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Did You Use Your Starter?

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Dark Storm

Frozen Solid!
Only my Oshawott. I tried Tepig, but about 3/4 of the way through, I got sick of it being another Fire/Fighting combo. As for Snivy? Thing freaking sucks.


The Flame Jacobite
Yes..i always use my starter


I am a fic-man
I always raise my starter, and almost never raise another Pokemon of its type within my team. I've tried going without them, but it just feels so strange. Very unnatural.


Keyblade wielder
Used it until i got to the point where my team was being completly replaced 1 pokemon at a time, it was eventually replaced by my milotic which at the time was level 10 and is now level 100, this is actually normal cause i only have 1 pokemon in my team from the original elite 4 and that is Victini


Shadow of nothing
I used my starter for the entire game, and even for a while post game, but after training it up to about level 68, I reached the conclusion that my Samurott was to slow to be useful, when taking into account it's defenses. Now he is boxed and replaced by one of my ever faithful Absol.

"Spite" DefaultAsAwesome

Well-Known Member
I've played through 3 times, one with each starter. This time I'm trying to get in a rotation team with all the Pokemon I used during that time period plus some other Pokemon I like.


Shiny Hunter
I intended my Samurott all the way to the Elite four but I ended up encountering a Shiny Palpitoad so he ended up as my Water type. ^w^


I always use my starter throughout the story in every game, it would feel weird not too.

The only time my starter gets boxed is when I start building competitive teams for Wifi battles.
I usually use my starter until I beat the Elite Four. Then I usually replace it with a better pokemon. Like how i replaced my Emboar with my Shiny Charizard from my FireRed game long ago :)


Howls of Loneliness
yeah until I beat the elite four.


My starter Pokemon was an Oshawott and I continued on using it and still use it, its also part of my main team and guess what? its still an Oshawott xD


Lover of underrated characters
I've always used my starter

Wishing Star

Astral Charm Owner
I don't know why, but Unova is the only region in which I didn't use my starter from time to time.
I just didn't feel the need to.


Ace Trainer
Yes, and I still use it now post-game. :)


The Great Gublet
I used my starter (tepig) until after I beat the Elite Four. After that, I got a Chandelure and decided that I liked him better... but Emboar is still very cool!


Yeah, my Samurott is still a viable member of my team. Might be that I also used him as the basis of a character in my fanfic, which is why I'm so attached but... I mean, come on. Samurott is cool.


Joined for B/W2
Yeah Emboar still on the team. He sure was handy in the game. Yeah I know Fire/Fighting is a blah combination now but I really liked him. Everyone would love him if he had a different combination. I picked him since Emboar looks a lot like Ganon.

I want to use Samurott in Black/White 2.
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