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Did Hoenn disappoint you?


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I'm not sure how I was so oblivious to this fact for so long, but recently, I realized that most fans of the pokemon series consider the games that take place in Hoenn (R/S/E) to be the worst of the series. Personnally, I consider Emerald to be my favorite game in the pokemon series, but i'm not posting this to try to make you feel the same way. If you disliked or were disappointed by R/S/E, just post why. I'd just like to see what it is about these games that makes so many people consider them to be inferior to the other games in the series.
I wouldn't say it was bad or that I was disappointed, I just think that it is less strong of a series than the others. The nation, the antagonizing teams, the storyline... Again, I just think it lacks the strength that the other series have.

latios reborn

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Hoenn is my favourite region so no it didn't dissappoint me what so ever. I dare say even better than Johto.


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the remake of leaf green had to be my favorite game, idk but i still play it now and again


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I would definitely say that Hoenn generation disappointed me very much. It felt like you beat the game then there was not that much things to do. It was very weak compared to the other generations. The music felt too children like. Weak trainers throughout the whole game. Hoenn was not as fun and intense as Sinnoh is.
Hoenn? Disappoint? Hell no! Hoenn's my fav region... I don't get why people don't like it. Only region so far to be able to travel underwater (Yes, I like that), faster Surfing (Why was that removed?), great native Pokemon (Second most added out of any region, too), best Gym Leaders so far (And my fav Gym Leader lives there, too <3), decent Trainers (Seriously, no offence, but the only Trainer in G/S/C that wasn't underleveled was Red, everyone else was at most level 50, if I remember correctly), it had better Secret Bases than Sinnoh (Yes, I like the Secret Bases), and... yeah.


a screaming soul
yes it did dissapoint me
but it's a good game too
bad things:
bad story line ( as always )
bad gym leaders ( omg low lvl's )
and much more things but I prefer to talk about good things:
nicest pokemon EVER
not that much evo's ( sinnoh sucks because of that )
and it's really made wonderful
the secret bases are better then i sinnoh

Chaos Rush

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After you beat R/S, there's hardly anything to do.

These were the highest level's in the games:
Red/Blue/Yellow: Lv65 (Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise/Vaporeon/Flareon/Jolteon)
Gold/Silver/Crystal: Lv81 (Pikachu)
Ruby/Sapphire: Lv58 (Metagross)
FireRed/LeafGreen: Lv75 (Venusaur/Charizard/Blastoise)
Emerald: Lv78 (Metagross)
Diamond/Pearl: Lv74 (Torterra/Infernape/Empoleon)

The basic level range was (Discluding the Elite 4):
R/B/Y: Lv10-50
G/S/C: Lv5-40
R/S/E: 10-45
FR/LG: 10-55
D/P: 10-55

So pretty much, Hoenn was under leveled in contrast to Sinnoh and Kanto. I remember on LeafGreen, all my Pokemon were in the low/mid 40's by the 6th gym, and in Ruby my Pokemon were only in the mid 30's.
i agree, i was disappointed in hoenn. the trainers were weak, the gyms were a joke, except the 6th... and the elite four was easy. honsetly the only reason i play emerald is because of the battle frontier, which i love. its hard, and it takes time. i also personally think the pokemon of hoenn for the most part all sucked, i like treeko, and its evolutions, bagon, and its evolutions, and beldom and its evolutions... latios and latias were alright, but they are no mewtwo...


Deals and Issues
Meh...I didn't like Hoenn personally. The main reason being how unoriginal the Pokemon were. 3rd gen brought us some great things like Salamence, but in general, they were weak. Some examples would be: Plusle and Minun - uninspired Pichus rip-offs, Pachirisu was uninteresting, I hated Mudkip and it's evoulutions, the legendaries were all poor, save Latias and Latios and the worst ones were Gulpin and Swalot. Boring to the point where I can't even barely remember them. And Milotic was ugly. Really, really ugly.


Eeveelution Breeder
I'm just fine with the game now but think about it this way. Before Ruby and Sapphire came out, we had a total of 6 games that we could transfer pokemon to. Transferring the pokemon you spent so much time and care to the next generation was not a problem but when Ruby and Sapphire came out, that chain was broken. (I never understood why until much later.)

To make matters worse, they came up with a new pokedex numbering system in which, many of our old favorites weren't even on and it seemed that they were trying to replace many of the old pokemon. I'll be the first to admit that some of my favorite pokemon are from the third generation, but no one replaces my beloved Eevee with a pink kitty and can expect to get away unscathed!

