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Diary of an Aspiring Champion [Warning]



((This Fanfiction contains situations and language that may not be fit for children under the age of sixteen, including minor sexual encounters, homosexuality, and vulgar language. *End Disclaimer*))


The first signs of the morning sun began to gleam through trees which lined the path most commonly known as Route 6. Beams of light descended throughout the leaves, the dew which had gathered upon them sometime during the course of night glistening with an eerie luminescence. As dawn approached, the Pidgey's and Spearow's calls filled the air as the last Hoothoot retreated into it's tree for a slumberous rest until darkness was to fall again. The path which was cut through the trees had been covered in foliage, a result of the storm the night before; the leaves having been torn from their resort upon the tree branches and scattered across the the tattered walkway.

Several meters off into the trees, a solitary tent stood, tarnished by the high winds and significantly damp. Within resided a lone trainer, sitting crosslegged over a book. The male of seventeen years had trouble sleeping in such confined spaces; the storm had only made matters worse, as he hadn't slept a wink. A frail finger moved to turn the page of the novel, eyes skimming over the text before his gaze averted towards the narrow slit which served as entrance and exit. The faint light of the steadily ascending sun had become visible to the tent shrouded within the brush, causing the young trainer to decide it was simply time to carry on. He closed the aged novel softly, replacing it in his azure backpack, and proceeded to exit the confines of the temporary sleeping unit which made him clostrophobic. His mind began to wander, contemplating a key decision; to leave the tent and purchase another in Vermillion City, or disassemble it for later use.

He began pondering the factors, something the male was quite known for outside of Pokemon Battles. Can I make it to Vermillion in a day's time? was the first, though considering the time in which he would begin travelling brought him to a positive conclusion. Will the tent last another night in it's condition? Such as an obvious no. He reached within the confines of his violet motorcycle jacket and retrieved a single spheroid, about the size of a gumball. It was two-toned, with a red upperhalf and a white lower; a single button at the point of seperation. The same thin finger came to trigger the key, the sphere increasing size dramatically to that the size of a softball. Tossing it forward, his post-pubescent voice rang out through the foliage.

"Nyuura, help me out with this one."

The ball opened at the point where red met white, spewing out a substance that resembled crimson energy which began to gather and construct itself a meter or so before the tent. After solidification, the strange substance gave way to a Weasel-resemblant being that stood on it's hind legs, almost three feet in height. It's fur was a dark navy which could have been mistaken for black, several pink apparatus portruding from it's behind and a single-feather resemblent extension from the left portion of it's skull.

"Deep Freeze the tent with a Blizzard, then shatter it into pieces with your most strengthy Crush Claw," the trainer commanded the Sneasel, who took action immediately. It opened it's small mouth, releasing a flurry of snow and ice towards the tattered cloth tent, which began to cake in a block of ice. After the Sharp Claw Pokemon was satisfied, the miniscule retreat covered in a two-to-three inch layer of ice, Nyuura darted forward, bringing it's right claw down harshly upon it. What was a cluttered tent shattered into thousands of fragments, instantaneously beginning to melt in the summer sun, which had cleared the horizon.

The trainer reacted with a smile, holding the Pokeball towards the Weasel-esque Pokemon. "Thank-you very much, Nyuura. Return and rest, from what the letter had said; you'll need it." The moderately sized spheroid split as it had before, excreeting the same crimson substance which consumed Nyuura, pulling him back into the depths of the technological apparatus. The young trainer, Shurei Kaiba, known by most as Eclipse, replaced the Pokeball and began his several hour approach of Vermillion City, not knowing precisely what was in store for him when he'd arrive.
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Chapter 1: Trouble at Vermillion Port!

As Shurei neared the massive arch which lead into one of possibly the most astound port city on Kanto, he could no longer detain the growing curiosity and excitement deep within his gut. Continuing on, his dark amber eyes played over the inhabitants he'd seen; what looked like mothers returning home from grocery shopping with excited children, and the occasional new trainer who'd just been beaten by the harsh Lieutenant Surge. Not very interesting... the young male thought to himself, taking in the large steel buildings which screamed mockery of futuristic integrity. Everything seemed to have bored him, from the squeeling youngsters to the futile attempt at modern art displayed at every other street corner.

It was late in the afternoon, the sun having long-passed it's peak position overhead, rays beating down upon the concrete paved walkway Shu had strode silently along. An occasional breeze provided temporary comfort, stirring the branches of the birch trees which lined the sidewalks and causing the young trainers forest green hair to dance across his forehead. He hadn't paid it much mind, determined on reaching his destination as hastefully as possible, each stride being taken with effort and increased speed that almost mocked jogging. A hand dug into the pocket of his violet motorcycle jacket, which, always kept open, flapped against his lithe physique and tight black underlying T-shirt. He retrieved an expensive piece of parchmennt, folded up into a two-inch by two-inch square. Both hands worked idly to open the letter, and once complete, bring it so that the heavy sunlight hadn't caused it to radiate.

Amber eyes studied the words closely; it must've been the fifteenth time he'd read it. Am I sure I read this right? What if I've headed to the wrong city, or the wrong date. I don't see any Poke'mon trainers around... his mind wandered before he began reading the fancy text.

Dear Pokemon Trainer,

You have been cordially invited to compete in the Master's Tournament, held once every five years on the astoundingly beautiful Sakuraberry Island. The necessities for the competition are as followed: a team of six Pokemon of your choice, twenty-eight league official gym badges, and the pass contained in this letter. The boat for Sakuraberry Island will leave Vermillion Port at 7:00pm on Sunday, July 20th, and is expected to arrive upon the island on July 21st at 6:00am. Please take note that you will have no access to a Computer, so choose your six Pokemon wisely.

Taka Hidenori
Master's Tournament President

Shurei read over the date and time roughly three more times before he was close to being satisfied. Folding the note back into the miniscule square, he replaced it in his pocket and felt around in it's depths for the pass, which resembled a movie ticket. Feeling the cardboard substance it consisted of, he removed his hand from the jacket pocket and continued down the main street which lead towards the port, lifting his sleeve and glancing at the wristband-watch which he'd always wore. It read 4:30pm, which had given him more then adequate time to arrive.

As he cleared the small hill, the city gave way to the port. Suddenly he'd known why he hadn't seen any serious trainers along the way. Roughly six to seven hundred bodies resided in close confines, some residing under tents to escape the summer sun, others peering over the railings into the vast blue ocean. Every hundred feet or so, blank circles erupted in a burst of fire or lightning, Pokemon battles, no doubt. Behind it all, the massive cruise-liner in all of it's glory, ivory white hull glistening in the abundant light, which brought out it's gold accenuations and the matching text on it's port and presumingly starboard side which read The Master's Voyager. Shurei hadn't paid it much mind.

He darted towards the Port below, descending the hill at miraculous speed due to the force of gravity pushing at his back, arms pumping to promote aerodynamics and force. It wouldn't hurt for a little preliminary battle! he thought, leaping over the railings which seperated the walkway from the Port, and digging through as many people as possible to get to the nearest battle. After several profane comments and a few threats, he'd made it to the edge of the circle, two trainers around his age within doing battle.

