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Dig Those Diglett! (031)


Aura The Wolf

This is one of my favorite episodes, I wish I could see it again.

Gary was so cool in this one.

Diglet dig, diglet dig, TRIO TRIO TRIO!



Ah, the memories! Haha, I remember that about Misty. *Everyone* thought she wasn't wearing a swimsuit at first. XD I can't believe I never made the connection about the Giva dam thing. I would've had it been pronounced like it was written, but that would've been too obvious. This episode was a classic!


gee that's swell
I love this episode it`s pretty funny.except team rocket evolved their pokemon too easy.


I was surprised Ekans and Koffing evolved this early in the show, especially since they were Arbok and Weezing for more than 200 episodes than they were Ekans and Koffing.


I think that it's cool that Jessie and James's Pokémon finally evolve and turns from, in my opinion, the lame Ekans and Koffing to Arbok and Weezing. I like this episode because the Diglett are so cute. When you look at a Diglett you wonder, how their lowerbody look like? I have always wondered...

Lil Brother

Just kinda there.
One of my top five episodes! I never noticed the "Give Dam" joke until it was pointed out and this thread, that's hilarious! XD All of this episode was wonderful.

I also thought Misty was naked.

And who can forget the Diglett/Dugtrio chant? My friends and I use to randomly sing that.


The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
Randomly sing that too while I'm working. Which is odd for a twenty year old.


Team Awesome
Yay, the end of the ekans and koffing era. It's so sweet that they evolved at the same time, right after Jessie and James started crying over the thought of ever evolving them. :) I like the way they presented Arbok and Weezing to the twerps, too.

It was definitely great to see Gary again, too. I crack up every time he calls the construction man trying to hit the digletts an "arcade game". :D As someone who used to love playing Whack-a-mole, that joke always makes me smile. And poor Brock, he almost never gets the girls. :(

Mini Apocalypse

Soul Trainer
'Diglett dig, Diglett dig, trio trio trio....Diglett dig, Diglett dig, trio trio trio'*dances along*.....i dont think j+j should have evolved their pokemon...not if they only wanted them to be stronger and nothing else.....but then hey, their evil.


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One can't simply decide out of the blue to evolve their pokémon. It was a reaction upon seeing how much their trainers loved them - you know, the tears and everything. :/
FlamingRuby said:
Who DOESN'T remember the famous "Diglett dig, Diglett dig, trio trio trio" bit?

Diglett/Dugtrio do that in AG as well. In the episode where Ash battled Norman, Team Rocket were digging a base underground. They ended up bothering some Diglett/Dugtrio who chased them out of there. They even had their same old voices. :D


Shiny hunter
I too thought Misty was naked when I first saw this.

Also, on the "Charbokka" note, I believe the Arbok Ash uses in "The Ultimate Test" says "Charbokka" but that's about it for the last "a". Although I'm not sure, cause I haven't seen that one fo awhile.

I also think that the writers wouldn't have had ;023; and ;109; evolve this early on if they'd known the series was gonna last 300+ episodes.


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a pretty good epi. Arbok and Weezing came out of the blue which was kool. A great way to introduce Diglett and Dugtrio.


little punks!
I loved the introduction of the infamous Diglett chant. That guy who built the dam was hysterical when he tried hitting the Diglett with a hammer. Arbok and Weezing had an awesome introduction, wish there was more of a battle before Diglett and Dugtrio completely owned them.


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Also, on the "Charbokka" note, I believe the Arbok Ash uses in "The Ultimate Test" says "Charbokka" but that's about it for the last "a". Although I'm not sure, cause I haven't seen that one fo awhile.

Arbok added the "a" to its name in a few late Johto episodes. I was just watching Some Like it Hot and Hocus Pokemon the other day, and it said its name with the "a" added on to it.

I love this episode. The Diglett/Dugtrio chant is extremely catchy, and seeing Ekans and Koffing evolve was cool. I thought it was interesting that Ash was going to send out Squirtle to stop the Diglett, and we found out later that Squirtle was Gary's starter, and Gary was in this episode. Unintentional foreshadowing? We'll never know.

Interesting note: If my memory serves me correctly, in the scene where all the trainers are throwing their Pokeballs, listen closely and you'll hear someone say "Go Porygon!" It's been a very long time since I've seen this episode, so I may be wrong.


The King of Karp
The first episode I ever saw, and it's probably my favorite. Diglett & Dugtrio are some of my favorites, Koffing saying his name right before he evolved, before the commercial break has forever been immortilized in my house. People will randomnly shout "KOFFEE!!". I was sad to see them go, but Weezing & Arbok were still great. I liekd how the Digletts also gave back everyone their pokeballs, and so accurately too. A true classic, Kanto in its peak.