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Did the anime give your favorite Pokèmon justice?


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Simple question: are you pleased with how the anime depicted your favorite?

What was its most notable appearance? Did it show up too much/too little? Did the anime influence your decision of this Pokèmon being your favorite?


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I really like Excadrill so I’d have to say yes for the most. Braixen was shat on in my opinion and so was Gible. As for the anime influencing my opinion; I wasn’t a notable fan of the Alolan Vulpix line but the association to Lillie made me like it more along with my opinion changing on Turtinator for the better.


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The anime is the main reason Infernape is my favorite Pokemon, so a hard yes on that one.

Snorlax, Heracross, and Hawlucha also come to mind. I liked all of them a lot, but the anime really sold me on them.

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Some of my favorites include Feraligatr and Tyranitar.

They had their moments in the anime but could've been handled better.

But the games also did not too much good for Tyranitar as it was the only Pseudo not fought in the main storyline and not used by any Boss (which was a shame considering Karen was an E4 using Dark types).


My favorite Pokemon is Bohmander, and I'm somewhat irritated that almost every single Bohmander has belonged to a villain in the anime, or been wild and unruly. I also like Jijilong, yet the anime only gave it a small appearance.

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I like Electabuzz the most and I remember the show being cruel to most Electabuzz by making them look like bad guys. I literally can't remember any good natured Electabuzz.
Electabuzz-line was often shown as a Pikachu rival. On the bright side, I'm not sure if Pikachu ever defeated one.


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For me who liked Eevee the most, I do think the anime does justice to the species, as being playful and loyal. Sure, there some exceptions of it's typical personalities like Serena's Eevee who is more shy and reserved but I still liked it.


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The movie around Shaymin is enough justice for me. Having one other episode and Diamond and Pearl and showing up in S/M multiple times is just sprinkles on the cupcake to me.

That anime helped me really like Shaymin a lot, mainly because of the movie (I loved the character I bunch and thought it was cute).


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I have a lot of favorites but my favorite is Pichu and I think the anime has done Pichu justice in it's own comedic way. Honestly long before Pokemon Adventures showed Pichu's action-packed bro-fist side, it was the anime that made me like the little mouse so much in the first place through the comedy.

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Volkner's electrivire
As I checked besides Volkner's the only member of this family beat by a Pikachu was Dr. Mamba which was defeated by 2 Pikachu's at once.
On the other scalę we have Ruby's, Gary's, Paul's and the one from AG154. I think the anime was quite fair on it.


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I'm not going to count Pokemon the anime made me love, like Hawlucha, Bewear, Turtonator and Buizel cause they actually got decent amount of focus to win me over
I have a ton of favorites, and it's generally a mixed bag. SM and BW did an awful job compared to other regions in all honesty though.
Alola Raichu: No
Alola Sandshrew/Sandslash: No
Golisopod: Yes
Salazzle: No
Alola Marowak: Yes
Alola Ninetails: No
Leafeon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon..... lol
Umbreon, Glaceon: Yes
Lycanroc: Yes, par Midday. Midday's not really gotten a lot
Kommo-o line: :mad:
Incineroar: No
Decidueye: No
Poipole/Naganadel: No
Hydreigon line: No
Marshadow: No
Zeraora: Yes
Lucario: Yes and no, nothing in 5 years! He may be popular, but he's not as shoehorned in as Charizard and Eevee, people need to just shut up about him already. Eevee and Charizard are the problem, Lucario's innocent!
Noivern: lol
Goodra: No
Greninja: UGH, yes. Way too much >.<
Charizard: Let me put it this way, they overkilled how much justice it's gotten.
Espurr/Meowstic: No
Flygon: Yes
Dragonite: Yes
Servine/Serperior: No
Dewott/Samurott: No
Pignite/Emboar: Yes on Pignite, no for Emboar
Latios: Yes
Darkrai: Yes
Rayquaza: No, has Ash met him in a episode? No? Okay then! Seriously annoying how Kyogre needed another one..... Rayquaza never had a full on episode in the anime!
Zekrom: -_-
Kyurem: Ditto ^
Resiram: Just because it appeared didn't mean it was made justice, no.
Gallade: No
Infernape and Empoleon: Yes!
Sandile line: Yes
Johto starters par Chikorita: No. Feraligatr and Typhlosion have rarely appeared where as Casey owned Meganium, Totodile never got to evolve and Cyndaquil's was rather rushed and then pushed aside. :/
Heatmor and Durant: *Shake head* A lot of other Unova Pokemon fall into this boat too. Rufflet, Braviary, Druddigon, Fraxure/Haxorus....
Donphan and Gligar lines: Yes
Scyther and Scizor: Yes
Metagross: Sure
Salamence: Yes
Sceptile and Blaziken: Yes
Swampert: :(


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Braixen was robbed of screentime because of Pancham and partially Sylveon. She deserved a huge role compared to them.


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Mine's Misdreavus, so,

There's that one episode with the terrifying wild Entei back in OS. I don't know what it is about that specific Entei, because I'm fine with the movie version.

Katie from the Hoenn League has one and knows how to use Destiny Bond properly.

And, of course, Zoey has one, but she evolves her into Mismagius. Not a bad design, but Misdreavus' design is my favorite by a long shot, so evolving into my 4th or 5th favorite Pokemon was a downgrade.