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Did an experience change your views towards a certain Pokemon?

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I've never really liked fire pokemon until GF upgrade them w/ neat DW abilities like Ninetails and Blaziken.

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Liepards. I thought they'd be nice at first. Nice Spd, decent offenses. 1st blow to that thought: every Liepard spams Fake Out. 2nd and final blow: their tiny puddle of a movepool doesn't allow much, hence common Fake Out.

On a more teeth-grinding scale, Mew. Back in the days, I was the one using Mew and glitched up movesets against friends. Now that I taught said glitches and said friends are using them against ME, that pink floating thing doesn't look so awesome anymore.

On an awesomeness upgrade, ANYTHING with Mimic/Assist in Generation IV games. ... Okay, almost everything. Delcatty will always remain a waste of Pokemon slot. But Infernape with Eruption or Weavile with Fusion Bolt rocks.
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Pretty much all of Generation 5. hahaha The games came out and poof! New favorite gen, despite hating it. xD

Anyways. I'd say the biggest change of experience is Garbodor. I used to hate the thing, despite loving Gen 5. I listen to a Pokemon Podcast called It's Super Effective! and the host really liked Garbodor for a time. Seeing someone actually like him made me kind of take a step back and try to evaluate the Pokmeon, give him a chance. And I really like him. Decent battle-wise, better set up-wise. He's like this big, giant, ugly teddy bear. Misunderstood.


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The competitive scene; the list of which of my views changed is massive.


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Roggenrola. I used to despise them... they were pretty much Geodude with sturdy. Then I saw the anime and found the little rock to be kinda cute.
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