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Digi-Morph Activate!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by ~*Ratiosu*~, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    Yes, it's starting. Now after this post I'm going to sleep, so don't be too fast to post. K? I'll wake up at about 8:00 and watch Mew mew Power (I love that show, specially Renee'), and then post. I'm at my grandma's house, which there seems to be no house rules except don't kill yourself...and thank goodness my sis and bro aren't here...I'll sorta be posting the story and the part with Rika, so...

    Digi-Morph Activate!

    Lucemon flew away from Susanoomon as quickly as he could, frightened from what he had been saying. Who was he? Surely not Lucemon Falldown Mode...he couldn't take the shape of anything but himself and what he digivolved into. He was panicking, almost wetting his robe, but he continued flying and finally stopped to rest after Susanoomon had been left behind.

    "I need...help...he's going to catch...me soon..." Lucemon gasped out. He waved his hands in an almost magical pattern, and through this signals flew. They floated into the real world, and met with their designated humans, taking on the shape of Digivices.

    Lucemon continued flying, and barely managed to avoid Susanoomon's deadly grasp. He kept this up for quite a while, but eventually could not fly anymore and fainted.

    "Ha. I knew you couldn't avoid me. Now you will be imprisoned." A circular cage filled with darkness appeared around Lucemon, and he was trapped inside, constantly being shocked.

    "Please...help..." his mind called out to the humans he had summoned.


    Rika was just an ordinary teenager, and she wasn't even very popular, though there were a lot of boys that eagerly asked to take her out. She refused, of course, as anyone that desperate really didn't deserve it...

    She was just coming home from school, and tripped, falling flat on a rock. She got up, not even wincing, as she had been taught to not cry or react badly from her mother's ways. She didn't abuse her or anything, but she had taught her that she never should do that as it showed signs of pain, and Rika hated showing weak spots.

    She held one hand up to her face, and a crimson liquid was on it. She smiled. Blood. How funny. She had been hurt way worse than a lousy cut. She had broken both arms, and dislocated several fingers.

    "Well...I wonder what that was that caused me to trip," she wondered, looking around. She found a small gray laptop and smiled. "Awesome...I've always wanted a laptop." She ran home with it, and placed it on her computer desk.

    Later that night, she heard it beeping, and got out of bed to see what was happening. Lights were flashing from it, and she opened it and saw an angel on it. It looked like some kind of video mail or something.

    "Please..come to the Digital World at once...I need your help...this is Lucemon, and you must trust in yourselves and gather the energy to come here..."


    OOC:Remember everyone, it is nightime now. You can write how you find your D4s or whatever, but end up at night. Goodnight! Don't post more than once until I'm on again.
  2. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest

    (So I assume the D4 is a laptop. And I think I have to cpoy the statement Lucemon says to Rika, if I'm not wrong.)

    Sapphire was on her way home. She had no friends to talk to, as she had never bothered to make friends. Every time she made friends with people, her father had to move away because of his job.

    "How will I make friends if I keep moving from here to there?" She asked herself. Sapphire was known as the tom-boy of her school, beating up boys who would make a move on her, asking her to go to the school ball with them, and others. She was also known as the lone one. She reached her house and walked in.

    "I'm home." She said, she knew that nobody would answer.

    "Sapphire, pack up your stuff, we're leaving Japan soon." Her father told her.

    "Why must we leave Japan. That means we're going to Australia or America or Canada or somewhere else right? Why can't we settle down in one place?" Sapphire asked her father.

    "Because of my job." He replied.

    "Your job. As always, all you care about is your job. Your Job and nothing else! You don't even spare a thought for me!" Sapphire shouted at him. She ran to her room to find a red laptop on the table.

    "Who would get me such an expensive gift? Maybe my mother." Sapphire thought, asking herself who would give her such an expensive gift.

    She opened it, only to find lights coming out from it. An angel was on the screen. Somebody had sent her a video mail.

    "Please..come to the Digital World at once...I need your help...this is Lucemon, and you must trust in yourselves and gather the energy to come here..." She heard the angel tell her.

    "So the angel must be called Lucemon." Sapphire thought. She got her bagpack ready, as the angel might be in danger. She was really fond of angels. She secretly took some snacks like chips and drinks like a few cans of cokes from the kitchen and dumped them into her bagpack. She then got some items out. Matchsticks and some forks and spoons. She dumped them into her bag and got ready to leave the house. She took a swiss knife and placed it in her pocket, as she might need it in the Digital World the angel asked her to go to.

    OOC: The bag my character has is the same one the female character in R/S/E does.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 22, 2005
  3. Nylf

    Nylf Well-Known Member

    OOC: Sorry I'm late y'all. Umm.. pulled another edit on my sign up, now Veemon's mega is AlforceVeedramon Zero, and thus I now also have AlforceVeedramon Future. Just figured I'd mention it.

    Night-time. Sieg wasn't much of a dark person, but he loved the night. It was so peaceful, you could sit around and no-one would bother you. Well, no-one except a mysterious figure from another dimension. For you see, Sieg apparently had quite the future ahead of him. But i'm jumping ahead, I'll fill you in on what happened before he was 'chosen'.

    He was simply playing around on his laptop, enjoying another Game of 'Digital World', a game based off of the latest findings on the Digital world, discovered Ten years earlier by the likes of Taichi and Hikari Kamiya, Yamato Ishida, Takeru Takashi and Sora Takenouchi. He rubbed his fingers through his brown hair, and smiled as AlforceVeedramon Future, an immense blue dragon warrior, with a golden V-shaped plate on his chest and a glowing purple saber coming out of his right arm, took down Bulbmon, a huge machine shaped like a dodecahedron, for the fifth time with his infamous "Future Alforce Saber", the sword atached to his arm. Sieg was about to log off when his screen started glowing in an aurora, which was projected acroos the room. Sieg grabbed his wooden sword of the wall and was ready for anything. But he dropped his sword as a mysterious Angel-like Digimon which he had never seen before appeared on screen.
    "Please..come to the Digital World at once...I need your help...this is Lucemon, and you must trust in yourselves and gather the energy to come here..." it said, before the message disappered and Sieg's laptop then glowed bright blue, and morphed into a far much more modernised laptop, with a weird emblem like the crest of courage, Taichi's infamous heirloom of his Digidestined days that looked like a sun, engraved on the back. The laptop was now also the same blue as it had glowed.
    "Well Lucemon could've used something a little less cliche" he thought, as he grabbed the enormous camping bag he had used on his Duke of Endiburgh expedition, packed it full of food, a spare set of clothes and some survival gear, before closing it up, then putting the D-4 ,as Sieg had decided to term it, in the front straps, grabbing his wooden sword and it's sheathe. He then wrote a quick note to his parents, left it on the kitchen table than ran out the door, heading to his new adventure.

