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Did G/S/C have the best music out of all 4 gens?

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I loved the music in G/S/C
I'll never forget it
i think it did have the best music of all four gens
i don't know how to describe it other than awesome!

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GSC has the best music, the best Pokémon, the best story, the best Rival (Silver), the best final boss ever (Red)...You see that team in my signature? That's my main fighting squad in Silver Version, which is by far my favorite in my whole collection!

As far as music goes, I particularly like the Rival's appearance theme, the Rival's battle theme (which I have affectionately dubbed "Preemptive Strike"), the Lucky Number Show, Buena's Password, Indigo Plateau, and Lance/Red's battle theme (which I have affectionately dubbed "Ultimate Challenge!").

I do have one question about the music, and it isn't restricted to Generation II: Why does the Rival always have better theme music than the player?!


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3rd gen music FTW!! my favourite music ever. didnt like 2nd gen as much because i didnt play it enough i dont think.


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D/P is the best, I like the music from route 217(the route where you can evolve Eevee into Glaceon, my file is always saved there), and I like the music from the area in front of the battle tower(also in D/P). I shouldn't forget to mention the music in the ghost house and the music in the final battle of elite4.

Anyway, the music from GSC was good as well, but not better than D/P....


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I think that the 2nd Generation games had the best music because the music is fun and exciting and I love huming all the themes!
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Man, G/S/C had some beautiful music.
It really brought out the gameplay and the nostalgic feel of the games.
Once again, beautiful, peaceful music.


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G/S/C hands down has the best music of all pokemon games.
My favorite has to be the Rival battle and Kanto Gym battles.


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Personally, I prefer R/S/E and D/P to G/S/C's music. There are some G/S/C songs that are good. The Beasts, Lance, and the Ruins of Alph come to mind. They get stuck in my head, although not for long. A lot of the 3rd and 4th gen songs remain stuck in my head for a while.
The Elite Four in RSE was the best battle song out of them all, in my opinion. Veilstone city is also really nice.


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I've heard a lot of the music, and some of it is really nice, like the E4 and Champion battle music, but some is really rubbish. So overall, G/S/C did not have the best music.


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Hell yeah!

The music that comes on when you fight Ho-Oh/Lugia/Crystal ( From G/S/C Individually ) is just so awesome. <3


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There's not a single song on the whole GSC soundtrack that isn't amazing! Easily my favourite music from any Pokemon game so far. My favourite songs were:

-New Bark Town
-Violet City
-Azalea Town
-Game Corner
-Ecruteak City
-Ice Path
-E4 battle music
-Wild Pokemon battle music
-Kanto Gym Leader battle music
-Remixed Viridian City
-Mt. Silver

In other words, the whole soundtrack was AWESOME beyond belief! ;229;


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I agree it has the best music, I loved listening to the pokemon march on the radio!
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