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Did Ash ever pay Misty back?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by ChronaMew, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. ChronaMew

    ChronaMew Demonic Warrior

    I've not been keeping up with the anime for a good 4, 5 years =p
  2. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice


    I think she gave up in the end, because they had travelled together for quite a while and it never came up again.
  3. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    If you mean her bike, Nurse Joy repairs her bike for her in her goodbye episode at the end of Johto.
  4. jigglypoof

    jigglypoof oldskool pokeshipper

    ^ Well yeah, but it wasn't a replacement on Ash's part. But then, I've never seen the episode, simply heard about it, so I could be wrong.

    If she hasn't given up yet about it, she really should ;)
  5. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    Nurse Joy repaired the bike, but Ash never payed her back for it. I honestly didn't like the fact that she left, not because I'm playing favorites, but because there was no build-up to it. With May, we had Johto references, as well as knowing her rivals would be going to Johto, so it was to be expected, and I bet we'll get the same thing with Dawn. With Misty though, nada. They just brought the charred bike back and left it at that.
  6. ChronaMew

    ChronaMew Demonic Warrior

    Wait, how did a charred bike get from the pokecenter in Viridian (Which exploded) to Johto? o_O

    By charred bike, I'm assuming you're referring to the same one
  7. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    In another aspect that I hate the writer's for, in the span of 1 episode, Ash, Misty, and Brock jumped from Mt. Silver in Johto to Viridian City (although, Johto and Kanto are conjoined by Mt. Silver, so it could make sense - ha, answered my own question. :p). Also, in the Battle of the Badge, A late Kanto Ep., the pokecenter was as good as new, which the gang took note special note of for anout 5 seconds.

    Yes, we are.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2008
  8. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Apparently when Misty left her bike in the Viridian City Pokecenter way back in episode 2, that Nurse Joy kept her bike all the way through Ash's adventure in Kanto/Orange/Johto.

    When they return to Viridian City in the second to last ep of Master Quest, Nurse Joy has her bike repaired and that's the end of that.

    It was a nice way for the writers to at least tie-up a loose end with the bike, the other being Togepi which gets resolved in early Hoenn.
  9. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    I think it was pretty obvious to, like, everyone that Misty pretty much had no concern over the bike at all after like 5 episodes.
  10. ChronaMew

    ChronaMew Demonic Warrior

    When they returned to Vermillion, they said that it was a year and that the Poke Center had been rebuilt. At least in the dub they did *shrugs*

    Seeing the landscape from the GSC maps, they technically COULD have gotten from Mt Silver to Viridian by rolling down the mountain or something, it's pretty close

    Though the poke-center being rebuilt doesn't explain how the charred bike survived it blowing up in the first place
  11. Undead_soul

    Undead_soul What's the matter?

    No. but she did get her bike back.
  12. Thriller

    Thriller Its almost time

    Yeah, Misty got her bike back, but instantly threw a hissy fit because Ash wasn't the one who payed her back. This proves she was nothing more than a leech and didn't give a darn about Ash. All Kanto Shippers need to re-watch that episode.
  13. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    It also doesn't explain how the computer was still functional at the end of the ep., but that happened.

    ....I'm going to avoid conflict and say that you were being sarcastic....
  14. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 Pokémon Lyricist

    Refurbished is probably a better word for it-new paint too.
  15. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Misty's departure could have been better foreshadowed, I always figured the Whirl Cup was some kind of last moment of glory for her on the cast, given that she beat Ash and all.

    I wish she did it in proper battle though and not just Psyduck getting a headache. But then again Kingler probably would have won otherwise.
  16. DanChimchar

    DanChimchar Friends are Diamonds

    Yeah the nurse Joy fixed it than sent it to a nurse joy in johto or something or in the johto saga they came to kanto and went to viridan I can't remember but I no Nurse joy fixed it
  17. sirboulevard

    sirboulevard Master Coordinator

    Nope. Joy-san fixed the bike, misty no longer had a convient excuse to hang around Ash and went back to Cerulean City. Misty should still be in the cast! She was much better May or Dawn (especially Dawn).
  18. Genome

    Genome pro-SHARK WEEK

    Ash paid her back with friendship. And that's worth its weight in Canadian gold.
  19. Shiny pokemon lower

    Shiny pokemon lower Well-Known Member

    No, she never got it back. But Ash didn't have enough money to re-pay that bicyckle eighter. On the other side I think Misty let her friendship with Ash be the payment.
  20. candyscience

    candyscience ~Misty Fan~

    Welllllllllllllllllllll.....Ash never TECHNICALLY "paid" her back...as in, he never gave her cash or rebuilt her bike by hand or anything...but after the first 10 or so episodes...Misty completely forgets about her bike...and is only re-mentioned like, once or twice a season after that....immeadiatly followed by ash getting his head getting bashed in by mistys magical mallet.
    And for clarification, EVERY one of you all before me are KIIIINDA incorrect.
    Nurse Joy did NOT repair the bike.
    Officer Jenny did.
    Officer Jenny left the bike with Nurse Joy at the pokecenter not long before the episode took place apparantly.

    What nonsensical drivil are you spouting?!
    Misty didn't throw a hissy fit because Ash wasn't the one that "paid her back".
    She was upset because she felt that he was just blowing her off, and that she was a replaceable traveling companion. Also, she was really really REALLY sad when her sisters called and told her that she "just like, had to come back to the Cerulean City Gym because Daisy won an all expense paid trip across the globe. This meant that she couldn't travel with Ash and Brock anymore...her BEST friends.

    Also, if she "didnt give a darn about Ash" then why would she have continued to follow him? Yeah, there is the "bike" excuse, but that is a lame reason. She had completely FORGOTTEN about the bike entirely!

    And as for that "kanto-shippers needing to rewatch the episode" I think that...well, no. im not even going to adress this one.

    And why should she?
    Ash is her BEST friend....but the bike thing? Yeah...but she never really was hung up about that anyways...
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