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Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

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So, is it true that Spritzee needs to be traded with an attached item before it will evolve? That just makes me sad in the heart... ;_;


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THIS-GF do owe us,if it wasnt for the fans they wouldnt have jobs or a 6th Generation game to begin with. If the fans aint happy it doesnt benefit them does it.

Or would people rather GF "reboot" Pokemon like the rest of our childhoods-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,He Man and countless other things that have now been ruined by "reboots" and re-imaginings"
Its a cycle simple as, we need to be grateful to them for producing good quality games that we enjoy, because they could turn around and say that they are dropping a series, unlikely but it could happen.

But they need to be grateful to us for buy said games, making suggestion through feedback or surveys on how they could improve the franchise.

If one were to not happen then the other may not happen. I.e. would you buy a game that looks poor quality. And would GF produce a game, and waste money, on a game that will yield very little to no profit.

put simply:

they produce high quality game - we buy high quality game - high sales volume means another is made - we buy it - high volume - new game.
see how this cycle repeats.


I'm sorry can someone explain one thing to me?
The updates on the first post are 100% real and confirmed?

I haven't come to the site for a while... xD


Based Feebas
Nope that's not what I said, I loved this gen, but only the ones already confirmed by nintendo. The other ones loook like fan-art.
No one would go this far to generate hype that is probably losing sales.

And give up already.


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If, like some of you think, GF gave us a "fake game", why would they have demanded that leakers give back the games, and nintendo'd people like kostheidan for revealing some footage? If it was indeed fake, then they would've turned their noses the other way and pretended that they did not see the leakers for the games. Just think about it.
And think about it, GF can't demand that the leakers give back the games. That's a lie.
Haha! Remember when B/W had nothing BUT Unova Pokemon? People complained about no old Pokemon.
Now, they have a boat load of old Pokemon, now there's "not enough New Pokemon". . .

Gawd People. . .


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So, is it true that Spritzee needs to be traded with an attached item before it will evolve? That just makes me sad in the heart... ;_;
I believe both it & swirlix need an item, yeah. A sachet for spritzee, a whipped dream/cream for swirlix.


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I noticed preorder sales have dropped between BW and XY, so it's mostly just a light concern but a concern nonetheless.
There is NO WAY that BW had more sales that XY will. No. Way.
I think XY is going to break records tbh. No matter how much people might complain about the lack of pokemon an blah, blah, blah, at the end of the day, they are still going to buy the games.


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So, is it true that Spritzee needs to be traded with an attached item before it will evolve? That just makes me sad in the heart... ;_;
Indeed! An item called "sachet" I believe.


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I'm with you there. Not enough people read. I think it comes from the instant gratification in our culture today.
Which is funny, considering the nature of the series so far xD.

This generation's pokemon have been really interesting. Goomy I find a bit underwhelming, but that's about it. Other than that I think the game is fine. I can't wait to start my journey.
Hey, no disrespecting my dragon slug/snail/mollusk, got it?

Sylveon's evolution through pokemon amie is confirmed.
Are there any others like this?

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Don't be daft
You don't think that GF would be dumb enough to equate lack of sales with just "oh, not profitable anymore, let's quit the franchise"? Not buying it to make a statement is one thing, but that's something I worry about... rather than change what's clearly wrong with the game, they'll just toss it out the window... I seriously hope not.
There is no chance of them tossing out the franchise. There have been a handful of Mario games that haven't sold well, so that means they should deplete the franchise? Pokemon is one of Nintendo's strongest assets. They would not let GameFreak kick it to the curb. If the games go, so does the anime, manga, and the TCG. So much is at stake if GameFreak ends Pokemon.

Anyways, I'm not mad at the lack of new Pokemon. They aren't shoving them down our throats like last generation. Every generation is incorporated in the Dex seamlessly and the Fairy type is a welcomed addition.


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Basically, GF can do whatever the hell they want, because at the end of the day, we're all going to lap it up anyway. Blunt, but true. Seriously, who's not going to buy the game who has been a Pokemon fan for years? And GF couldn't care less about us anyway as they have very selective hearing. They finally cave into people's complaining about Charizard's typing, while yet Stealth Rock still makes whole swathes of Pokemon unviable, and Ice-types still lie at the bottom of that gloomy grave, forgotten since the beginning of time, while the Fairy-type digs that grave ever more deeper. But we'll still but the game. People might complain, but it's not even going to dent their sales, I think.
To be fair though, people complaining abut the competitive scene and the tiers and whatnot...

Gamefreak doesn't care about Smogon's tier system. They don't look at that to see whats banned and whats not. Smogon is not official. The only thing GF cares about is official tournaments, and in official tournaments you don't see people spamming SR and U-turn.

So trying to say "GF isn't listening to us cause stuff in competitive is still ruined" is kinda a washed out argument. They only really care about THEIR competitive scene, not ours.

Kinda like the Smash bros tier list. That's not Nintendo's list, it's ours.


I feel sorry for Leaker Josh, he's having so much asked of him and in a week's time he'll be forgotten.
I'll always remember you, based Josh ;_;7

listen to this dude, they know their ****.
Honestly people just need to accept that this is what we have and be happy to have it. What happened to all the happiness in the topic.

I for one am happy were getting a slew of old Pokemon. I didn't like black and white because it only had new Pokemon, I prefer playing through the game with my old friends. It's why I ghink black and white 2 are far far superior games.
You're not allowed to be happy because a few vocal fans are upset! How dare you.

It's one thing to criticize obvious flaws, but dwelling on them won't actually change them, will it? GF has stated that they don't want to have DLC patches to help "fix" anything, this game is finished as it will ever be until the third version. All we can do is hope that GF will listen to these complaints and not have selective hearing. In general, I'm still hyped for the game and can't wait to pet my favorites in Amie. eue
In Gen 4, how much was known about the new pokemon in Platinium when Diamond and Pearl came out?

All I'm thinking is that if they make a Pokemon Z, they'll add a decent amount of new pokemon.

I might just be in the bargaining stage though :p

Shiny Espeon0429

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