    And that just about gets us back to where we started. Sieg was now one of the 'chosen'. He had no idea what was going to happen to him, but he couldn't wait to find out!
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2005
  4. Momiji

    Momiji I hate rainbows!

    OOC: Let the fun begin!!!


    Once more Momiji headed home. Again he was forced to wonder why it was all so hard for him. He had friends, family, money, all that any kid would ever want, but he still felt alone. Like no one in the world knew who he really was. He was happy, he knew that but he still felt as if he was needed somewhere and he wasn't there. He stoped at the red light and waited for it to change when he heard a childs voice 'Please...help' the vopice whispered.
    "Great" Momiji told himself "Now Im going crazy..." He shrugged and continued on his way home. He opened the door and on the table was a note:

    Honey we'll be back later tonight. There's food on the fridge and money on the dresser. Love you Mom and Dad

    "Nothing rare there" He said knowing that this was normal for his family. He went upstairs and saw a laptop not familiar to him in his bad. "Cool" He said jumping into the bed and openning it. Suddenly the laptop flashed a bright white light and a shimering figure appeard. It seemed like video mil, but he wasn't connected to the internet. How? he wondered when suddenly through the static he made out a message. The smae childs voice he had heard before.

    "Please...come to the Digital World at once...I need your help...this is Lucemon, and you must trust in yourselves and gather the energy to come here..."

    Momiji sat there watching the black screen as the laptop glowed once again a bright white. He then whispered "Lucemon? Digital...world?" He sat there confused and quickly closed the laptop. He looked outside of his window and noticed it was already night time. He relaxed on his bed wondering. 'What was that? He sounded like he needed help. What am I going to do?' He stared at the celling and wondered what would hapen next


    OOC: And so it begins...
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2005
  5. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    Andrew saluted the commander with pride. He had always dreamed of having the position, yet was never a likely contender for it.

    He was the most dedicated person in the JROTC at his school, yet he prefered to work behind the scenes, helping train new recruits and assigning staff. He had been rewarded, and was now a Captain. He admired his new rank, it was now three small stripes. He was still a junior, and had a few years left to become Commander, but it just felt that it would never come.

    "Congrats Drew!" his best friend Aaron said, running up to shake his hand, it was rare for a junior to recieve such a high grade position.

    "Thanks buddy," Andrew replied, still giddy with adrenaline. "I worked really hard to get it."

    "I know," his friend answered. "Have you told your parents yet? I'dbet they'd be proud of you."

    "Actually, I was waiting until I had the rank, just to be sure," the captain replied, picking up his cell phone. He felt it buzzing, he had a call.

    "Excuse me man, I have a call," he muttered, leaving the field.

    "Sure man, see you tommorow!" Aaron shouted back, waving goodbye.

    Andrew flipped open his cell, scrolling to see who it was calling.

    D. W.

    Oh, it must be Dad from work, he thought, clicking the phone on.


    "Please...come to the Digital World at once...I need your help...this is Lucemon, and you must trust in yourselves and gather the energy to come here..."

    "Is this a prank call?" he asked, but before he could speak more, the line went dead. "Stupid freshmen," he grumbled, putting it away.

    He felt a searing heat inside his pocket. he pulled it out instinctivly, and saw it was glowing.

    The phone began to morph in his hand, turning black with red zig-zag patterns on the sides. He opened it, and saw the numbers were dissapearing, replacing with a touch pad. On the bottom, a golden light flashed, imprinting upon the bottom's surface a crest shape, a circle with two v-shapes, one upside down and interlapping.

    On the cell phone's top, a new screen showed up, on top of which shined the letters XD. What is going on? he asked himself, before the new device answered him.

    "...Welcome, thank you for accepting the XD-vice. We are waiting for you..."

    "XD-vice, what is this thing?" he asked, staring at the strange new phone he'd been given. "Who's waiting?" He stopped to think. Lucemon was the person who pulled the prank call, maybe he is the person who can get me answers.

    Where had he heard that name before?
  6. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: good we're making progress...


    Rika picked up the D4, as was imprinted on the laptop, and opened it. The mail was still playing, and she shut it off. "Stupid laptop...maybe it was someone else's and this is their friend...but what friend would look like an angel?"

    She remembered how at school and practically everywhere else, there was that card game Digimon. There were also games online, and stories of kids mystically disappearing and then reappearing, telling their parents of the jounrey they had had. Maybe that was happening to her, and she certainly didn't want to be sucked into this "Digital World" if she didn't have to.

    "Um...Lucemon...if you can hear me..." she started, turning on the computer once again. "...I'm here if you need me, and I'm ready to help. I have a couple friends...maybe they could be of help?"

    To her surprise, Lucemon did answer. Well, at least his thoughts did. There was no picture, but there was an audio analyzer rising and falling with each of Lucemon's words.

    "...DigiDestined...that's what you are. One of a group that has to save the Digital World. Please, come into it...just believe in yourself and you'll be able to..."

    Rika did. She believed that she could do the impossible, and was instantaneously sucked into the D4, where she appeared in front of the black and clear cage that Lucemon was in. He barely managed to turn around and smile at her, and she smiled at him.

    "I'm here, Lucemon. I made it."

    Lucemon nodded, and pointed to Rika's D4 weakly. "Use it...call your Digimon..."

    So that was it! Digimon were real. And she had one of her very own...wow.


    "Search inside yourself...Susanoomon is here..."

    Susanoomon towered over Rika, and she cowered, sort of floating away. She soon found it was mind-controlled, and sort of swam away. Susanoomon chased her with much more speed than she could muster.

    "I'll be back, Lucemon!" Rika yelled, seeing that a tear was opening in the fabric of the alternate dimension. She swam through it before it closed, and cut Susanoomon off.

    "I'll be back..."

    OOC: There are different locations when you open a tear through the fabric, and so you guys can all warp different places when you come here.
  7. PokemonInferno

