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Did an experience change your views towards a certain Pokemon?

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Did an event occur which lead to you looking at a Pokemon differently than before? For example, I had a close friend who really liked Azumarill, but now we're not friends anymore and I see bitterness when I look at Azumarill.


When I was little I had pokemon cards, I let my brother use some of my cards granted he DID NOT ante my Tangela. He did. And he lost. Now, that didn't change anything about how much I <3 Tangela, but, one of my friends gave me a charizard, and another gave me a Charmander and Charmeleon. They are easily my favorite starters, and some of my favorite pokemon now. :)
I still hate my brother for losing my Tangela.
Someone on SerebiiForums said Lileep's tentacles look like penises.
I now refuse to use it.


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I started liking Darmanitan after using one in Pokémon Conquest. Its Fire Blast is devastating. Plus, the design isn't that bad...

I'll probably use one when I start a new game in my Black or Black 2 versions.


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I didn't really like Sawsbuck, but I took a trip to the local park and got into photographing the stags there, and now I always have to have one in my party. XD Sad, but true. Loveee them now. <3


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There's always some really ugly Pokemon in a Gen that I say I'll never use.

And then I use them and I wind up loving them. Happens every time.


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Never cared much for the swoobat line, reminded me too much of zubat. That is until, I unintentionally used a swoobat in the Elite 4 and it ended up saving me.


I never used piplup ingame ever. Then I saw piplup up and away and I went AWESOME. It also made me love draco meteor. Come to think of it I really watched DP out of order.


Lorelei's Apprentice
After seeing Giovanni's Beedrill kick Lance's Dragon pokemon's butts in the manga, I think it's one of the most badass pokemon ever. Through the manga I also learned to appreciate underrated pokemon like Raticate and Doduo more.


Gentle Giant
Cacturne. I read A fanfic called total pokemon island and the way he auther portrayed him just made me want to have one on my team. If your interested look it up.


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Ooh, I forgot, which I probably shouldn't have. I used to have a dog that looked very similar to Granbull, so I make it tradition in each game to get myself a Male Granbull and name it after my dog. Then I use it for contests etc, so he's gonna be a movie star this time around by the looks of it. I'm sad, I know, but I never really gave much thought to Granbull before my dog died. Still need to get one for B2. >.<

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I didn't like the Roggengola line from the start, but when I began using one and saw that it had potential to be on my team as pretty much a powerhouse, I began to use it. ^_^ Now I like it :3 seeing Ash get a Roggengola in the anime as well and using it in battle is cool :p Powerful ^_^


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^ignores^ i didn't plan on training a cottonee until somebody recommended them on my RMT thread.they are now my favorite pokémon:]
Ever since level-grinding for my Zubat in SS, I've grown fond of Crobat. Used to diss 'em because of... Well, you should know why.
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