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Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Help Thread [UBER EDITION] [READ THE FIRST POST]

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Well, training your Pokemon some more would probably help you out a lot. You should have the VS Seeker by now, so you can use it to rematch trainers and get your Pokemon's levels up. The money you earn from trainer fights can be used to stock up on healing items you may need.
Nevermind I beat Fantina straight after I posted the comment, but thanks for the tips anyway.


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Oh man :( sooooooo no darkrai for me? I have a ds and 3ds so I can trade on my own but it's event pokemon that I'm missing out on. And I'm a completion is so I wanna get like every pkmn that I can in each game. Especially darkrai


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Yes, it means all possible avenues for obtaining a Darkrai in Generation IV via Wi-Fi have been shut off.
Hey guys,
I want to improve my movesets for my Pokémon so that I can defeat the league as they currently really crappy but I am not sure what attacks to teach them:

Mamoswine Lv.51
-Stone Edge

Empoleon Lv.52
-Drill Peck

Staraptor Lv.51
-Close Combat
-Aerial Ace
-Quick Attack

Raichu Lv.49
-Thunder Wave
-Shock Wave
-Grass Knot

Rapidash Lv.48
-Flame Wheel
-Fire Blast

As usual any help will be greatly appreciated.
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