"Alright Feraligatr, hit him with a Mega Punch!" a stout female called, slightly taller then Shu with black hair, pulled back into a single ponytail. The massive blue beast charged towards it's foe, right fist illuminated in a translucient aura.

"Whitewater, withdraw into your shell and blast that Feraligatr with Hydro Pump!" the male called. He'd resembled Shu very closely, seemingly only a slight bit shorter with blonde hair of moderate length. He held a look of determination on his face which gave way to absolute potential.

The Squirle retreated into the depths of it's rockhard shell as Feraligatr's shimmering fist collided with it hard, causing it to Ricochet along the surface a few times, before the familiar bright blue Pokemon poked back out, it's crimson eyes fixated on it's opponent. Instantaneously, a thick turret of water erupted from it's mouth, highly pressurized. It collided harshly with the torso of the female's Big Jaw Pokemon, sending him sprawling backwards along the ground, before falling limp.

She gasped, running in his direction and kneeling down to the bohemeth which was much larger in size then her. "Oh Feraligatr, great job!" she said, pulling a Pokeball from her waist which immediately sucked the Pokemon up in a flurry of crimson energy. She turned without another word and began working her way through the crowd.

Shu concieved this as an apt opportunity to challenge the impressive male trainer, making his way out into the open circle the other trainers had made. "Hi there. I'm sorry, but I simply can't let you take all the publicity," Shurei stated very matter-of-factly. Amber oculars locked on with the boys, an intense look on both of their faces. Shu found the male's eyes interesting, the way the sun seemed to cause them to illuminate in cerulean glory. Quickly, he shook it off, reaching into the confines of his motorcycle-esque jacket to retrieve a Pokeball. "Well?"

The male trainer smiled, cheeks curling upward to expose dimples. He used a finger to adjust his bangs, pushing them out of his eyes, before retrieving a Pokeball and recalling Squirtle, only to present another. "Of course I accept," he stated as if he were mocking Shurei, tossing the sphere with a certain nonchalance. "Daisy, you're up!" his slightly frog-esque voice rang out, the Pokeball splitting and the familiar red energy oozing out to take shape of what appeared as a small dinosaur of lime green, with large pink flower petals portruding from it's elongated neck.

Shu eyed the Pokemon for a moment, triggering the small button on the spheroid, causing it to grow in size. "A Meganium, very nice!" he complimented with no trace of sarcasm, tossing his own Pokeball which came to expose a much smaller Pokemon which resembled nothing but a flower. It's overlying body layer was a full green, the portion under that a faint olive. What looked like arms were two large roses, one of royal blue, the other a phosphourent pink. "Watashi tokusen anata, Rozeria!" he called as the small Pokemon took form.

For moments, all was idle. The two trainers engaged in what could have been considered a staring contest, the Pokemon following suit. As the male trainers lips parted to call a command, a massive explosion filled the sound waves, causing everyone's attention, including the two trainers, to avert to the massive flames which were mushrooming some twenty feet from the surface. The disturbance had occured some fifty meters away from Shurei and the other trainer, who instantaneously and simultaneously darted in that direction, their Pokemon following closely behind.

They pushed their way obnoxiously through the crowd, knocking aside the usual Pokefan dressed as a Pikachu or a Clefairy, knocking several on their butts before they came to the clearing, to see two roughed up trainers covered in black soot, and two eviscerated Pokemon.

"Both Pokemon are intact, one couldn't have exploded!" the other trainer called.

Shurei began scanning the perimeter, following the gazes of the astounded trainers to the shadowed figures atop the nearest steel tent. Long hair, what could have been ankle length, danced with the wind, the suspicious being clad in form-fitting black attire. Next to him, a massive winged figure which resided on all fours, it's blue skin and red wings glistening as if they were shrouded in moisture, two keen eyes glancing down upon the clearing smoke as if in triumph.

"There!" Shu called, pointing in the direction of the shrouded figure atop the steel tent. The male trainer Shu had been set to battle glanced in the direction, seeming to assess the situation momentarily.

"Rozeria, hit that Salamence with your Magical Leaf!" Shurei called, the small flower-resemblant Pokemon springing into action. From the two roses that seemed to serve as hands erupted an armada of green-glowing particles, which crossed the distance between the two almost instantaneously.

"Salamence, whirlwind!" a masculine voice rung out, seemingly silencing the crowd. The massive Dragon Pokemon's glistening red wings flapped ferociously, causing the small green light particles to scatter, colliding with the steel tent, doing minor damage; leaving nothing but dents and scratches. "Beware, trainers, of Team Darkstar!" the voice called out yet again, audible to even those farthest from the long-haired presumingly male. The dark figure mounted the Salamence, and soared off into the sky at blurring speeds, away from the massive crowd of trainers invited to the Master's Tournament.

Tournament officials scurried from their positions, the Megaphones which were scattered along the Port booming with frantic voices. "Due to the interferrance and portrayal of absolute hostility we will begin boarding the vessel immediately. Security on The Master's Voyager will be tight, we are sorry for any inconvenience. Please, form a line and ready your passes, which will serve as your ticket to board the ship. Battling is strictly prohobited!

All fell silent as trainers began ascending the ramp which led to the main deck, the crowd clearing hastefully.


Chapter 2: The Master's Voyager

Shurei had reclaimed his Roselia and began moving slowly with the fluidic crowd which was entering the vessel at a steady rate. He took this time to physically assess the masses of trainers around him, taking in height, look of determination, displayal of personality. Whatever he could take in his grasps to manipulate on the battle field, weaknesses to exploit; the truly effective way of doing this was to watch those as they battled and take into account their Pokemon. Realizing that it was likely someone's appearance did not effect their capability in a battle, he returned his gaze to the male in whom he'd almost challenged who shuffled slowly towards The Master's Voyager like every other trainer, including Shurei.

"I never got your name," Shu called to the male, raising the audibility of his voice to call over the other trainers who'd erupted in a bustle of conversation and noise yet again. As the trainer turned, laying cerulean oculars upon Shurei's physique, Shu extended his hand in greeting.

"I'm Rinku," he stated rather bluntly, extending his own limb to meet Shu's, "Rinku Ishikawa. It's a shame we couldn't battle, I would have enjoyed the pure displayal of our grass type Pokemon's power."

As hand met hand, a tingling sensation shot up the back of Shu's neck as his spine felt as if it were going to disassemble joint-by-joint and that the young trainer would collapse. Was this fear? He'd never feared another trainer before, it was his zealous nature which allowed him to bypass all forms of intimidation. It couldn't have been fear. "Yea," Shu replied uneasily, withdrawing his hand and placing it in the pocket of his violet trousers, which matched the jacket, "It would have been interesting, to say the least." And now he was talking as if he were a Scientific Scholar, smooth Shurei.

Moments later, he forgot he'd yet to present his own name, the cerulean eyed trainer still providing that steadfast, suggestive gaze. As to what it suggested, Shurei hadn't a clue. "I'm Shurei Kaiba, known most commonly as Eclipse." They continued to shuffle foward, nearing fifty meters or so from the entrance ramp onto the main deck.