They had also chose not to bring back a positively brilliant feature from the last game; Night and day and let’s not forget the daily events.

Frankly, it felt like Pokemon as we knew it had curled up in a small hole and died, never to be seen or heard of again. This was the generation where Pokemon lost it's place in many peoples hearts because despite the new features in the game and the fact that there was something actually resembling a plot this time, it was not enough to rekindle the flame that died in so many people that day.

All of this tension was relived when they finally remade Red and Blue. This was when we realized that they had not forgotten about the old and that we could relax.

Now I can enjoy the game without any predigests toward it. After all, it was a good game but at the time it did not live up to many of the players expectations as a pokemon game. This is why many of the older players simply despise the game.


I would definitely say that Hoenn generation disappointed me very much. It felt like you beat the game then there was not that much things to do. It was very weak compared to the other generations. The music felt too children like. Weak trainers throughout the whole game. Hoenn was not as fun and intense as Sinnoh is.[/QUOTE]

yes, thankyou, I have been trying to describe my emotions for hoenn for ever and you just summed it up for me. its too childlike, I think nintendo was tring too hard to capture their younger audience. and, it may be because i have restarted my ruby about 17 times, but I find the gameplay repetitive and boring but I even felt that back when i got it on my 10th Bday. what does that say, a 10yo, who barely has the power to make up his own mind, even dislikes hoenn.
It disappoints me now, but I don't think it did when it was out originally. I mean, it was the first game (sapphire) in which I trained my team to lvl. 100 and completed my National Dex.
But I now practically refuse to touch it. I'm not exactly why. I will replay all the other games in the series, just not R/S/E. There's something about them to me that makes them unplayable once you get through it. Seeing that there was nothing else really to do until Emerald came along... But even that I'm still iffy about.


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I really liked Hoenn. It had some pretty cool Pokemon in it. I really can't find anything wrong with it, I've played through it many times too. Sinnoh, however...


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Hoenn didn't disappoint me that much, I actually liked it a lot better than Kanto.

I thought the addition of contests in the Hoenn-based games was great, it made the game more enjoyable, in my opinion. And trying to win all the Master Rank contests gave me more to do after finishing the main storyline.

The new game mechanics in the games, such as the addition of natures and the revamped EV system, was interesting too. I actually started to care about my Pokemon's stats and movesets after learning about them, something I never did in previous generations. It's also quite complicated, something older players can appreciate, as much of the game is intended for younger fans.

It did not bug me that there was no day and nighttime feature, I found it quite annoying in Gold, Silver and Crystal, because it was too dark at night, and I often found it difficult to see what was around me. I really enjoyed just having a clock in my room.

The Pokedex didn't annoy me that much, though there were times I wished I could get Pokemon such as Ditto for breeding purposes. However, once Fire Red and Leaf Green were released, this problem was solved.

I also like double battles, they add more variety to the game and also allow you to come up with new strategies for battling. Plus, it makes it easier to train two Pokemon at a time.

Hoenn itself was an interesting place, different from Johto and Kanto. I liked how it was a tropical place, and had many sea routes, so you could go diving. Cities such as Fortree and Sootopolis were very unique, the former being full of treehouses, and the latter being built in a dead volcano. Pacifidlog Town was different too, being a floating town. I also liked how they added rain on certain routes, it made the game seem more realistic. Volcanic ash was cool, too, and I found it neat it could be used in order to make items such as the flutes.

I loved most of the music in the games, particularily ones that were unique to certain places, such as the Sootopolis City music. Also, the Gym Leader battle music is my favourite out of all four generations.

So all in all, I was not disappointed in Hoenn, it was one of my favourite regions so far.


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Imo Sinnoh was the worst in the series.. not a bad game.. but not as good as the rest. Probably because of the lack of fire types I don't know.. Just wasn't as good as the others but thats my opinion.

Emerald was one of my favourite games. I've played thru R/S/E several times and always enjoyed it. Music and stuff doesn't intrest me because I have my own going but come on... Blazekin.. He is awsome lol


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Hoenn didn't disappoint me, I liked it better then kanto, johto and sinnoh because it's so.. it's so.. how do i explain this? It looks friendly yes that's it it looks friendly and the pokemon were nice ( especially latias and the mudkip-line). Ilso like all the game's music! So I say: no hoenn didn;t disappoint me at all!!