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Diamond and Pearl VS Black and White/Best Wishes


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Sorry for my English
Yeah, her first Contest, and she gets over it in the space of ten minutes. Meanwhile, when Dawn doesn't make it past the Appeals Round in the Hearthome Contest (Dawn's Early Night, not her first), she screams out in agony and doesn't get over it until Strategy With A Smile, 30 episodes later, beating out May in a total copout by the writers in a troll move they couldn't get themselves sober from. :I

Dawn is a pussy......cat, May is a babe in total control of herself, your argument is invalid.
Maybe if the girl who did not like Pokémon and from one hour to another began to love them and want to enter competitions with them don’t had the good fortune to always go to the battle round, despite being a complete novice who had never before heard of Contests, she cried some more.

Ash Ketchum!

Pokemon Trainer
I like DP. Ash was smart, and was at the peak of maturity as well as his performance as a Trainer. Battle were amazing and the Sinnoh League was just awesome. We also got many references to the past (Butterfree, Jasmine, Jessilina, Growlie, Gary, etc.). Paul was handled well as a rival and the plot was great. Ash's old Pokemon came back for the league and many of them got major upgrades. So, DP over BW anyday.
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