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Did you prefer the anime or the games?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Sham, Oct 10, 2019.

  1. Sham

    Sham show the unknown

    Pretty simple just rate each generation on which you preferred the best, I'm not personally counting remakes but go nuts

    For me
    OS anime>RBY
    OS anime (Johto)<GSC
    DP>=DPPt So I like both with a slight preference towards DP
    BW anime>BW games
    BW anime<<<<<BW2
    XY anime<XY games
    SM anime=SM games
    SM anime>=USUSM same as DP
  2. PorcelainVulpix

    PorcelainVulpix justice for johto

    I might get kicked out of the fandom for this, but I pretty much prefer all of the games over their anime counterpart except for gen 1. I never actually go to play gen 1 games but I did play FireRed and Lets Go Pikachu and even though I enjoy Lets Go, I just find the Kanto region to be boring and plain in the games and OS Kanto is more interesting to me.
  3. Sham

    Sham show the unknown

    Idk getting through Hoenn felt like a struggle to me and I had to force my way through and despite my ranking I kinda felt that was about USUM. Both games got boring, especially Hoenn real quick; remake and original.
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  4. PorcelainVulpix

    PorcelainVulpix justice for johto

    I honestly cant relate :/ I replayed Emerald like 500 times. I loved the Hoenn region and the pokemon but I didnt really care for the SM games because I prefer the region set up over the island set up, I didnt care for Rotom dex and I prefer gyms over trials but I do like the plot. I did find the XY games to be kind of boring but they were so visually pleasing.
  5. AshxSatoshi

    AshxSatoshi Ice Aurelia

    XY games were definitely way better.
  6. Sham

    Sham show the unknown

    I thought Kalos was the best region with the third best music. I still hum Lumiose city sometimes. I liked Sun and Moon for mostly Lillie and the Aether family and I thought it brought back that difficulty in Pokemon that's been lacking since DP.
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  7. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Rei Claus

    B1W1 was definitely better than the BW anime.
  8. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    Gen I:
    Anime > games

    Gen II:
    Anime = games (this is nostalgia talking I grew up with this one)

    Gen III:

    Anime > games

    Gen IV:
    Games >>>>>>>>> anime

    Gen V:

    Games > anime

    Gen VI:

    Anime >= games

    Gen VII:

    SM > anime > USM
  9. AznKei

    AznKei Badass girls saving their boyfriends. XD

    The games because you had a choice in which of the 2 protagonists you want to play as except RBY not to mention how you want to customize your perfect team. In the anime everyone are toned down except Ash not to mention everything in the battles are scripted whether we like it or not.
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  10. Sham

    Sham show the unknown

    One thing I will give the games over the anime is that Lillie's story is slightly more impactful in the original games than the anime. I enjoyed how the anime turned Lusamine's verbal and mental abuse into neglect and gave Lillie a scarring childhood but overall it was more interesting and explored better in the games.
    LilligantLewis likes this.
  11. AuraChannelerChris

    AuraChannelerChris "Am I supposed to laugh?"

    It remains on default on games to me.

    Especially BW. Superior story in the games that was much deeper than previous iterations...but a superior pile of burning **** in the anime.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  12. Power Up

    Power Up ...

    The last time I played a Pokemon game was like 8 years ago on an emulator playing Emerald

    Obviously the anime.
    LilligantLewis likes this.
  13. Chaos Emperor

    Chaos Emperor ................

    Gen 1-3: games < anime

    Gen 4-7: games > anime
  14. shoz999

    shoz999 Do you wanna try a good Tapu Cocoa? My treat.

    I find the games easily better than the anime. Everything in the games, from it's characters, to the region, to the themes, to both the big and small stories just feel so connected whereas the anime feels more like a bloated take on the games. Similar to the Adventures manga, I suppose for this thread's case, it's all about whether you prefer a more connected world (the games) vs. a more open world (the anime). However, I will admit, I do actually think the XYZ anime is ten times better than the games, including how the world feels much more connected.
    LilligantLewis likes this.
  15. J.Agera

    J.Agera Well-Known Member

    Anime by a long shot.
    I was never into the games much, the last game I completed was platinum.
    Didn't finish, Black, X and Sun.
    In Gen 7 I don't really have a preference, but the games were infinitely better as far as I saw the story.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  16. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 #TEAMSOBBLE

    A man of class indeed. Anyways

    Gen 1: Anime
    Gen 2: Games
    Gen 3: Games
    Gen 4: Games (mostly due to lore)
    Gen 5: Games
    Gen 6: Anime
    Gen 7: About equal
    LilligantLewis and Shadao like this.
  17. Darthlord7

    Darthlord7 Explorer

    Gen 1: Anime > Games
    Gen 2: Anime > Games (by default since I never played GSC)
    Gen 3: Anime < Games
    Gen 4: Anime < Games
    Gen 5: Anime <<< Games
    Gen 6: Anime = Games
    Gen 7: Anime < Games
  18. Alola Adventurer

    Alola Adventurer Well-Known Member

    Gen 1: Anime
    Gen 2: Games
    Gen 3: Anime
    Gen 4: Anime
    Gen 5: B1W1/B2W2/BW Season 1/Early BW Season 2 >>>>> Mid BWS2 onward
    Gen 6: Anime
    Gen 7: Anime
  19. CMButch

    CMButch Kanto is love. Kanto is life.

    Gen 1: Anime
    Gen 2: Games
    Gen 3: Games( if AG had better TA/TM then anime, since it doesn't; games)
    Gen 4: Tie, maybe anime edges is out
    Gen 5: Games
    Gen 6: Anime
    Gen 7: Games without a question.
    Redstar45 likes this.
  20. Blaze Master X

    Blaze Master X Drunk Santa

    Gen 1:
    Anime > Games

    Gen 2:
    Games > Anime

    Gen 3:
    Anime > Games

    Gen 4:
    Anime = Games

    Gen 5:
    Games >>>>> Anime

    Gen 6:
    Anime > Games

    Gen 7:
    Anime = Games
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