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Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

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You didn't have to play in the "old days" to get these. They were available in HeartGold, SoulSilver, Platinum, FireRed, LeafGreen, as well as the original games.

If they have Mega evolutions with Snow Warning, Rain Dance, and Drought, then I'll be ecstatic.
If they have Mega-Evolutions, then I might consider it being a worthwhile addition. Maybe they're the opposite of the what the Kami trio got xD.


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I still have yet to see the national pokedex, Zygrade doesn't prove anything about the number of legendaries there are. There could be 10 open slots in the national dex after Zygarde that are all reserved for legendaries which cause people to assume theres 70 because they're locked, but there could be 80. Just saying


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I personally don't mind the smaller of new Pokemon this generations nor do I plny on going into denial; however, am I the only one annoyed by the divided Pokedex? I mean, I care more about what's available in the region as a whole a whole and not the 150 pokemon in Y location or the other 150 in X.

I agree with this. I think it's nice that there are locations and set pokemon for them, but it really matters more to me how the whole region plays together and if it's harmonious. I love the new pokemon and really intended to use all new pokemon in my run, so I like how they're spread out, but I still think they could have made it resonate together better. Then again, I havn't played the game yet, so maybe it will be wonderfully fluid (in my definition of how I like pokemon games) when I actually play through it.

What really matters is that there's SOME new pokemon, and that the franchise continues to be there for us, even when we don't seem to be there for it.


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^Thank you both! and dam tough claws sounds so powerful! Definitely getting this poke on my team now.


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And why is Kenpisho (whatever his name is) not leaking any pokemon anymore? HOW ABOUT MEGAS????
He's been trying to figure out how to evolve a couple of Pokemon I think. And I'm kinda thinking there might not be many more mega stones in the actual game and they'll come like Blaziken's mega stone, through events.


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Can someone post links to the Central, Coastal, and Mountain Dexes?

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As far as I can recall, the Ability is Frisk. Nothing...spectacular. :c
Does it have multiple abilities? Or is that not known?
It could be like Golurk and Reuniclus by having 2 abilities but one is clearly superior to the other.


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It feels... cheap to do this. What's so special about Kanto (besides being the first) that people need to have them in every. single. game?
Nostalgia, really.

Let's be honest, how many of us grew up playing Pokemon now? And how many of us started playing this nearly sixteen years ago?

It is just an acknowledgement to the older set of fans that their favorite pokemon haven't been forgotten. A sentiment that came about since Diamond/Pearl really, and in Black/White which was the successful "reboot" year.

If nothing else, even with the low numbers here, we do have an impressive game on our hands anyway. One that is pretty darn big...


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maybe he has one of those

whaddaya call 'em

then god damit sell the game. Probably get alot of money for right now and someone who is ACTUALLY going start revealing stuff.


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Yeah, this is getting old. I mean, how many versions are they obtainable in by this point?
Actually, besides RBY, FRLG and HGSS, which would make no sense if they were absent, just Platinum. So just one time outside their region. The regis were found in all gens since RSE up to now, that's old.
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