    PokemonInferno Poor Torchic

    It was Night time where Tommy lived at Tommy went for a walk for while."Hm...." Tommy quietly muttered."Hey kid watch where your going!" said a stranger.Tommy walks right into the stranger."Oof!" Tommy said."Now you done it!" the Stranger said bitterly."Sorry..." Tommy said."Hmph fine i'll let it go this time, but if it happens again your parents will here from me" said the stranger.The stranger walks away."Um....ok? that was a little strange." Tommy said.Tommy walks back to his house and looks for something to eat."Hm....Oh noodles!" Tommy said gladly.Tommy makes some noodles and waits for it to cool down a little."Now what to do?" Tommy said to himself."Tommy make me some noodles please." said Tommy's older brother."Fine fine jeez.Can't do it yourself." Tommy muttered and starts walking to the cuboard to get another noodle pack for his brother."Thank you." said Tommy's older brother.Tommy's noodles cool down a little, but he gave his brother's noodles first."Time to go on the computer!" Tommy gladly said and smiled(kinda akward for myself).Tommy opens his laptop and goes to play some games.
    *1 hour later*
    "This game is getting old oh well." Tommy said and sighed.Then all of the sudden his Computer screen went black."What the?" Tommy nervously said.Then the computer screen went back to it's original background."That was wierd." Tommy said.Then a angel went on the screen."What in the world?" Tommy questioned."I am Lucemon" said the Angel."Lucemon?" Tommy questioned."I'm from the Digital world and I need your help here." said Lucemon."Why do you need me?" Tommy questioned."You and many others are selected to come to the digital world and help." Lucemon replied."Me and many others?So what do I need to do?" Tommy asked."Get ready to go to the digital world I shall wait for you and the others." Lucemon replied."Ok?" Tommy said and goes to his room to get ready he picks up his backpack.Tommy packs some food,first aid,matches, and his Laptop."Ready." Tommy said.Now Tommy waits patiently to go to the Digital world."Digital world?Sounds really familiar." Tommy muttered quietly.

    (Hope thats good enough and I can't post long that well so yeah)
  8. Momiji

    Momiji I hate rainbows!

    After a quick sleep Momiji awoke, not by his choice but by the raidant light that shined from his laptop. He decided why not? And so he openned it once again. This time the light flared brightyl as it started to fade the laptop morphed into a small white device marking he had never seen but a familiar feel. As if that was what he was ment to find. He picked it up.

    "What in the world id this? And where's the laptop?" He asked himself looking around. "What the heck first this Lucemon guy!" He shouted suddenly interrupted by the childs weak whispers

    "Believe... You must come and help..."

    "Who are you?" But there was no answer to Momiji's question whne he saw that the device glowed once more as he started to blieve that he was needed somewhere else. The more he thought about helping the child the more it glowed. His surroundings changed in an instant and in front of him laid a cage. Inside was the child from the video mail. "Lu...ce..mon?" The child turned around and Momiji noticed his white wings "An angel!"

    "Hurry!" Lucemon shouted "You must find a partner digimon. He knows of my plans to summon a new era of digidestens." Suddenly a loud roar was heard "Here!" Lucemon threw a small key to to Momiji "It will only open what you are ment to safe" Suddenly a large creature appeared.

    "Well Lucemon I guess this is your new recruit?" It roared

    "Susanomon! Momiji go!!" Shouted Lucemon as Momiji was paralyzed by fear he tripped. Susanomon approached him; suddenly the device glowed once again a briliant white and a strange sensation took over Momiji as the senary around him changed the last thing he heard was Lucemons voice 'Only you and your digimon may help the others..." He was then surrounded by trees and fields all beautiful. Around him were many eggs. All different colors and shapes and sizes.

    "Where am I?" He asked himself when once again he heard a voice. This one much more inmature than Lucemons it called out to him and with every word Momiji's heart jumped. The voice called once again

    'I am here!'


    OOC: Well I hope thats fine w/ U X Kazemon and just in case Im on the egg field :p
  9. Nylf

    Nylf Well-Known Member

    OOC: Loving the plot.

    Sieg ran straight to where he always did. His 'spot', or as he called it 'Dragons Point'. It was a small peak near his school. Well, more of a small hill. Everyone used to say that Sieg went there to avoid everyone. And he did, sort of. He went there to dream. He was very dreamy, and hated being tied down. So he created 'Dragons Point' from 'Small Grassy Hill'. It was the same as always. A quiet place, with a slight chill in the air and , strangely, the permanent smell of fresh cut grass.

    Sieg layed down and stared into the sky. He was greeted by a full moon. He had heard that a full moon was when the borders between all worlds were weakest. He had often dreamt of a night where he would come here and a dragon would descend. He loved dragons. All his favourite Digimon were Dragon-like, WarGreymon, KaiserGreymon, AlforceVeedramon Zero, Gallantmon Crimson Mode. And he was now going to meet them. But the most awful thought sprung up in his mind.

    "Digidestined only get one digimon.."

    He knew what this meant. He would end up with a Digimon, and end up fighting the others. He didn't want to do that to creatures who had managed to fill his life with joy, despite the immense sorrow he's suffered. His sister's disabled, his dad's got back problems, his mum's in permanent pain. It wasn't a nice life. But all these Digimon had saved him from deep depression.

    "Time to repay the favour"

    He thought once more, as he opened his D4. Now things were going to get intersting. He looked through the options. The one that caught his attention most was the one in bright red letters:
    'Digimon Selection Menu'
    He sighed as he opened it. To his surprise there were three menu's, called MORPH1, MORPH 2 and MORPH3. He grinned. Three Digimon. Excellent. He went down the first menu till he found a picture of a small orange dinosaur, with a stubby tail and green eyes. Agumon. He clicked it and it brought up a sub-menu, DIGIVOLVE SELECTION. Sieg followed the list through, clicking on the names Greymon, Metalgreymon and Wargreymon. Then a third menu popped up. This mildly annoyed Sieg. The new menu read YOU HAVE SELECTED WARGREYMON, DO YOU WISH TO BE ABLE TO REACH OMNIMON?. Sieg thought "DUH!" and clicked yes. Another menu appeared. Sieg swore under his breath. YOU HAVE ACCEPTED OMNIMON, DO YOU WISH TO BE ABLE TO REACH IMPERIALDRAMON PALIDIN MODE? Once more, Sieg clicked yes, and he sighed happily when the menus disappeared and his selection was displayed. He proceeded to do the same for the other two menus, fortunatly though only one had any sub menus, and they simply for Armour digivolve forms. Sieg smiled as he looked at his choices.
    Agumon->Greymon->MetalGreymon->WarGreymon->Omnimon->Imperialdramon Palidin Mode


    Guilmon->Growlmon->WarGrowlmon->Gallantmon->Gallantmon Crimson Mode

    There, and he doubted Kerpymon was evil so he wouldn't be facing Agunimon or his higher forms, so he was set. He then returned to the main screen and clicked on the:
    "HOW THE HECK DO I GET THERE?"option, and another message from Lucemon appeared.

    "It...appears...that...you..have...taken...me...up...on...my...plea... Good,...thank...you...Just...believe...and...you..will...come...to...my...world,"
    Sieg shouted out loud, not caring it was about 10'o'clock at night
    "I believe!!"

    As the words left his mouth, the infamous digimon tune began to play and his screen glowed. The moon glowed as well, as it shot a light beam down which struck Sieg. He was lifted in the air, and then gradually broken down into pixels, which the D-4 absorbed, and when Sieg was gone, it as well disappeared.

    Sieg rubbed his head. He had awoken into emptiness.

