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Dig Those Diglett! (031)


christian 4ever
i have that episode...how come there was no information for dugtrio?


Turnabout Pokemon
Didn't anyone else find the little 'Wack a Mole' reference to be humorous?

Anyway, yes, this was yet another episode that I liked from the first series. Gary makes an appearance in this one, this time with his groupies. I always found it funny yet weird to see a ten year old boy driving a car and traveling with several hot women. Then again, that just added to Gary's awesomeness.

And we get to find out the 'origins' of Ekans and Koffing. I was never sure if the lines uttered by Jessie and James were simply added by 4Kids or if they were in the original version as well. I suspect that it's something 4Kids decided to throw in.


Well-Known Member
A OK episode. It was cool that Ekans and Koffing evolve. And also, that Gary makes a apperance.


Defender of Justice

Seriously though, the builder guy rocks ("CAN WE PLEASE GET BACK TO ZE DIGLETT?!"), I only just got the Giva Dam bit reading this thread, and of course the infamous call of the most dangerous pokemon in the world...Deeglet!

Enter my fave TR pokemon ever - Chhaaaabokka!



Master Coordinator
i liked ekans and koffing evolving


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A good episode, the Digletts and Dugtrio were very good in this episode. Nice seeing Gary again and how much he likes to pick on Ash during the Kanto arc, watching this episode again got me thinking of what Pokemon he has on him during this episode. Funny watching Brock hit on Gary's cheering squad. Nice seeing some Misty fanservice in this episode, she looks very pretty in her bikini. Great seeing that Ekans and Koffing finally evolved into Arbok & Weezing, to bad they didn't get much chance to actually shine in this episode.


New Member
Poor thing naaah i'm just kdin ya he got poned i'm evil i know muhahahaha

I liked the joke concerning Ash being the one in 4th place. Something about him destined to stay last because of the 'shi' at the end of his name I recall. Which led to a shift in scenes to the infamous "I'm Jessie!" line. Which was actually amusing dub-wise due to the sheer radomness of it.

Bah, I was somewhat dissapointed to see Ekans and Koffing go so soon. Those two were just awesome. I'd have liked to have seen them stay as they were for a little while longer, but I suppose whats done is done. Arbok and Weezing were still welcome evolutions.

I too used to share the same opinion on Misty. Ahh, good times. Good...disturbing...times. And for the record, I also thought she was naked in this episode. Hooray for the Misty-fanboy Gravy of 5 years ago :p

wow i agree with chu mahn she disterbed me too. i'm just jokin misty's funney


The King of Karp
Being that it is the first episode of the show I had ever seen, it is one of my favorites. The random construction worker was hilarious because he got so angry at the tiny, benevolent Diglett. xD

Nice to see Gary make an appearance, nice to see Brock fail at makking on the ladytypes, nice to see Misty mock Brock's lack of love life, and of course, Team Rocket was actually worthwhile in this episode. Koffing says his name so perfectly it makes me laugh every time. Shame that they both evolved only 31 episodes in, but they were good evolutions. Too bad their inaugural battle in their evolved state was a loss at the hands of Diglett. xD

Very good, all around.


it was quite some fun when i was watching this episode, that dig song was rather annoying after a while but somehow it was also a funny thing to watch at^^


kiss my greens
lol they swore! I'm kidding XD; "Giva Dam"... ah 4Kids actually incorporated mild off-color humor! 8D Don't see that too often...

Those Diglett were hilarious. Best moment of the episode was all the Pokéballs that trainers sent out, and the Diglett returned them one by one. Gary was all, "oh, thank you. HEY WAIT!" XD Ah I love it!


Not much happened in this episode, though there were some great moments. Diglett looked so darn cute in its appearance. Gary comes back and annoys Ash once more. I found it funny and ironic that Gary said Ash is fourth since he WAS the fourth trainer to leave Pallet. It shows you how smart and unforgettable Gary is.


That was a really cool episode. Still Arbok and Weezing are gone now.


It was a wired episode. those Diglett were very funny, especially with Gary.
and i loved how Arbok and Weezing evolved, it was great.