"Eclipse? I've heard of you, you're that crazy trainer who's just like a Solar Eclipse, bright and sunny at one moment and dark and depressing at another. But just like the astrological phenomena, you regain your cheerful and easygoing attitude," Rinku stated bluntly, almost rudely; though his oculars held a warming gaze, as if he hadn't meant it how he said it.

Shurei suddenly didn't feel too good. He'd never met another trainer who'd known where his nickname had come from, he'd immediately averted his amber gaze over the crowd yet again, providing a softly murmured, "Yea," in response to Rinku's inferrance. His fingers toyed with a stick of gum he'd had in his pocket, concentrating and folding into abstract positions as opposed to facing the male yet again. He was, if anything, embarassed, as well as slightly insulted. As to further avert his attention from confronting such matters, he began humming a familar pop-song known as "Shiki no Uta." He was off key. Rinku only blushed, turning and continuing forward without another word. Shu liked it better that way.


As young-adult Shurei Kaiba presented the movie-ticket resemblent pass which would allow him access to the ship, the massive and hulking male only shrugged him, face baring he same distraught look as all of the other tournament officials. He proceeded up the ramp and onto the main deck of the massive luxury vessel, amber oculars taking in the perimeter, before shifting his gaze to the slender female who held a megaphone, voicing the same command as if she were a broken record.

"All trainers, please proceed to the dining room for instructions, and remember: battling aboard the vessel is strictly prohobited.

Shu proceeded to the massive map of the ship somewhere off to the left of the femanine beauty clad in an unflattering business suit, standing on his tiptoes to see over the other trainers who scanned it; eager to know of the vessel's luxuries. Shu caught site of the dining room, the largest displayal on the massive glowing apparatus. Second Deck; Accessible from staircase 1A.

He began his approach, following the massive green signs which served as tools of navigation on the vessel. They looked out of place, resembling street signs or directories you'd see on a highway. I bet they won't let us battle because of the earlier attack, his mind began to wander, occupying the void of time in which it had taken him to reach the massive grand staircase which lead down into the dining room. The ceiling was massive and plate glass; it would have given a great display of the stars if the lights had been off. Shurei took one glance at the sky before descending the staircase, which was slowly blending from a darkened orange into a light navy; dusk was approaching.


The dining room was an amazing creation, a man-made facade of brilliance. Expensive chandeliers decoured with diamons and crystals descended from steel rafters which served as structural integrity. Massive redwood tables and silk comfort chairs were spread out along the marble floor; each slab depicting a different Pokemon. Many of the bohemeth tables had been filled, each only having a total of eight seats around them. Shurei began to slink through the crowd, in search of a table with trainers who looked as if they wouldn't bother him.

"Hey! Shurei, was it? I saved a seat for you!" a familar voice called from behind the trainer most commonly known as Eclipse.

Shu averted his attention, casting an amber gaze over his shoulder to the source in where the invitation had come from. Damnit.. he cursed to himself, oculars fixated upon the one who'd called him; Rinku. The trainer around his age had the same suggestive facial expression as before, causing Shu to assume it was just in the male's nature. He almost felt obliged to take the seat however, often having a guilt concience. If it was true, and Rinku had been saving it for him; he'd have felt bad. Hence, slowly taken strides carried him to the massive table, in which he'd taken a seat next to what he considered to be a rude male.

"Hey Shurei, this is Annie and Chris," Rinku said, gesturing to the two trainers who sat to the right of him; Shurei was on the left.

The female, Annie, was significantly shorter then all of them, though she seemed the oldest. Natural red hair was unkempt and frizzy, falling past the shoulder, brown eyes filled with emotion meeting Shurei's. "Pleasure, Shurei," she said with a simple nod of her head.

"Nice to meet ya," the male said. Unlike Annie, he seemed to be the youngest of the newly formed quartet of sorts. He was just shorter then Rinku, but not by much, and had strawberry blonde hair which was cut short and cropped. Freckles danced across his cheeks, furthering his youthful appearance. His voice was rather...pre-pubescent.

"Hi," Shu replied, forcing a smile. He didn't much like meeting new people, it made him feel nervous and exposed. Sometimes he'd contemplate as to whether or not he had social anxiety disorder, though it wasn't large crowds which made uncomfortable, but conversing with people he hadn't known on a frequent basis.

Rinku leaned over the expanse between him. It felt to Shurei as if every hair on his body had stood on end, the familar tingle playing across the nape of his neck. Rinku placed his hand on Shu's shoulder, and put his lips to his ear. "I'm sorry for earlier," he said, leaning back and focusing his attention on the stage in the center of the dining room. It was as decorate as everything else, raised some five or six feet from the ground, the wood panels around it depicting legendary battles which were carved into the material.

A tall, skinny man who seemed as if he could be broken in half by getting poked approached the podium, tapping the microphone. A young male followed him, with back-length platinum hair and phosphourent ruby eyes, wearing a teal and yellow colored jacket and teal pants.

"It's the current Champion of the Master's Tournament," Shu heard Annie say, leaning over to Chris. She'd whispered, but everyone had died down once the lanky man had appeared on the stage, so it was likely audible even a few tables away.

He...apologized... Shu thought, before the man's voice boomed out over the expensive speaker system which lined the rafters above the dining room. He'd have to contemplate that scenario later.

"Welcome, esteemed trainers from around the World. You've been brought here to compete in one of the most difficult tournaments ever held. The matches will be exciting and enthralling, and I guarentee even those who lose will return home feeling proud of their accomplishments. You are all the best of the best. Aside from that corny introduction, however," as the man said this, the crowd broke out into a chuckle-fit, "First I will address you of your instructions. As I'm sure you've been informed at least a thousand times by now, there will be no battling allowed on the vessel, though releasing your Pokemon is, of course, okay. Those caught battling will be expelled from the tournament and shipped back to Vermillion instantaneously upon arrival on Sakuraberry Island. Away from the threats and whatnot, tournament officials will soon be delivering to you your rooming assignments, as this trip will be overnight. We apologize but due to the masses of trainers invited, there are no private rooms; you'll be sharing with four to five people. The dining room is open until 1:00am, though we suggest you get dinner much sooner and save your energy for the events tomorrow. Feel free to explore the ship after you've found your room, most everything is open all through the morning. Thank-you."

Shurei couldn't get Rinku's apology from his mind, he'd continued to contemplate it even as the dark-suited men approached his table, providing everyone with another miniscule keycard which read a room number and also served as a key. The men were followed shortly by a waitress, who's hair was pulled back into a tight bun, a bright crimson lipsticked smile adhered to her face.

"Orders?" she questioned, and the small group which had gathered at the table he'd been seated in began responding. As she looked upon him with inquisition, he merely replied with: "Sorry, I'm not hungry." Rinku's brilliant sapphire oculars fell upon him questioningly, but moved to the waitress as she took his order, which was the last of the table.

"I'm heading to my room," he stated softly, hardly audible to even himself, though the majority of the others weren't listening anyway.