    "Oh great, I'm dead!" he thought, as he looked around. Only one point of light could be seen. He ran as fast as he could towards it, despite the huge camping bag strapped to his back. When he finally reached it, he found a white angel like Digimon with six wings and blond hair inside a clear and black cage. Sieg knew this was Lucemon. He was thanking the merciful lord that Lucemon wasn't in Falldown or Lucifer mode.

    "Y'know I can read minds human. And you should go quickly. Susannomon is here, but being controlled or imitated. He will destroy you if he finds you, and I don't think your dream quest would go very well if you were killed before you started. If you want to get out of here, focus on your quest, and how you wish to begin" Sieg grinned at this, he nodded, and focused his mind on starting his quest. His D-4 glowed once more, and a tear in space and time appeared. Unfortunatly it was too far away to reach quickly without running. Then a dark figure appeared behind him. He turned round and nearly peed himself. Susannomon!

    "Lowly human your hope dies here with you!" Susannomon bellowed as he struck forwards with his claws. Sieg drew his wooden sword and knocked the strike away.

    "Well that's a surprise. Who knew this thing was so strong," he laughed as he ran towards the portal. Little had he noticed a flame like emblem was now engraved on his sword.

    He finally reached the portal, as Susanoomon was about to strke again. Sieg jumped in, before shouting happily

    "Later Lucemon, try not to go psycho before I'm back!"

    And with that, he disappeared.
  10. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!


    Andrew had made it to the computer in the JROTC room, after changing out of his unifrom to his regular street clothes. At yahoo.com, he'd run a search for Lucemon, getting over a million pages of Digimon data.

    "That stupid game?" he muttered, reviewing over Lucemon's data again. In his other hand he held the strange XD-vice, which until half an hour ago was his cell phone.

    "Drew?" Andrew jumped up to hide the screen from his SASI, Major Gunter. The old man generally didn't like it when people abused their computer privilages. "What are you doing here, the ceremony's still going on."

    "Well...I needed to do some reaserch, for a project," he said directly, which was perfectly true.

    "Couldn't it have waited?" the old man asked.

    "Naw, I can't get online at my house right now," he answered.

    "Okay," Gunter said, rubbing his bald head. "Just make sure you turn it off when you're done."

    "Deal." The old man seemed satisfied, and left the new captain alone. "Now back to this," he muttered when Gunter was out of earshot.

    The XD-vice began to vibrate, as if someone was trying to call him. Andrew hesitated only for an instant, before grabbing the vice as he did his cell phone.

    "Lucemon?" he said into the reciever, hoping that whoever it was could answer him.

    "Andrew," the same voice said, jarred and scrambled, "use the XD-vice. Come to me."

    "What are you talking about?" Andrew asked, this was more confusing than figuring out girls.

    "The antenna can open holes in reality. Come to me."

    What did he have to lose? He struck a pose, like a samuri branishing a sword. "XD Transport!" he shouted, slashing at the air, and shouted in suprise.

    Where he had slashed the air, the XD-vice created a black rip. Without thought, Andrew stepped forward into the light.

    He could not see anything but black light for a moment. His vision was soon changed from the JROTC room to a white room with a cage.

    Andrew... came the voice, Lucemon was trapped in the cage. Come here...

    "Who are you?" he asked, walking up. "What is this XD thing, and where am I?"

    "You are with me, in the Digital World. You are a Chosen One." The voice vibrated throughout the room. "Call your Digimon, Digidestined."

    "What are you talking about?" he asked.

    "Use the XD-vice, call your Digimon."

    Again, what did he have to lose? "Digimon, appear!" he shouted into the XD-vice. In a flash of light, Lucemon and Andrew were not the only ones inside the room.

    A baby black dragon showed up, revealing itself. It had one large green eye in the middle of its forhead. Snapping its teeth, it flexed its tail, and yawned.

    "This is Matimon," Lucemon's voice echoed again. "Your Digimon."

    "Hello," squeaked the baby dragon Digimon. "Who are you?"

    This was getting a little too weird for Andrew. "Uh, thanks and all, but I'm going to go." But how would he? Would the XD Transport work again?

    "XD Transport!" he shouted, slashing the digital air as he had done in the JROTC room, creating another dimensional tunnel. "I'm out of here."

    "Wait for me!" The baby squeaked, following the cadet through the vortex.

    Andrew reappeared in the room disoriented and confused. He'd just lived out a child's dream, been told he was a Digidestined, and had gotten a Digmon baby.

    "I've got to lay off the Dr. Pepper," he muttered, rubbing his head. Putting the vice away, he left the room after closing the computer.

    In the middle of a downtown street, Andrew walked home to his house. He turned a corner, and was knocked down from behind.

    "What the-" he muttered, preparing to strike back. He did not expect the thing attacking him to be the Digimon from the vision.

    "You left without me," the Digimon said happily, jumping up and down on his stomach. "But I found you."

    "Who are you? Whay are you following me?"

    "I'm Matimon! I'm going to be your partner," the Digimon said, flying around in circles above him.

    "Get down," the human hissed, worried that he might be spotted with the creature. "You'll be seen."

    "Why's that a-Oh!" The Digimon seemed to be reacting to something from the XD-vice in Andrew's pocket. "See what it is."

    Andrew flipped open the vice, a new option had appeared.

    Baby Level
    Baby Dragon Digimon. This little dragon is very hyper and eager to fight. he loves to be noticed and played with. His happiness determines his strength. This Digimon is extremely loyal and upholds honor.

    "That's you," Andrew muttered, scrolling throuh the touch pad for options.

    "That's me all right," the Digimon said happily, starting to fly around again.

    "Yeah, I guess it is," Andrew muttered, putting the XD-vice away. "Here," he said resigningly, "at least get inside my backpack before you get caught by people."

    The Digimon agreed, and zoomed pleasently into the backpack.

    I need more info, Andrew thought, opening his digivice. He looked up at the screen, names were beginning to appear.

    On the top screen, he saw red dots appearing, showing the locations of something.

    Other Digivices, Andrew thought, maybe I can contact their owners.

    His home was getting closer, he needed to find someway of hiding his new Digimon from his family.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2005
  11. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: Power Shot...you'll need to change your Digimon's name. Unimon already exists, as a main enemy in the first season when he was hit by a Black Gear on Infinity Mountain...sorry I didn't see that before :) and the egg place is Primary Village.


    Rika landed on a large green mountain, which overlooked a large sea. There were almost no clouds in the sky, and small bird Digimon were flying over it, as well as some whale-like Digimon. Rika reflected...she had been studying Digimon when she was young enough to understand what the improtance of having one would do. And now she could.

    Rika? Lucemon asked telepathically. Hello?

    "Lucemon!" she answered. "Are you OK?"

    Yes, a couple of DigiDestined just came through and I helped them find what Digimon they had. Now...I need you to find you spirit and Digimon and come back and help me. I'm being hurt very badly...maybe I could come with you if you freed me and we could travel together.

