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Did an experience change your views towards a certain Pokemon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Hilda, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Nyarlathotep

    Nyarlathotep Eldritch Abomination

    The same happened with me, except it was with Roggenrola/Boldore instead of Sceptile.
  2. Hilda

    Hilda Well-Known Member

    Ash did the same thing with Gliscor.
  3. I wonder what's your reaction when you see Krookodile.

  4. Hilda

    Hilda Well-Known Member

    It doesn't butter me too much, because I see a crocs snout area.
  5. HetaOni

    HetaOni Chesaught

    I used to think Wartortle was cute but when I met my best friend who's OC is a Wartortle,it became one of my favorite Pokemon.
  6. Plus side down side

    Plus side down side Lass Trainer

    Plusle became my favorite Pokemon on accident. I was stuck on Colosseum, and Duking's Plusle ended up being the thing that got me unstuck. Then later, I caught one on my Emerald game, and it became my powerhouse. Plusle is my cute, fluffy, good luck charm. It also kicked butt in Heartgold.
  7. I just like plusle and minun in general just because of how cute they are. Wagging their little tushies to create electricity xD
  8. Plus side down side

    Plus side down side Lass Trainer

    That helped too. XD I just brushed them off as another cute Pokemon until they started constantly helping me. That makes them even more special to me because I actually grew attached to them instead of just loving them for their looks. Really, my top 3 all have a reason for being there beyond looks and strength.
  9. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I didn't really like Oshawott when it was first revealed; I didn't hate it or anything that extreme, I just thought it looked reductive. Too much like Piplup. Anyway, my opinion changed completely when I saw it in the anime. Now I'm an official Oshawott fan and I love it. It's the best Pokemon in the world to be quite honest.
  10. gpdlt

    gpdlt Pokemon Trainer

    I liked Piplup when it first came out. But once the anime started promoting that family line and shoving it everywhere I got tired of seeing its ugly mug.
  11. Ryan7437

    Ryan7437 Banned

    After my friend's friend's mom got shot in the back I have always hated Sawk because I was going to karate with them when it happened, and it brings back bad memories.
  12. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    -I didn't like Whimsicott until I trained one. Now I love them, have two who are EV trained (and even have a shiny. X3)

    -I didn't care about Anorith much until I used on in Pokemon Conquest. Now I really want one in White 2. <3

    -I didn't care for Serperior until I saw it in the anime. Now it's one of my favorite starters. :3
  13. SolidWolverine

    SolidWolverine Well-Known Member

    Recently I played through leafgreen for the umpteenth time and I used a Persian in my main party. I always liked persians but this one was special. Its literally the most clutch pokemon I've ever had. Critical hits every other turn, Surviving moves that should of OHKO'd it, helping me beat the pokemon league, etc. I have a new found love for Persians in general
  14. zeloskun

    zeloskun Member

    Swampert used to be one of my favorite Pokemon, but after I lost my Sapphire (which had a level 90 swampert...and I never put the effort to get my Pokemon past 70s) I really don't like the Pokemon anymore :(
  15. shirley0123

    shirley0123 Banned

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  16. SirIllo

    SirIllo $UP@-$W@G STARE GMFO

    After lucario got movie with mew i expected him to become main stream and lame, then i used one in my sandstorm team online in my first battle and swept everythhing LIEK_A_BAWS!
  17. Dreamy

    Dreamy Well-Known Member

    One of my best friends loves sheep and horses, so when I look at Mareep, flaffy, whimsicott, zebstrika, rapidash and such they remind me of her and how long it has been since I've seen her, I really miss her. The same goes for all dragon pokemon, I love dragons enough on my own, but another one of my very much missed friends comes to mind when I see one and I want to rush to where they are and give them a big hug.
  18. Crimson Penguin

    Crimson Penguin Marchin' on

    I used to think Hydreigon looked really strange, and I thought "they could have done so much better with the first Dragon/Dark Pokemon."

    Then I bred a near-flawless IV'd Deino, evolved it, and the thing just started wrecking stuff. My Hydreigon is the reason I completed my first-ever competitive team. She's now level 100 and is officially one of my favorite Pokemon of Gen 5.

    Also, I gained a little more respect for Wormadam after I kicked butt with one in a Grass monotype. Her usefulness did kind of wear out by the end of the game, but she was not the complete weakling I expected her to be.
  19. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    Back when Pokemon Black and White ame out, I wasn't too skeptical of any of the new pokemon... Until I saw Galvantula. "A bug electric type is THIS? REALLY?" I thought. I never really used one in my Black or White playthroughs, but I decided to give the little guy a chance in Black 2. I had been missing out!

    Now of course whenever I see a Galvantula, I think of one of my personal favorite pokemon.
  20. PrincessPeachy

    PrincessPeachy Princess in Training

    I always had a female Medicharm on my team until I went on pixiv. After the brain bleach I saw on there, I can never bring myself to have one again despite how my past Medicharms were always BAMFs. The images always plow into my mind and I have to walk away.
    Shinx and its evolutions always get a pass from me at some point as well. I always get one at the start of DPPt but when they keep fainting on me or can't contribute that much to taking down pokemon, I always end up boxing them out of disappointment. Every. single. time.

    On the merrier side, after I saw the DPPt movies with Giratina, Dialga, Palkia & Arceus (since my opinion of them was pretty low for a long time) they became my favourite legendaries and I still love them to this day! Even bought their Pokemon Center plushes!
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