Rinku moved to grab him, but was rather unsuccessful due to the haste Shu had exhibited to retreat from the bustling room, filled now with the conversations of fellow trainers. He'd needed silence, he'd needed time to contemplate precisely what was going on. He'd followed the small, highway-road signs to the third basement floor in which his room, 304, was located. Coming to the massive crimson door, he slid the keycard into the slight and as the light turned a pale green, retrieved it, turning the handle.

The room was rather large, despite it's host to four to five people. Two bunk beds stood against the far wall, a port hole and a dresser seperating the two. Shu dropped his pack on the lower of the right bed, moving to investigate the bathroom. It, too, was rather spacy, though held a community shower. Two toilets were associated in teal-plated stalls, a massive standing shower with three nozzles in the center and a ruby-tiled floor. It was plated with glass, a small door serving as entry. Thoughts crossed his mind in which should not have been attended to, yet he couldn't seem to cause them to disappear.

Wandering to the bunk he'd signified to be his, he dropped onto the rather comfortable mattress, staring at the frame of the bed above him. He apologized... he continued to repeat the thought over and over again, if only to abolish that of which he'd come upon due to witnessing the shower.


The two nude males stood in the center of the glass shower, water spraying from each nozzel, steam rising from the ceramic-tile flooring. Their hands caressed one another, bodies entwining in a sweet embrace as lips met in a subtle yet quick kiss.

Rinku looked beautiful, his blonde hair tassled due to the weight of the water, the steam causing sapphire oculars to radiate. Shu envied such beauty, feeling obligated to meet lips again; and such happened. His hands were moving about as if they were exploring a new world, a soft and shimmering universe of skin and beauty. Both had seemed to be suffering from thermal expansion, however -

The beeping signified the door having been unlocked, three people entering the room, having woken Shu up. He regarded them with a distorted gaze, still heavy from sleep; or the lack thereof. "Rinku?" he questioned.

"Shurei!" he responded, "We got a room together! You, Annie, Chris, and Myself!" He seemed excited, yet...hesitant.
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Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Lets start with the Prologue.

It's fur was a dark navy which could have been mistaken for black, several pink apparatus portruding from it's behind and a single-feather resemblent extension from the left portion of it's skull.

Sneasel! I personally love that thing. Anyways, it should be 'its' not it's. But so far I love the description and effort you're putting into the story.

Nyuura darted forward, bringing it's right claw down harshly upon it. What was a cluttered tent shattered into thousands of fragments, instantaneously beginning to melt in the summer sun, which had cleared the horizon.

That's one heck of a flashy way to destroy a tent, but I liked it. And overall, I find this story to be very well written - well, not overall, it is well written. The mistake was minor, and a type of one that everyone makes, and easily missed by a read over. You definitely have something going with the story, and I'll keep an eye on it.
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Previously Iota
Not bad. Although I haven't read this completely properly, (it was more of a skim, really) I am liking it. I like the way you have explored the feelings going through Shurei realisticly, not stupidly like these things can be done. I'm assuming that there is going to be something going on between him and Rinku. I hope the rest of your writing handles the issues present with some dignity.

Overall, not any spelling mistakes I could find in my skimming, nor any grammar mistakes. However, if I do find any, I'll edit my post after I have read it more thouroughly.



Woot, finished Chapter 2. Hope ya'll like, there's going to be some strange twists in this upcoming chapter, keep on the look-out, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Previously Iota
Shurei_Kaiba said:
Woot, finished Chapter 2. Hope ya'll like, there's going to be some strange twists in this upcoming chapter, keep on the look-out, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Don't you mean Chapter 3, considering chapter 2 is ^up there^?



HG: Haha, no, I Chapter 2 was still under construction, so I left it alone while I worked on other things, then came back and finished it. XD


I love this. The description, the vocabulary, the everything. Well almost. Anyway, this is relatively original except for the tournament thing. Sneasel is a great Pokemon to use, and surprisingly not used much along with rosilia. Well I will definitely keep reading this one. I did find one mistake in chapter 2.

which made uncomfortable

Should be which made him uncomfortable.
Well great job again.
jirachiman out ;385;


Yea, I typed CHapter 2 really quickly, didn't even check over it for errors =/ You'll have to excuse them, and thank-you =)


Chapter 3: Contemplation, Confusion, and Conflict!/The Eternal Embrace

Shu 's current half-asleep stasis was cured instantaneously upon Rinku's arrival, causing him to sit up in a single jolting motion, struggling to pull the sheets over his bare chest. He'd taken his shirt off sometime before he'd laid down to rest, which is when he'd dozed off due to intense contemplation. It'd always made him feel tired and drowsy. Shurei's amber oculars watched as Rinku veered off to the bathroom, and tried to subdue the insuing recollection of the dream. "So, Annie, was it? We all got rooms together?" Shu asked, leaning over the side of the bed to retrieve his shirt, and being hasty to tug it over his shoulders.

"Yea, about that," she responded, her simple brown eyes gazing towards the door as if to assure it was closed and Rinku was inside. "I need to go for a walk, come with me, will you, Shu?"

Before the name had been said, Chris had been ready to accompany Annie; but reared back hearing Shurei's name, emitting a low-pitched hmph as he dropped his backpack on the top-bunk across from Shu's.

"Uh, sure.." Shurei responded, rising out of the bed; not bothering to put on shoes. His slender form rose with a practiced ease from the bottom bunk, careful not to hit his head on the bed frame above him. Annie hadn't said anything, simply opened the massive door and awaited Shu, who was checking the pants of his pocket for the room key. "Where we going?" he inquired softly, hardly audible as it seemed Annie were in a hurry to escape the room before Rinku had left the bathroom.

"Just for a walk," she responded hastily, grasping Shu once he'd gotten close enough and shoving him out the doorway, closing it behind her as quietly as possible. "This way," she said, dragging him through the hallway towards the staircase which lead to the main deck. "We need to talk about something," she continued to speak inaudibly, even though they'd left the room. Shurei didn't know what to assume, he only followed obediently, more or less due to being dragged.

"About what?" he asked in his pubescent tone, nearly stumbling up the stairs trying to keep up with her, attempting to wiggle about his arm and free the wrist she'd latched on to. Tresses of deep forest hair were obstructing his gaze, digits of his opposing hand moving to readjust them with an overall lck of success.

Annie stopped midway up the staircase, glancing in both directions as if to reassure herself no one was coming. She pinned Shu against the wall, deep brown eyes gazing unto his own amber hued oculars. "Rinku," she spoke in a whisper, pressing her lips against his right ear.

The entire ordeal had made him rather uncomfortable. He hadn't dictated his sexual orientation completely yet, but attempted to refuse the greater of it to all but those he was most attracted to; when girls got too close he'd always get nervous in having to verbally dictate that he simply didn't like their gender. However, the mention of Rinku's name caused his gaze to avert to the opposing stairway wall, fixated upon it, mind deep in contemplation. He stumbled over words as his chest locked up, but managed to respond: "What...about him?" he paused in between, in an attempt to swallow the lump which had built in his throat. As Annie continued to close in, he could feel her plump breasts pushing against his check, causing him to feel even more uncomfortable, flush gathering on his cheeks as sweat beaded down his face.