    Rika nodded, and looked inside herself once again. However before she did, she saw a small orange Digimon with a black horn. It hopped up to her and smiled. "Hi I'm Tsunomon and I'll be your Digimon partner!"

    Rika smiled. "OK. Good. Help me free Lucemon. You can digivolve, can;t you? I'm not really a smiling person, so answer before my smile wears off."

    Tsunomon flashed and became a small blue wolf. "Yep. Now I'm Gabumon. I'll be able to digivolve once more before the Crest needs to be found. Anyway, I'll digivolve once more to help you."

    Gabumon changed into a bigger, four-footed wolf. "Garurumon!"

    Rika got on, and prepared as her D4 once more grew a rip in the DigiWorld. She watched as Garurumon leapt through, and found Lucemon quite easily. "OK, now we have to free him! Use Howling Blaster, Garurumon!"

    Garurumon obeyed and sent a blue beam at the cage. It snapped instantly and Lucemon flew out, landing on his delicate feet and smiling. He ran up to Rika and HUGGED her. He pulled away and opened another rip, then closed it. They were at the same place as before.

    "I'm sure 'Susanoomon' isn't anywhere near finished...we've got to be quick on our feet..."

    OOC: No, Susanoomon isn't defeated. He's merely in a fight with Cherubimon over who gets to kill Lucemon, and the cage was originally from Lucemon Falldown Mode, which is why it snapped so easily when non-good/evil made it. So...meet up with me if you want. And I think Lucemon likes me...ew....wait, I made that come about! Ew...cool...he is kinda cute in a way...*slaps hand over mouth and starts slapping face*:)
  12. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    OoC: Okay, I fixed it, my Digimon's name is now Matimon.


    "Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Andrew shouted, eager as possible to get into his room and onto the computer.

    "Son, how was your day?" his mom's voice rang back, the scent of cookies in the air.

    "Uh, interesting," Andrew called back, and ran into his room before anymore questions could be asked. He made sure to bolt the door shut before he let Matimon out of his pack.

    "Keep it down, they don't know you're here," he said to Matimon, before jumping into the Internet.

    *The Digital World*

    "Perhaps we should call for assistance," Lucemon thought.

    "What do you mean?" asked Reki, who was riding Garurumon. They were trying to search for a safe spot.

    "It may be best to have more Digidestined come here now," the Digimon answered. "Garurumon won't be able to hold off everything."

    "I agree," Garurumon said through his sharp fangs. "Use the D-4 to call the other Digidestined."


    "Speak the name of the person, there should be a list of those with Digimon." The task was difficult, she didn't have much experiance with her new D-4. Only one thing jummped out at her.


    Without waiting for another, she hit the call button, praying she could get through to some help.

    *Andrew's bedroom*

    "I can't find you listed anywhere," Andrew muttered, scratching his chin. "Seems your data just sin't on any of the sites."

    "Does that mean I don't exist?" Matimon asked, flying up to see.

    The XD-vice began to vibrate again, this time Andrew was prepared for what would come up. "Lucemon?" he asked, holding up the digivice again.

    "Andrew?" came a girl's voice.

    "What's going on here? Who are you?" andrew felt that those were going to be his most frequently used questions.

    "Reki," came the voice again. "I need help, lock onto the sigal and try to find me."

    The signal went dead. Both tamer and Digimon looked at each other.

    "Yeah, rescue mission!" shouted Matimon, rejoyed at the thought of a fight.

    "How am I suppsed to-" a signal flashed up on the top screen from a red dot. "Dumb question."

    Locking onto the signal given, Andrew shouted, "XD Transport!" and vanished into the vortex, following the girl's transmission.

    Lucemon and Garurumon had stopped briefly to wait for signs of contact with the Digidestined, but nothing was showing up. "We'd better get a move on again," Reki muttered, climbing aboard Garurumon.

    But just before they left, a slash in the world became visable, and a teenage boy with a dragon Digimon leapt through it. "Andrew?" she asked, looking him up and down.

    "Are you Reki?" the boy asked, she nodded. "Then I'm Andrew, and this is Matimon."

    "Matimon?" she asked, she'd never seen that Digmon before. She looked at the device the boy had in his hand, a different Digivice than the D-4 she had.

    "Hmmm... Garurumon and Lucemon," Andrew muttered absentindedly, looking at the new data that his XD-vice had processed for him.

    "What's that in your hand?" she asked.

    "XD-vice," he answered, and looked up. "It can tract people and lock onto signals, that's how I got here so fast."

    "What do you want?" he asked her, looking over her wolf Digimon.

    "We'd like some help hiding Lucemon," she muttered, gesturing to the fairy Digimon.

    "I guess, but I don't know why you called us, Matimon's just a baby dragon." He was right, Matimon would be very useless in a fight.

    "Can't he Digivolve?"

    "Don't know, he wasn't on the data sites, so I don't know what all the little guy does."

    "Excuse me," Garurumon inturuppted, "but it may be best for you to ride with us instead of bickering in broad site. We can discuss it later."
  13. Nylf

    Nylf Well-Known Member

    OOC: Silly XK, and you took the mick 'cos of Final Choice. The shoes on the other foot now hey?

    IC: Once again, Sieg had been knocked out. This was really annoying him, couldn't he teleport without putting himself in a coma for once? He sighed. He looked around, then checked his D-4 to see what other options he had. The full set of options was as follows:
    "Call Digimon"
    "Activate Digivolve"
    "Activate Morph"
    "Activate Armour(Currently unavailable)"
    "Activate Crest(Currently unavailable)"
    "Activate Spirit(Currently unavailable)"
    "Activate DNA(Currently unavailable")
    "Portal(Currently disabled)"

    Sieg swore again. This sucked, he only had five options out of ten. He clicked on the "Map" option. An immense global map appeared on screen. He could see seven names, his own, some person called Rika, another called Momiji, a third called Andrew, Garurmon, Lucemon, Matimon-WTF was that Digimon Sieg thought- and Agumon. His name was on some place called File Island, as was Agumon's. He couldn't be bothered to look where though, he was more eager to find his partner. He rushed off into the forest, as another figure appeared behind him, and on the map. "Kuwagamon"

    Sieg eventually stopped out of exhaustion, and took another look at the map. He was within a short distance of Agumon, so he decided to take a break, because he was that lazy. Just as he took his bag off his back, a huge red insect crashed out of the woods. It snapped the immense red pincers coming out of it's jaws, and waved it's two pairs of clawed hands ominously.

    "Of all the things I forgot to pack," Sieg thought, "I had to forget the bugspray". He immediatly grabbed his bag, drew his sword and then turned an ran. His sword may have saved him before, but he wasn't going to take the risk it was a fluke.

