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Diamond and Pearl Opening Song

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Dark Star, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Hm..now as I keep listening to the Jap. one, the dub one sounds worse and worse everytime.
  2. chikoo

    chikoo Well-Known Member

    Talk about CHEESY. 0/10
  3. Xeice

    Xeice At your expense

    The first time I listened to it, I thought it sucked. But after listening to it a few time.......It still sucked.
  4. l3g1t

    l3g1t Legend Hunter

    Lol, Pokerap ftw!
  5. WarthogDemon

    WarthogDemon <-- La Foam

    Also realized the lyrics are inaccurate... it's a brand new CONTINENT, not world.

    Though, granted, if they used that then it'd have to be:

    it's a brand new game
    and a brand new continent
    no trainer is incontinent

    Yeah . . . might not work either.

    (Although considering there are always beds but never bathrooms in the games, that makes some frightening sense...)
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2007
  6. l3g1t

    l3g1t Legend Hunter

    I have never been on the wrong side of such a one sided topic before..

    Honestly, I was suprised when the theme came on for sure. But I thought it was actually a lot better than the garbage intros over the last like 5 seasons.

    In my opinion the themesongs were great up to after Johto Journeys.. Then the quality seemed slowly degrade into the garbage we have now. I think the DP theme was an improvement...

    It's different and people have different tastes... But I think it's better than the last few for sure.
  7. absol_trainer

    absol_trainer Well-Known Member

    pokemon theme

    i realize that there are a LOT of haters in this community but...

    the rapish version of a pokemon melody with the repitition of "Pokemon" reminded me A LOT of the digimon theme from first season.

    you know like if the people who did the Digimon theme suddenly did Pokemon it would sound like what we got.

    in short i didnt much like it. battle frontier was so much better. i just wish that they would use clips from the opening (or even endings) rather than shots from actual episodes.
  8. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    well i really don't like this opening...but where is Team Rocket?:3
  9. l3g1t

    l3g1t Legend Hunter


    The "Good good smile" one? Yeah, they should of just left that on the intro unchanged. :p

    Seriously though... Not everyone is into that J-pop happy style music.
  10. Big bang theology

    Big bang theology Yur notsoaverage az

    i saw both the english and jap intro..........

    i can honestly say i like the english one better

  11. Kikkoman

    Kikkoman Well-Known Member

    the beat was too slow, me thinks. i dont like it, and i dont think i will like it when it hits australia (battle frontier hasnt even finished yet, only up to tucker!)
    usually, when i hear each seasons song for the first time, i dont like it cause i havent adjusted, but say, now, im used to battle frontier and i like it. this wont happen with diamond and pearl.
    that kind of theme song doesnt work; i mean, in johto champions, the scenes moved quite quickly, but it went well with the song, which was also fast. They should definitely think about the theme song again; it's so much different to all the others. i mean, it has to be different, but not that different; its almost like there is a paradigm to writing pokemon theme songs, and they havent followed it this time. I must admit, the orange league one was similar in style, but it was good, maybe cause it had musical form and the singer actually had melody! this singer is just singing amelodically and it doesnt fit
  12. chimchar9

    chimchar9 Member

    Good opening. Would've been better if it was longer AND if team rocket were there.
  13. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Meh. Not one of my favorites at all. I've heard better.

    But one thing I could be happy was that I get to see my hotness in the opening credits now and that's something for me to believe in since the new season apparently starts June 4th.
  14. scizor08

    scizor08 Back here. >.<

    I'd say it's not good, the tone was terrible..
  15. chorusco

    chorusco Well-Known Member

    After many times of watching it i think its fine
  16. Maxim

    Maxim Beyond repair

  17. AshHikariLove4lyf

    AshHikariLove4lyf Dawn, Master Trainer

  18. Drew.

    Drew. → kill the n o i s e

    Its horrible. It really dissapointed me.
    I was expecting something at least a little bit better then THAT.
    That sounded like one of the really old, poorly done 4Kids songs from back in 1998. Granted I like the 4Kids' Pokemon themes.

    The Japanese one is sooo much better.. I love that song. <3
  19. PKMN Legend Anthony

    PKMN Legend Anthony Water Gym Leader.

    If only the would change back to the Johto opening theme song not then Johto Journey one but the "Lets do it" "i wanna be the very best like no1 ever was" that 1 kicked ***
  20. TogeticTheRuler

    TogeticTheRuler Well-Known Member

    Is it me or every opening in a season where they start out in a new region, they always say something about new "worlds", new places, new battles, etc <_<!

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