"He asked to trade with someone to get the same room as you," she responded softly, quietly.

Her breathing caused the hair on the back of Shu's neck to rise, and in accompany with the statement he'd just been provided with, his skin began to tingle and his heart began to flutter. Yet again, he found himself struggling to speak. "Maybe...he did it for you guys?" Shu had no idea what had come over Annie, she'd exhibited herself in a way he'd never seen anyone else do so.

She'd finally backed off, a devious grin implanted upon her face. "Now that the jist of it has passed, we can continue on like normal people. Come," she said, ascending the staircase. Apparently, she'd only executed the previous actions as to promote a covert appearance, to keep wandering ears away. Shu'd automatically assumed she'd found this entire situation embarassing in some way, why else would she have been so...close?

"He hadn't even seen the rooms we got, after recieving his card he immediately went off to trade it with someone else, by pure luck, he'd found someone who had friends in the room Rinku had been assigned. He did it because he wanted to be with you," she hadn't finished yet, but paused, simple brown eyes gazing to the right and left as they reached the top of the staircase, likely in contemplation as to where they'd go next. She chose the path to the left, which led to the outer deck. Seaspray was coming over the board of the ship, damping their skin and hair. "Now what I want to know, is why he did that?" she finished, her voice much more serious, almost monotonous, as if she were demanding he answer liably.

Shu didn't know what to say, he truly hadn't know of such things. He hadn't even known why Rinku would have wanted a room with him anyway, earlier he seemed so cruel, so uncaring and cold. Why? Why? He told me I was a freak, more or less, then apologized. Now he's trading key cards to be roomed with me? What's going on! The dream, oh no, does he-

"Well?" Annie demanded.

"I don't know!" Shu responded in a harsh audible tone, which caused Annie to rear back slightly, as if she expected him to hit her. Shu sighed a simple apology, averting his gaze to the slightly moist wooden deck, his mind continuing to wander through the vast abyss of possibilities. "I'm sorry, I don't know..." he continued, speaking more to himself then anyone.

Annie 's lips curled into a smirk as she enclosed about Shu yet again, pinning him to the railing with her arms about his waist, latched on to the steel support behind him. "Good, because he's mine." With that, she turned and headed back towards the staircase, and likely the room.

Shu just sat exactly where he was, slumping down onto the ground, the bottom of his pants getting soaked with seaspray. Stupid fangirl, he thought, obviously feeling rage over the situation, Just because she likes him doesn't mean she has to get up in my face like that. She basically threatened me.

He sat there for roughly five minutes, more or less repeating the same thing over and over in his head, before frail digits grasped the rail and he lifted himself up, shaking his wet hair as if it would help anything. He was soaked, to say the least, covered in seaspray so thick it was as if it had just stormed. Yet as he glanced down the deck, he'd noticed that the portion in which he'd sat was the only place the spray had affected. Well don't rain on my parade he thought as he headed towards the staircase, contemplating whether ot not going back to the room would be safe, or rather, wise. Yet his clothes were wet, and he'd need to change or else he'd catch cold. His grandmother would have told him that.

It was at times like this he missed her, all alone on a luxury cruiseliner with no true friends in sight. He could unload his problems on her and she'd talk to him as if she'd simply brushed them all away, inevitably making him feel better. Yet, she was back in Ecruteak, and he was somewhere in the ocean heading for an island he'd never before heard of. Things seemed hectic, he'd almost wished he'd lose early on in the tournament, so that he could return home. Yet as such thoughts occured, he'd remembered why he'd become a trainer, why he could never finish anything in his life, why he was criticized as lazy and unimportant. He'd become a trainer to show everyone he'd had a meaning in life, and so far he'd done an exceptional job proving them all wrong.

Before he'd known it, he'd been at room 304, standing hesitantly outside the door. Releasing a sigh, he slid the card in just as before, and withdrew it when the light turned a pale green. Entering the room, he'd noticed it was bare, void of all human-life. A backpack sat on every bed, certain things having been unpacked; in the time he'd been out, roughly ten minutes, everyone had up and left to find other things to do. It was almost depressing, until he'd remembered Annie's harsh confrontation.

He made his way to the bottom right bunk, sitting down on the thin yet amazingly comfortable mattress while struggling to get his soaking shirt off. He tossed it in the corner to be tended to later, white unbuttoning his pants and pulling them off, along with the boxer-briefs he'd worn underneath. If someone had come in now, it'd have been mighty embarassing, hence he dug through his backpack for a new outfit, and more importantly, underwear, so that he wasn't simply standing their nude. He'd fished out a pair of white boxer-briefs and tugged them on, eager to find the rest of his apparel, still feeling a bit uncomfortable and exposed.

After a minute or so from rummaging through the backpack, he'd come upon a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a simple black T-shirt, along with an olive canvas belt and flipflops of the same color. He was quick to put it all on, and as he tugged the shirt over his shoulders, the beeping lock sounded and the door opened, the one who'd introduced himself as Chris standing in the doorway.

"Hey," he called, moving to his bunk and backpack, retrieving a small cellular phone from the front pocket before turning over his shoulder to regard Shu, "We're all on the main deck watching the Pokemon Show, you should come!" he said, turning and walking out of the room with as much haste as he'd entered.

What the hell is a Pokemon Show? Shu questioned himself silently, replacing the mass of items he'd dug out of his backpack to find the clothes in their designated spots. And why would I want to go, Annie'll be there, and I have a feeling she'll just give me dirty looks the entire time. A smile at me sincerely, as if it had never happened, but her eyes would still suggest that I keep away from Rinku. Gah, b*tch! That's it, I'm going!

With that, he gathered his keycard and exited the room, heading for the main deck.


When Shurei arrived at the main deck courtesy of the armada of highway-esque directory signs, a maze of massive staircases, and the loud cheers in the distance, he immediately felt claustrophobic. The deck was massive, yet crowded and packed with trainers, most standing on the tips of their toes to peer over those in front of him. He stood back, simply taking in everything, fearing he might just faint from the activity. The occasional outburst of cheers meant something of amusment was occuring, yet he wasn't interested. As he wandered closer to the crowd, he caught a glimpse of Annie, Chris, and Rinku off to the right. Almost instantaneously, he ducked, as if they were attempting to kill him.

"Hi!" a shrill voice came from above him. As he looked up, he'd witnessed a slender and curvy girl around his age and roughly five feet four inches. She had jaw-length aqua hair and acidic yellow oculars, yet she was femanine, dressed in a fluent Hawaii-esque skirt of navy with a white floral design and a matching wrap top which exposed her flat stomach and shimmering belly-button ring. "What are ya doin' down there?" she asked with a soft giggle, her facial expression amused, yet her cheeks flushed.

Oh no.. Shu said, rising and casting a glance at Rinku over his shoulder, before returning his gaze to the female. He'd known where this was going, it'd happened several times before and usually ended in verbal harassment or a slap across the face. "I dropped something," he lied, yet his voice held such a nonchalant tone it'd have been impossible to determine such.