    He kept running as fast as he could, Kuwagamon close behind. Eventually he lost the creature, and he lied down and sighed a sigh of relief. He closed his eyes and was about to drop off, when he received a sharp poke in the stomach. he woke up with a start and was greeted with a pair of green eyes staring right into his brown ones. He lept back in shock and swore. The orange lizard laughed.

    "Humans are funny creatures. I'm Agumon, sorry for startling you!" the bipedal lizard said, putting a hand forward. Sieg took it and shook it.

    "It's s'alright, I'm Sieg, and I believe we are partners!"

    "Yep, Gennai said to look for a kid in a weird hat on File Island. It's a big responsibility being a destined digimon!"

    "Well that means I'm a Digidestined then?"

    "Yep, and the coolest part is I can become other Digimon, using the morph option. Of course, I can only become the ones you chose, so who do i get to be?" Agumon asked. it was very clear the Digimon was the curious type.

    "I chose Veemon and Guilmon, and there best digivolves,"

    "And who do I get to be?" Agumon once more inquired.

    "You get to become Greymon, then MetalGreymon, then WarGreymon, then if we find Rika, who has Garurumon, you can become Omnimon and if we meet someone with Imperialdramon you can then become Imperialdramon Palidin Mode!"

    "Uh-huh, and what about the other forms?" Sieg sighed, then listed all the options he had chosen. Agumon was practically entranced. Of course, there was something had forgotten, and it was about to make a surprise reappearance.

    A huge roar came out of the forest, and Kuwagamon appeared again. Sieg swore once more, and Agumon glared right at it.

    "Pepper Breath!" the lizard yelled as he shot a fireball at the bug. It hit, but the huge insect simply shook it off. Sieg quickly analysed the situation, and figured it'd be easier if he made it Champion vs Champion. He quickly hit the "Digivolve Activate!" option on his D-4, and Agumon began to glow.

    "Agumon digivolve to...Greymon!"

    The light died down, and an immense orange dinosaur with blue stripes running down his back appeared. He roared at Kuwagamon, and shook his helmeted head, easily revealing the three prodominent horns that adorned the brown helmet he wore.

    "Nova Blast!" the Dinosaur yelled, as he shot a huge fireball out of his mouth, which once again managed a clean hit on the immense red insect who was knocked back. Greymon now decided how to finish t. He looked over his shoulder and saw a cliff. Perfect.

    "Great Horn!" the dinosaur yelled as his horns glowed green, and he charged headfirst into Kuwagamon, lifting right onto his horns, and picking him up. Being careful not to stand on Sieg, he threw Kuwagamon off the cliff and down to his doom. Sieg jumped in the air and celebrated, then realised the dilemma at hand. How was he going to get Greymon to de-digivolve?

    He took another look at his dex, and noticed the "Digivolve Activate!" command had changed to "De-Digivolve Activate". Sieg clicked it, and Greymon shrunk back to Agumon, who then collapsed out of exhaustion. It was clearly the first time he had digivolved. Sieg smiled, then started to set up camp...

    OOC: Join me if you want, but don't blame me if I walk off.
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  14. Momiji

    Momiji I hate rainbows!

    OOC: X Kazemon Im sorry but comeon!! You just change things to your advantage. How lucky that tsunamon not only knows how to digivolve but it can go all the way to champion. Really and the whole Lucemon is free thing was toooo easy. Any who don't get mad at me its just I had to say something :p

    'I am here' Whispered the voice

    Momiji fallowed the childish voice all the way to a simple plain white egg. It wasn't flashy or special looking compared to the ones around it. 'Come get me' whispered the voice. Momiji stepped forward and went to grab the egg when a cage of white light surrounded it.

    "what is this" Momiji said as he grabbed the light bars he noticed a lock "Lucemon..."

    "Here!" Lucemon threw a small key to to Momiji "It will only open what you are ment to safe"

    Momiji took out the golden key and unlocked the egg. It glowed a bright white and a small jelly like creature appeared. It was pale. Momiji looked at it and poked it. The creature giggled "Hm?..."

    "He,he,he. Im Poyomon" It said

    "Hm? Im Momiji"

    "Hi Momiji" It said smiling

    "Hm? Hi?" Suddenly Momijis device started to beep. He took it out and a hologram appeared "Lucemon"

    'I have escaped temporarly. If you have all been partnered up. Then please fallow your D-4 and trust in each other...'

    ''So it wasn't a laptop but a D-4." It was finally making since. Poyomon began to glow as did the D-4.

    "Poyomon...Digivolve tooooo. TOKOMON!" Poyomn had changed it was now a pinkish little guy. with thin long ears. It jumped on Momijis head and said "Guess we're partners"

    Momiji nodded a bit shocked. He noticed how the creatures of the world all ended with the sufix -mon. He remembered a game his friends use to play called digimon. He had never liked it, because half the fun was getting good card and collecting. His Mother and Father bought him all you would ever need. What was the fun in having it all. Eventually you wouldn't want anything.... The D-4 beeped once again and a hologram of the area appeared and arrow pointing west. A few red dots also appeared

    "The red dots are other digimon and we need to saty away from them. Many of the digimon in this world want to fight"

    "'K then I guess we may as well start walking...'' They walked up a hill and noticed how the map seemed to be guiding them to the top of the isla "So what is this place?" Asked Momiji

    "This is the digital wolrd. And this is my home." Tokomon smiled. They continued walking when a weird yellow rat appeared

    "FIGHT!!" It shouted when Tokomon jumped off Momijis head and shouted

    "Its a Chuumon!! Bubble Blow!!" Shouted Tokomon scarying the Chuumon away. The D-4 glowed once more and so did Tokomon

    "Tokomon...Digivolve toooo... PATAMON!!" It was now bigger and orange. It looked like a little ginny pig with wings for ears. Momiji smiled and said

    "I guess your Pa..ta...mon now?" Patamon nodded "You better stop that. Be who you are." Momiji winked and Patamon loughed flying and landing on Momijis head "Well lets keep on going" Suddenly they heard a roar

    "A Garurumon?" Asked Patamon, Momiji shrugged and so they started to head up the mountain towards the roar...
  15. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    "I'm hungry!" wailed the little Matimon, he hadn't eaten for a while.

    "Stop complaining," Garurumon muttered, "we're almost to the mountains now. Hold on until then."

    Andrew and Reki were still holding onto Garurumon's back, while Lucemon flew to keep up.

    "How come you have a different Digivice?" Reki asked, still curious about the XD-vice.

    "Don't know," Andrew muttered, fiddling with its options. "Maybe your D-4 is the different one."

    Andrew scrolled down the list of options, it listed the Digidestined Digivice's locations. So far he'd only noticed his own and Reki's, but two others had begun to appear, both near their location. One waas closer, but the other was nearer to the coast than the mountain they were situated in.

    "Maybe I can use the XD-vice to call the other Digidestined towards us," he muttered.

