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Diamond/Pearl Help Thread (Deluxe Edition - READ FIRST POST BEFORE YOU POST)

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Help In Route 222

Alright so in my diamond game i've nearly beaten everything and just trying to wrap things up now. The guy in the house on Route 222 (west of Sunyshore) wants record breaking Remoraids. Anyways, I've broken the record four times and now sit at 32.3 inches. I'm just wondering if the guy will ever settle for a record or how long Remeoraids can actually get or if he justs keeps wanting bigger and theres nothing I can do?


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well hes just like the magikarp dude on FR/LG but I think he does stop at a certain height.But its pretty far tho.But I might be wrong I cant really remember :(


Would someone on here graciously assist me with obtaining my SID please?
Why can't you just play the game as is?

You either need an AR (which isn't allowed to be talked about here) or a non chain or hatched shiny.


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Why can't you just play the game as is?

You either need an AR (which isn't allowed to be talked about here) or a non chain or hatched shiny.

Could you just let the people play the game as they want?
Point me to a law that says "You have to play the game the way DreamGG wants you to" and we'll talk about it.


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....because it already has maxed EV points in that stat (255) or it has 510 total EVs already?


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not really you can only use each medicine 10 times,so it has 100 ev's in that stat but the maximum is 252


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Vitamins will only work if that EV is lower than 100.
That's why they say that you can only use 10 vitamins, but they don't say that the vitamins must be used before starting to train the poke.

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because you already have max EV in that stat
I apologize if this question has been asked before; I just can't be bothered with reading through all of the pages.

Is the Darkrai event exclusively for Platinum, or is it effective in D/P as well?
Platinum only
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you either have 100 or more EV points in that stat, or your poke already has all 510 EVs.
rare candy isnt the only way, try keeping it in the daycare, it will gain level, but no EVs, so that is a good way to do it. that is how i do it, hope i helped.

I have tried that before. The only problem to that method is that you need to constantly keep checking on the pokemon in the daycare to see if it gained a level. It also costs money because taking out a pokemon that gained one level. I need rare candy to see each changes in the stats for every level in order to plug them into the IV calculator. So is there any way I can get rare candy easier?


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I heard a rumor that leaving eggs in the computer longer than a month can ruin a game, is that true?
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