"Ah, what'd you drop?" she asked, her sapphire-caked lips curling into a cheerful smile as her acidic orbs watched, as if she were attempting to penetrate his soul.

"Just my room key," he responded, amazed in his ability to make up such obscenities so easily. Yet again, he averted his gaze, more subtly this time, to lay eyes upon Rinku, as well as Annie, who stood near the front of the crowd. They both didn't look happy, and they definitely weren't excited.

"Ah, silly!" she said, patting him on the arm.

He moved back slightly as she'd touched him, desperate for a way out of the entire ordeal, yet as quickly as he could lie he could not find an excuse. "Yea, that's me," he responded with a fake chuckle, "I'm a total dimwit."

"Aw, but I think dimwit's are so cute!" she squealed, advancing in on him with an intentful gaze. "What's your name?" she asked with another laugh which sounded so very cliche.

Yet again, he glanced over his shoulder, catching a quick glimpse of his retreat from this mess. Rinku had began making his way out of the crowd, and at the moment Shu didn't care exactly what it was he was leaving for. "Oh, look, it's Rinku! Hey, I have to go, it was nice meeting you!" he said, turning and darting off, leaving the girl standing there with an angered look upon her face.

"Jerk," she responded, hardly audible to Shu.

As he caught up, he was immediately weary of Annie, though he caught sight of her still within the crowd, watching what Shu saw was the trainers displaying how beautiful or tough their Pokemon appeared. It seemed pathetic, judging visually as opposed to battle-wise. He'd never understood coordinators, it was simply pretty lights and tricks; nothing required for a real battle. "Hey, Rinku!" he called as he caught up, causing the boy to turn, lips curling into a smile.

"I was just about to go look for you," he said, his voice seeming different; as if everything he'd said had actually gained meaning, emotion. "Chris said he invited you, Annie didn't like that much," he said with a soft laugh, signalling to follow.

"I don't think she cares for me much," Shu responded with an uneasy chuckle, happy that Rinku was searching for him, yet upset about Annie. "So where are we going?" he asked as they descended a staircase, taking in his surroundings. It looked familar, but nearly every staircase seemed the same, and the ship was massive; hence hadn't the slightest clue where he was.

Rinku obviously did however, moving with haste down hallways and staircases. "Back to the room," he responded. He hadn't even had to look at one of the strange, phosphourent green directional signs. "I don't like large crowds much, and Annie's being...weird." The latter statement seemed uneasy, as if he were hesitant on saying such things, like she was around at the moment. As they came upon the room, Rinku inserted the key and opened the door as if he'd done it a thousand times. "I think she's upset because I took the bunk above yours, now I've got to go to the bathroom!" he said, moving to the door on the left and slamming it shut.

Shu moved to his bunk, taking a seat on the thin mattress with a sigh. He chose the bunk above mine? What's going on, I can't read him at all, I'm lost. I don't know what to think, gah! he thought, watching the light coming through the slit underneath the bathroom door which slightly illuminated the dark room in which the night sky outside the porthole provided no light. It had gotten suddenly light as the bathroom door opened and Rinku exited, flicking off the switch, the room covered in darkness.

He was silent for a moment, but then he spoke, his voice almost trembling, "Hey Shu, can I ask you a question?"

Rinku seemed nervous, scared even. His pitch was much lighter, more subtle, and hardly audible despite the silence. The only sound within the room was the quiet radiation of the waves colliding with the hull. "Sure," Shu responded, actually unsure of what was coming.

"Are you gay?"

Shu didn't know how to respond. It sounded as if Rinku had forced the question out without thought, and as he heard the slightly younger, smaller male shift uneasily, he'd immediately known this was as awkward a situation for him as it was for Shu. He contemplated telling Rinku the truth, that yes, he was gay, he did like boys as opposed to girls; but he was curious of Rinku's intent, where this would go. Would it end up with Rinku confessing his sexuality or result in offensive slang and bashing. Without hesitation, he responded, hoping for the best: "Yes."

Rinku was silent for a while afterwards, his breathing heavier then usual. It appeared his intentions were not bashing, yet they were still undistinguishable. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Rinku continued. "Do you think I'm attractive?"

Shu was almost insulted, he could feel his blood boiling. "That's all you wanted to kno-" he was cut off as Rinku's soft lips pressed against his own, and suddenly he was swept away. This world no longer mattered, this life, as long as this kiss could live forever he'd have no problems in life.

But then problems came. The door swung open, and Annie stood in the center as the light cast a shadow over his curvy physique. Without a word, she slammed the door. Shu didn't even know if Rinku noticed, as his arms bound about Shu's waist, who put his arms about Rinku's neck. It was to be the eternal embrace.


Previously Iota
Brillint chapter. Excellent portrayal of the romance between Rinku and Shurei, the jealously of Annie, hck, even the part with Chris not getting chosen to go for a walk with Annie. Something here is screaming love triangle, but more like a square. Rinku and Shurei, then Annie likes Rinku and I have a sneaky suspiciopon that Chris likes Annie.

On the subject of Annie; that as funny when she walked in on the two of them kissing. XD Keep the writing up.



Chapter 4: Rumors Ruin Relationships || Annie's Revenge!​

The young trainer Shurei Kaiba awoke the next morning, around roughly what he'd assumed to be five o'clock in the morning. Rolling from his left side, which faced the wall, to the right; he meant to gaze at the small alarm clock associated within the room for the purposes of the trainers; yet such view was obstructed. His heart sunk as a smile crossed his lips, oculars adjusting to give way to the half-nude Rinku who slept beside him on the miniscule twin-sized mattress, curled into a semi-fetal position and still sleeping calmly.

Shu could hear him breathing, soft and slowly, thoughts of last night erupting into his concious state as he suddenly felt okay; as if everything in the world and his past could have been cured by this one person. Deep inside he fought such feelings, his more serious side attempting to shove them away and deeming them naive, but such affection could not be thwarted by such pessimistic thoughts. He leaned over the smaller boy's lithe frame, planting a soft dry kiss on his cheek before struggling to climb over the male to get out of bed, without waking him up. He was successful, bare feet padding a gainst the finished wooden floor that decoured all of the cabins.

He let a stray gaze travel to the bed Chris and Annie were to have slept on, yet neither rested in such a place. Shu wondered whether or not they'd even returned last night, their sheets in pristine condition as if they hadn't been touched. The clock read 5:03, which gave the young trainer ample time to get ready for today's opening ceremony, and even to wake Rinku up with a soft kiss and a delivered breakfast courtesy a la Ship's delivery service. He pulled down the only piece of clothing he wore, a pair of boxers, and danced into the bathroom; the happiest he'd ever been.

As he readied a towel and clothes from his bag, hand idly turning on only one of the shower nozzles; he'd contemplated how wonderful it would have been if they could shower together. He wouldn't bother Rinku with such idiocy, however, but instead let him rest and reflect on the previous nights happenings. Stepping into the massive glass-bound shower with it's three heads, shivers and goosebumps covered the lengths of his body. The tiles cold... he thought idly, without a care on his mind. He only enjoyed the steaming water which coursed down his body and the soft suds which scrubbed all of the stress Annie had placed upon him away.

