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Dig Those Diglett! (031)


Somehow, this episode wasn't my favorite despite the fact that Diglett was my favorite Pokemon when I was 8 years old. There was just something about seeing a bunch of Diglett destroying a dam that I didn't like. It almost made Diglett seem scary since they had control of the land. I liked how Gary appeared at least, and how the Diglett returned everyone's Pokeballs when the trainers attempted to battle them, but that was the only good part of this episode that I recall. 4/10.
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I didn't like or hate this episode, I guess it was okay Ekans and Koffing evolved though, it's interesting that they didn't really fight that well after evolving. Note that Seviper was tough before Jessie caught it. Lickitung and Wobbeffut seemed like good opponents but afterwards defeated all the time.

Notice that a trainer shouted Porygon (and Dragonite), imagine if that Porygon had come out of it's ball somehow,, there would have been a chance of Porygon never been banned (Was that episode after this one?)

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Ekans and koffing evolving was the best part of this episode. Also the part where the CoTD was trying to smash the diglett with a hammer was funny.


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"Didn't like this episode all that much. I did however liked seeing Ekans and Koffing evolve. Seeing Diglett/Dugtrio for the 1st time and the whack-a-diglett was cool as well.



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I was a little sad to see Ekans and Koffing to evolve. I had gotten so used to them, and I thought Weezing and Arbok were sort of ugly. :(

Though I did like seeing Diglett and Dugtrio for the first time. I have always loved what they say: "Diglett Dig Diglett Dig Trio Trio Trio!" :)


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This episode was cool. It was cool seeing Diglett and Dugtrio for the first time. Really cool to see Ekans and Koffing evolve.


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"Diglett Dig Diglett Dig" "Trio Trio Trio"

And Ekans and Koffing evolved. Excellent episode. Also the first episode I ever saw, as far back as I remember.
"Diglett Dig Diglett Dig" "Trio Trio Trio"

Thanks. It took a long time to get that diglett song out of my head, and now it's back! :(


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"Diglett Dig Diglett Dig" "Trio Trio Trio"

Haha love it!
Ekans and Koffing evolving was fun to watch. It's a shame that Team Rocket will still suck just as much as they always do. It was also nice to see Gary again but why are they putting him in a car full of hoes?!!! The boy is TEN!!!
I liked that the Diglett were trying to stop the construction being made on their homeland. This episode actually had some meaning to it!
Gary had an awesome episode. And the idea of Pokemon not coming out of their Poke Balls was great. The Diglett were so cute! Team Rocket evolved their Pokemon which was nice to see, but I liked Ekans and Koffing more than their evolutions. But both Ekans and Arbok are fine to me, and so are Koffing and Weezing.


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Yeah, if you exclude Gary's 1-shot appearance in the episode with the Squirtle Squad and Beauty and the Beach (Which was banned by 4kids), this was Gary's first appearance since the first episode - thirty episodes later. Luckily, his appearance rate will be more afterwards.

For the episode itself, I found it to be extremely humorous and especially with the Whack-a-mole reference. It was kind of a good episode for many reasons. I especially liked how this "rivalry" aspect was resurrected. Made things much more interesting afterwards.


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Gary had an awesome episode. It was cool seeing the Digletts destroying the dam to protect their homeland. They looked very cute!
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About time Ekans and Koffing evolved. What I really don't like is that they weren't beaten easily. It wasn't by the gang's Pokemon, but still. I at least would have wanted Arbok and Weezing to have the advantage for awhile, then they get beaten. Well, this is Generation 1. So it's understandable.


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One of the trainers called out a Porygon. lol


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When all the trainers started to send out their Pokemon to battle Diglett.


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Great episode. 15 years on and I can still hear that song so vividly. I wanted Ash to catch a Dugtrio like we all used to in Diglett Tunnel.