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Diamond and Pearl VS Black and White/Best Wishes


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After Diamond and Pearl, things suddenly changed for better or for worse. But the question is do you like that change, or hate it? Which series do you think is better?

I personally think DP was better. BW does have more enjoyable humor, and better character dynamic. Yet DP had better battles and character development. While the former does make the episodes more entertaining, but the latter shows better skills in writing. What do you think?

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DP is way better than BW. I don't find anything in BW entertaining at all. Also DP has really good battles and the battles in BW are mediocre at best.


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IMO it's unfair to compare the two, but only because Best Wishes is still in progress. I reserve judgement until it finishes.


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I'm saying Best Wishes anyways, even if it hasn't completed yet. DP was ok, but things just got boring. It was battle after battle and I just sort of zoned out. I wanted funnier things! :3
Story and battle wise DP was much better than BW.

What DP failed with was humor and group chemistry, something BW brought back. Basically the show has returned to its humor and adventure roots, but lost all the proper plot and characterization DP had.

That being said BW could be better by the end.

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I haven't really been into BW that much, TBH. That being said though, I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt since it's still in progress.
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4TH GENERATION WINS! Unova is just a puny and short region, and sinnoh has a lot MORE places than unova.


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Diamond & Pearl, lasting more or less four years, really grew on me, I'm very fond of it. On the other hand, Black & White is a bit "meh", I can't see it getting attached to me, in the long run. DP was the most developed saga thus far, in my opinion. If BW was superior in one aspect, I'd have to say humour, it seems more comedic than previous sagas (well, excluding Kanto (+Orange Islands, perhaps)), not that it's a bad thing.


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Right now I'd say DP was better, but if they ever air the TP BW episodes I may change my mind. Right now BW is somewhat boring, its got nice graphics (I like the redone characters like Jenny and Joy and such), but its all so linear. It's Ash fighting stuff, over, and over, and over... In DP you had Dawn's contests to give a nice change of pace from strict battling, you had Galactic story arc which was great, since TP has been axed (at least for now) from BW its just the VERY slowly developing TR which may or may not go somewhere as the bad guys.

Rival wise, Paul > Trip. Trip's just boring, and has an overly forced rivalry with Ash (the other rivals I'm fine with, Georgia and all). Overall DP just had more dynamics to it, more things to change it up every now and again, so far in BW its just all the same.


Diamond and Pearl. I liked the animation better and the battles were much better. I find Brock's boring routine better than Cilan's constant recipe jokes and Dawn to be better than Iris in every way.

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Most of these people in this thread Are thinking Dp is better but i think Bw was. I watched the original series and the AG one to i watched a few episodes of DP and i wans't that interested in it. I quit pokemon after that (not permanently) i started to watch BW and Iris felt more enjoyable to watch then Dawn. Iris was funny and not as girly (Most 7 year olds that watch pokemon are Boy's and i don't think they'll watch things about girly stuff) Im not saying Dawn is not strong our enjoyable then Iris but iris is like a wild child and calls Ash a kid but is acting like a kid herself. In my Opinon Oshawott is way better then Piplup. Oshawott is Adorable yet has a Funny bad side. Piplup was spoiled. Argue with me if you want but Im just Saying Black and White is way better.


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BW by far its actually enjoyable. Even the somewhat filler eps. The trio is fresh and is not boring. Though I wish Iris would lay of the kid remakes....


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BW is still in progress, and has massive potential. Bianca could be headed toward some solid development as a trainer, Trip looks to have a great team in his future, Ash has a ton of potential evolutions and even captures, Iris and Cilan are funny but also provide decent battles, there are a whole bunch of recurring characters...

The biggest issue is Team Plasma. Those episodes being pulled, and the unsettling lack of any mention of Team Plasma since, has possibly robbed the whole saga of a crucial subplot. Team Plasma were so central to the Unova games that losing them completely can't be a good thing. Team Galactic (and Hunter J) were a great part of Sinnoh, and Team Plasma, and in particular Ghetsis and N, would push BW way ahead if done justice.

So yeah, you just have to remember that we're only a year into BW, which is the point in DP when Ash adopted Chimchar, Aipom was traded for Buizel, Gligar was caught and Dawn was going through her losing streak (while Jessie was actually winning some contests)... but on the other hand we'd barely seen three seconds of Team Galactic and weren't sure of how much more we'd see of them, we hadn't had much indication of the role that the legendary pokemon would eventually play. We still had Mamoswine, Gible and the evolutions of Turtwig and Chimchar to come, not to mention some awesome battles. So we've got plenty to look forward to in BW.


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Best Wishes, durr focking hurr. Everyone who voted Sinnoh are obvious Dawn fans, and everyone knows that Dawn's only appealing characteristic is her okay arse.

Good lord, guys. I hope you won't still be acting this way once delicious N appears. You can't resist delicious N.


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Best Wishes, durr focking hurr. Everyone who voted Sinnoh are obvious Dawn fans, and everyone knows that Dawn's only appealing characteristic is her okay arse.

Good lord, guys. I hope you won't still be acting this way once delicious N appears. You can't resist delicious N.

I swear most people just like her due to her design. I'll say it once again. As a traveling friend she failed. As a character in anime she is fine. I don't hate Dawn as a whole. I mean she is not my least favorite of the 4.


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DP was one of the greatest series there is. The only thing that let it down was the annoying abused infernape plot that went overboard.

BW is good what with the new pokemon like dark types and rock types being caught as well as water pokemon getting chance to shine but I hate every new character in unova and all of the rebooted things like how team rocket look and how they are making it too much like kanto.


What the hell?

Are we seriously comparing an already finished 190+ episodes saga with a currently 60 episodes in saga?

No, just no.
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