Oh sh*t he cursed to himself, dropping the shampoo in shock. Annie! She saw us! Good feelings suddenly hidden behind an emotional barrier of worry. What would she do? Kill him? Such was unlikely. Squirting some of the strange ivory liquid into his palm he worked it into his hair, What if she kills herself? he continued in pondering. No, that won't happen either. Maybe I should disregard her threats, he came to the conclusion fast, the smile forming dimples in his cheeks yet again. Yea, I love him alright. But...should I tell him? Would it be too fast? Maybe he was just curious. Wait, I was just curious; and anymore I know these things for fact. Will he love me back?

Before he'd known it the second nozzle had turned on, and Rinku's semi-nude body was exposed on the other side of the steamy glass which encased the shower. "Hey, sleepy-head," Shurei called over the sound of the cascading water against the cold tile.

"Good morning!" Rinku replied, tugging down his own olive-shaded boxers and crawling into the shower and beginning to soap himself.

Shu flushed, fighting a certain 'thermal expansion', an effect most boys had when confronted with such a situation, yet wondered if Rinku was having the same problem. He managed to calm himself, turning his head over his shoulder while simultaneously scrubbing his shoulderblades, "You know, I dreamt about this last night after dinner." Shu hadn't known why he'd exposed such information, it causing him to blush forward.

Rinku didn't turn, only followed suit by glancing over his shoulder, the two back-to-back. "I'm flattered," he said, somewhat uneasily, yet it held a tinge of passion.

Shurei turned to face Rinku after washing the shampoo and conditioner two-in-one from his forest green tresses of hair, wrapping his arms around the boy's shoulders. "I'm flattered, too. You're showering with me," he whispered, catching glance of Rinku's lower half and emitting a soft giggle. It gave way to exactly why the other male had spoken so uneasily; for his inability to cease his own case of thermal expansion.

As their lips met both were overcome with chills; not from fear, but from excitement.

Butterflies danced in Shu's stomach as he heard Rinku speak almost inaudibly, "This feels so good." It was subtle, hardly a whisper. Shurei had no doubt that Rinku intended for him to hear it, though, and it was an immediate boost of confidence, of his emotions and affection which had developed so hastily.

"Yea," Shu responded, but as his amber oculars caught sight of a subtle flash and Annie's form in the bathroom doorway holding only a Polaroid and a developing picture, he couldn't help but mutter: "Good feelings gone."

Rinku had seen it as well, but this time he couldn't ignore it. "Oh no..." he muttered, shoving Shu backwards and darting out of the shower while quickly wrapping a towel around him, grabbing his clothes and hastily tugging on boxers and a pair of white-washed jeans with a brown T-shirt, along with a leather, high-fashion Pokeball Belt.

Shu had no choice but to pursue, his mind wouldn't let him do otherwise; his curiousity dwelled as to what Annie was intending, and what Rinku was thinking and more importantly, what he was feeling. He mocked the younger male's movements, drying himself quickly and throwing on his clothing, which was specially chosen for today's opening events. Such consisted primarily of a black button up shirt which hugged his ribcage and boot-flare khaki pants; as well as his Pokeball Belt. "Rinku!" he called as the other male exited the bathroom, and as he followed, all he saw was the boy shoving his belongings in his backpack as hastefully as humanly possible. "What? What is it, what don't I understand?"

"What if she shows people?!" he screamed, looping the straps of his pack over his shoulder and turning, sapphire gaze meeting Shu's own amber oculars.

He didn't know what to say, he hadn't even considered it. The need to show his affection felt so strong, that he didn't even care any longer. He'd endure the harassment, the slang terms, he just wanted to be entwined with Rinku forever in that eternal embrace. "So what?" he said, slightly audible yet not quite a scream.

Rinku headed towards the door, pushing Shu aside, yet turning to seemingly get in a final dictation. "I can't be like this, Shurei. I can't be gay, I can't like guys. Other people don't like people like that, and I can't be hated. I have to stop her, and you have to stay away." He turned and opened the door, slamming it behind him with a massive and highly audible thud.

What just happened...

A tear caressing the cheek of the heartbroken. A soul shattered by love, or something like it.


Shurei no longer strode confidently, his steps were shortly taken and stunted. His breath was soft, his gaze averted from the massive crowd he weaved through. The ship had docked at the port on Sakuraberry Island, and everyone was eager to get to the small building associated in the beautiful glistening bay for information on the tournament.

Every now and then, Shu caught the word Faggot and the occasional Queer directed in his direction, yet he only continued on.

I guess Rinku failed. Why can't he just be himself? Why do other people matter? Why did Annie have to ruin things?! He slammed his fist into the aisle wall before he'd been exposed to the starboard deck and the unloading ramp. His actions caused the trainers around him to back away with subtle glances, even the ones who'd been insulting him along the way. Why?! Why must I find the one thing, the one person that brings me peace of mind and then have it all immediately and instantaneously ruined after ONE NIGHT?!

Luckily enough, there were no longer walls in which he could hit, amber eyes glancing at his already bruising knuckles. The wall surely hadn't taken damage, but his fist had; yet somehow it felt good. I need a battle, I need something to get my mind off of this... he continued in contemplation, ascending the ramp to find a familar face awaiting him below.

"Hey..." the figure called, waving a hand as if Shurei hadn't seen him.

Shu could tell by Chris' facial expression that he'd already heard, yet why would he wait for him? Coming upon the rather young, short male, he only regarded him with a blatant and subtle curiousity. He didn't greet Chris, didn't say a word to be precise; only watched, awaiting the slang, the insults, or even worse: the questions.

"Annie told me-"

"Stop." It was a command, Shurei was angry; he could spontaneously combust at any moment and destroy everything around him, filled with rage and disgust, remoarse and depression. Thoughts ran rampant on his mind, thoughts he couldn't control, thoughts of betrayal, thoughts of love, thoughts of losses. He couldn't stop as hard as he tried, nothing would cease this endless harassment which was caused by his own inability to cease contemplation.

"I just...want to help," Chris muttered, slightly worried and somewhat scared. His hands fidgeted in the pockets of his black cargo pants, as if they were squeezing something to release tension.

Shurei let his gaze fall upon Chris' own, their eyes locked. The younger male was nothing physically special. Freckles danced across his cheeks and his eyes were an off shade of blue-green, completely unflattering. Yet deep within him was a sorrow, as if he were hurting just as Shu was. Yet such thoughts were immediately thwarted as the word Fudgepacker eminated from behind him, causing Shu to turn and grace the foolish male trainer with a glare of unfathomable proportions. "Shut UP!"

Chris grabbed Shu's arm, pulling him into the crowd, as if trying to get him away from the harassment. "Listen, I know you don't want to hear any of this but we're alike in one way or another." After considering what he'd said, he seemed to fumble to clarify, "I mean, I'm not gay or anything. But Annie likes Rinku, and you like Rinku, and Rinku likes you; but does Mike like Annie?"

The question had almost confused Shu in his furious upheavel, "What?" Yet as he thought over it for a few more moments, he responded accordingly; lying, of course. "I don't know, and I don't care. Not about him, or not about her. I'm only here to win."