    "Give it a shot," she answered, Garurumon had started to slow down, they were nearing a safe place.

    Andrew scrolled down to one of the names: Momiji, and selected the call option.


    Momiji and Patamon had just finished reaching the mountain, and stopped to relax a little before the long climb to find the two other Digidestined on the mountain. One of the dots flashed red, while the other showed up as a gold circle.

    His D-4 began to shake, indicating that a call was coming in, and a voice shouted clearly, "Is this Momiji?"

    He grabbed his Digivice, but didn't know how to answer, so just said, "Yeah, who is this?"

    The transmistion went through, and a reply came back. "Andrew, with Reki. We're the ones on the mountain, you're near us."

    "Okay, can you hold your position until I can get closer?" he asked.

    "Sure thing," and the transmission went dead.

    Andrew flipped down his Digivice and looked around, they were in a small woods area near the halfway point on the mountain.

    "Anyone?" Reki asked, but not particulary caring.

    "One guy, Momiji, try to get in contact with the guy on the coast." He didn't wait for an answer, and instead turned to watch in full detail what his Digimon was doing.

    Matimon had decided to pig out on the various wild berries that were nearby, scarfing them down by the dozens. After a few minutes of watching the all-you-can-eat buffet exhaust, Andrew watched with humor as Matimon collapsed to the ground, overstuffed.

    "You shouldn't have done that," Andrew told Matimon, but recieved a suprise. His XD-vice began to glow with white light as a new option became available.

    Digivolve: Rookie

    "Matimon digivolve to....Clopesmon!"

    A flash of light began to emit from Matimon as he grew in height, his tail and wings expanded. His green eye became a brown one.

    "Clopesmon?" Andrew asked himself, scanning the new Digimon with the XD.

    Rookie Level
    Dragon Digimon. This Digimon has a fierce fighting spirit, and refuses to give up even after all hope is lost. It upholds honor to such a high degree that it despises and refuses to lie. This Digimon is very independent and normally shuns the company of others.

    "I'm Clopesmon now," he said simply, looking around with his huge brown eye.

    "Whoa, you're bigger now," Andrew muttered, looking over the new Digimon.

    A new icon appeared on the XD's screen: Digivolving-Standard
  16. Shadowcat

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    Sapphire sneaked out of her house with her D4. She had got a few items ready for the journey. All of a sudden, her lights were coming out of her D4 and she was transported to the Digital World.

    "Lucemon? Is that you?" Sapphire asked.

    "Yes, please find your Digimon Partner." Lucemon said to Sapphire.

    "I will, don't worry. I'll free you one day." Sapphire said, running off. She used her D4 to find out where she was now, after meeting up with Lucemon. Her D4 gave her info on where she was. She was in the Primary Village.

    "Hi, I'm Nyokimon." A Digimon came up to Sapphire.

    "Hi Nyokimon." Sapphire replied to the Digimon.

    "I'm your Digimon Partner." Nyokimon replied.

    "Oh that. Since you're my Digimon Partner, we'd better get going. There should be others, I don't really want to meet them though." Sapphire said.

    "Well, I can Fly you there though." Nyokimon replied.

    "How?" Sapphire asked.

    "You have a D4, use it to help me digivolve." Nyokimon said. Sapphire pointed her D4 at Nyokimon and Nyokimon started glowing.

    "Nyokimon changes... to Yokomon." Her Digimon Partner said. In a flash, Nyokimon disappeared and a pink, flower like Digimon stood in it's place. The Digimon stood in front of Sapphire.

    "I'm Yokomon. I digivolved from Nyokimon." The Digimon told her.

    "Oh! Well, how are you supposed to Fly?" Sapphire asked.

    "Simple, I have to digivolve more." Yokomon told Sapphire.

    Sapphire held up her D4 again and Yokomon started glowing.

    "Yokomon digivolves... to Biyomon." Her Digimon said. Now, a pink bird stood in front of Sapphire.

    "Well, I must admit, you're really kind of cute." Sapphire commented.

    "Thanks. I still need to Digivolve once more." Biyomon said. Sapphire held up her D4 for the last time and her Digimon started glowing again.

    "Biyomon digivolves... to Birdramon." Her Digimon said. The bird Digimon stood there, looking proud.

    "Now I can Fly, hop on!" Birdramon told her. Sapphire sat on one of Birdramon's legs and hung on tight.

    "Let's go!" Her Digimon said, taking off from the ground.

    "Thanks Birdramon." Sapphire said, thanking her Digimon, "Can you Digivolve even further?"

    "I can, only if you find your crest." Birdramon said.

    "Crest? I'll find it, so that you can Digivolve. And then, we can free Lucemon." Sapphire said.

    "Sapphire, meet the other Digidestined. Use your D4 to find them, goodbye." Lucemon told her, telepatically.

    Sapphire used her D4 to look for the other Digidestined. She hated being part of a group, but if Lucemon could be freed, she would do it. All she needed to do now was to find the other digidestined. Sapphire found out where all the digidestined were, and gave Birdramon directions. Birdramon took off, and soon landed next to a Garurumon and a girl.
  17. Nylf

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    OOC: And what am I, chopped Liver? For pete's sake I'm gonna be the kid in goggles.

    IC: Sieg layed back next to the sea, and got a face full of water because of it. Even more names had appeared, and some had chnged. Matimon was now Clopesmon, Momiji had gotten Patamon and some girl called Sapphire-"And I thought my name was dumb," he thought- had arrived, and she'd gotten Birdramon. And his D-4 showed all of them were heading together and avoiding him. Perfect. He got up and shook his hat dry, and then shook off like a dog. Agumon was still laughing.

    "What do we do now lizard boy?" he asked angrily.

    "We should head for the temple, where my friend Centarumon lives. He'll probably know what to do, he helped Taichi and Davis on their quest's," he replied. Way too convinient Sieg thought. But it was all he could do, so he headed back into the jungle, praying he didn't run into the others.

    "Umm, Sieg?"

    "Yeah Agumon?" he replied, looking over his shoulder.

    "I forgot to give you these!" the lizard answered, pulling some blue goggles from out of nowhere.

    "What are they?" Sieg questioned.

    "They're Tai's and Davis's goggles. They both decided to leave them here for the next Digidestined who got chosen by fire," the lizard replied happily.

    "Great, so I'm chosen by fire. Kinda explians the mark I just noticed n my sword," Sieg answered, taking the goggles and then putting them on his hat, before taking out his sword and poitning to a glowing red flame mark on it.

    "Oh my gosh Sieg you've freed the spirits!"

    "What's that meant to mean?"

    "Your sword must have knocked the spirits free of Susanoomons control. They must now be wandering the globe, trying to find their chosen,"

    "Oh, OK, but if the spirits are free than how come Susannomon is still around?"

