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Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

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link delphox fighting, would you?
I'm not gonna sift thorgh hundreds of pages to try and find a video to convince one guy that believes a rumour that is so fake. You believe what you want, when you get your mind back and accept that this game is REAL , come back then and talk

Can we please stop discussing this ridiculous and OBVIOUSLY fake rumour PLEASE

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor


My favorite poke designs this gen:

Barbaracle (I think it looks pretty badash, just sayin)


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I think the leaker should stop trying to figure out how Sylveon and the Grass/Ghost Pokemon evolve, as it may take ages... I'd rather have leaks on Mega evolutions for now then to wait for them to figure out how Sylveon and the other two evolve... It sounds harsh when I read it but I'm not trying to be rude, I'm ever so greatful and I thank them alot!... It's just Mega evolutions seem less harder to figure out


If I'm not mistaken, Noivern's ability and stat distribution have yet to be leaked, correct? Im quite eager to see them.
As far as I can recall, the Ability is Frisk. Nothing...spectacular. :c

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I don't know what Josh has tried to evolve Phantump and Pumpkaboo but has he tried having a Phantump and Pumpkaboo in the same party and leveling them up at the same time?

They seem connected I nean Phantump is the soul of a child that died because they got LOST in the woods and Pumpkaboo guides LOST souls to where they belong plus if you can get both in tge same game (which if true im mega happy about) they just seem connected like how Karrablast and Shelmet are


Can someone please tell me what happened in the last ~11 hours? New leaks?

So, some people think now that the leaks are fake? *chuckle* How come?


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did they show any videos with these leaked pokes besides those with pokemon amie? It is actually pretty easy to make some pics. And why aren't they recording videos instead of just pics? I'm really hoping for these leaks to be fake, and it would make sense.
I love people who ask this question, like everyone here is too dumb to tell when things are fake. People have been paying attention to these same guys for days, if they were fake, everyone would have figured it out. Maybe if you'd been paying attention like everyone else, you would have seen the pictures and video. There's just too much evidence that says that they're not making stuff up, even people who are super disappointed admit it.
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Surely theres more Pokemon-its stupid have so few:(
You know...come to think of it.

Victini was the first Pokemon to have #0 in a Pokedex as well as the first 5th gen Pokemon that wasn't the grass starter.

Maybe there's a bunch of Pokemon after Zygarude, that's not necessarily legendary. Maybe they did this so that way, there could be a surprise factor.

Nothing says they can't do some weird crap with the Pokedex, especially since they did that with 5th generation.


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The legendary birds again? Seriously, GameFreak?
Yeah, this is getting old. I mean, how many versions are they obtainable in by this point?

The legendary birds are about as original as original can get. Nothing else will ever come close. I'm glad to see them included again!
Yeah, the Regis trio is a pretty kickass concept, as are the legendary beasts. If anything, the pixy trio is a bit... underwhelming, while the kami trio uses the weird "Therian" formes. Actually, the Musketeer trio is my personal favorite at this point.

I am tired of seeing them inside almost every game. They should just introduce new legionaries that go with the game.
It feels... cheap to do this. What's so special about Kanto (besides being the first) that people need to have them in every. single. game?


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Except that hype would almost instantly backlash in absolute rage from the majority (albeit less vocal) of the fans that loves majority of the designs we found in a drop in a drop in sales. If anything this would give a large loss. People who want hype don't exactly get what generates hype well. Real leaks that are confirmed generates hype that doesn't backlash while fake ones cause a lot of backlash.
well come on, the best designs of this gen come from the already announced pokes, the leaked ones only have some small modifications...
I personally don't mind the smaller of new Pokemon this generations nor do I plan on going into denial; however, am I the only one annoyed by the divided Pokedex? I mean, I care more about what's available in the region as a whole a whole and not the 150 pokemon in Y location or the other 150 in X.
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well come on, the best designs of this gen come from the already announced pokes, the leaked ones only have some small modifications...
All aboard the denial train.


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If I wanted to relive the old days, I'd just pick up Red version again. Is more quality stuff too much to expect?
Yes, Dad, get into the nostalgia. You always talk about your old days, now relive them.
You didn't have to play in the "old days" to get these. They were available in HeartGold, SoulSilver, Platinum, FireRed, LeafGreen, as well as the original games.

If they have Mega evolutions with Snow Warning, Drizzle, and Drought, then I'll be ecstatic.
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And why is Kenpisho (whatever his name is) not leaking any pokemon anymore? HOW ABOUT MEGAS????
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