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Diggorys Gremlins Sprite Thread


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Thats so cute with the- WHO RULES? THESE GUYS!

Keep it up
Yea, I will. I'm not gonna try now though because, well, it's midnight. And I'm really tired. But I shall try in the morning if I'm not going snorkelling/fishing/boating/jamming with my band. Yea, I have a full life at the moment.


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Nice Drapion/Magnezone. It's just...the eyes look a little odd. As do the legs. But nice job, considering the the bases. XD


Reptilian be I
Your fusions look pretty good, your trainers look very low quality :S The merging is wierd on almost all of them and they look low quality in general, did you save as .jpg for those?
Yea, I did. But this was WAY back before I knew about jpg/PNG differences. Alas, I was a noob. :(

Thanks to everyone that commented. Now, I haven't been making any new sprites due to being overloaded with exams, homework ,assignments, and my band practices. However, the holidays are coming up soon, so PLEASE watch this thread.


Charlie..The master.
Pls. Can you make me a Typlosion(lava recoulored) with wings of a Black Charizard....Pls.....


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I like the turtwig fusions. and the torterra one was so perfect, thank you, u made my day

Green Bluebird

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Okay first issue JPG. Help me I can't see how good these sprites actually might be!

Next issue. Don't make the whole of trainer outlines black in future like you have here it looks very messy and ruins the actual figure and speaking of outlines and trainers what's happened to the outline on Gary's hair? Where has it gone?

However after seeing the major edit to the Drapezone/Magnoin mix, I know you're improving.


.:~Silent Strength~:
I like the Pachirisu/Buizel, it's cute! The expression looks good and the tail has been melded on nicely. ^_^ Good job on spriting, keep it up!