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Did you use your Elemental Monkey?

What is your favorite Elemental Monkey?

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Shadow XD001

Well-Known Member
Yeah, I used Pansage a little bit. I evolved Pansage at Castelia City and I think I boxed him afterwards to get the Pokémon I was actually going to use on my team.


It's said "Meow-woo"
I boxed my FireMonkey not long after getting him. I didn't want to go through another Chimchar raising lol.


I didn't really care for them, they were pretty weak.

There were much better Pokemon available throughout the game.
I've done at least three playthroughs with different starters each time and I've used all the elemental monkeys, but around level 30 boxed them as they were not as strong as my other team members. Now I don't even bother with the elemental monkeys as I've already raised them and don't need to do so again.


Well-Known Member
I only used mine as a meat shield and boxed him after the second gym. I wound up finding much better Pokemon than my Panpour and just never found any use for it. It was my least favourite of the monkeys anyway.


Nope, or at least not in battle. Used my Pansage for HMs until I got something better, but otherwise I had a rigid team of Samurott-Chandelure-Galvantula-Volcarona that I stuck to.


TM87? I got TM32 :]
I did on my 2nd playthrough, not on my 1st though.

Blitz Lucario

Well-Known Member
Don't like any of the monkeys, I only used it in the first gym to fight the gym leader. All three of them are usless and my team can be filled with better choices than them.
I never used the Pansage I was given in the DreamYard. I however do use my lv. 100 Japanese Simisage and my shiny Simisear I was given through the GTS :)


Pokerman Master
i didnt really care much for the monkeys, the simisear i had gotten always died. i couldnt use it for much, although granted it did come in handy when my zebstrika died..

Master Leo

The Dark Side
I did on my first and second playthrough (have only started a new game twice :) ).

The first time it was panpour and the second time it was pansage.


Well-Known Member
First post in a long time on here so here it goes..

My first time playing White was so far the only time using one of the monkeys in my team.

I choose Snivy so I got Panpour.

Simipour was not bad however it was odd to me that even having a Bold nature it's Attack stat was higher than it's Special Attack stat..?

Later on I will train Simisear and Simisage for a future team and I may do Simipour later on since my first team was not the best it could have been.

As for the poll I voted Simisage as my favorite since I like grass pokemon the most out of the three types and I think it looks the best.


I used my panpour to beat the first gym and to cut the dreamyard tree. I boxed it after that.


Howls of Loneliness
I used it for awhile then I got better pokemon.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
Yep I used Simisage through the main story and then boxed him. Don't have any plans for using him in the future though.
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