"You know that's bullshit. It's like me trying to deny the fact that I'm in love with Annie. Yea, I'm sure you knew. I'm sure she knew, but did she care? No. I want to help you, but I want you to help me. I think Rinku likes you, you know? He traded a goddamn key card to get the same room as you even before he knew we were in it. It's undeniable!" Chris seemed frantic, speaking far too loud considering the people around them.

Shu felt somewhat vulnerable and exposed as the gazes of the crowd fell upon the two. "Apparently, Chris, he doesn't. I can't help you, and face it, you can't help me. Now go away," Shurei scowled, weaving out into the crowd to get away from the younger trainer, ignoring the words he spoke afterwards. He took the longest and most strenuous path to enter the massive building which would serve as an address hall, only one thought on his mind.

Does he love me like I love him?
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That was so beautiful and so sad... You are such a great writer! Right now, I want to squash Annie's head even though she's not real! You poured so much emotion into that story that my jaw dropped- I cannot wait for the next one. Please keep writing wonderful chapters and stories like these!


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This chapter was pure excellence, SK. I know Shurei is based on you, but I hope this experience isn't based on a true story, because that would just be sick. I hate Anna so much. It may sound stupid, but I hate Rinku too. I know too many people that are exactly like both Annie and Rinku. Annie, the stupid spoiled brat who has to have everything her own way and if she can't then she'll ruin it for everyone else. Rinku, the love of Shurei's life; yet can't even handle abuse that the rest of the gay community has to handle every day, yet he's special and can't be hated by people. I really need to keep reading this story just to see how it turns out. It's gone beyond Pokémon for me; now all I care about is seeing what becomes of Shurei and Rinku.

A question here. With Rinku, why did you suddenly start calling him Mike at the end. And who's Nobu?

Shurei Kaiba said:
Nobu had no doubt that Rinku intended for him to hear it,

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So...for everyone's viewing pleasures, I have pictures of what the characters all generally look like.

That would be Shurei.

And Rinku, 'cept he doesn't dress like that XD

Chapter 5 should be up by the end of the night.
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I like the look of Shurei :p. And Rinku ain't half bad either. You still haven't said why you changed Rinku's name at the end of the chapter.



Without a Friend || The Tournament Begins!

Shurei had entered the massive Pokemon Center resemblant building rather hastefully in order to evade Chris' acquisitions. Oculars scanned the perimeter and took in it's qualities, giving thoughts which he hoped would thwart his wandering mind which continued to feed him images and memories of the past night on the vessel, The Master's Voyager. Though the building was rather large in composition, at least the first floor having been roughly three-thousand five hundred square feet, trainers were packed in and around the small stage situated in the center of the building. Young Shurei Kaiba had felt immediately clostrophobic.

The amount of noise was incomprehendible, the crowd roaring in conversation, the occasional laugh here, the frequent argument there. It seemed to Shurei that the trainers were eager for battle, having had to go an entire night with the inability to flaunt their Pokemon due to no-battle rules associated with the massive cruise liner which was currently at the port being refueled.

The past day had seemed like an eternity of events of which Shurei no longer wanted to remember. As where Rinku was in a stage of a different form of denial, Shurei was depriving his own heart of something else; love, feelings, memories. He refused to allow himself to remember anything besides the words Rinku had spoke. "I can't be like you!" It rung through his head and almost brought tears to his eyes as he stood idly and immobile amidst the crowd of people, eyes fixated upon the stage associated in the center. Only moments later the lights dimmed and metal steel apparatus' closed over the windows, basking the room in darkness save for the single light which resided upon the stage near the microphone podium, in which the same man who'd addressed the vessel approached, accompanied by the former Master's Tournament Champion.

"Welcome, trainers all, to Sakuraberry. I hope you enjoyed the voyage across the sea as well as I had, and more importantly, I hope you're all ready to compete in the World's most renowned tournament, ranking higher in difficulty then even the Pokemon League!" The masses of trainers broke out into a wild and rampant cheer, before the chairman and host of the tournament cleared his throat, the noise dying down. "The tournament begins today with the preliminary line-ups. There are precisely two-hundred and forty trainers present, by tomorrow only one-hundred and twenty of you will remain. The first round is a double battle match, in which two trainers will be paired together and will combat against two other trainers, choosing one Pokemon each. The team to win advances to the next round, the team to lose is shipped home early in the morning; it's that vital that you're prepared. Now, I'd like to introduce he who cannot be desribed with words, the current Master's Tournament Champion, Ryuuri Yamato!"

The masses of trainers broke out into applause yet again as the slender male approached the microphone, coming into the greater light provided by the massive beam coming down from the ceiling. It causes his platinum hair to shimmer vibrantly as it danced across his forehead, ruby oculars glazing over the crowd before he began speaking.

"I personally would like to welcome you all, and wish you all the best of luck. I have been instructed to inform you on the rules of the preliminary match-ups as well as stadium types and other miscellaneous intricicies. I'll start with regulations. Trainers must be present and on time or it signifies an immediate disqualification, giving the win to the challenger. Once a Pokemon is chosen in battle, it cannot be switched at any time unless it is knocked out. And lastly, sportsmanship is recommended, no one likes a bitter loser. Battles will take place on six different fields. Grass, Water, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Clay. You should all be familar with these stadiums as they are standardized in the Pokemon League. Trainers may not battle on Sakuraberry Island unless it is a match-up specified by the tournament. Doing so will result in disqualification. Also, trainers will not be allowed out of the housing units after ten PM due to the recent attack at Vermillion City; again, doing so will result in prompt disqualification. I will see one of you in the championship battle, until then: Au Revoir."

Everyone broke out into applause yet again as the lights flicked back on, the metal apparatus' being removed from the windows, allowing illumination to flow through their glass panes. Shurei couldn't help but contemplate the nature of the current champion. He was physically attractive yet he spoke like a drone, his voice prepubescent as if he were unusually young. It was a curious situation, to say the least. Such pondering halted as he sighted Rinku only several feet in front of him, moving through the crowd to one of the massive displays which showed the pairings for the tournament. Shu quickly maneuvered backwards and began snaking towards a display much further from the one Rinku was heading too.

It took him a moment to reach the massive illuminated display case which showed the faces of the many trainers present as well as their pairings and their opponents, along with battle time. As his amber eyes caught sight of his partner, he felt as if he were going to puke. Sweat began to bead down his face as he stared at the picture of himself and the long-haired female who was next to such, not quite believing what he'd seen.

His partner in the tournament was to be Annie, and there was nothing he could do about it. In the distance he heard her shrill scream, the word "What?!" eminating through the crowd. The battle was to begin in two hours, Shu was going to make it a point not to interact with the female until then.

Why me...


(More coming for this chapter.)


My Praise

I have nothing but praise for the chapters you write man. You are definitly a breath of fresh air. with this story.

The relationship is excellent, the story is well written, the characters seem real...it's like i'm viewing this all through my own eyes. I rarely feel like that when reading 3rd person.

Please keep writing.


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I havent read much of this yet, but Im definitely going to watch this story. Keep it up. ^^