new pokemon be that type to even it out.
  3. Dragalge

    Dragalge Leaked footage

    But why a specific number to be exact? I see no conflicts with the number 17 at all.
  4. Gypsi_

    Gypsi_ Well-Known Member

    Pandas are cute but very dangerous.. Not all cute things can be harmless.
    Not saying it is Fighting, just saying it could be logical.
  5. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    i know it would be cool if it was fighting but i'm just saying i would rofl while peeing if it was cause that is a truckin girly fighting type
    speaking of pandas they need to make a kung fu panda fighting type!
  6. Zyon

    Zyon NUM NUM NUM

    Then I wouldn't consider you one of the people that keep saying Light is going to be a new type.

    Even if Psychic isn't translated to Light or whatever, it doesn't really matter. Can you guys even remember the whole reason why Dark type was introduced. They added Dark to balance out Psychic, anyone who played the original Pokemon games know how OP Psychic pokemon were. Not to mention Umbreon and Espeon having the whole "Light verses Dark theme" considering how you evolve them.
  7. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    Honestly, there is no absolute reason for a sound type. Many of the Pokemon based on sound are normal types(Jigglypuff line, Whismur Line, Chatot). If we do get a new type then Poison should have the advantage over it since it is like the weakest type only having the advantage over grass. I don't really care if Ninfia gets a new type, I just hope it doesn't get screwed over like Flareon did.
  8. Helcate

    Helcate Penguin Master

    Heheh yeah that was me. I meant it as a joke, but, eh, you never know!
  9. sparkedglory

    sparkedglory Well-Known Member

    There's no reason for any new types at all. We already have a great balance with 17. No need to go and ruin it for nothing.
  10. Gypsi_

    Gypsi_ Well-Known Member

    Or an evo for Spinda? I could see some potential in that.
  11. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    if they did make a sound type half of the normal types would pretty much be nonexistent
  12. stevencloser

    stevencloser Well-Known Member

    New types are always unnecessary. They could have stayed at 15 and changed weaknesses around a bit for better balance. Instead they chose to add 2 new types.
    They could have gone with 10 types too, or 8. Dragon Quest only has 10 and is fine with putting everything they have in one of those.
    Arguing that it's not necessary doesn't really say much. If they think it's a good idea to make more people interested in it, they'll do it.
  13. rocky505

    rocky505 Well-Known Member

    I didn't say we were getting a new type. You see that two letter word at the beginning of my third sentence? IF, I said IF doesn't mean "OMG we're getting a new type!"
  14. Icepath

    Icepath Well-Known Member

    Maybe for Mr. Mime they could do the same thing they did with Gallade.
  15. sparkedglory

    sparkedglory Well-Known Member

    ...I was agreeing with you. I didn't say that you said there would be a new type. >.> Calm down bro
  16. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    ok lets drop the whole new types thing because this isn't type speculation thread -_-
    also spinda evolving would be cool i'm pretty sure it was Gypsi_ who mentioned it he could be the kung fu panda :3
  17. Gypsi_

    Gypsi_ Well-Known Member

    As in...doing what the same as Gallade?

    Hm.. I'd rather see Spinda go in a Psychic direction more than Fighting.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2013
  18. Yveltal96

    Yveltal96 A little more human

    i think he means evolving into psychic/fighting
  19. Endolise

    Endolise TengenToppaBoogaloo

    At least six pages have sprung up since my last post in this thread and not a thing has changed. Oh, the Internet. :p

    There's already a Sound sub-type.

    If GF wants to add a new type, then we'll get a new type, "necessary" or not. If they don't want to add one, then they won't.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2013
  20. General Nonsense

    General Nonsense Star Glider

    Of course you would....

    Anyhoo, something that hasn't been talked about. Every eeveelution ever created has the same base stat total, and with that being said, has the numbers 130-110-95-65-65-60 as the base stats, though which stat they are in has been different for every eeveelution. So then, assuming that this trend of numbers continues, what do you think Ninfia's base stats will look like? If I had to take a guess, I'd say that the two highest would be attack and speed.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2013
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