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Diance dances with flare and spazazz


Kanto Region Champ
Through my adventures of building the best decklist and winning tournaments with on paper "bad decklists"(one of the many reasons I decided not to post them), I took a brief break from pokemon before cities which for me starts in January for some reason I could explain but could not at the same time, so in my break I have been playing a ton of buddy fight and a bit of vanguard, learning deck structure from other games is good outside of formats it helps see errors we in pokemon tend to overlook that other tcg players do not. So anyways, I did buy into phantom forces with no interest in building a deck from the set as non of it seemed to have a bearing on the format outside of trainer cards, I luck sacked 4 head ringer, 4-2 manectrics/mega manectrics of which 4 are fa's and uber rares and 2 are regular (no real intention, I should carry this attitude onto oras and pull 5-5 mega gardis, anyways). This, as no surprise, meant my decks didn't change even with the insurgent of donphans I fear no elephant with manectric and if you saw my list you might agree, but hate it on paper.

Now that the filler that gets rid of the free add of the list is over, I made this list to play against new players and kids, it is iffy to say the least on skill level, no max potion is needed because it doesn't matter. Strategy I have no strategy in pokemon , just play smart but for mentioning, xerneas/geomancy setup, maybe hit for 160 by turn 3, turn 4 wall EX's like a douche (fairies = wins).

2 xerneas X/Y
3-2 diance
3-2 aromatisse

10 fairy energy

4 roller skates
4 bicycle
1 pokemon fan club
3 juniper
4 shauna
2 beach
1 profs letter
2 fairy garden
4 ultra ball
1 megaphone
2 vs seeker
4 head ringer
1 lysandres trump card
1 lysandre
2 team flare grunt
2 xerosic

N doesn't do what shauna does, offer early, mid and late game synergy with roller skates and bicycle, vs seeker runs the flare engine even if you have to ultra ball it away, 1 spare vs seeker for trump card etc, why 2 beach, because I can and it's good for my opponent if they have no options.

Diance boxes which come with both diance EX and mega diance EX come out in January sometime that's what beach said.
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