    "He's probably using the dark versions of the spirits to maintain his form. Either that or the evil that's controlling him created nega-versions of the spirits to double his power."

    "OK, so far that makes sense, but how do you know about Susannomon Agumon?"

    'Yeesh that sounded silly' Sieg thought as he said it.

    "Simple, all us destined Digimon were told the gist of the story, so we all know about Susanoomon," Agumon answered, grinning.

    "Fine, whatever, let's get to that temple then," Sieg finished, as he put his hands behind his head and headed off again, Agumon behind him. Little did he notice the firey red glow that was now also following him...

    OOC: I think the temple would be the best place to meet up. And also I figured I'd explain why the spirits are free and why Susanoomon's still here. Though if I'm wrong and you want me to change it tell me XK.
  18. Power Shot

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    OoC: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Huge party and you're not invited Shiny Flygon! Just kidding, I love to mess with people.


    "This is getting ridiculous," Andrew muttered, scanning through the XD's calling radius. It showed that Momiji was closing in, and Rika and Lucemon were seeing a new Digidestined, named Sapphire. Why does everyone have stupid names, he thought. Then something caught his eye.

    Far away from them was another signal, another Digidestined. Sieg, Andrew read. "What the heck, I'd better go get him."

    "Where are you going?" Clopesmon asked, flying towards him.

    "I'm going to try and find this Digimon signal," Andrew explained, showing the map to Clopesmon. "Maybe this kid can help us."

    "More people would be useful," Clopesmon muttered in agreement. "It sounds lika a good plan Andrew, but how will we get down there?"

    "I figured the XD Transport might be able to get us there." It had been able to home in and bring him to Rika's D-4, maybe it could do the same for Sieg's.

    "XD Transport!" he shouted, slashing the XD-vice into the air, creating another vortex. Praying it would work, he and Clopesmon ran through the vortex.

    Sieg and Agumon were still trying to set up camp. After repeated failures with the fire, Agumon had decided to help, sending Pepper Breath to bring on a nice, warm fire.

    "You were planning to do that weren't you?" he asked grinning, he already liked the lizard Digimon.

    "Yep," Agumon replied, laying back on the ground.

    "So, where are the other Digidestined?" Sieg muttered to himself, scanning the D-4 again. Clopesmon had disappeared, but the others were still together. "I hope they didn't forget about me, I'm the one with the goggles."

    "I'm sure they didn't-" Agumon began to say, but a dark vortex had appeared right next to him. Two shadows were walking out.

    "Agumon, you'd better digivolve," Sieg said, he didn't want his journey into the Digital World to end so swiftly.

    "Stop," came the voice from the vortex, it seemed human. "We're here to help you two."

    Out of the vortex came a tall teenager, followed by a one eyed Digimon Sieg had never seen before. He was holding a strange device in his hands.

    "I've managed to find you," he muttered, brushing himself off. "To be honest, I really don't care for XD Transport, but it was the only way to reach you fast enough."

    He held out a hand, "I'm Andrew, and this is Clopesmon."

    "Sieg," Sieg answered, grabbing the hand politely, "and this is Agumon."

    "What's with the goggles?" Andrew asked, curious about the stranger's dressing habits.

    "Well, the leader of the Digidestined in the show usualy has goggles," Sieg answered, how could any Digidestined be so uninformed. "Agumon gave them to me."

    "You're no leader of mine," Andrew muttered, scanning Agumon with his Digivice.


    "Means I'm not planning to take orders from you, goggle boy" Andrew answered, reading Agumon's data. "You have one of those weird Digivices too?"

    "What do you mean weird?" Sieg asked, then noticed the Digivice in Andrew's hand.

    "You all have D-4's, and I have this XD-vice. Strange."

    "What did you want again?" Agumon asked, he was tired of being studied by Andrew.

    "Oh yeah, we're here to take you to everyone," Andrew answered, scrolling through the XD-vice's locking mode, trying to get a signal from Rika's D-4.


    "Through the magic of XD Transport," Andrew explained, getting the lock. "XD Transport!" he shouted, slashing the air with the Digivice. "Come on, this will take us to everybody."
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  19. Nylf

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    OC: You bunnied a little I'm afraid. I'd be pleased not to have met the others yet. And I didn't know I was the leader, all I knew was I freed the spirits and was the chosen of fire. Please edit that a little.

    "Forget that. I work alone. If you really want me to join up with you I'm going to the temple. You either meet me there or go wherever your headed. Come on Agumon" Sieg said, quite clear that he wasn't getting involved in any of this group nonsense. Andrew shrugged and left.

    Once they were further into the woods, Agumon poked Sieg in the butt.

    "What do you want now Agumon?"

    "Sieg, you know those goggles make you the leader of the digidestined," the lizard replied. Sieg swore.

    "What, I have to lead some ragtag bunch of strangers around some other dimension. Not my forte Agumon." he answered using both a surprised and annoyed tone.

    "Well it sorta comes with having the fire spirit, and then receiving me/Veemon/Guilmon as your partner. You have to lead them."

    "Lucemon said nothing about that!"

    "He probably didn't know. Or if he did he hasn't told anyone, even you. He could even be testing you to see if your worthy. Remeber we were only given the gist of it."

    "Well then for now let's see how it folds out. I told that Andrew kid I'm going to the temple, he'll probably tell the others, and if they think I'm the leader, they really want me to join or Lucemon says something then they'll come. If they don't, no skin off my teeth. Now let's hurry on, and try and find a camp where we won't be disturbed." And with that Sieg, Agumon and the odd glow(Yes it's still there) continued on towards the temple.
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  20. Momiji

    Momiji I hate rainbows!

    OOC: Powershut. I really don't want to meet w/ you guys yet... I don't know who I want to meet up w/ but yeah...


    After making contact Momiji and patamon realised they weren't alone."Who do you think that was?" Asked Patamon.

    "I really don't know" Responded Momiji. The both continued their cllimb up the mountain reaching the top they saw all of the island. "So were are we supposed to go?"

    "Don't ask me you're the digidestine"

    "Well I guess we need to find a way to find Lucemon..." As he said this he heard Lucamons voice

    "You must digivolve to champion. Only in that form will you be strong enough to fight and protect this world...."

    "Champion?" Momiji took out his D-4 and looked through it and noticed a heading:

    Champion Digivolution

    He pressed it and nothing happened. Patamon then looked away and said "Ive never digivolved so I don't know how to digivolve pass rookie"

    "Its ok little guy...." It was then Momijis D-4 started to glow and a map appeared. Instead of the normal dots a bright yellow one also appeared.

    "Its a.... Digiegg!" Exclaimed Patamon "If we find that I won't need to digivolve. It helps me digivolve to another form" And with that their search beagn in order to find a digiegg....

    OOC: Sorry for the short post I just have things to do ;)

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