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did u find it easy or hard to capture Palkia/Dialga/Giratina

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by SilverWitch, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. SilverWitch

    SilverWitch Ohh just add me

    I have pokemon pearl and i remember when it came to capturing Palkia all i had 2 do was throw a quick ball at it. My friend said it took him ages to capture it.
    Just wondering how long it took everybody else to capture Palkia/Dialga or Giratina, to see if im not the only one that had to throw a quick ball at one of them.
  2. Swampert_trainer

    Swampert_trainer Laughs at thunder

    In Diamond I used a quick ball on Dialga and caught it on the very first turn. So no, I did not find it hard to catch Dialga.

    It was difficult for me to catch Giratina though. I eventually gave up and just used a masterball.
  3. Serenna

    Serenna Well-Known Member

    On Platinum, catching Giratina was easy. However, catching a Modest Giratina without having to use a Master Ball, however, wasn't so easy. :(
  4. Jukain:)

    Jukain:) Heart & Soul...

    Giratina was easily tamed with a mix of my Gengar's hypnosis and a good Dusk Ball.

    Dialga...not so easy. I was out of Special Balls and was sitting there tossing Great Balls praying for a capture.
  5. Indy

    Indy WAT

    I just caught Dialga and Palika lastnight. With one toss of a duskball. My Vaporeon used Ice Beam. Palika got frozen, though.
  6. TrainerCasey

    TrainerCasey ~Johto Fanatic~

    I thought it was really easy to catch Dialga. I threw an Ultra Ball twice and then a Timer Ball and it was caught. I might go after Palkia tonight.
    Giratina was unlike Diamond. It took me about 30 seconds to catch it in Platinum...I accidentally killed it in Diamond...Stupid Critical Hits. >.<
  7. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    Lets see....
    Empoleons Surf, Quick ball

    Metal claw, crit hit, Great ball.

    Giratina (Origin)
    Master ball. I had 2 so I was OK with it

    Giratina (Another)

    Razor leaf,Razor leaf,Razor leaf,(repeat x10) Ultra ball, Ultra ball, Dusk ball, Great ball, Repeat ball, Great ball, Ultra ball,
  8. coolespeon

    coolespeon I dont know.

    Dialga: was regular, but tending to easy. Close combat from staraptor twice and ultra ball thrice.
    Giratina: quite hard. I used lots of utra and dusk balls, but it didn´t work and threw a masterball (I had 3, two transferred from GBA)
  9. Tyrant Tar

    Tyrant Tar Well-Known Member

    Dialga/Palkia are fairly easy, due to their catch rate of 30 (as opposed to most Legendaries, who are 3). Still need to be weakened, but usually only a couple Ultra/Quick Balls 'til it's caught.

    Giratina was a pain, ended up using a Masterball on it.
  10. drake13

    drake13 Ryukishi

    dialga and palkia are easy to catch, with the catch rate of 30...you can catch it in no time :D

    giratina is a bit hard, matching with mewtwo, beldum and others with a catch rate of 3....it's really hard...
  11. JosJuice

    JosJuice Slightly inactive

    I was a noob back when I caught my Dialga. First, I fainted it. Then, I returned after beating E4, and used my Master Ball.

    Yeah. I also fainted all the other DP legendaries, except for Regigias and the three event ones, because I couldn't get them.
  12. Alloute

    Alloute Banned

    Yes easy. All you have to do is throw many types of PokeBalls.

    Ultra Balls FTW.

    Can you tell I was lying?
  13. T.W.I.

    T.W.I. Undercover Rocket

    Dialga went down with 1 quick ball after being hit once, Palkia full HP with a dive ball (yes dive) and Giratina IN PLATINUM i weaked him to red, made him go nappy, and one hit snag with a dusk ball. I was prepared for a long arguous toss, but i got lucky in one ball :D Now the spirits on the other hand....*shuder* but it doesnt help i like catching them in great balls since it looks like their tales :p.
  14. Lucariofan-atic

    Lucariofan-atic avant ǝpɹɐƃ painter☆

    Meh, quite easy.
    but that's an exception for giratina.almost all of my pokemon fainted.
    just throw some ultra balls when the pokemon hp is red.
  15. PalkiaTrainer

    PalkiaTrainer Rapsodos Filologos

    You are not good catchers you need practice!!!!!!!! I have caught palkia and dialga with the first pokeball. And I was doing it always because i was looking for the best nature. What do you have to say???? Am I lying or i'm a cheater. Nothing. I believe all of you that you caught them with quick ball. I caught regigigas with pokeball (not with the first), rayquaza with great, mewtwo with pokeball. And all of them with full life!!!!!! Some of you you would say that it is not excist. But if you want believe it! It was hard to some but i din't stop trying. I'm sure you have caught many pokemon with the first. Please don't stop trying don't throw master balls!!!!!
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2009
  16. ~:Shadow:~

    ~:Shadow:~ Well-Known Member

    Giratina was slightly hard to catch - about 12 minutes
    Dialga was VERY EASY to catch - 3 minutes and a half
    Palkia was EXTREMELY EASY to catch - 1 minute and 3/4!!!

    (I used my watch to time them all :p)
  17. Cruisercard

    Cruisercard Well-Known Member

    Giratiny was the hardest to catch. I gave up and used a Master Ball.
    Dialga and Palkia were easy both on Diamond and Platinum. ( I caught Dialga with a Pokeball FFS)
  18. Aquanova

    Aquanova Well-Known Member

    Dialga was so easy to catch in diamond its not even funny. I used 1 pokemon (Empoleon), and one Ultra Ball
  19. Aquanova

    Aquanova Well-Known Member

    Dialga was so easy to catch in diamond its not even funny. I used 1 pokemon (Empoleon), and one Ultra Ball. Id wanted to save in front of it and get it shiny, but I goofed and forgot and just battled it
  20. TR4eva

    TR4eva A Friendly Rocket

    In Platinum, they were quite easy. Although I used my Master Ball on Giratina so... that doesn't count.
    Now, Dialga and Palkia were easy. I used an Ultra Ball on both of them when they still had over half their health left. This is because Dialga and Palkia's catch rate is quite high for a legendary and i think it's something like 30. Whereas, others such as Mewtwo's catch rate is low and I think its 3 or 4, which is one of, if not the lowest catch rate of any Pokemon.
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