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Did you cry?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by boyerboy, May 17, 2012.

  1. boyerboy

    boyerboy Feel the...BANG!

    Ok. To get this started, when i first played the game i had no idea what was going to happen. So when my beloved partner (torchic) went away I started crying. Yep. I bet you did too , But I only found out later on he comes back. And the funny thing was, was that my mom walked in and saw me crying. I had to explain everything! She probouly thought I was strange.. LOL. Ok So the question is Did you cry too?
  2. Sceptile40

    Sceptile40 The One...

    Umm, no, I didn't. Maybe you did because you are only 10. But I'm thirteen, and haven't cried in months. *Thank God*
  3. xXLuminousNightXx

    xXLuminousNightXx The Shining Shinx

    Age doesn't matter in this at all. Heck, i'm 16 and I still just bawl when the game ends. I see my partner looking so sad, and falling to the ground, crying... Even worse in EOS when he/she started having flashbacks of our adventures, my heart just dropped ;____;
  4. YinYang

    YinYang Fire and Shadows

    I didn't cry playing either of the mystery dungeon games back in 2007 when I was 10 and in 2008 when I was 11. The mystery dungeon games right? Either way, I guess it was still a tough part to see.
    Last edited: May 17, 2012
  5. Lightning Dragon

    Lightning Dragon LIGHTNING FLIGHT!!!!

    Yeah! I was... seeing my precious Riolu in MDS cry litteraly set my soul aflame...
  6. Sceptile40

    Sceptile40 The One...

    Ok, sorry about the age comment. I get sad at the end of games, but cry? Seriously?
  7. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    I cried. Hard. And it wasn't because of sleep deprevation, either. lol

    When I first beat Red I remember thinking, "WHY?!" It was so sad.

    As for Explorers of Time....let's not go there.
  8. Mr. Ribbles

    Mr. Ribbles Cubchoo Lover

    Do you even have a soul?

    in the pmd games (mainly the 2nd batch.) Yes, i did.

    Spoiler alert.

    Even more so in the EOS grovyle secret mission where pink celebi goes away
  9. Pokemonpal7

    Pokemonpal7 Jungle Ninja

    Ehhh... I definitely teared up a bit.
  10. boyerboy

    boyerboy Feel the...BANG!

    we all have differant emotions... And that is the only game i cryed in. :L
  11. YinYang

    YinYang Fire and Shadows

    I actually imagined my main character becoming a human again like in the magna instead.
  12. HetaOni

    HetaOni Chesaught

    I've cried EVERY time I've done that part.Once,I did it at a party and had to hold it in because I didn't want all the adults to be like "Whats wrong?Why are you crying?".It was a kid's party.Lololololol >w<
  13. boyerboy

    boyerboy Feel the...BANG!

    I did too even though I never read the manga. My brother spoiled it and told me My bulbasaur was a human. LOL
  14. HetaOni

    HetaOni Chesaught

    Oh I've read the manga before!It was awesome.I always restart Explorers of Sky every time I beat the post ending.I wanna be a Riolu now,but I feel wierd pretending to be a boy. >w<
  15. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 Just bought a Switch :D

    I almost cried, but not quite.
  16. Knightfall

    Knightfall Blazing Wordsmith

    I'll admit, some of the scenes and the endings of Red/Blue Resuce Team and EOT/EOD/EOS were very emotional, even after playing through them countless times they still make my heart feel heavy and make my eyes water with tears.
    Yes, I'll admit that.
    I believe if a game can make you cry because of the emotions it creates, than that game is worth the money you paid for it.

    Knightfall signing off...;005;
  17. diamondpearl876

    diamondpearl876 → soul sick.

    I teared up a bit, but I wasn't bawling or anything. The end of the first mystery dungeon game was just heartbreaking and I loved it. *sigh*
  18. TeamRocketGrunt

    TeamRocketGrunt WobbWobbWobb Wobrudo

    Big girls don't cry
    Cry? Me? NEIN! I'm 11, I played it when I was 9 or 10, I didn't shed a single tear. I'll admit though I cried at the Hetalia chibitalia ending but that's the only fictional thing that's made me cry.
  19. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris What a pain to relax...

    Igglybuff's story did make my eyes get watery.
  20. Shadow Jirachi

    Shadow Jirachi Well-Known Member

    I cried the first time I finished Explorers of Time, but I'm very overemotional sometimes and I was worse about a year and a half ago, when I completed that.
    I didn't cry the other times when I finished EOS, in those two Tear Jerker-y special episodes, and at the end of BRT, but it was pretty damn depressing.
    Only a few games have made my eyes get watery. All of them were very good games and my favourites.
    Last edited: May 19, 2012

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